Hello Christian Ministers a History Lesson Just for You

In their Christian worldview, obedience to God took high precedence over country or government, and their primary allegiance was to the Lord Jesus Christ. As a result of the unwavering faith in Jesus and adherence to God’s enumerated principles the Founders were successful in overcoming those who opposed Unalienable Rights along with Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Unfortunately today, there are numerous examples of Christian in name only churches and organizations where there is direct opposition to God’s will, God’s ways and His solid principles. It pains me to point out that a Chaplain and former head of the National Association of Evangelicals in California switched allegiance to the homosexual rainbow flag. Pastors and counselors were directed to reject Biblical verses on sexuality and deny counseling for those seeking help in their struggle with same sex attraction and gender confusion. Many churches today are unwilling to stand on one of God’s foremost ancient principles. It is no wonder that millions of Christians are so blind that they prefer democrats and “rinos” who would wipe out their right to raise their children the right way over trump who is battling protect our exceptional republic from literal destruction. As the old saying goes, stupid is what stupid does.

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