Violence by far-left protesters in Berkeley sparks alarm

Why? Only for this reason:

The clashes came despite widespread calls from activists and elected officials across the Bay Area for peaceful civil disobedience and underscore Berkeley’s growing reputation for violent reaction by the far left. Other protests earlier this year in the city turned ugly, with far-left and far-right forces fighting in the streets.

Some in Berkeley worried that Sunday’s chaos, captured on video and quickly disseminated through social media, would provide unwanted ammunition to Trump and his supporters.

“We can’t keep producing this audio-visual propaganda,” said Andrew Noruk, a counter-protester who denounced the fights. “It is recruiting for the right.”

Yep, that’s what they’re worried about. Not the violence itself, but how the violence might help the opposition.

As Colleges Prepare for Guns, Clarksville Offers a Few Lessons

On Sept. 1, a new campus carry law passed this year will go into effect, and the superintendent of a school that has had guns on campus for four years now offered a few lessons from his own experience.

Colleges across Arkansas are preparing for when those with an enhanced concealed carry permit will be able to bring their firearms on campus, and though the law goes into effect next month, it’ll likely be 2018 before guns show up at universities.

Rep. Charlie Collins, R-Fayetteville, who crafted the legislation, said Arkansas State Police still have to finalize the additional training (of up to eight hours) that’ll be required to get the enhanced concealed carry permit and allow a gun owner to legally carry their firearm onto campus. Until that training is designed and permit holders complete it, gun owners can’t legally carry on campuses.

The media frenzy brought about by Collins’ law harkens back to four years ago when another Arkansas school authorized select faculty and staff to carry firearms on campus.

In 2013, the Clarksville School District trained and armed a number of teachers and staff to become commissioned school security officers. The district said it couldn’t afford to hire additional full-time security.

Superintendent David Hopkins said those staff members are dressed in normal clothes and carry concealed firearms (or their firearms remain locked in a gun safe on campus). He said every school K-12 has armed staff members. And it’s not just teachers, Hopkins said he has janitors and computer techs that are also armed.

FDNY captain claims firefighters ‘do not run into burning buildings’

Well we know one – along with the men he commanded in Rescue 2 – who did just that, don’t we?

A veteran FDNY captain threw water on the notion that the job of New York’s Bravest is dangerous, insisting in a pitch to potential minority recruits that firefighters “do not run into burning buildings.”

Capt. Paul Washington, who launched a landmark racial-discrimination lawsuit against the city, is now getting heat for his “ridiculous” and “insulting” comments last March to a group of young people at Borough of Manhattan Community College.

“Everyone’s afraid — they think they’re going to get hurt or killed,” Washington said in his presentation. “We do not run into burning buildings. We do not run into burning buildings.”

His audience laughed.

Washington explained: “You see a fire, you see smoke coming out of the window. The whole building is not on fire, all right? There’s one apartment in that building that’s on fire. In fact, there’s probably one room in that one apartment that’s on fire.”

He estimated that in recent years, an average of two FDNY firefighters have died on the job annually — “if you take out 9/11.”

In his view, that makes the odds of survival on a force of 10,000 firefighters pretty good.

FDNY spokesman Frank Dwyer did not back Washington’s remarks, noting 1,147 members have died in the line of duty in the department’s 152-year history, most recently firefighters Michael Fahy, killed in a Bronx explosion last year, and William Tolley, who fell from a roof while battling a Queens fire in April.

“Firefighting will always be a very dangerous profession,” Dwyer said, praising the more than 72,000 “brave men and women” who have signed up to take the next city firefighter entrance exam this fall.

Washington’s half-hour speech, posted on YouTube, infuriated career firefighters.

“He’s doing a tremendous disservice, not only to those prospective employees, but to every firefighter in the city, and to the millions of people they have sworn to protect,” said Pete Critsimilios, a former chief FDNY physical trainer.

Bolshevik-Style Cultural Purge

If you wondered about the deplorable state of American mis-education, all you have to do is look at the historical revisionist indoctrination in the textbooks, the classroom-forced Islamization of students, the Common Core standards that are dumbing down students across the board, and the Bolshevik-style cultural purge of Civil War monuments and heroes that are taking place around the country with the full approval and instigation from academia, the MSM, politicians, the current administration, and American citizens.

