Why I Am Confident Trump Will Smash the Left and Win

The big news of the day is that Joe Biden has picked a running mate in Kamala Harris, a demagogic woman who called him a racist, and couldn’t win a primary in her own state because Democrat voters didn’t think she was “authentic.” Nonetheless, leftists at MSNBC and other DNC propaganda venues are falling over themselves calling the choice historic and inspiring because of her skin color. The Biden-Harris ticket is now a rallying cry for the hate-Trump-and-white-America left. According to MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid, the Biden-Harris ticket will be greeted by a massive turnout of black America for the Democrats in November. Traditionally Democrats get over 90% of the black vote.

Not so fast. There were actually two events today. The other was the release of a Trump ad responding to Biden’s announcement. If the Republican ticket were headed by any Republican except Trump, there might be some reality to the claim that Harris adds a serious dimension to the ticket. A normal Republican would be skittish about going to the mat with the woman who if elected would – given Biden’s declining condition – be effectively the next president of the United States. After all, she’s black, and therefore untouchable.

But a look at Trump’s ad shows that, far from deferring to a political opportunist and serial liar like Harris because of her skin color, Trump is prepared to go to the mat to defeat her and her running mate. In other words, Trump is going into battle just as if Kamala were not black – or more accurately, brown (she’s half-Indian) – which is the true measure of equal treatment, albeit a measure that Democrats’ don’t really want. In the Trump ad the Biden-Harris ticket is skewered as “Sleepy Joe” and “Phony Kamala” – a sobriquet that underscores the Machiavellian character of a woman who called her running mate a racist before wooing him and whose only stable principle is “the ends justify the means.” In other words, Trump will take on the ticket with a woman chosen for her skin color with no punches pulled. Continue reading “”

August 12

1099 – The last battle of the First Crusade near Ascalon is a victory for Crusaders under the command of Godfrey of Bouillon over the army of Al-Afdal Shahanshah

1121 – The last battle of the Georgian Crusade near Didgori is a victory for the Georgian army of King David IV over the Seljuk army of Najm ad-Din Ilghazi

1164 – Near Harim Syria, the army of Nur ad-Din Zangi defeats the combined Crusader armies of the County of Tripoli, the Principality of Antioch, the Byzantine Empire, and Armenia.

1492 – Christopher Columbus arrives in the Canary Islands to rest and restock supplies before continuing on his first voyage to the new world.

1499 – The first naval engagement of the Battle of Zanchio begins between Venetian and Ottoman fleets.

1687 – The army of the Holy Roman empire, commanded by Charles of Lorraine defeats the Ottoman army of Sultan Mehmed IV commanded by Sari Süleyman Paşa near Nagyharsány Hill between Mohács and Siklós castle, Hungary.

1851 – Isaac Singer is granted a patent for his sewing machine.

1865 – Joseph Lister performs the first surgery under his antiseptic protocols

1898 – The Republic of Hawaii is formally annexed by the United States

1914 – The United Kingdom, and the rest of the British Empire declares war on Austria-Hungary

1944 – Waffen-SS troops massacre 560 people in Sant’Anna di Stazzema, Italy

1945 – Several officers of the Japanese Imperial Army meet with War Minister Korechika Anami requesting he do whatever he can to prevent acceptance of the Potsdam Declaration. Refusing to confirm would do so, the officers decide they have no choice but to attempt a coup d’état.

1950 – North Korean Army troops massacre 75 American POWs west of Masan, South Korea

1981 – The IBM Personal Computer is released.

1990 –  Air Force SSG John Campisi of the 55th Organizational Maintenance Squadron is struck and killed by a vehicle, becoming the first U.S. service member to die in Operation Desert Shield.

1992 – Canada, Mexico and the United States announce completion of negotiations for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

1994 – Major League Baseball players go on strike, forcing the cancellation of the 1994 World Series.

