Left Sends Death Threats to California Speaker for Dropping Single-Payer Health Care

This is “proggies eating their own” . The Speaker is a California demoncrap, so by any definition is leaning so far to the left that he’s hopping one one foot. To pay for ‘Single Payer’ (government pays for everything) health care, it would take more than the entire California state budget. Complete and utter insanity.

Some leftists are so angry at California State Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Paramount) for blocking a vote on a single-payer, government-run health care plan that they have been sending him death threats for days.
The bill, the Healthy California Act (SB 562), passed the California State Senate earlier this month. The bill has a price tag of $400 billion — many times larger than the current state budget — but no plan to pay for the new system.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) urged California: “Please lead the country and pass the single-payer bill.” But Democrat Governor Jerry Brown was skeptical, wondering openly how the state would ever manage to afford to pay for it.


Federal judge blocks California ban on high-capacity magazines

Har Har, Har-de-har-har.

Peruta took years to get to and through the 9th Circus. They’ll probably overturn this lower court judge, but if it’s then appealed to SCOTUS (I’m not holding my breath) years more. And I’d bet that if the 9th doesn’t keep the injunction active,

A federal judge has temporarily blocked a voter-approved California law that would have forced gun owners to get rid of high-capacity ammunition magazines by this Saturday.

U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez, who is based in San Diego, issued a preliminary injunction Thursday that found the law was likely unconstitutional because it prevented people from using firearms that employed “whatever common magazine size he or she judges best suits the situation.” The law would have barred people from possessing magazines containing more than 10 bullets.

“The State of California’s desire to criminalize simple possession of a firearm magazine able to hold more than 10 rounds is precisely the type of policy choice that the Constitution takes off the table,” the injunction read.


Progressive Journalists Are Outraged At The NRA For Pointing Out Leftist Violence

Well, of course they are. The proggies can’t stand for truth (and the right to self-defense) to get in that way of their ‘progress‘.

Barely two weeks after a progressive Democrat activist attempted a mass assassination of Republican officials, progressives are outraged at the NRA for noting that the Second Amendment gives people the right to defend themselves, with arms if necessary, from people who might try to assassinate them or their families.

You might not remember it because the news media pivoted away from the story as quickly as possible, but just two weeks ago an anti-Trump Bernie Bro tried to assassinate a bunch of elected Republican officials while they practiced for the annual bipartisan Congressional baseball game. Just days after the New York Timesrevealed that Republicans regularly practiced at a public park in Alexandria with minimal protective detail, the shooter showed up at the park and started surveilling it. According to the FBI, he even took pictures of the location. Before opening fire on the lawmakers, the shooter also confirmed that the assembled officials were Republicans.

Progressives, however, are outraged at Second Amendment defenders for having the audacity to claim a right to self-defense in the wake of a mass assassination attempt.


Czech parliament moves to legalize firearm ownership

The Czechs flip the bird to the west and TPTB in the EU get ‘gastric upset’.

The lower house of the Czech parliament has agreed to alter the constitution so that firearms can be held legally when national security is threatened.
The amendment gives Czechs the right to use firearms during terrorist attacks.
It was passed by the lower house by a big majority, and is likewise expected to be approved by the upper house.
The move by parliament is a challenge to EU gun control rules which restrict civilians from possessing certain kinds of semi-automatic weapons.
The EU argues its move is a much-needed counter-terrorism measure.
But the Czech parliament took a different view, arguing that allowing people to bear arms enables them to defend themselves against terrorism.
“We don’t want to disarm our citizens at a time when the security situation in Europe is getting worse,” Interior Minister Milan Chovanec told parliament on Wednesday.
“Show me a single terrorist attack in Europe perpetrated using a legally-owned weapon.”

Claire McCaskill Used Undisclosed Foundation to Pay for Dinner at Russian Ambassador’s House

McCaskill is a corrupt demoncrap politician (and up for re-election in 2018).
And oh yes, Cue Gomer:

Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill (Mo.) used a personal foundation to pay for a dinner she attended at Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak’s Washington, D.C., residence. The senator had failed to disclose her role in the foundation until earlier this month.

McCaskill came under fire this March after she told the Washington Post she never had a “call or meeting” with Kislyak even though she had publicly announced both a call and meeting with him. This week, CNN reported that McCaskill also attended a black-tie reception at Kislyak’s D.C. residence in November 2015.

McCaskill’s attendance at the dinner was accompanied by an $873 payment to the American-Russian Cultural Cooperation Foundation, where Kislyak serves on the board of directors as honorary chairman.

