HPD tells medical marijuana cardholders to turn in guns

Remember that all the anti-gun proggies always pooh-pooh the concern that registration leads to confiscation? Well, in Hawaii, all guns are (supposed to be) registered with the police. Now, understand that I don’t hold with using illicit drugs, but this?
Can you say; “I told you so” ?
I thought you could.

Honolulu Police Department’s telling all medical marijuana card holders who own firearms to turn in their guns.

In a letter dated November 13th new Chief of police Susan Ballard states card-holders have 30 days to surrender weapons, permits, and ammunition to HPD or to transfer ownership.

According to the letter, the only way card-holders can get their weapons back is to get clearance from their doctors.


House panel votes to expand right to carry concealed guns in victory for NRA

The editorial staff at the WaPo, is probably experiencing a hysterical meltdown for having to report this.

A House panel advanced a GOP measure Wednesday that would greatly expand the ability of Americans to carry concealed weapons across state lines, while also moving on a bipartisan basis to close loopholes in the federal background check system for gun buyers.

The two bills are the first firearms-related legislation to advance on Capitol Hill since mass shooters in Las Vegas and Texas killed a combined 84 people. The House Judiciary Committee approved the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act on a 19-11 party-line vote, then passed the Fix NICS Act on a 17-6 bipartisan vote.

The National Rifle Association this week called the concealed-carry bill, which requires states to honor permits issued elsewhere, its “highest legislative priority in Congress.” The group says mandatory reciprocity would prevent “abuses” in states with strict firearms laws and allow gun owners “to exercise their rights nationwide with peace of mind.”

“Your fundamental right to keep and bear arms should not end at the state line,” the group said in urging its members to contact their representatives and call for its passage.

The outsize influence of the gun lobby

“The firearms industry is surprisingly small, given its political heft”
And here is where they make their philosophical, strategic and tactical mistakes. They seem to be philosophically incapable of realizing that it isn’t the ‘firearms industry’ that makes the gun lobby so powerful.
It’s the multiple millions of gun owners, even those that aren’t members of the NRA, that VOTE and make it well known to their local, state and federal politicians (who only care about being re-elected) how they will react if anything more than the usual ‘election grandstanding’ occurs about new gun-control laws. 

It makes you stop wondering if they’re actually that stupid. In any case, as long as they act that stupid and remain as generally ineffective nationwide as they have been, I see no reason to fix their problem.

GUN violence killed 34,000 people in America in 2014 [~2/3rd of which were suicides ed.], the most recent year for which data is available. That is about the same number of people who died in traffic accidents. But firearms are considerably less regulated than vehicles , thanks largely to a powerful political machine that in recent years has rolled back some of the few limits to gun ownership. It is surprising, therefore, that while the industry may have political might, the economics point to a diminutive industry dealing predominantly with a niche consumer group.

While domestic production has increased from 4.2m firearms in 2008 to 8.9m in 2015, the firearms industry remains relatively small. The National Shooting Sports Foundation, an industry group, produces an economic impact report that claims arms and ammunition production and sales support 141,500 jobs. That is less than 0.1% of total employment in America, ….

Beyond the CCW Pistol: Four Factors of Survival

Excellent basics of self defense article.

In theory, should you find yourself in a nasty situation where you may need to go to concealed-carry guns for your survival, it’s a simple matter of drawing your pistol, point the muzzle toward the threat and press the trigger, right? Well, what if that simple solution to a complex problem turns out to be not so simple?

Widening our scope of study from pressing the trigger to the totality of managing an active threat from the onset, there are four main contributing factors (each with its own subsets to manage) to your going to guns for survival that must be considered: Awareness, Psychological, Physiological and Performance.

Citizens’ right to carry firearms comes with a responsibility to do so safely

An well written article by a Lee’s Summit PD Officer that then directs  the reader to an anti-gun org’s website (which I’m not going to include as they don’t need the site traffic). Be advised

The National Institute of Health and NRA recommend teaching children to never touch a gun without adult supervision.

Children who might find a gun also should be taught to leave it alone and immediately tell an adult.

Teaching children gun safety early in life can remove the tempting mystique surrounding guns and actually develop children with greater respect for firearms safety.

