Time-Traveling AOC Delivers “How I Saved the World” Message From the Future

What I see is nothing more than unmitigated narcisssitic elitism. What an ego this ignorant moron has. Even Obammy just wanted to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet

While Ocasio-Cortez trumpets how in 2019 she entered the most “diverse” Congress in history, every representative “depicted in the video is female. The ‘children’ from her district are all female. All the fat-cat oil and banking and political figures she demonizes are white men,” American Thinker also reports.

The site continues, “Writing for the Jacobin magazine in February 2019, the film’s writer, Kate Aronoff, called America’s energy CEOs ‘mass murderers.’ The artist incorporates this sentiment and the message ‘white men are the bad guys’ in the film’s drawings. The anti-capitalist, anti-corporation theme runs through the video from start to finish.”

Just as how “diversity” here, Newspeak-style, excludes certain groups, this is a complete inversion of reality. It’s not just that Ocasio-Cortez’ Green Leap Forward would have an estimated price tag of $93 trillion, four times our national debt. It’s that the “whole climate crisis is not only Fake News; it’s Fake Science,” as former president of Greenpeace Canada Patrick Moore put it; moreover, pursuing Ocasio-Cortez’ prescriptions globally could “result in the death of nearly all humans on Earth,” as he also warned.

Unfortunately, while it’s easy to poke fun at the congresswoman (and sometimes justifiable), demagoguery that could kill millions is no laughing matter.