Identity politics is the new front to fight and change the face of America forever into the Bolshevik state that the socialist Democrats demand, a state based on bogus “social justice.” Marx, Engels, Lenin, Mao, Stalin, and Hitler could not have been any prouder of these American socialists, fascists, and anarchists.

Purging a culture by book burnings, statue destructions, repression and persecution of people arbitrarily deemed enemies of the state was something Bolsheviks, Stalinists, and fascists had done. But now, we have American hate groups, paid violent protesters like ANTIFA and BLM, rallied under the banner of fighting fascism and white supremacy, employing violent and fascistic tactics of terrorizing the population whose divergent views and skin color they were told to hate.

Such purges killed millions of innocents under the false accusations of political crimes, i.e., espionage, wrecking, sabotage, anti-communist agitation, conspiracies to prepare uprisings and coups. The accused were summarily shot or sent to Gulag labor camps. Many died in the camps of starvation, disease, exposure to the harsh elements, and overwork. One particular gruesome method of killing Soviet political dissidents was by gassing them in an airtight van. A famous photograph pictures Stalin with his communist henchmen but one of them is airbrushed out—he displeased the dictator and was killed.

This brings me to our mis-education of children who are now subjected to the Common Core standards that has caused 70 percent in some New York public schools to fail the exit test and has poorly prepared students for success in furthering their education.

What kind of schools mind-program students that loving one’s nation, language, culture, flag, national anthem, historical artifacts such as statues and monuments is racist, bigoted, fascist, and supremacist?

The answer is simple, public and private schools who have adopted Howard Zinn’s history of America, Common Core Standards, and have hired licensed teachers who were themselves trained in the socialist indoctrination mills of Jimmy Carter’s Department of Education.

Trump just nuked the Mueller Inquisition

The pardon of Joe Arpaio was about justice. The government refused his God-given right to a trial by a jury of his peers over a criminal contempt of court charge.

President Trump ended that railroading of an 85-year-old man whose only crime was upholding federal law.

Congress may wish to seek impeachment of the judges involved for denying Arpaio his civil rights.

But then again, I am vindictive.

In pardoning Arpaio, President Trump sent a message to those under investigation by two dozen Democratic lawyers — the biggest boondoggle since Solyndra.

The message of his pardon is: Donald Trump has your back.

Nobody will be hung out to dry like Scooter Libby. (And Trump ought to pardon him too.)

This is terrible news for the Swamp Critters.

No one will roll over on Trump to avoid Mueller’s charges, because people now know Trump can and will pardon them if they remain loyal.

From Philip Bump of the Washington Post:

The broader question raised by the pardon, then, is where Trump would draw the line. If he’s willing to pardon Joe Arpaio for ignoring a court order in service of a political goal Trump embraces, why wouldn’t he pardon another individual he respects for similarly ignoring a demand from the court. Say, a former employee or a family member who, say, was issued a subpoena to testify before a special prosecutor?

One message from the Arpaio pardon is precisely that Trump sees his evaluation of the boundaries of legality as superior to the boundaries set by the legal system. The Constitution gives him that power. As we’ve noted before the presidential pardon is absolute. He can pardon anyone for any federal crime at any time — even before the person actually faces any charges and even if no crime actually took place. There’s nothing anyone can do about it, except to impeach Trump and remove him from office to prevent him from doing it again. (The president who replaces him might be able to revoke a recent pardon, one expert told us, but it’s far from certain.)

In other words, if any of Trump’s allies decides to tell special counsel Robert Mueller to stick his subpoena in the south side of the National Mall, Mueller can press a court for contempt charges. The person could be convicted of those charges — and then get a pardon identical to Arpaio’s.


Divers Find Remains of All Missing from USS McCain Collision

Hail The Honored Dead

Divers have recovered the remains of all 10 sailors who went missing after the USS John S. McCain and an oil tanker collided near Singapore last week, the U.S. Navy said Monday.

Navy and Marine Corps divers had been searching in flooded compartments of the destroyer for days after the damaged ship docked in Singapore. The cause of the Aug. 21 collision is under investigation.

