Names of Victims in Dallas County Double Homicide Released

Tunas MO, is a literally a rural wide spot in the road, about 45 miles Northeast of Springfield, that barely rates the post office it has. Just because you live out and away from the turbulent city is not a reason to consider that you’re safe from the hoodlums. At least from the reports they did their best to answer the crims with some of their own medicine.

TUNAS, Mo. — Yesterday, deputies were called to a home in Tunas, Missouri and found two homeowners dead outside their residence. Investigators say it appears the people interrupted a robbery and they engaged in a “gun battle” with the intruders.

The victims are Brandy and Joseph Allen.

You can call this tip line if you have any information: 417-383-5232. If you see the suspects, deputies say do not try to confront them.
(Personally I have something else in mind even though I’m not going to be out actively looking for whoever).