Man arrested for alleged domestic violence after Alexa calls the cops

Okay, good outcome to a violent situation.
But it was because the device “interpreted” a question?
So what happens when the thing might be programmed to ‘interpret’ something in the future as perhaps not “politically correct” or illegal?
It’s already been acknowledged that this records everything it hears and keeps it on an Amazon server (where of course no unscrupulous person would ever hoover anything of interest for further use).
What then?

A New Mexico man was taken into custody after an Amazon Echo device called the police during an alleged domestic violence incident.

Police say 28-year-old Eduardo Barros got into a physical altercation with his unidentified girlfriend following an argument at a Tijeras residence just outside of Albuquerque on July 2.

Barros, who is also accused of threatening to kill the women while in possession of a firearm, allegedly asked her if she had contacted law enforcement.

“Did you call the sheriffs?” Barros reportedly questioned.

An Amazon virtual assistant plugged into the home’s landline interpreted the question as a command to call police, Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Felicia Romero told the New York Post.

An arrest warrant affidavit obtained by The Post indicates that 911 contacted the female moments later, prompting Barros to throw her to the floor after seeing emergency services on her phone’s caller ID.

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