The payment to Kislyak’s foundation was not made directly by McCaskill—it was made through a foundation, the Shepard Family Foundation, that she set up with her husband Joseph Shepard in 2013 but failed to disclose in filings to the Senate ethics committee until three weeks ago.

The sudden disclosure of McCaskill’s role in the foundation—which had to be inserted into disclosures covering 20142015, and 2016 through amendments on June 6—came as part of an attempt to distance herself from investments in an opioid manufacturer.

Laptop ban on planes to US replaced by tighter security

Pssst, (It’s still all ‘Theatrics’)

The US Homeland Security Department has decided not to expand a ban on laptops in the passenger cabins of planes flying to the States. Instead it’s requiring tighter security measures for all aircraft and airports.

The DHS made the announcement Wednesday, saying the enhanced security standards would apply to all commercial flights to the United States. The 10 airports in the Middle East and Africa affected by the current laptop ban will have that prohibition lifted if they implement the new standards.

The DHS had previously indicated that the ban, which applies to laptops, tablets and other devices larger than mobile phones, might be expanded to all flights from Europe. Later, it said the ban might be applied to all international flights to and from the US.


Et Tu, Mueller?

Know your Shakespeare?

Many have said that Donald Trump is like Julius Caesar, even depicting his assassination in similar fashion in the latest production of William Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar.”

And just like in the legendary play, other public figures have come forward to justify and explain their various attacks on Trump, insisting that Trump — like Caesar — is “ambitious,” or “illegitimate,” or “corrupt,” or, at the very least, deserving of investigation.

Then, as if on cue, President Trump showed his open-handed generosity to one of them by calling Robert Mueller an “honorable man.”

With apologies to Shakespeare, the parallels are just too obvious to ignore.

Robert Mueller, a friend of James Comey, who staffs his investigation of Trump with Hillary donors and ex-campaign workers, stands to make a lot of money for himself and his partisan team as this process continues with no end in sight.

But, Mueller says Trump is the one under suspicion, and Mueller, as we’ve been assured, is an “honorable man.”

James Comey admitted under oath that Trump had committed no crime, but that he merely sought to create the circumstances for a special counsel to harass and ultimately assassinate (the character of) Trump.

Now Comey says Trump should be investigated for firing him. And Comey, as we’ve been assured, is also an “honorable man.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer knew Trump was not under investigation for Russian collusion when he lied and publicly claimed otherwise.

But Schumer has said repeatedly that Trump is not a legitimate president, and Schumer, we’ve been assured, is an “honorable man.”

And California Rep. Adam Schiff says no collusion actually took place between Russia and Trump, and yet demands an investigation to uncover any crime, whatever it may be, and sure, he is an “honorable man.”

So, are they all — “honorable men.” Well, maybe in the swamp of Washington, D.C.

Let me help you out a bit. The first 4 minutes or so.


Six held in Spain, UK and Germany in anti-jihadist raids

Maybe they’re picking up on the old line…something about the best defense being, what again?

Four men have been arrested on Majorca and two more in the UK and Germany as part of a Spanish investigation into support for so-called Islamic State, police say.

The suspects are said to have produced and spread violent videos to recruit would-be jihadist fighters online.
One was a 43-year-old Islamic preacher from Birmingham.
He was arrested in the city’s Sparkhill area under a European Arrest Warrant and later appeared in court in London.

The man was identified as Tarik Chadlioui, a Belgian-Moroccan father of eight children who arrived in the UK in 2015. As he challenged a Spanish extradition request, the judge told him he was alleged to be a member of a terrorist organisation who was actively engaged in terrorist activities.
He was remanded in custody until 5 July.

The four suspects detained on Majorca were later taken to Madrid
All six in detention were described as having Moroccan or dual Moroccan nationality, Efe news agency reported. The four held on Majorca were flown by helicopter to Madrid where they were due to appear in court.
Police in western Germany said they had detained a 28-year-old Spanish national in Dortmund, emphasising there was no indication of any planned attack in Germany itself. A judge will decide in the coming weeks whether to extradite him.


A Failed State on Our Doorstep

and right next door to Paul.

The Western Hemisphere reached a milestone this week. According to United Nations observers, Colombia’s leftist rebel militia FARC has entirely disarmed. When it comes to monitoring rogue actors, the UN’s representatives have a spotty track record, but even FARC’s leaders are endorsing the group’s transition away from violence. After a half-century of war, Latin America’s longest-running insurgency is over. Unfortunately, celebrations must be tempered by the sobering developments on the other side of the Colombian border. There the violence surging, the military is teetering, and the political class is nearing the point of irreversible illegitimacy. The prospect of Venezuela collapsing in on itself looms dreadfully large.

