Some Journalists Really Are Revealing Themselves as Enemies of the People


In Portland, OR, over the weekend, Antifa attacked journalist Andy Ngo. He had camera equipment stolen and had to be hospitalized. Ngo has been at the forefront of a journalistic movement to document the power abuses of Antifa. In Portland, for example, the thuggish street goons have been encouraged by the mayor of the city to such an extent that even law enforcement feels helpless.

Just a few months ago, Time magazine named journalists as their “person of the year” given both the sustained abuse journalists are subjected to and the President’s ongoing verbal attacks on the press. While CNN and a number of prominent journalists have come out strongly to defend Ngo and denounce the attack on him, it is very, very telling how many blue check marked journalists on Twitter have spent the weekend either excusing or justifying the attack on Ngo.

Julio Rosas, of the Washington Examiner, compiled a pretty good list of blue checkmarked journalists and activists who have defended Antifa in this matter. It is pretty clear that many of the people who call Donald Trump a totalitarian or would be dictator are actually fine with totalitarians provided the despot is on their side………….

Because these people do not like what Ngo reports or covers, they’ve declared him not a journalist and, therefore, open to attack.