Firearm owners should consider storing their firearms unloaded in lockable storage compartments until ready for use.

A firearm kept for home defense should be secured out of the reach of children, with extra precautions when handling.

The 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act requires licensed firearms manufacturers and dealers to provide a safety device with the purchase of a new firearm.

Trigger locks surround the trigger guard, blocking the manipulation of the trigger. Cable locks, which block the firearm’s action from loading a cartridge into the barrel, are secured with a key or combination lock.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) developed Project Child Safe, partnering with local police agencies to distribute free gun-safety devices. LSPD and many other Kansas City metro police departments participate in this program.

The Cardinal Rules of Firearm Safety provide safe handling guidelines for experts or beginners. These rules may differ slightly between various sources, but the Cardinal Rules followed by LSPD include:

▪ ▪ Treat all firearms as if they were loaded;

▪ ▪ Always keep the firearm (muzzle) pointed in a safe direction, where a negligent discharge would cause no human injury and only minimal property damage;

▪ ▪ Keep your finger off the trigger, outside the trigger guard, indexed along the frame or slide until you are on target (aiming at what you intend to shoot), and have made a conscious decision to shoot;

▪ ▪ Be aware of your target, its backstop, and what is beyond your target.

Citizens exercising their right to carry firearms should fully understand self-defense laws.

In general, Missouri Statute 563.031 authorizes deadly force only when a person “reasonably believes that such deadly force is necessary to protect himself, or herself or her unborn child, or another against death, serious physical injury, or any forcible felony.”

Being aware of your surroundings and avoiding potential threats is best.

Citizens carrying firearms are recommended to secure their firearm in a holster with at least one retention feature, and be familiar with methods to safely draw their firearm from the holster. Pocket, waistband, or other unsecured carry methods are not recommended.

Although Missouri law allows open carry of firearms, concealed carry can be more beneficial to protect firearms from threats, curious citizens, and children. Firearms left in vehicles should be locked in a secured location out of view.

Firearms are legitimately used for many purposes. Self-protection is a right extending well beyond the foundation of our nation. Hunting remains a very popular recreation shown to help balance wild animal populations. The shooting sports have seen an enormous surge in popularity in recent years.


Jury acquits Libyan of most serious charges in Benghazi attack, convicts on others

This is what you get when you use the criminal justice system, instead of the military justice system, to deal with terrorists.

WASHINGTON — A federal court jury here found a Libyan man guilty Tuesday of playing a role in the infamous terrorist attack on a U.S. government compound in Benghazi, Libya. But he was acquitted of charges that his actions lead to the deaths of four Americans.

Five years after the Sept. 11, 2012, raid that killed a U.S. ambassador, Ahmed Abu Khatallah was found guilty of helping to plan and carry it out. It is the first conviction to stem from the deadly attack.

Prosecutors said Khatallah was among 20 people who stormed the U.S. mission with machine guns and grenade launchers, set it on fire, and later attacked an annex, killing US. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans — Glen Doherty, Sean Smith, and Tyrone Woods.

But in a big setback to prosecutors, the jury found Khatallah not guilty on charges that his actions led to the deaths of the Americans.

Of 18 counts in the federal indictment, he was convicted of four: destroying U.S. government property, discharging a firearm during a violent crime, and two counts of providing support to a terror organization.


I Had Never Touched a Gun Before the Las Vegas Massacre. Then I Bought One.

‘A liberal snowflake gets to know gun culture from the inside.’
Just read the angst dripping like beads of sweat off this one’s brow.
He decided to not just buy a gun, but to get a CCW permit, take some lessons and then go and actually carry.
Read the whole article for some insight into how anti-gunners ‘think’.

Three days after the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history, I fired a handgun for the first time.

People generally opposed to increased gun-control legislation will point out that only 317 (less than 1 percent) of the gun- violence incidents this year could be called a “mass shooting” (defined as four or more victims, not counting the shooter), and thus, the effort to restrict access to firearms popularly known as “assault rifles” is a hysterical liberal overreaction that infringes on basic principles of freedom guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.

