U.S. investigating if friendly fire killed two Army Rangers in Afghanistan

The U.S. military is investigating whether two Army Rangers killed during a raid in Afghanistan were struck by friendly fire, U.S. Forces in Afghanistan said on Friday.

Military investigators are examining the “possibility” that the two members of the 75th Ranger Regiment were “accidentally killed by friendly fire during the more than three-hour fight,” the U.S. Forces said in a statement.

“We investigate all combat deaths of U.S. service members, and because we believe that there is a possibility of friendly fire in this case, it is appropriate to notify the families. Once the investigation is complete, USFOR-A will provide the results to our chain of command,” the statement said.

The two Rangers were killed and a third was wounded during a raid Wednesday night in Nangarhar Province that involved two platoons of U.S. Rangers and the same number of Afghan Special Security Forces.

Hail and Farewell Rangers.