1762 – George IV of the United Kingdom
1856 – Diamond Jim Brady
1860 – Klara Pölzl Hitler. yep, his mother
1866 – Henrik Sillem
1881 – Cecil B. DeMille
1887 – Erwin Schrödinger
1910 – Jane Wyatt
1912 – Samuel Fuller
1924 – Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq
1925 – Dale Bumpers, Norris & Ross McWhirter
1926 – John Derek
1927 – Porter Wagoner
1929 – Buck Owens
1930 – George Soros
1933 – Parnelli Jones
1939 – George Hamilton
1954 – Sam J. Jones
1956 – Bruce Greenwood

30BC – Cleopatra Philopator Antoninus
875 – Louis II Imperator Augustus
1484 – Pope Sixtus IV
1546 – Francisco de Vitoria
1689 – Pope Innocent XI
1849 – Albert Gallatin
1861 – Eliphalet Remington
1896 – Thomas Chamberlain
1944 – LT Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. NC USN
1964 – Ian Fleming
1982 – Henry Fonda
2000 – Loretta Young
2002 – Enos Slaughter
2007 – Merv Griffin
2009 – Les Paul
2014 – Lauren Bacall

‘We Will Not Prosecute’: Left-Wing Prosecutors, Many Backed by Soros Cash, Implement Soft-on-Crime Policies Across America

Left-wing prosecutors have implemented soft-on-crime approaches to criminal justice across America, in some instances making it a matter of policy in major cities not to prosecute specific crimes, a Daily Caller News Foundation review found.

A common, though not universal, feature of prominent left-wing district attorneys is the backing of political organizations funded by left-wing billionaire George Soros. The New York Times has creditedSoros with pioneering the “push to overhaul prosecutors’ offices” across the country.

Cook County, Illinois, State’s Attorney Kimberly Foxx, whose jurisdiction includes Chicago, took office in 2017 after winning her election with the help of a Soros-funded super PAC.

Soros poured more than $400,000 into Illinois Justice & Public Safety PAC in 2016, Illinois State Board of Elections records show. Foxx was the only candidate that the PAC supported in 2016, those records show.

Foxx announced in December 2016, shortly before taking office, that her office wouldn’t charge shoplifters with felonies unless they either had more than 10 previous felony convictions or if they stole more than $1,000 worth of goods, which was more than triple the previous felony threshold of $300.

President Kamala, mistress of puppets?.
Not so fast

So, will it be President Kamala Harris after all? You might think so. After all, whoever Joe Biden’s ventriloquist is this week just had the puppet announce that his pick for vice-president is none other than the mixed-race female senator from California.

You remember Kamala Harris. She’s the one who, as California’s Attorney General, held back exculpatory evidence about a chap on death row in order to burnish her ‘tough on crime’ image. That was before her leadership role in savaging Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court — the single most disgusting attempted political assassination I have ever witnessed. And it was also before her vicious attack on — why, it was on the puppet himself, on Joe Biden for being against forced busing back in the day………….

Experts disagree about who is the nastiest and most disagreeable woman in politics. Some say it is Elizabeth Warren, and there is a lot to be said for her candidacy. Some say it is Hillary Clinton or Amy Klobuchar. I admit there is quite a lot to said for both of them as well. But for my money, the single most repellent woman in politics today is Kamala Harris. She is also, as this devastating video clip tweeted out today by President Trump reminds us, one of the most extreme leftists in what we used to be able to call, without irony, mainstream politics.

Frankly, I am surprised at Joe Biden’s minders. What does Harris bring to the ticket? Yes, she is a mixed-race female, which gives him brownie points with the BLM-antifa fanatics (though her behavior as a prosecutor and attorney general of California will win her no plaudits in those quarters). But Biden will take California in any event. How will Harris play in the rest of the country? Not well, I predict.

I think it likely that Joe Biden is not allowed to tie his shoes without the OK from his handlers.

Trini Lopez, singer and Dirty Dozen actor, dead at 83.

Trini Lopez, who was known for his hit “If I Had a Hammer,” is dead. He was 83.

Lopez’s close friend and collaborator Joe Chavira confirmed the death to Fox News on Tuesday and explained that he died due to coronavirus complications.

According to Chavira, Lopez had been “in and out” of the hospital for about two months and was working on a local 30-minute television special to raise funds for food banks, which have been stressed because of the pandemic’s economic fallout.

Whew. When you’ve lost the Washington Post…………

The NRA is a cesspool. That doesn’t mean it should be dissolved.

Opinion by Ruth Marcus
⇒ Deputy editorial page editor⇐

I loathe the National Rifle Association. With its reflexive opposition to even the mildest gun regulation, it is complicit in the deaths of thousands.

And yet, I worry that New York Attorney General Letitia James has gone too far in her bid to dissolve the organization. Even assuming that the facts laid out in the state’s lawsuit against the NRA are true — and I believe every word about chief executive Wayne LaPierre’s jaw-dropping greed — the right remedy is fixing the NRA, not dismantling it.