People in favor of increased gun-control legislation will counter that 317 mass shootings is 317 too many, and that easy access to the kind of weapons used in them is too high a price to pay, no matter how many non-psychotic firearm enthusiasts there are in the world.

Both sides have a point.
Both cases are founded on coherent legal and moral principles.
Neither side shows any sign of being persuaded by the other.

Gov’t Confirms ‘Muslims of America’ Jihadi Cult Under Investigation

A U.S. government agency confirmed in a letter to the Clarion Project that an investigation into a terror-linked Islamist cult named Muslims of America (MOA) is ongoing. The group is known for its “Islamic villages” in North America, with its “Islamberg” headquarters receiving the most attention.

The October 19 letter from the Justice Department’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) states that 10 documents from a previous investigation into MOA must be withheld because “the investigation related to the documents that were referred is still open.”

The Justice Department says that releasing the information could interfere with law enforcement proceedings as they concern an “ongoing investigation.”

Muslims of America (MOA) used to be known as Jamaat ul-Fuqra when it carried out a series of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil from the 1970s to the early 1990s. The group is led by a radical cleric in Pakistan and claims to have 22 “villages” in the U.S., some of which are known to have been used for basic military-type training.

FBI documents from 2003 released by Clarion Project earlier this year state that MOA is was linked to al-Qaeda in Pakistan at that time.

The Justice Department letter is referring to a Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) terrorism and counter-intelligence probe into MOA activity possibly impacting the U.S. military. The Clarion Project has received a series of documents from that investigation dated between 2002 and 2004, and the files confirm that concern about MOA’s extremism is warranted.

The documents refer to “Islamberg” in Hancock, New York; “Ahmadabad West” and “Ahmadabad East” in Red House and Meherrin, Virginia; “Islamville” in York County, South Carolina; “Hassanville” in Ontario, Canada; the “village” in Dover, Tennessee and one in the state of Washington. Travel to and from Pakistan, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago is also of concern.

The NCIS explicitly states that MOA is the “U.S. name” for Jamaat ul-Fuqra and that there are reports of gunfire, including automatic gunfire, at some of the “compounds.”

The documents state that “all locations have individuals who are involved with criminal scams to raise money for MOA/JAF,” including worker’s compensation fraud, insurance fraud, credit card fraud, illegal straw purchases of weapons and conversions of semi-automatic firearms into fully-automatic guns. MOA members send the funds to “Islamberg” in New York and/or Lahore, Pakistan for Sheikh Gilani.


Multiple Slugs For A Thug

Auto shop employees credited with taking down accused Rockledge gunman

It took two good guys to stop a bad guy. And this one looks to have wanted to try a massacre. 

ROCKLEDGE — A man armed with a .45-caliber handgun and a lot of ammunition wandered onto an auto repair shop property and began firing in the parking lot Friday afternoon, police said.

The gunman killed one employee and paralyzed a second. That’s when the employees at Schlenker Automotive fought back with equal force, Rockledge police chief Joseph La Sata said.

“The manager, who was a concealed weapons permit holder, came out and engaged in gunfire in the parking lot,” La Sata said. “The manager fled back inside the building, being chased by the gunman. Another Schlenker employee, who also had concealed weapons permit, engaged in gunfire with the suspect.”

Police said the suspect in the homicide is Robert Lorenzo Bailey Jr., 28, of Cocoa. He was shot twice and was in critical condition at Health First’s Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne. Officers are keeping him under watch.

“If not for the brave, quick thinking of the employees at Schlenker, this could have been a lot worse,” La Sata said. “Mr. Bailey had multiple magazines on his person. He was intent on doing harm. The employees stepped up.”

In the parking lot, longtime Schlenker employee Roger Lee Smith, 50, had been shot and killed by the suspect, police said. Smith had stepped out into the parking lot after he heard the shot that paralyzed his 25-year-old co-worker, La Sata said.

The paralyzed employee’s name was not released Saturday morning.

Detectives are still trying to determine a motive for the shooting. La Sata said no connection could be drawn between Bailey and the business.

Slugs For Thugs 

Intruder Killed In Licking County Home Invasion

The Licking County Sheriff’s Office say a 27-year-old man was shot and killed during a home invasion north of Newark.

