CNN host Don Lemon seems to believe that he has reached the pinnacle of morality because he has now deemed Jesus Christ, the perfect man, as imperfect.

“It is not the truth of Marxism that explains the willingness of intellectuals to believe it, but the power that it confers on intellectuals in their attempts to control the world. And since, as Swift says, it is futile to reason someone out of a thing that he was not reasoned into, we can conclude that Marxism owes its remarkable power to survive every criticism to the fact that it is not a truth directed, but a power directed system of thought.” –Sir Roger Scruton

I’ll take states run by demoncraps for $500, Alex.

3 States Account for 42 Percent of All COVID-19 Deaths in America. Why?
Despite the recent coronavirus surge in southern states, three states—New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts—account for about 42 percent of COVID-19 deaths in America. Why?


Few may have noticed that 42 percent of all COVID deaths in the US come from just three states—New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts. These three states account for nearly 56,000 of the nearly 133,000 deaths in the US, even though they represent just 10 percent of the population. If these three states are excluded, the US suddenly finds itself somewhere in between nations such as Luxembourg (176/1M) and Macedonia (166/1M), where some of the better fatality numbers in Europe are found.

In a recent article in The Atlantic, Thomas Chatterton Williams decried America’s handling of the coronavirus.

The words “utter disaster” are used, and Williams, an expatriate, contrasts America’s response to that of France, where he currently lives.

“As Donald Trump’s America continues to shatter records for daily infections, France, like most other developed nations and even some undeveloped ones, seems to have beat back the virus,” Williams writes.

To be sure, the US response to the coronavirus was far from perfect (more on that later). But the article shows one of the challenges with this pandemic: even as more data is acquired, the picture doesn’t always get clearer.

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Only in the pea sized brains of idiots and tyrants.


By Elizabeth McGuigan

Amazingly, a new “study” is making headlines, despite the fact that it relies on obviously faulty assumptions, irrational methodology and has not been peer-reviewed.

The authors cite themselves as support for spurious statements like “Surges in firearm purchasing…have been well documented in association with mass shootings and significant political events and are followed by population-level increases in firearm violence.” Crime data for the most recent months isn’t available yet, but we know history proves otherwise.

Sure, Americans tend to buy more of something they think will soon be scarce. Just as there was an increase in toilet paper buying during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, adults are more likely to legally purchase a certain firearm they have been thinking about when there is a political discussion of banning that firearm. Does that mean those purchases are, as the author argues, “excess” firearms?

Any chef will tell you they require different types of knives for different kitchen tasks. Any hunter will tell you they would not rely on the same firearm for self-defense as they would in the field. All guns are not the same and do not meet the same needs for law-abiding citizens that choose to exercise their Constitutional rights to keep and bear arms. The difference is, although there are more homicides each year committed with knives than with Modern Sporting Rifles, no one seems to argue seriously against owning any knives or for limiting the number that a home may possess because more than one is excessive.

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That ruling is what makes ‘case law’. And the rest of the article shows how  prosecutors who wants to send someone to prison  for whatever reasons, will twist law for their own purposes.

Colorado Supreme Court reaffirms self-defense right to ‘stand your ground’

DENVER–In a June 29 ruling the Colorado Supreme Court threw out the conviction of a woman who stabbed a man in the neck during an altercation and ordered a new trial due to prosecutorial misconduct, as well as reaffirmed Colorado’s “no duty to retreat” rule, which, as Justice Hood wrote in the state high court’s decision, “permits non-aggressors to stand their ground when acting in self-defense.”

Sheila Monroe was convicted of attempted first-degree murder, first-degree assault and five habitual criminal charges and sentenced to 98 years in prison after she was tried for stabbing James Faulkenberry on the #16 Colfax Avenue RTD bus in Denver in October, 2011.

Monroe claimed self defense in the stabbing, saying after a heated argument with Faulkenberry he suddenly withdrew something from inside his coat that Monroe thought was a weapon. She immediately stabbed him in the neck with a pocket knife. Faulkenberry survived the attack.

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Homeowners shoot apparent intruder

JENKINS, Ky. (WTVQ) – A homeowner apparently shot and killed an intruder early Monday morning in Letcher County.

According to the Kentucky State Police, James Duncan entered a home belonging to Justin and Kimberly Robinson without permission at about 2:30 a.m.
Robinson was armed and shot the intruder during a confrontation, according to the KSP.
Letcher County’s Deputy Coroner, Derek Meade, pronounced the 39-year-old Duncan dead at the scene.
The incident happened in the Jenkins community at a home on Highway 805.
No charges have been filed and the case will be presented to a Grand Jury for review.

Off-duty St. Louis sheriff’s deputy kills carjacking suspect

ST. LOUIS COUNTY — An off-duty St. Louis sheriff’s deputy driving to work Monday fatally shot a carjacking suspect who tried to run over a man and his 10-year-old grandson on a north St. Louis County sidewalk, authorities said.