The NRA has a First Amendment right to its misguided understanding of the Second. Forcing its dissolution has disturbing implications — made even more disturbing by the fact that the attorney general seeking that step is a Democrat who vowed during her campaign to “take on the NRA” and labeled it a “terrorist organization.” In this country, we don’t go after entities because of what they advocate.

James’s lawsuit against the NRA does not mention ideology, even if it strains credulity to think that James would have gone after the ACLU or Planned Parenthood with equal zeal if there were similar facts. Still, the facts as alleged are jaw-dropping — and, if you were a donor who dug deep in defense of gun rights, should be enraging. Continue reading “”

“Anyone with a brain and a bit of historical knowledge could have seen this coming, which is no doubt why it eluded so much of our political class.”

The thing to remember is, ultimately, police aren’t there to protect the public from criminals, but to protect criminals from the public. Before the invention of modern police by Robert Peel in London in the early 19th Century, the public dealt with criminals mostly on its own, and usually harshly. Arrest by the police and trial before a court was a big improvement over mob justice.

Now some want to go the other direction. I predict it will end badly.

Back to the future in policing? Civilian militias in American cities
Police being pulled back in blue urban areas has led to neighborhood patrols which lead to chaos, violence, gangs and prejudice.

“When the dawn patrol’s got to tell you twice, they’re gonna do it with a shotgun.” That’s a lyric from Steely Dan, but it also reflects what seems to be a new trend in two of America’s bluest cities: The replacement of police with civilian militias. (The press prefers to call them “neighborhood patrols” since they’re in Democratic cities).

There are some people who might favor this as a step forward for civil rights and racial justice, but the facts to date don’t support such a reading. In two cities where the police have pulled back from urban areas, they’ve been replaced by armed gangs demanding protection money, increased violence and, yes, prejudice against people who “don’t belong.” Anyone with a brain and a bit of historical knowledge could have seen this coming, which is no doubt why it eluded so much of our political class. Continue reading “”

The Economy Is Struggling, but Gun Sales Are Soaring

OAKMONT, Pennsylvania — Long before you find yourself standing in front of the Smoke N’ Guns shop, the delicate aroma of coffee beans and hand-rolled cigars beckons your senses as you walk along Allegheny River Boulevard.

Outside the shop, four black leather chairs spread a respectable 6 feet apart are waiting for either the overflow of customers or locals such as Marcello Frollo to hold court. He enjoys a rolled cigar along with his double espresso as he listens to the cars rumble along the brick-lined street.

Inside, the store is a visual delight, with a coffee bar and a handful of tables and chairs at the entrance. Boxes filled with the best cigars money can buy are stacked high, and an impressive walk-in humidor is designed to keep them preserved at the perfect temperature.

In the back, a balcony overlooks the rest of the store and spans its entire width. A glass display case with an array of long guns hangs along the wall. In the center, begging to be held, is a Tommy gun. Gregory “Gooch” Ionadi, the owner, waits to help you find the gun you need or want to protect yourself.

That is, if there are any left to buy.

“Prior to the COVID outbreak, President Obama was the best gun salesman we ever had,” says Ionadi. “Anytime he was going to ban this, ban that, there was a rush on gun sales. When President Trump was elected, the fear of a gun ban subsided, and sales were so flat that several gun manufacturers went out of business.”

Things changed dramatically in gun shops across the country in February, when the first concentrated COVID-19 cases in one town were reported out of New Rochelle, New York. “We made more here in … March and April than we did in the last three years,” he says. “It was crazy.” Continue reading “”

There is lots of good news from Austin.

Not only were murders up 67% in June, but justifiable homicides had gone up 200%. When you defund the police, some people won’t lie down and die for the thugs.

Austin Voted to Defund the Police, its Murder Rate Rose 67%

The Austin City Council voted unanimously to defund the police.

“We don’t need somebody who’s a sworn officer and a gun in order to be able to accomplish what the community needs done,” Mayor Steve Adler falsely claimed.

Austin’s proposed budget targeted millions in cuts. These included 100 vacant police positions, delaying the next cadet class, delaying the replacement of duty weapons, and there were proposals by some Democrats council members to shut down the police academy, cut the bomb squad budget, and even demolish the city’s downtown police headquarters.

The proposed budget also includes a 3.5% tax increase.