Sheriff’s Capt. Chris Slayman says the homeowner used his own weapon to shoot Beskid.

Slayman says the homeowner knew Beskid, and the home invasion was not a burglary. No arrests have been made, and no charges have been filed.

An autopsy is scheduled for Monday.

Teen shot in second Greenspoint-area home invasion in just over 24 hours


A north Harris County resident shot a teenager in the head during a home invasion Sunday morning – the second such shooting in the area in just over 24 hours.

Four teens broke into a woman’s home at the Park at North Vista Apartment complex in the 300 block of North Vista, according to Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman.


The woman is not facing any charges, but the case will be sent to a Harris County grand jury, which has become standard procedure in shootings.

“It’s just good business,” Herman said.

It is unlikely the woman will face charges because state law gives homeowners wide latitude when they open fire during home invasions.

Teens accused of cutting off cab driver’s thumb with machete released on $200 bail, report says

Using a machete in an assault is considered ‘deadly force’ in every jurisdiction I know of. Here in the midwest, a person can use deadly force to defend themselves when deadly force is used against them. In other words, here, the cabbie (and the passengers) could have blown both of those thugs to hell and back and it would be ruled ‘justifiable homicide’. But, this happened in Noo Yawk Cittay, where defending oneself is problematical at best and the number of private citizens who have a carry permit for a gun can probably be counted using one’s digits and even carrying a knife is strictly controlled.
The criminal element doesn’t seem to be bothered with such restrictions however.

Two teenagers who allegedly cut off a New York cab driver’s thumb with a machete last week are now out on $200 bail, enraging the victims.

The incident happened last Sunday in the Bronx, when the two 17-year-old suspects allegedly opened the door to the cab and started swinging a machete at three passengers inside, NBC New York reported.

The cab driver, Richard Deleon, raised his hands to defend the passengers when the machete sliced off his thumb, police said.

Raw video: New York City police release footage of suspect wanted for stealing money from drivers Video
Bicycle bandit robbing taxi drivers sought by NYPD

At a press conference by the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers on Sunday, Deleon’s hand was still bandaged, and his family said they were fearful the teens could hurt someone else.

“It’s unfair to all of us as citizens of New York to have to deal with people chopping other people’s fingers off, slashing other people and getting away with it,” Jose Viloria, president of the NYSFTD said at the briefing.

One of the suspects posted to Facebook he was out on bail and “had to make it home for dinner,” NBC New York reported.

Delon’s sister told NBC New York she just wants justice.

“Those kids are still out there and they may be able to hurt somebody else,” Fary Deleon said.

Supreme Court rejects challenges to assault weapons ban, open-carry policy

It take four (4) justices to grant certiorari.
The court has been loath to take up any more 2A cases since McDonald.

Several angles on this current decision present themselves for speculation, because speculation is all we’ll ever get, SCOTUS never says who voted how.
1, Roberts and Kennedy couldn’t be bothered to join Thomas, Alito and Gorsuch as they are of the bunch of elitists who really don’t like the idea of all these guns in the hands of us ‘Riff-Raff’.
2, Roberts and Kennedy were cajoled/bribed/blackmailed to vote against cert because the 4 proggies on the court fear further pro-2A decisions.
3, The Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch team privately queried Roberts and Kennedy and figured out that one or both were inclined to decide with the proggies and figured that discretion was the better part of valor
Take your pick.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear challenges to laws on assault weapons and an open-carry policy in Maryland and Florida.

Without comment, the justices left in place a lower court ruling that left banned assault weapons intact.

The open-carry ban was challenged in Florida after Dale Norman, who’s licensed to conceal and carry in the state, was arrested and fined for waving his firearm holster uncovered by his shirt while in public.

Norman was found guilty and the high court sided with the state, claiming the open-carry ban doesn’t violate the Second Amendment.

In the Maryland assault weapons ban, the 4th U.S Circuit Court of Appeals previously found that the prohibition on semi-automatic weapons was legal — as large-capacity magazine are military-style weapons and outside of the reach of the Second Amendment.

“We have no power to extend Second Amendment protection to the weapons of war that the Heller decision explicitly excluded from such coverage,” Judge Robert King wrote in the Maryland case.

