Ocasio-Cortez rails against overpriced croissants at LaGuardia

WASHINGTON — Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez turned an overpriced croissant into a lesson on the minimum wage.


Forget that.
The real story is Occasional-Cortex flying. She’s screamed bloody murder about the world ending in “like 12 years” unless we do something on the order of fighting World War 2 all over again.
Her Grande Green New Deal was all over ending air travel “like now” to start saving the planet.
But, instead of her taking Amtrak from NYC to DC, she’s flying (undoubtedly 1st class) back to work.

Yep, she’s a hypocrite of the first order, just like all the other climate alarmists who want us to ditch our lifestyles for yogurt and kale while she keeps to flying high and noshing on designer crescent rolls.

When the climate alarmists start acting like there’a a real emergency, maybe I’ll then start to take them seriously. Otherwise, they’re lying jackasses.