Erdogan’s Goons Bring Turkish Violence to American Soil

Hours after Turkey’s President Erdogan met with President Trump, his security guards attacked a peaceful protest outside the Turkish embassy in Washington. As the New York Times reports:

Supporters and opponents of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey engaged in a violent confrontation outside the Turkish ambassador’s residence in Washington on Tuesday night. Nine people were injured and taken to a hospital, the District of Columbia’s fire and emergency medical services said. [….]

You might bring a group of violent security guards to the US once by accident and something goes wrong. Doing it twice means you mean it: it’s a demonstration of American weakness and of Erdogan’s sense of dominance over the ineffective loudmouths in Washington that will resonate through Turkey and the Middle East—and will be taken note of elsewhere.

Armenian Witness to Bloody Protest: Erdoğan Regime Violence ‘Has Now Been Exported Here’

The executive director of the Armenian National Committee of America, who witnessed Tuesday’s bloody attacks against protesters of the regime of visiting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, called the violence the “very type of intolerance that has come to predominate in Turkey — and it has now been exported here.”

“This is exactly the type of violence you see in Ankara and they are exporting it here,” he added. “It’s one thing for the Turkish government to do that to its own citizens — a terrible thing. It is another thing for us, as Americans, to see that exported to the United States.”

When Erdoğan was in D.C. in March 2016 for the Nuclear Security Summit, his security staff roughed up journalists and think-tank staff outside his address at the Brookings Institution.

“This may be how Erdogan treats protesters in his own country, but this is not acceptable in ours,” tweeted Rep. Ted Deutch (D-Fla.). “2nd time Erdogan’s security attacked protesters in US. Meeting should not have taken place. WH should denounce & support peaceful protests.”