The fallen Sailors are:

– Electronics Technician 1st Class Charles Nathan Findley, 31, from Amazonia, Missouri

– Interior Communications Electrician 1st Class Abraham Lopez, 39, from El Paso, Texas

– Electronics Technician 2nd Class Kevin Sayer Bushell, 26, from Gaithersburg, Maryland

– Electronics Technician 2nd Class Jacob Daniel Drake, 21, from Cable, Ohio

– Information Systems Technician 2nd Class Timothy Thomas Eckels Jr., 23, from Manchester, Maryland

– Information Systems Technician 2nd Class Corey George Ingram, 28, from Poughkeepsie, New York

– Electronics Technician 3rd Class Dustin Louis Doyon, 26, from Suffield, Connecticut

– Electronics Technician 3rd Class John Henry Hoagland III, 20, from Killeen, Texas

– Interior Communications Electrician 3rd Class Logan Stephen Palmer, 23, from Decatur, Illinois

– Electronics Technician 3rd Class, Kenneth Aaron Smith, 22, of Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

On Aug. 24, divers recovered and identified the remains of Doyon and Smith.

Slugs For Thugs, not Thugettes, THUGS.

Candlelight Vigil Held for Trans Woman Man So Mentally Messed Up He Thought He Was A Woman by Police Following Knife Attack

Liberal/Progressiveness is a mental disease.

A candlelight vigil has been held in St. Louis, Missouri, for a transgender woman who was fatally shot after she reportedly stabbed someone and attacked one of the responding officers with a knife.
“Interim Police Chief Lawrence O’Toole says officers responding to a reported stabbing in the apartment found a victim with severe knife wounds,” reported CBS. “O’Toole says that when officers tried to arrest the suspect there after the victim identified him, he slashed at the officers, cutting one before being shot and killed.”

“Several dozen” people showed up to the vigil, where they criticized police for using the transgender woman’s biological gender, and claimed, without supporting evidence, that she was innocent of any crime.

“Police responded to the gender issue by saying that according to physical evidence and a driver’s license, the person fatally shot was a male. They added that even family members failed to correct them upon being notified of Herring’s death,” CBS explained. “As if to underscore the complicated situation, however, even supporters who spoke out during the candlelight vigil seemed to get confused, often referring to Herring as ‘he’ with those in the crowd repeatedly calling out ‘she’ in response.”


About 25 percent of U.S. Gulf oil output offline due to Harvey

I hope you filled up your gas tanks & gas cans yesterday.
If not get it done today.

About 25 percent of U.S. Gulf of Mexico oil production is offline due to Tropical Storm Harvey, the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement said on Saturday.

That equates to roughly 428,568 barrels of oil per day out of the roughly 1.75 million bpd pumped from the Gulf. The amount of oil production offline increased from Friday, when roughly 22 percent of output was affected.

About 26 percent of Gulf natural gas production is offline, or about 835 million cubic feet per day, BSEE said.

Kids Are Learning Combat And Sniper Skills At ‘Military Disneyland’ Summer Camps

*gasp* Horrors!

Sometimes it’s hilarious to tune into these snowflakes and watch them go into their usual hysterics just for the comic relief.

Thirteen-year-old Mitch Kloepper was cleaning his rifle. Behind him, a drill instructor barked out orders and two teenage campers dropped to the ground to do pushups. “This is fun for a certain kind of person,” Kloepper explained.
Most summer camps offer sports like soccer and baseball. Some include riflery. But at the Military Adventure Camp in Flemingsburg, Kentucky, kids ages 12-18 learn to shoot assault-style rifles and practice sniper skills and hand-to-hand combat.
The camp is a “military Disneyland” that teaches children discipline and confidence, said Jay Whitehead, its director. Situated among rolling fields in rural Kentucky about two hours from Louisville, it seems more like boot camp than summer camp. Campers, who dress in fatigues, stay in barracks-style houses and are expected to make their bunk beds with military precision.

Gun control advocates fear the combat-style firearms training offered at some camps like this encourage violence. The gun training is a sign of the growing popularity of military-style weapons among civilians, said Josh Sugarmann, executive director of the Violence Policy Center, a gun control advocacy group. “The gun lobby is trying to get younger and younger kids hooked on assault-style weapons,” he added.
The sniper course offered at the camp is taught using rifles with scopes so that campers can aim from a distance at human-shaped paper targets. The children are also taught traditional sniper skills, such as how to move long distances while concealing themselves. In the military, snipers are soldiers who fire from long range from a hiding place.
“We have had them go through an exercise where they will crawl across a part of the property here from point A to point B because that is what a real sniper would do in order to shoot,” Whitehead said.

