On being told to go back where you come from.

Those 10-20 per cent are, for the most part, the ‘useful idiots’ being used by those with their own political power agendas; usually inimical to the western philosophy of individual liberty. However, they can still do as Mr Chrenkoff suggests.

Donald Trump and his typing fingers are in trouble again (as they are pretty much every day) for telling “the Squad” of Democrat Congresswomen to “go back where they come from”. This was deemed to be deeply racist (the hashtag #RacistInChief is currently trending) as well as inaccurate, as three of the four in question were born in the United States……

I will leave the political strategies and tactics to people who are much wiser and more experienced than me, but let me make this observation as a migrant (from Poland to Australia, on the insignificant oft-chance you have not heard me telling you this about twenty times before) who happens to be very happy in his new home and very grateful to the nation that adopted me.

In just about every Western society I am aware of there is a sizable minority of probably between 10 and 20 per cent of the population who appear to be deeply and profoundly unhappy about the shape and the direction of their own country.

This sentiment ranges from a sheer hatred and loathing of the society, which is deemed irredeemably unjust, oppressive, racist, and any number of other characteristics usually ending in -ist or -phobic, and it only deserves to survive if radically transformed, all the way to a milder disappointment and despondency that the society (and the general population) constantly fail to live up to one’s standards of what is good and desirable.

To all these people I always want to say:

You know that you are not imprisoned and kept by force where you are, don’t you? If you really so passionately dislike just about everything about your country, you have to ask yourself a question – why suffer? why keep putting yourself through this endless unhealthy rage and frustration?

There are many different types of societies around the world, some of which are without doubt a lot closer to your vision of what an ideal community should be like. Wouldn’t you be happier living somewhere else? It just doesn’t make sense to me that you would want to live in a place you don’t like when you have options to live in places you would.

In moments of my own great frustration I call it the FOSE principle, which simply stands for “F*** Off Somewhere Else”.

The principle is colour blind and doesn’t discriminate between people who are “native” and those who might have only recently arrived from somewhere else.