Alleged Charlie Hebdo Islamist Attack Mastermind Detained in Africa

Just from the large presence of U.S. and French forces there, Djibouti is a really stupid place to be in if you’re a jihadi.

Peter Chérif, who is suspected of being behind the Islamist shootings at the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo in 2015, has been apprehended in Djibouti and is expected to be extradited to France within days.
Also known as Abou Hamza, the 36-year-old Paris-born Islamist was arrested by French authorities in the small east African nation on December 16th, according to The Times.

Chérif is a known associate of Charlie Hebdo attackers Chérif and Saïd Kouachi, having been in frequent contact with them ahead of the shootings and being part of the same Parisian al-Qaeda cell, the Buttes-Chaumont network, which was known for sending fighters to Iraq in the early 2000s.