Sugarmann warned that the sniper training taught to kids at the Military Adventure Camp could be used to commit violent acts outside of camp, adding that the course is “inappropriate and dangerous.” Although most military summer camps offer some type of marksmanship course, the Military Adventure Camp appears to be the only one to offer sniper training.

Social justice warriors want universities to ‘ban veterans’

A flyer recently appeared at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (UCCS) declaring that “in order to protect our academic institutions we must ban veterans from four-year universities.”

The flyer is part of a new “Social Justice Collective Weekly” newsletter, which is not affiliated with the school, and is aimed at “promoting justice in our society.” The first issue of the newsletter includes an article titled “Should Veterans Be Banned From UCCS and Other Universities?”

“Extremist right-wing groups must be suppressed on campus. This would include their followers: veterans.”

“A four-year, traditional university is supposed to be a place of learning, of understanding, of safety, and security. However, there is an element among us who may be frustrating those goals: Veterans,” the article asserts, defending the claim with sweeping assumptions about those who have served in the military.

“Many veterans openly mock the ideas of diversity and safe spaces for vulnerable members of society,” the author contends, saying that “this is directly in contradiction to the mission of UCCS.”

The newsletter also states that many veterans say they “do not see color,” but dismisses the claim as untrue because of their “socialization into the military culture that is that of a white supremacist organization.”

The article then complains that veterans typically have an “overwhelming” presence in the classroom, which “distracts” other students, particularly “vulnerable individual [sic] such as LGBTQQI2SAA (They forgot QWERTYUIOP, for shame) who have been known to be the butt of insensitive jokes made by veterans.”

Claiming that veterans “usually are associated with extremist right-wing groups such as the [T]ea [P]arty and the NRA,” the author contends that “in order to be a safe space for all students, extremist right-wing groups must be suppressed on campus. This would include their followers: veterans.”

Still, the article graciously allows that veterans should not be excluded from obtaining an education entirely, positing that they “should be allowed to attend trade schools, or maybe even community college.”


And from the previous, some form of Martial Law may be exactly what they’re wanting. They need a intensive introduction to the word “Sedition

In WashPost Column, Retired NPR Star ‘Looking for Generals to Save Us From Democracy’

Recently retired NPR star Garrison Keillor may have stepped away from A Prairie Home Companion, but he rages weekly against President Trump as a columnist for The Washington Post. This week, he joined the cavalcade of Democrat hypocrites who suddenly want a military junta to take the government away from Trump before he vaporizes tens of millions of people:

And now, a new anxiety that our history has not prepared us for, a fear that we have elected George III to the presidency and we may not survive three and a half more years of his madness. For the first time in our history, we are looking to generals to save us from democracy.

We Democrats bear some responsibility. Hillary Clinton was a symbolic candidate with a nice résumé who lacked the ability to connect with voters. This is a fatal flaw. She was almost beaten in the primaries by an elderly Vermont socialist. The party, bitterly divided, stuck to symbolism and tried to elect the First Woman President, though most women were not enthused about her. The party apparatus assumed she had to win. Who could possibly lose to an invincibly ignorant blowhard New York developer with a peroxide ducktail? As it turned out, she could.

And now we think about the man picking up the red phone instead of Twitter and ordering fire and fury like the world has never seen and the death of 10 million people. We trust the order will be disobeyed, a de facto military coup, and the man will be packed off to Walter Reed and what then?

We’ve never been here before. A fourth of the population will approve of anything the king does, including my cousin, a godly man who believes the king will safeguard Christians against a liberal elite that is out to confiscate their Bibles. On the paranoia spectrum, this is just below the fear that invisible beams from the microwave may force you to eat toilet cleaner. Evidently my cousin is not getting the uninterrupted sleep he needs.

So Gary can panic that Trump is going to casually annihiliate ten million humans like he’s sending an angry tweet against Anderson Cooper, but he thinks someone else is on the “paranoia spectrum.”

