The Left Escalates Violence as Antifa Arms Themselves.

This is not a widespread as he may think. For sure, some antifagoons clans are arming, but the vast majority of lib-proggies still consider guns as icky things they would deign to touch.

If antifa leaves the leftist metro/university areas where they are supported as sashay around ‘fly over country’, they’ll get a rude awakening that they made a strategic error.

If you’re reading this you’re likely a red-blooded American that cherishes your guns, and understands the role they play in securing the rest of your God-given rights. In fact that connection is so common many of us believe introducing someone to guns is a great way get them to appreciate a more expansive view of liberty, one that in particular includes respect for things like free speech, property rights, and capitalism.

On the other hand this includes an unspoken assumption that because someone is a leftist they don’t understand the role guns play in the political process and aren’t willing or able to use them to advance their left-wing ideas. Thusly many patriots have this idea that because soy-sodden bugmen often tweet variations of “guns are icky” that means our side has all the guns.

Well, unfortunately I’m here to tell you that isn’t true: the hard left knows full well the role guns play in the political process, and they’re currently arming up and training.

I’ve been keeping tabs on this trend, and the other day I ran across a rather alarming piece in the New Republic:

The great thing about actually reading lefty rags is lefties are happy to tell you what they’re really thinking, if you bother to listen