The shooting took place between two homes in the 11000 block of Bellefontaine Road, north of Interstate 270. The scene is in unincorporated St. Louis County, in the Spanish Lake area.

The suspect died at a hospital, police said. His name and age haven’t been released.

July 9

1776 – General George Washington orders the Declaration of Independence to be read out to members of the Continental Army in Manhattan

1863 – The Siege of Port Hudson ends, giving the Union complete control of the Mississippi River.

1868 – The 14th Amendment to the Constitution is ratified

1893 – Dr. Daniel Williams performs the first successful open-heart surgery in the U.S.

1922 – Johnny Weissmuller swims the 100 meters freestyle in 58.6 seconds

1943 – Allied forces begin the invasion of Sicily

1944 – American forces complete the invasion of Saipan

1958 – A magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Alaska causes a landslide that produces a tsunami wave reaching 1,722 ft up the rim of Lituya Bay

1819 – Elias Howe
1927 – Ed Ames
1928 – Vince Edwards
1932 – Donald Rumsfeld
1938 – Brian Dennehy
1942 – Richard Roundtree
1945 – Dean Koontz
1947 – O. J. Simpson
1952 – John Tesh
1955 – Lindsey Graham, Jimmy Smits
1956 – Tom Hanks
1957 – Kelly McGillis
1964 – Courtney Love
1976 – Fred Savage

1441 – Jan van Eyck
1850 – Zachary Taylor
1856 – Amedeo Avogadro
1932 – King Camp Gillette (yes the razor blade guy)
1961 – Whittaker Chambers
1974 – Earl Warren
1992 – Eric Sevareid
1996 – Melvin Belli
2002 – Rod Steiger
2019 – Ross Perot, Rip Torn, Freddie Jones

He can’t even read off a teleprompter, so you know his tweets and any other published speech have to be actually be done by his staff to support the narrative. You’ll know who won the real prize of being their hopeful next President when the final choice for his VP will be announced.

If nothing else (and I respect nothing else about them) you have to respect the demoncrap’s honesty on this. This political party is so power hungry they are willing to publicly and openly advocate for destroying the economy, in effect the country for the sake of winning an election.
They see the economy recovering, even if slower than hoped, as more nails in the coffin of their chances in November and it has driven them insane.

The author of this drivel is Bradley Beychok, the co-founder and president of the political action committee American Bridge 21st Century which is a demoncrap ‘Super PAC’. The largest single contributor (no surprise) is George Soros. And the vast majority of their expenditures are salaries and ‘administrative’ costs.

Trump’s last line of defense is the economy. Biden and Democrats must knock it down.

Among the swing voters who will help decide this election, President Trump still maintains a significant advantage over presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden on the question of who is best suited to lead America out of this economic crisis. If we want to ensure that Trump does not win a second term, we need to cut off the last leg of his reelection bid.

It’s the economy, Democrats. The economy is all Trump has left.
That includes over 1 million unemployed in Michigan, about 850,000 in Pennsylvania and almost 372,000 in Wisconsin. Voters in these states know we’re in a crisis. They’re feeling the pain of the worst economy since the Great Depression. It’s no surprise that for the undecided white working class voters in the upper Midwest we polled in our survey, the No. 1 issue determining their vote is who would best steer the country through an economic crisis.

“At the end of the day, the real problem isn’t that the NICS wasn’t robust enough to handle the surge.
No, the problem was that millions of Americans decided to buy guns. They recognized that it was on them to protect themselves and now they wanted the means to do so.”

Progressives Think People Buying Guns Is A Loophole

Not too long before the entire nation shut down due to COVID-19, gun stores started seeing a surge in sales. Many people who had never considered buying a gun in the first place decided maybe they should rethink it. Some were concerned about crime increasing due to the virus. Still others, Asian-Americans, were concerned ignorant morons would blame them for the disease. Still others had different concerns.

Regardless, gun sales soared and have been consistently high ever since.

Now, we know that many of these gun buyers went to gun stores, which means they’re required to undergo a background check and have any required permits before buying.

For some, that’s not enough. The increase in gun sales is somehow evidence that our gun laws are too lax.

Almost immediately after governors began to issue orders in early March directing nonessential businesses to close and individuals to stay at home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, news stories began to emerge of increased traffic at gun stores. One photo of a line of buyers outside of a California gun shop is likely to become one of the most recognizable images from this moment in modern American history. Anecdotes emerged of individuals who had never considered buying guns before rushing to gun stores to make their first purchase, motivated by the fear and uncertainty of this unprecedented moment. Since this early reporting, data have confirmed a dramatic increase in the number of guns purchased during the pandemic. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the federal agency responsible for conducting background checks for gun sales, revealed that nearly 2 million guns were sold in March—the second highest monthly number since these data have been tracked. April gun sales were nearly as high, with an estimated 1.6 million guns sold—a 71 percent increase over April 2019. The trend in gun sales continued in May and June; June saw the biggest increase yet, with an estimated 2.3 million guns sold.