CNN: ‘Ordinary People’ Are ‘White Supremacists by Default’

These people are either actually so mentally challenged as to think there will never be consequences down the road for this smear campaign, or they are deliberately attempting to provoke a response – a form of agitprop (agitation propaganda) – that, in their view, results in some sort of Martial Law where they think they will wind up in control with total power. If it’s the latter, past history is no indicator of future performance.

On Thursday, CNN’s John Blake published a story blaming “ordinary people” for making Charlottesville possible, and quoting a history professor who called such people “white supremacists by default.”

“We are a country with a few million passionate white supremacists — and tens of millions of white supremacists by default,” Mark Naison, a political activist and history professor at Fordham University in New York City, told CNN. “You have to have millions of people who are willing to be bystanders, who push aside evidence of racism, Islamophobia, or sexism. You can’t have one without the other.”

Blake, the CNN reporter, paraphrased activists like Naison saying “the tragedy that took place in Charlottesville this month could not have occurred without the tacit acceptance of millions of ordinary, law-abiding Americans who helped create such a radically explosive climate.”

He argued that “it’s the ordinary people — the voters who elected a reality TV star with a record of making racially insensitive comments, the people who move out of the neighborhood when people of color move in, the family members who ignore a relative’s anti-Semitism — who give these type of men room to operate, they say.”

But at the end, he slipped up. “If you want to know why those white racists now feel so emboldened, it may help to look at all the ordinary people around you, your neighbors, your family members, your leaders. But first, start by looking at yourself.”


Twitchy o’ the Day.

Feel good story of the day: The ‘Pepper Balls’ guy has been arrested

Yeah, everyone has seen the video of the idiot kicking tear gas back at the police getting nailed by a pepperball.
He should count himself lucky.
In many other countries, he would’ve been nailed by a bullet.


To be honest, maybe cops should give him a pass because it is the best video we’ve seen this year.

From CBS 5:

Police go on to say in the documents that he later picked up a second smoking canister and threw that one at police as well, hence the three charges of aggravated assault.

And it will be really hard for this genius to say he didn’t pick up a gas grenade as he had to go to the hospital for treatment from the said grenade:

The sales and support representative at Go Daddy spent Tuesday night in the emergency room. He said he got treatment for inhaling pepper spray and for second-degree burns on his right hand from picking up a hot can of tear gas.

Oh, and he’s admitted the crime online, too:

“He has posted images and admissions to his crime on social and local media outlets,” wrote Phoenix police spokesman Sgt. Jonathan Howard in an email announcing the arrest.

Reasonable restriction?

Those who would allow Hoosiers to carry a loaded handgun without a permit argue that the Indiana Constitution requires it.
Indeed, the wording of Section 32 of the Indiana Bill of Rights is even more clear than the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
“The people,” the state document reads, “shall have a right to bear arms, for the defense of themselves and the State.”

Hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers have chosen to exercise that right by obtaining a license to carry a handgun from the Indiana State Police. The process involves filling out a form online, paying a fee and being fingerprinted by local law enforcement to facilitate a background check. The overwhelming majority of applications are approved – 134,290 during 2016, the Associated Press reported. Authorities rejected 4,802 applications because applicants had serious criminal histories or mental health issues.

State Rep. Jim Lucas, R-Seymour, believes the current process – indeed, any process – interferes with gun owners attempting to exercise their constitutional rights. Lucas is pushing the legislature to adopt a bill that would allow law-abiding citizens to carry guns without a permit.

On Wednesday, at the first of three interim study committee meetings to consider the “constitutional carry” concept, Lucas’ proposal ran into a buzz saw of opposition from police officials and organizations.
(This should not amaze any of our readers, TPTB always oppose any lessening of their powers.)

One of those who testified against Lucas’ proposal was Kendallville Police Chief Rob Wiley, immediate past president of the Indiana Association of Police Chiefs. Wiley said the current law “is a very Second Amendment-friendly law, quite frankly, while still allowing law enforcement to do what it needs to do, which is protect the general public,” the AP reported. Another opponent was State Police Maj. Mike White, who said eliminating background checks could increase the dangers to police officers.

Venezuela Blocks Colombian TV Signal, Threatens Social Media Clampdown

Every dictatorship in history, but more prominent since ‘mass media’ radio and TV has been around, has tried to restrict and control what information goes in or out of their ‘People’s Paradise’. It’s their standard operating procedure and a primary indicator of tyranny.