Left just can’t give up gun control, no matter how futile or dangerous

If anything can be said about our friends on the Left, it is this: No matter how lousy the idea they hatch, no matter how ridiculous or dangerous to our hard-won constitutional freedoms, they never give up.

As if to prove that point, Sen. Dianne Feinstein and at least 23 of her liberal pals in the Senate have introduced an even sillier version of her laughably ineffective 10-year federal “assault weapon” ban that was allowed to quietly die in 2004. In the decade it was in effect, it wreaked havoc on then-President Bill Clinton and Democrats — ask Al Gore — and stands as a cautionary tale about political suicide and gun bans.

Clinton in 1994 signed into law the Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act restricting how many military features — evil things such as bayonet lugs and flash hiders — a firearm could have and it banned large-capacity magazines. Mind you, those features do not determine a weapon’s lethality and millions of the weapons and magazines were grandfathered in and remained in circulation.

It should be noted Feinstein was the architect of the 1994 ban that was arbitrary to the point of being asinine. It barred certain weapons but allowed others with many of the same characteristics. It targeted 19 specific kinds of military-style, semi-automatic firearms incorrectly labeled “assault weapons.”

It was a bust then — and would be today. The firearms banned then and those targeted now represent only a fraction of the 300 million or so firearms in this country, and an even tinier fraction of weapons used in crimes.

Feinstein & Co. could not care less. After her ban expired, she said she gleefully would have banned and confiscated all the firearms she incorrectly labeled as assault weapons.

She tried again in 2013, but that bill cratered in the Senate 60-40. This time, an ever-hopeful Feinstein would expand upon 1994’s ban “to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited.” In S. 2095, she and her pals again want to regulate firearms they yet again incorrectly classify as assault weapons, along with their magazines and accessories, such as the now-infamous bump stocks.

Worse, in a clumsily transparent attempt to target AR-15 pistols, her ban would bar manufacturing “a semiautomatic version of an automatic firearm.” That, incredibly, means the popular Glock series of pistols, the Beretta 92, CZ75 and others would be banned.

Additionally, it would bar manufacture, import or sale of 205 specific firearms, along with semi-auto handguns and rifles with detachable magazines and only one “military characteristic” such as a pistol grip or telescoping or folding stock. Detachable magazines capable of holding 10 or more rounds would be barred.

Slugs For Thugs

Missouri homeowner shoots, kills suspect during home invasion

A man shot and killed a suspect during an attempted home invasion Saturday in a suburb of St. Louis, officials said.
The St. Charles Police Department told FOX 2 they were called to an apartment complex around 5:45 p.m. after the suspect broke into the home while the man and two children were inside.
The homeowner then shot and killed the man, who has not yet been identified by police.
Lt. Chad Fisk with the St. Charles Police Department told FOX 2 the children were not injured in the incident.

Black Friday posts new single day record for gun checks at more than 200,000

‘Trump Slump’? I don’t think so.

The FBI was flooded Friday with more than 200,000 background check requests for gun purchases, setting a new single day record, the bureau reported Saturday.

In all, the FBI fielded 203,086 requests on Black Friday, up from the previous single-day highs of 185,713 last year and 185,345 in 2015. The two previous records also were recorded on Black Friday.

Gun checks, required for purchases at federally licensed firearm dealers, are not a measure of actual gun sales. The number of firearms sold Friday is likely higher because multiple firearms can be included in one transaction by a single buyer.

The surging numbers received by the bureau’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), comes just days after Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered a sweeping review of the system, which allowed a court-martialed Air Force veteran to purchase the rifle used earlier this month to kill 25 people inside a Sutherland Springs, Texas, church.

Gun Control Group Founded by Giffords Asks Web Hosts to Shut Down ‘Ghost Gun’ Sites

They don’t like 2A rights and now they don’t like 1A rights either. Just imagine what other rights they don’t like. Just me but they have all the indicators of being nothing more than tin-horn wanna-be tyrants. 

