North County gun-rights group forms in opposition to new gun law

Clark County WA – The debate over a controversial gun control initiative has led to North County’s own homegrown group of Second Amendment hardliners as the North County Sons and Daughters of Liberty (NCSDL) are working to see resolutions passed in local governments.
The group formed following many members attending rallies by Vancouver-based Patriot Prayer, then eventually picking up steam on social media. Their primary rallying cry is opposition to I-1639.

The group most recently came to a Battle Ground City Council meeting on May 6, during which the council made an official statement on I-1639. The city approved by consensus the statement, which affirmed the role of the judicial branch of government on determining the constitutionality of laws in Washington state.

Currently, I-1639 has received a legal challenge by the National Rifle Association and the Second Amendment Foundation. The initiative, which Washington voters passed in November, imposes restrictions on ownership of semi-automatic rifles ranging from age of purchase, interstate sales, mandating safety classes for purchases and regarding storage and liability on those firearms if used to commit a crime.

“I think we all pretty much expected it,” Shauna Walters, the chief organizer of NCSDL said about the statement, commenting on a previous meeting where the council had a discussion on the initiative. She said the statement wouldn’t slow down the group’s momentum, adding she felt if anything it empowered the group to keep working at getting people against I-1639.