The crisis in Venezuela again made its way into international headlines following a daring attack on the country’s Supreme Court. On Tuesday, an elite police officer-turned-actor allegedly commandeered a helicopter and flew it over the nation’s high court, dropping live grenades on the building from overhead. No one was injured in the attack, but the rogue cop posted a confession on social media expressing the hope that his actions would stir the country to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro’s government.

The Feds Have Come to Chicago—With a Van That Tracks Guns

Apologies for the mess.
Trying this one again as the previous way somehow upset the blog software.
Please notice that last line:”in the three weeks that the van has spent in the Windy City, it hasn’t helped police make any arrests” Not one (1) arrest!
Your tax$$ at work.

Six months after President Donald Trump threatened to send the feds to Chicago to “fix the horrible ‘carnage’ going on,” city officials announced on Monday that they’ve been getting some more federal crime-fighting aid in the form of a mobile firearms forensics van that’s been roaming the streets for three weeks. The van, which the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) first rolled out in May, makes it possible to immediately test guns and shell casings at a crime scene.
The new van is a high-tech upgrade to the ATF’s gun tracing system: It can match a gun on the spot, while sending evidence to a crime lab can take at least 24 hours, often longer.

The plan is for the ATF van to move from city to city and spend a few weeks in each one. Before coming to Chicago, the van spent May in Baltimore, another city Trump has chided in the past. Despite the tech upgrade, in the three weeks that the van has spent in the Windy City, it hasn’t helped police make any arrests, according to the department Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

New Assault Weapon Ban Blocked in California

Because the California Attorney General is not just a rabid antigunner, but he’s an incompetent rabid anti-gunner.

California regulators announced Tuesday that they have temporarily blocked proposed new rules on assault weapons.
The state’s Office of Administrative Law released a two-paragraph notice, without explanation, rejecting the proposed regulations submitted by the state Department of Justice in May.

Spokesmen for Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who runs the department, did not return multiple requests for comment. Gun-owners’ rights groups said the proposed regulations would include too many firearms in the state’s assault weapons definition.
Lawmakers passed a bill last year to outlaw new rifles that include devices known as “bullet buttons,” which help gun users rapidly reload. The buttons let shooters quickly remove ammunition magazines using the tip of a bullet or other small tool, and were developed by manufacturers to get around a California ban on new rifles with magazines that can be detached without the aid of tools.

UK threatens to close Jewish school for not teaching LGBT agenda

The take-away is the Brits mandate teaching young children (3 to 8 years old!) deviant sexuality as ‘normal’.
Parents! If you still have your kids in state indoctrination centers public schools do you really know what they’re being force fed as ‘education’?

A private haredi school with 212 students in northern London is in danger of being ordered to close after it failed its third inspection since February 2016 last month.

The school, which teaches haredi girls ages three to eight, was reported as not giving students “a full understanding of fundamental British values” because they do not teach the LGBT agenda.

Jewish law prohibits the homosexual act and only recognizes a marriage between a man and woman as a legitimate way to build a family.

Energy Secretary Right on Climate Change

Science is never “settled” and those who think so are selling something…usually it’s oats that have already been through the horse.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry did a remarkable thing last week: he expressed skepticism about the causes of climate change in a TV interview and, even after widespread condemnation from environmentalists and the press, he did it again a few days later before a major Senate committee.

After telling a CNBC host on June 19 that he did not believe that carbon dioxide (CO2) is the primary “control knob” for climate, Perry said:

“this idea that science [of climate change] is just absolutely settled and if you don’t believe it’s settled then you’re somehow another Neanderthal, that is so inappropriate from my perspective. I think if you’re going to be a wise, intellectually-engaged person, being a skeptic about some of these issues is quite alright.”

Climate activists and many media were outraged.

Student headed to prison for registering dead voters for demoncraps Democrats

And all you continually hear from them is that ‘voter fraud’ is non-existent.

A man paid to register Virginia voters prior to the 2016 Presidential Election will spend at least 100 days in prison for submitting the names of deceased individuals to the Registrar’s Office.

James Madison University student Andrew J. Spieles, 21, of Harrisonburg, pled guilty Monday in the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia. As part of the plea agreement, Spieles agreed to a prison sentence of 100 to 120 days.