Just as the coronavirus pandemic has exposed gaps within the U.S. health care and economic systems, the surge in gun sales during this period brings to the forefront weaknesses in the current laws and systems governing the sale and ownership of firearms and ammunition. Far too many gun sales are allowed to proceed without background checks, and gun owners face minimal legal requirements to ensure that guns are handled and stored safely. These gaps in the law create risks for all U.S. communities vulnerable to gun violence, and both federal and state policymakers should take this opportunity to strengthen these laws to help reduce gun violence.

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So… more deaths should make us more comfortable?
Apparently this crap-for-brains is the new narrative:


Well, there goes Stunnedtator Duckworth’s ace up the sleeve.
We’ll probably see him on CNN in the near future

Lt. Col. Vindman Retires from Military; Impeachment Witness Blames Trump

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a key witness in House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, announced his retirement from the U.S. military on Wednesday, blaming Trump for shortening his military career.

Vindman, a Purple Heart recipient in the Iraq War, had worked at the National Security Council (NSC) and heard the telephone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in July which Democrats claimed Trump coerced his counterpart to interfere in the 2020 presidential election by launching investigations into Joe Biden.

After overhearing the call, Vindman complained to NSC counsel — though not to his immediate supervisor, Tim Morrison. In his closed-door testimony, he admitted that he did not think the president had done anything “illegal,” merely that he had done something “wrong.” He also complained that the president’s policymaking in the region had gone outside the “interagency consensus,” a claim that Republicans said showed Vindman’s primary concerns were about foreign policy, which is set by the president and not by the executive agencies that are supposed to report to him.

Vindman also said that his proposed edits to the readout or “transcript” of the phone call were rejected, though he added that the transcript appeared to be “very accurate” and that his proposed changes would not have changed very much.

In his public testimony, Vindman admitted to speaking to two people outside the White House about the Ukraine call. One was a State Department official, and the other was an unidentified member of the “intelligence community.” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) shut down Republican effort to ask Vindman who that was, ostensibly because of the risk of identifying the so-called “whistleblower” who first launched the inquiry.

After President Trump was acquitted by the Senate, Vindman and his brother, Lt. Col. Yevgeny Vindman, who was also an NSC official, were both reassigned to the Army.

In a statement reported by CNN, Vindman’s attorney said Wednesday that Trump was to blame for the premature end to his military career. He said he had suffered a “campaign of bullying, intimidation, and retaliation” since the impeachment.

Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL), a contender to be Biden’s running mate, had vowed to withhold over 1,100 Army promotions until she was reassured by the Secretary of Defense that Vindman would make promotion to Colonel.

Vindman cut that protest short by retiring.

During the impeachment inquiry, it emerged that Vindman had once been offered the position of defense minister in the new Ukrainian government.

My interest in this article by a person with just enough education about guns to be dangerous has nothing to do with the fact that Dad has one of the S&W Miculek model 25 revolvers………really.

Shootout: Are Semi-Automatics Or Revolvers the Better Gun for Self Defense?

Here’s What You Need To Remember: A handgun is a dangerous weapon designed to kill people. That said, it is also merely a tool, and there are some situations in which it is the only tool that can effectively respond to a dangerous situation. One of the most valuable skills a handgun owner can possess is the ability to think clearly in a stressful situation and refrain from using force.

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All my sources are dry as a bone on self defense news. Either the crims are on vacay (fat chance) or the news organs think they have better stuff to publish.

Camper kills bear in self-defense in Colorado

A camper killed a 260-pound black bear in the backcountry near Nederland, Colorado after feeling as if his life was threatened.

According to Jason Clay, a Colorado Parks and Wildlife public information officer, a report was received at 6:45 AM that a man had shot and killed a bear while dispersed camping in Gordon Gulch. Boulder County Sheriff’s Office was first on the scene.

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New head of news at NBC-Universal openly promises to discriminate against Caucasians

After just over a month in his new job as head of the newly formed NBC-Universal News Group, combining NBC News, MSNBC, CNBC, and all streaming operations, Cesar Conde is making news himself.  In a video and memo to the approximately 3,000 employees he supervises, Conde announced a goal of 50% of employees being female and 50% “people of color,” an expression commonly taken to mean non-Caucasians.

Since Caucasians account for more than 76% of the United States population according to the Census Bureau, this amounts to a vow of racial discrimination.

Ben Smith of the New York Times tweets out the memo:

According to the Los Angeles Times, women already constitute about half of the workforce, so the goals outlined by Conde are exclusively aimed at reducing the employment opportunities for Caucasians:

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This is on you, demoncraps. 100%

Violence and murder are now rampant in big cities across the nation.

79 shot, 15 fatally, over Fourth of July weekend in Chicago

There were 11 shootings in Atlanta during the July 4th weekend. Out of the 31 victims, 5 of them died.

Seven dead and almost two dozen injured in 17 Philadelphia shootings over July 4 weekend

Fourth of July weekend shootings leave 7 dead, 18 injured in St. Louis

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