Adolf Hitler’s Shock Troop Brown Shirts Were Democrats’ Model for ‘Antifa’: The Precursor to This ‘Domestic Terrorist Organization’ Ran Germany’s Death Camps

As long as those who get pushed ‘over the edge towards violence’ get what Spronsen got; I’m okay. While I’m not saying they’re not dangerous, we’ve seen that these antifagoons have a hard time dealing with real resistance.

With the website for the anarchist group ‘It’s Going Down‘, an antifa offshoot, recently putting out this story (saved at ) calling Willem van Spronsen a hero and a freedom fighter for attempting to fire bomb immigration buses at the Northwest Detention facility in Tacoma, Washington, a crime for which he immediately paid with his life, we’re going to be taking a look at a bunch of new stories out from across the internet which hint to us that things could rapidly spiral out of control here in America should President Trump not declare ‘antifa‘ a domestic terrorist group with them the Democrat’s equal of Adolf Hitler’s ‘brown shirts, a group which at its’ peak numbered over 250,000 and ran Germany’s ‘death camps

With Democrat congress people and particularly the ‘socialist squad insanely screaming ‘concentration camps‘ about what’s going on at our southern border despite the fact that ‘real‘ concentration camps led to the deaths of far too many innocent people who didn’t want to be there while those finding themselves stuck in the facilities at our southern border chose to leave their homes to travel here, hoping to get in illegally, even South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham recently stirred the pot, saying “We all know AOC and this crowd are a bunch of communists” as the Independent Sentinel reported in this July 15th story.

Yet millions from the left are falling for the lies of these scoundrels who hate America, pushing them over the edge towards violence with van Spronsen as a prime example.