Politicians limited the ability of police officers to use force against criminals and barred them from using pepper spray and tear gas against the violent mobs of Black Lives Matter rioters.

Now Austin is number one with a bullet after its homicide rate increase passed every major city.

Overtaking more violent cities like Chicago, left behind at number two, Philly at number six, and New York at number eight, Austin had the highest percentage homicide rate increase. Continue reading “”

Gun sales are rising in Michigan. The buyers might surprise you

Rick Ector was teaching an eight-hour concealed pistol license course in early July, and his cellphone wouldn’t stop vibrating.

Ector had just resumed teaching in-person lessons the month before. He hadn’t advertised. But people were calling to ask about enrolling in future courses, he said.

“It’s an explosion of interest from people who want to learn about guns,” said Ector, who has worked as a firearms instructor in Detroit for 13 years. “The interest in personal protection is on a level none of us (firearm instructors) has ever seen.” Continue reading “”

Gun sales continue to surge across the Seattle-area

Background checks gun sales firearm western Washington

After an initial spike in March, western Washington firearm sales remained far higher than usual over the first half of 2020.

Some point to the pandemic, others point to protests over racial injustice as prompting waves of sales. In the end, it has local officials noticing that a lot more guns have arrived in their communities.

When a customer purchases a firearm in Washington state, they must wait 10 business days before receiving the gun. During that time, the seller submits the customer’s information to their local police department for a background check.

In the first seven months of 2020, Seattle processed 9,426 background checks for gun sales. That is already a 55% increase over the city’s average for an entire year.

Seattle is not alone. Comparing background checks, June 2020 to June 2019:

  • Kirkland saw a 145% increase.
  • Kent saw a 119% increase.
  • Redmond, a 268% increase. The last seven Junes have averaged 68 background checks. This June saw 318 background checks.

caption: The number of background checks that Western Washington police departments performed for gun sales in June 2020 and June 2019.

Why? Because Black people shooting other Black people in outbreaks of gang violence remains strictly “local news.” It’s not of interest to the national media because it doesn’t fit the narratives mentioned above. Nearly all gang shootings are done with illegal, unregistered handguns, so it doesn’t work for the gun control angle. And if it’s not a White person shooting people it doesn’t work for the rest of the current messaging plan. So down the memory hole it goes.

The Worst Mass Shooting You Never Heard About (This Year, Anyway)

In the early hours of the morning yesterday[Sunday], there was a massive party taking place on the 3300 block of Dubois Place in Southeast Washington, D.C. The good times came screeching to a halt when sustained gunfire broke out.

When the smoke cleared, one 17-year-old male was dead and another twenty people had been shot. Among them was an off-duty police officer who had responded to the violence and was left “fighting for her life.” No suspects have been identified.

Here’s the curious part about this horrible tale. Unless you happened to live in the District and were watching the local news, you probably didn’t hear about it. If we all put our heads together, we might be able to figure out why. (WJLA News, ABC7, Washington) Continue reading “”

August 11

2492BC – Hayk Nahapet defeats Belus and founds Armenia

480BC – Ephialtes betrays his countrymen and guides Persian forces led by Hydarnes over a mountain track to the rear of the Greeks defending Thermopylae.

1332 – Scots under Domhnall II, Earl of Mar are routed by Edward Balliol at Dupplin Moor.

1813 – In what is now modern day Columbia, Juan del Corral declares the independence of Antioquia province from Spain.

1858 – Mount Eiger in the Alps is ascended for the first time by Charles Barrington

1929 – Babe Ruth becomes the first baseball player to hit 500 home runs in his career with a home run at League Park in Cleveland, Ohio.

1934 – The first civilian prisoners arrive at the Federal prison on Alcatraz Island.

1942 – Actress Hedy Lamarr and composer George Antheil receive a patent for a Frequency-hopping spread spectrum radio “Secret Communications System” to be used for secure communications.

1945 – U.S. Secretary of State James F. Byrnes replies to Japan’s offer with a refusal to compromise on the demand that the surrender be unconditional. The Soviets invade South Sakhalin island.

1965 – Race riots begin in the Watts area of Los Angeles, California.

1969 – The Apollo 11 astronauts are released from a three-week quarantine following their return from the moon.