A gun control group founded by former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords asked two web hosting companies on Friday to shut down websites selling parts and machines that help make untraceable homemade firearms known as “ghost guns.”
The Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence asked the providers that host GhostGunner.net and GhostGuns.com to disable the websites for violating the hosting companies’ terms of service.
The sites sell kits, components and machines that help create homemade semi-automatic weapons. It’s legal to build a gun in a home or a workshop, and advances in 3-D printing and milling have made it easier to do so. The kits can be purchased legally for a few hundred dollars without the kind of background check required for traditional gun purchases.

All that wonderful high-tech gizmodality?
If you can’t spot the “mark”, it’s you.

Language warning

Amazon’s Alexa appears to have strong political bias

Facebook iPhone Listening into our Conversations for Advertising TEST

Google summoned by regulators for secretly tracking users’ locations

Earlier this week, we found out that Google has been secretly tracking location data for Android users, collecting addresses of nearby cell towers (Cell IDs) even when users took out their SIM card or disabled location tracking services. Now, regulators in Korea and the U.K. are investigating the tech giant, according to a report by CNN.

When asked about the practice, Google said in a statement that it is taking steps to end this practice, and has discarded the data. If the Korean Communications Commission finds Google guilty of collecting Cell IDs without the users’ consent, the company might be in breach of South Korea’s Location Data Protection Act. U.K. data protection officials are “in contact with Google” but have not yet announced a formal inquiry

Conservatives have a breathtaking plan for Trump to pack the courts.

The narrative has gone from : “Trump is Hitler” to “Trump is an incompetent boob” to “Trump is scarily competent at things I don’t like.”

I just remember this line: “and to hear the lamentation of their women”.
Ah hahahahah.

DJT was never the ‘idiot’ the proggies believed he was. I think he propagandized himself to appear that way to the unwary. Maneuvering business deals in the proggie/liberal strnghold of New York City and they conclude he’s stupid? SunTzu advised that one of the worst mistakes is to underestimate your opposition. But, that’s exactly what happened.

This is behind a ‘paywall’ so here’s the salient part.

Conservatives have a new court-packing plan, and in the spirit of the holiday, it’s a turducken of a scheme: a regulatory rollback hidden inside a civil rights reversal stuffed into a Trumpification of the courts. If conservatives get their way, President Trump will add twice as many lifetime members to the federal judiciary in the next 12 months (650) as Barack Obama named in eight years (325). American law will never be the same. . . .

Trump is wasting no time in filling the 103 judicial vacancies he inherited. In the first nine months of Obama’s tenure, he nominated 20 judges to the federal trial and appellate courts; in Trump’s first nine months, he named 58. Senate Republicans are racing these nominees through confirmation; last week, breaking a 100-year-old tradition, they eliminated the “blue slip” rule that allowed home-state senators to object to particularly problematic nominees. . . .

But even this plan — to fill approximately 150 judicial vacancies before the 2018 elections — is not enough for conservatives.

Enter the next element of the court-packing turducken: a new plan written by the crafty co-founder of the Federalist Society, Steven Calabresi. In a paper that deserves credit for its transparency (it features a section titled “Undoing President Barack Obama’s Judicial Legacy”), Calabresi proposes to pack the federal courts with a “minimum” of 260 — and possibly as many as 447 — newly created judicial positions. Under this plan, the 228-year-old federal judiciary would increase — in a single year — by 30 to 50 percent.

Slugs For Thugs

Store clerk shoots suspect during attempted armed robbery

I guess he was ‘Firstest with the Mostest’

DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. – A store clerk shot an armed robber at a Douglasville, Ga., Chevron gas station.

Located at 6590 E. Broad St./Bankhead Highway, the store clerk called 911 and told the dispatcher that the suspect pointed a handgun at him. The store clerk retrieved his own gun and shot the suspect inside the convenience store.

When officers arrived on the scene, they found the armed robbery suspect on the ground in front of the store, suffering from a single gunshot wound.

Regular customer, Darrell Haley, said he worried about the clerk he sees every day, with a smile, from behind the counter.

“The guy just come [sic] in like five minutes after I walked out; walked in with a gun–brandished a gun, said he was going to rob the place. [The clerk] pulled his and shot first. You know, self-defense,” Haley said, who lives just down the road from the gas station.

