Smoke bomb attack fails to silence black pro-life speaker at University of Texas.

State lawmakers pass campus free speech bill the same day

AUSTIN – Ryan Bomberger knows what it’s like to face opposition on campus.

The black pro-life activist was shouted down at Harvard Law School and called a “fucking piece of shit.” Student government leaders at an elite Christian college accused Bomberger, who was conceived in rape and adopted, of making people of color on campus feel “unsafe.”

And now he knows what it’s like to be smoked out of his own speaking engagement.

Rather than ignore the event, attend and ask pointed questions, or stage a peaceful protest, an unknown protester set off a smoke bomb during Bomberger’s appearance at the University of Texas-Austin Monday night.

The smoke bomb triggered the fire alarm in the building where the Young Conservatives of Texas were hosting the event. After the attendees were evacuated, the event went forward with no issue in another building.