Google vs. Bing On “Black White Crime Stats”

BLUF: Google tries to cover up the information, Bing doesn’t

It’s fun to compare Alphabet’s dominant Google search engine to Microsoft’s Bing search engine for politically relevant results.

I am doing this test in incognito mode so that both search engines give me their generic results rather than ones tailored for me………

Google promotes on its first page of results three fairly neutral sources (Channel4, Wikipedia, and USNews) and two sources, SPLC and ColorLines, that are biased toward the politically correct. Bing cites one fairly neutral source (Wikipedia) and two biased toward the politically incorrect (WhitePrivilegeIsntReal and InfoWars).

It’s interesting that the excerpt chosen from the one source displayed on the first page by both Google and Bing, Wikipedia’s “Race and crime in the United States,” is ambiguous in Google and eye-opening on Bing.