Spieles worked for Harrisonburg Votes when he committed the crime, according to acting United States Attorney Rick A. Mountcastle.

Harrisonburg Votes is a political organization affiliated with the Democratic Party.

“In July 2016 Spieles’ job was to register as many voters as possible and reported to Democratic Campaign headquarters in Harrisonburg,” a U.S. Attorney’s Office spokesperson said. “In August 2016, Spieles was directed to combine his registration numbers with those of another individual because their respective territories overlapped. After filling out a registration form for a voter, Spieles entered the information into a computer system used by the Virginia Democratic Party to track information such as name, age, address and political affiliation. Every Thursday an employee/volunteer hand-delivered the paper copies of the registration forms to the Registrar’s Office in Harrisonburg.”


NRA Whittington Center: Vacation Mecca for Folks Like Us

I try to go there for the ‘Shootist Holiday’ when I can. Maybe next year. A part of me simply thinks about moving to Raton to simplify things. And yes, I’ve ‘gonged’ the White Buffalo….with a .300 Weatherby.

Named after former NRA president George R. Whittington, the 33,000-acre (52-square-mile) complex was purchased in 1973 and opened four years later. As a 501(c)(3), the nonprofit organization is completely independent and tied to the NRA in name only.

Its natural geography in tandem with basic celestial movements are key to why this massive plot of land was selected to serve its unique purpose. The Sangre de Cristo Mountains run east-west on the property, providing a natural backstop for bullets fired from the plethora of ranges built facing north and south. This means all ranges—18 of them—lie perpendicular to the sun’s arc across the New Mexico sky, so shooters never have to worry about glare or direct sunlight ruining what could be a miraculous 2-plus-mile (2.07 miles to be exact) shot. Yes, that’s right: There are ranges at the WC that literally stretch for miles. The far more well-known range at the WC is one on which shooters may fire a shot at the famed “White Buffalo” target that sits at 1,125 yards.


Sheriff Deputizes University Professors so They Can Carry on Campus for Self-Defense

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office is training faculty of Lakeland, Florida’s Southeastern University to carry concealed weapons for self-defense and is deputizing them to get around the state’s ban on campus carry.
The state’s ban allows law enforcement–including sheriff’s deputies–to carry on campus.

NRATV’s Ginny Simone reports that the program is the first of its kind, and one that comes in the wake of the heinous attack on Republican lawmakers in Alexandria, Virginia.

Polk County Sheriff Grady said he “will swear in the staff as special deputies, giving them the authorities [to possess firearms] when every second counts.” Judd added, “I’m not going to sit on my hands, here in this office, while people die if I can prevent it with special deputy sheriffs; instructors and staff that are highly trained and ready to save lives.”

Southeastern University Exec. V.P. Chris Owen said, “The number one question asked by parents, when visiting our university, was about safety. Every year, every time, [they asked] ‘What are you doing to keep our students safe when they come?’ You take those questions mixed the newsreels that keep coming in of the senseless violence [and] this was a no-brainer for us.”

FBI agent charged with lying about his role in Oregon standoff activist’s killing

Don’t misunderstand me. Mr. Finicum made some moves that look just like he was making sure his previous statements about not going to prison, which would include not accepting being arrested, were going to become reality.
If a person wants to commit “suicide by cop”, it’s not difficult to arrange it.
I don’t care who you are in Law Enforcement; City, County, State or Federales. You change evidence to suit a narrative? We citizens are told if we do that, it gives the appearance of knowledge of guilt. Well, that principle better always go both ways.

A grand jury in Portland has charged W Joseph Astarita with three counts of making false statements, alleging that he lied when he claimed he did not fire his weapon during the attempted arrest of LaVoy Finicum, a key figure in the Oregon militia standoff at the Malheur national wildlife refuge in 2016.

The charges, revealed in federal court records on Wednesday, raise fresh questions about the death of Finicum and the FBI’s response to the high-profile protest in rural eastern Oregon, which was led by ranchers and rightwing activists, who seized federal property to protest government land regulations.

Astarita, who pleaded not guilty in federal court in Portland, was assigned to arrest the leaders of the standoff on 26 January 2016 when Finicum drove off the road and into a snowbank, before attempting to flee on foot. During the ensuing confrontation, some of which was captured on film, Oregon state police officers shot and killed Finicum, an Arizona rancher, who police say was reaching for his gun. Police later said the shooting was “justified”.