Venezuelan officials have blocked access to Colombian television station Caracol and threatened a clampdown on social media networks in Venezuela, continuing the government’s efforts to exert control over the flow of information.

Caracol’s management confirmed the block Thursday via Twitter, noting that President Nicolás Maduro had “launched harsh criticism of Colombian media” hours before ordering the move.

Caracol joins an extensive list of foreign media forced off the air in Venezuela, including U.S.-based international cable channel CNN, that Maduro contends have tried to discredit his government.

Maduro had denounced Caracol’s reporting on deposed Venezuelan prosecutor Luisa Ortega Diaz, who, fearing for her life, fled last week to Colombia with her husband. Ortega has accused Maduro and several of his closest collaborators of corruption.

Mayor of Venice says ANYONE who shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’ in his city will be shot by snipers

Now that’s being ‘proactive’.

Cops in Venice have been told to shoot potential terrorists on sight.

The Italian city’s mayor has ordered them to target anyone shouting “Allahu Akbar”, Arabic for God is Greater.

Luigi Brugnaro, mayor of the tourist hot spot of Venice, revealed the order at a summer think tank and was applauded by delegates.

He said: “Anyone who shouts Allahu Akbar in St Mark’s Square can expect to be gunned down by snipers within four paces.

“We need to increase our security when it comes to terrorism. We had four would be terrorists arrested in Venice a few months ago who wanted to blow up the Rialto bridge.

“They said they wanted to go and meet Allah so we will send them straight to Allah without having to throw them off the bridge, we will just shoot them.”

“It is Our Very Existence That is Unbearable to Jihadists”

  • The Islamist attacks against Spain, Finland and Germany unmasked the central problem: Pacifism will not protect Europe from either Islamization or terror attacks. Spain and Germany were, in fact, among the most reluctant countries in Europe to take an active role in the anti-ISIS coalition.
  • The Spanish press did not participate in a discussion of the Mohammed cartoons; no Spanish writer was accused of “Islamophobia” and no Spanish personality was put under police protection for “criticizing Islam”. It seemed as if Spain were not even interested in what was at stake in Islamist attacks on Europe’s very existence. No Spanish city made headlines for having multicultural ghettos, as in France and Britain. The attack in Barcelona should have ended this illusion. Terrorists do not need an excuse to butcher “infidels”.
  • The sad conclusion seems to be that that jihadists do not need a “reason” to kill Westerners. They attack equally France, which conducts military operations in the Middle East and North Africa, and countries such as Spain and Germany, which are neutral.

The Abolition Of Liberty

 Anyone who studies animal behavior can understand what’s going on today. Tearing down monuments, rioting on college campuses, shouting people down—it’s all a dominance display. It’s the Far Left showing us deplorables who’s boss. It’s intimidation. “It doesn’t matter who you elected president—we still run the country, and you’d better not forget it!” It’s the Alpha baboon strutting around and glaring at all the other baboons, daring them to make a move.

Leftids like to be obeyed. They feel entitled to it, and they get furious when obedience is withheld from them. We passed on Hillary, we passed on that pack of whimpering pygmies trotted out by the Republican establishment, and elected Donald Trump. The tantrum has been ongoing since Election Night.

Some of them saw it coming; and we should have seen their tantrum coming. In December, 2015, well before Trump had nailed down the GOP nomination, an ACLU board member in Denver took to Facebook to exhort his fellow leftids to murder Trump supporters. Because, he said, “they [meaning us] won’t listen to reason… When justice is gone, there’s always force.” His outburst, honest and heart-felt as it may have been, embarrassed his colleagues and he was forced to resign.

At least one loony leftid—and guess what, we’re back in Denver—took him at his word and tried to stab some poor devil he thought was “one of those neo-Nazis”. Apparently it was the guy’s haircut that set him off.

We shouldn’t be surprised. Six months ago, the Antifa brownshirts told Tucker Carlson exactly what they were going to do. “Antifa” is short for “anti-fascist,” a “fascist” being anyone, usually a Trump supporter, whom they think is a fascist. The wacko he interviewed heads a sub-group called “By Any Means Necessary,” including violence. The rightness of their noble cause, they believe, entitles them to physically attack anyone who dares to disagree with them.