1972 – The last personnel of the United States Army’s 3rd Battalion, 21st Infantry Regiment leaves South Vietnam

1992 – The last personnel of the United States Army’s 19th Maintenance Battalion leaves Germany

1673 – Richard Mead
1794 – James B. Longacre
1858 – Christiaan Eijkman
1900 – Charley Paddock
1920 – Mike Douglas
1921 – Alex Haley
1925 – Arlene Dahl
1933 – Jerry Falwell
1944 – Ian McDiarmid
1950 – Steve Wozniak
1953 – Terry “Hulk Hogan” Bollea
1983 – Chris Hemsworth

480BC – King Leonidas of Sparta, Abrocomes and Hyperanthes of Persia
1259 – Möngke Khan
1332 – Domhnall II, Robert II Keith, Thomas Randolph, Murdoch III, Robert Bruce Lord Liddesdale
1519 – Johann Tetzel
1919 – Andrew Carnegie
1994 – Peter Cushing
1995 – Phil Harris
2006 – Mike Douglas
2009 – Eunice Kennedy Shriver
2014 – Robin Williams

Florida Pasco County Sheriff Nocco

Florida homeowner utilized Second Amendment right when he killed intruder

LAND O’LAKES, Fla. – A Pasco County man is dead after breaking into the home of a family who was supporting his estranged wife during their divorce proceedings, according to Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco.

Authorities say 55-year-old Ronald Fleet broke into the home in the Sunset Lakes subdivision in Land O’Lakes just after noon on Saturday.

Fleet, armed with a handgun, was able to kick the door open and enter the house. The homeowner and Fleet exchanged gunfire which initially caused Fleet to leave, though a short time later he charged back inside. At that point, the homeowner fired again, killing Fleet.

Trump’s Big NATO Move Puts Putin on Notice.

For more than four decades, the United States Army’s V Corps — one of the most powerful armored formations ever assembled — stood watch against the Soviet Union on the Fulda Gap, the primary World War II invasion route from East Germany through West Germany to the Rhine…………

While much has been made by the mainstream media — almost all of it negative — about President Trump’s decision in July to remove thousands of American troops from Germany, less has been said about where they’ll end up.

Nearly 12,000 troops will be redeployed from Germany, reducing the American presence there by about one third. Of those being redeployed, around half of them will end up in other NATO ally nations, including Poland and the Baltic States.

A headquarters like the newly reestablished V Corps is a big deal in and of itself, providing “command and control focused on synchronizing U.S. Army, allied, and partner nation tactical formations,” according to Army Chief of Staff Gen. James McConville. Placing V Corps in Poland sends a serious message about serious intent.

In effect, NATO’s front line defenses are moving to the east……..

When Government Encourages Victimhood, You Have an Alternative

According to a report from the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the number of officers in the Minneapolis Police Department has been reduced 10 percent since May and the department “could lose as much as a third of its workforce by the end of the year.” Some on the city council have sought to abolish the police department.

With this development, there has been a corresponding spike in violent crime. Minnesota Public Radio reported that as of August 4 Minneapolis had experienced more than twice as many homicides in 2020 as during the same period in 2019. Local CBS affiliate WCCO reported that through July 26 robberies in 2020 were up 36 percent over the same time period in 2019.

The situation has become so dire, that on July 28 Minneapolis issued a warning to city residents in the 3rd precinct. The missive read,

Robberies and Carjackings have increased in our Precinct. Cell phones, purses, and vehicles are being targeted. Some victims have been maced, dragged, assaulted, and some threatened with a gun…

100 Robberies and 20 Carjackings have been reported to the 3rd Precinct Police in July Alone. Downtown and Southwest Minneapolis have seen an increase as well.

As part of a set of “Robbery Prevention Tips” that accompanied the alert, the city encouraged the targets of violent crime to acquiesce to their attacker. The document advised “Do not argue or fight with the criminal. Do as they say.

Despite the proclamations of governments that have neglected their most fundamental responsibilities, Americans need not be victims. When presented with a reasonable threat of death or grievous bodily harm, free individuals have the right to defend themselves with deadly force. This right is inherent to all people, preexists any government, and is not dependent upon the Second Amendment – which codifies the right to armed self-defense in the U.S. Constitution.

In his book, Armed: New Perspectives on Gun Control, Florida State Professor of Criminology Gary Kleck addressed the efficacy of armed self-defense. Citing crime victimization data, Kleck determined “[v]ictims who used guns were less likely to be injured than crime victims who did not resist.”

The practical ability of average Americans to meet violent crime with armed self-defense has improved substantially since Professor Kleck first began his research. Continue reading “”