Soon after the incident, however, Astarita “knowingly and willfully made a false statement” to a supervisory special agent when he said he did not fire his weapon according to the grand jury charges. The “misleading conduct” and failure to disclose the fact that he had fired two rounds played a role in the FBI’s decision not to call a shooting incident response team to investigate, according to federal officials.

Obama’s Criminal Enterprise Collapsing

As former FBI Director James Comey’s best friend, Robert Mueller, stocks his Seinfeld investigation-about-nothing with every Democratic lawyer and Hillary and/or Obama donor he can find, we are treated to the delicious irony of collusion with Russia being confirmed — and the colluder-in-chief being Ex-president Barack Hussein Obama.

Even Obama’s Democrat supporters are now acknowledging he knew about Russia’s hacking of the DNC and Podesta emails. They are acknowledging that he did nothing but are not acknowledging the reason why – that he thought Hillary Clinton was going to succeed him and he wanted to do nothing to offend the Russians to whom he had once famously promised more “flexibility.”As Fox News Politics reported:

President Trump criticized his predecessor for allegedly doing “nothing” about reports that Russia interfered in last year’s presidential campaign, in a recent interview.“I just heard today for the first time that (former President) Obama knew about Russia a long time before the election, and he did nothing about it,” Trump said in the interview set to air Sunday on “Fox & Friends Weekend.” “The CIA gave him information on Russia a long time before the election. … If he had the information, why didn’t he do something about it?”

That is the excuse made by those caught with their hands in the cookie jar. What happened to our democracy being at stake, the sanctity of our electoral process being violated? It was okay to jeopardize our national security through inaction as long as it was thought it might embarrass Hillary? But when Trump won, suddenly it became an issue for which he was responsible?

Pa. Senate considers bill allowing teachers to carry guns

The Pennsylvania Senate is considering a plan to allow teachers and other school employees with permits to carry guns at work.

Supporters say it’s about keeping kids safe, while opponents are worried the measure would do just the opposite.

Senate Bill 383 is sponsored by State Sen. Donald White (R-Armstrong), who said it would give schools more options for protecting students.

He added that it could be particularly helpful for rural districts that are far from police stations and might not employ security guards.

Georgia Tech reacts to Campus Carry

And concealed carry means concealed. If you do it right, no one will ever know, and that’s the way it should be.

Effective July 1, Georgians with concealed carry permits will be able to lawfully carry their weapons on most of Tech’s campus.

Since the law was signed on May 4 the University System of Georgia (USG) has been working to create guidelines for all 28 of its public institutions as they work to accommodate the change within their existing security departments and disciplinary procedures.

On a fundamental level, the law allows those with concealed carry permits to bring their concealed handguns onto public college campuses; as is the case in other carry-friendly areas, only handguns are permitted and they may not be openly displayed.

Several areas of campuses have been identified as exempt areas in which concealed weapons are not permitted. These include sports venues, such as McCamish Pavilion and Bobby Dodd Stadium; student housing facilities; preschool and daycare facilities, including the Children’s Campus on 10th Street; faculty, administration and staff office spaces; areas which are used for disciplinary proceedings, though only when such a proceeding is taking place; and any classroom in which high school students are enrolled in a class.

State law identifies it as the carrier’s responsibility to determine where their weapons are and are not permitted. Violating the law results in a misdemeanor crime for the license-holder, as well as potential violations of institute-level rules.

GTPD plans to hold numerous information sessions on the new policy for students and faculty throughout the summer and into the fall, and held the first one on June 14 with Pat McKenna, Vice President for Legal Affairs and Risk Management.

Many attending the session expressed concerns about potential gray areas in which guns may be carried…

For Tech’s part, the most tangible changes will be in the training and responses within the Georgia Tech Police Department (GTPD) for reports of armed persons on campus. Robert Connolly, Chief of Police for GTPD, stated at the information session that officers are receiving altered training to safely accommodate people carrying weapons on campus.

“Before, we get a weapon call and we immediately rush to the scene,” Connolly said. “Now we have to ask lots of questions, and a lot of those questions are: What type of weapon does the individual have? Is the individual displaying the weapon? What is the mannerism behind that [display]? … When you call in, the dispatchers are trained now to ask these questions so we understand exactly what we’re coming to.

“We are coming, I promise you. We are going to respond but we have to do it appropriately. … We cannot violate the second amendment right. I think this is very similar to our first amendment right: we have the right to speech, and sometimes we don’t like the content, but we still have to allow it. This is no different.”

Unless a person without a permit is carrying, it is no longer legal for law enforcement to detain a person simply for carrying a handgun on Tech’s campus.