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg believed you could force people to do what you want by taxing their behavior. The problem with that, for leftids, is that they actually have to be in office before they can start throwing new taxes at the peasants. They lost that power in 2016, and it really frosts their buns. The beauty of a thing like Antifa, though, is that all you need is a gang of goons to immediately start teaching the deplorables a lesson. Nobody wants to get his head bashed in.

So we have these dominance displays. It’s Democrats, nooze media, and Antifa teaching everybody else that they’re going to run the country no matter who’s in the White House—and we’ll all know it when they finally take down the president that we had the gall to elect.

Alan Dershowitz: ‘Violent’ Antifa movement is ‘trying to tear down America’

‘I think it’s the obligation of liberals to speak out against the hard left radicals’

Even as he polishes his ‘moderate’ progressive creds – and he is a middle of the road proggie as he has stated on numerous times that the left needs to swallow the totality of the Bill of Rights including a true reading of the 2nd amendment even though he despises gun owners – he’s also trying to distance the progressive left/demoncraps as far as possible from their ‘brownshirts’ when, not if, when, the tide turns against them.

Prominent Harvard law professor and liberal author Alan Dershowitz rebuked the hard-left militant movement Antifa on Tuesday, saying liberals need to avoid turning violent leftist factions into heroes.
Appearing on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday morning, Mr. Dershowitz said the movement sweeping the country to take down Confederate-era statues that some find offensive is setting a dangerous precedent.
“Do not glorify the violent people who are now tearing down the statues,” he said. “Many of these people, not all of them, many of these people are trying to tear down America.
“Antifa is a radical anti-American, anti-free market, communist, socialist, hard, hard left censorial organization that tries to stop speakers on campuses from speaking,” Mr. Dershowitz said. “They use violence. And just because they’re opposed to fascism and to some of these monuments shouldn’t make them heroes of the liberals.”
“I’m a liberal, and I think it’s the obligation of liberals to speak out against the hard left radicals just like it’s the obligation of conservatives to speak out against the extremism of the hard right,” he added.
Mr. Dershowitz acknowledged that while some historical monuments are better suited in museums, liberals should avoid becoming Stalinist in trying to erase or revise history.

John Hinderaker:

Ami Horowitz interviewed New York millennials, asking about their views on the all-important question of income equality.

Actually, anyone who thinks about the subject for two minutes should be able to figure out that a society without income inequality would scarcely be worth living in.
But these people are without a clue.

Horowitz continues with questions about Venezuela, where starving people are fighting over dead rats.
New York millennials (the ones in the video, anyway) claim to believe that poverty is a small price to pay for socialism.
My guess, though, is that a few days of eating dead rats for dinner–if they’re lucky–would change their views on socialism.

My one quibble is the assumption that Venezuela exemplifies income equality along with socialism.
In fact, relatives and friends of the Chavez/Maduro regime have made off with billions while the majority went hungry. Socialism always leads to this kind of stark inequality.


These are the faces of antifagoons. This bunch is part of the ‘John Brown Gun Club’ in Phoenix.

The first picture is three of them at a trump rally during his run for office

The next one is from the Trump presidential rally held this past Sunday

Pauncho on the right in both pics is the same guy but different rifle. He’s upgunned from a SKS to some type of AK.
Gun moll 2 in the middle of the second pic isn’t the same as in the first (she happens to be directly behind Gun moll 1 in the first pic, but she’s carrying the same type of rifle the guy to the left in the first pic is carrying. I’d bet it’s the same one as mid-length gas system AR15s are kinda rare and it has what looks to be the same Magpul D60 magazine in it.
Now, Mister ‘I wanna luk jus lak an Oberador’, on the left of the second pic, has rifle different from all the rest, so it’s probable that he’s not been rifle swapping for the photo op.
One other basic thing for all of them. None that I can see have any armor plates in those plate carriers – they are rather expensive – and from the way the carriers conform to their bodies, it’s doubtful they even have soft armor.
Real denizens of the high sonoran desert we see there.
Dangerous? Oh yes. Anytime these people are in the vicinity, follow your personal rules of engagement.
Good in a real gunfight? Only in their dreams. They’re dilettantes, so if the necessity arises, I think it would be safe to take that extra split second just to make sure.