Why is John Dean testifying before the House about the Mueller report today?

I’ll take ‘Political Theater’ for $500, Alex.

I’m not even going to post a clip of it because who cares, really? Let me just re-up my theory from Friday of why Nancy Pelosi continues to talk ever tougher about Trump while continually inching away from impeachment.

Andy McCarthy took the same position in a piece published Saturday. Pelosi thinks 2020 is the Democrats’ race to lose, she doesn’t want to upset the dynamic by rolling an impeachment grenade into the fray, so she and Jerry Nadler are going to do what they can to scratch the left’s anti-Trump itch in various ways short of impeachment to try to keep them happy. If that means blowhardery about sending Trump to prison or whatever, fine. If that means letting geriatric liberals reminisce about Watergate by hauling John Dean before the Judiciary Committee to sputter about parallels between Nixon’s actions and Trump’s, fine. (“I’m clearly not a fact witness,” Dean himself acknowledged in an interview before today’s hearing.) If it gets under Trump’s skin too, so much the better for them.

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