Sessions orders review of background check system for guns

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered a far-ranging review of the FBI database used to check the backgrounds of prospective gun buyers, after the Air Force failed to report the criminal history of the gunman who slaughtered more than two dozen people at a Texas church.

The failure enabled him to buy weapons, purchases his domestic violence conviction should have barred.

Sessions on Wednesday directed the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to determine if other government agencies are failing to report information to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. He also wants a report detailing the number of times the agencies investigate and prosecute people for lying on their gun-purchase applications and a closer look at the format of the application itself.

The database “is critically important to protecting the American public from firearms-related violence,” Sessions wrote in his memo. “It is, however, only as reliable and robust as the information that federal, state, local and tribal government entities make available to it.”

The Pentagon’s inspector general launched a separate review of the Texas gunman, Devin P. Kelley, after the Air Force revealed it had failed to submit his domestic abuse case to the database.

Facebook Removed This Small Town Business’s Ads For American Flags Because It Sell Guns


The Sportsman’s Shop, a small town business that has been in operation since 1954, says it can no longer advertise products like American flags or outdoor clothing on Facebook because its Facebook page promotes the sales of guns, and includes links that lead to the same.

…Like many businesses both big and small, The Sportsman’s Shop depends on digital advertising, particularly on social media platforms, to broadcast its offerings. It was for a long time permitted to use the full capabilities of Facebook’s marketing platform, until one day staff at the Pennsylvania store no longer saw one of their advertisements promoting the sale of American flags.

Perplexed by the disappearance of the ad, Jessica Keffer, the marketing manager at the Sportsman’s Shop, reached out to Facebook to see if an error or glitch had occurred.

After some allegedly insufficient responses from Facebook, Keffer said she later realized all of her advertisement capabilities that she was usually afforded were suddenly unavailable.

A Facebook employee pointed her to the Prohibited Content section, that is part of its official Ad Policies.

“Ads must not promote the sale or use of weapons, ammunition, or explosives,” one of the subsections reads.


Seven Things Conservatives Should Be Thankful For

If you listen to the nattering nabobs of social media negativity, and you shouldn’t, you might get the false impression that our dreams of a conservative future are imploding. You would be wrong. There is a lot for conservatives to be thankful for, and we’re winning. To paraphrase noted tax reform advocate Wesley Snipes in Passenger 57, always bet on red.

No. 1: Be Thankful That Hillary Is Not Our President.

Every day, it is a joy to awaken, unlike Hillary Clinton, without a hangover. Oh yes, and also to awaken knowing that Felonia von Pantsuit is not, and will never be, our president.

Can you imagine if she were? She is as vindictive as she is stupid

No. 2: Be Thankful That We Now Know The Truth About So Many “Conservatives.

Besides defeating the chardonnay-swilling Mayonnaise Chavez, Donald Trump’s other great achievement has been to cause so many prominent Fredocons to show who they really are – and it isn’t “conservative.”

No. 3: Be Thankful For Neil Gorsuch.

We are going to take back the judiciary. That’s huge and it’s already happening. When the Never Trumpers try to mock our delight in having President Trump at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue by saying “But Gorsuch!”, our reply must be, “Damn right, but Gorsuch!”

Consider the alternative. Do you have any doubt, any at all, that a Clinton court would discover that the Constitution’s penumbras and emanations mean that our right of free speech, our right to practice our religion, and our right to keep and bear arms, don’t actually exist? Any doubt at all?

No. 4: Be Thankful That Conservatives Have A Voice.

Between social media and conservative media that has not gone full liberal – never go full liberal – we have ways to organize and communicate. That was not always so, and they are under attack now

The media allows us to bypass enemy gatekeepers; we don’t have to ask anyone’s permission to publish awesome conservative pop culture that infuriates the stinking liberals.

No. 5: Be Thankful We Have Fewer Perverts Than The Liberals.

Yeah, we have problems. Roy Moore selfishly remains in what was once a sure-thing race. But when he (probably) wins, it’ll be because the Gropeocrats tossed him a life preserver in the shape of a coke-addled hack from Minnesota. Those “Senator Jailbait is the face of the GOP!” ads are gonna fall a little flat in 2018 when we haven’t seen resignations from Senator Stuart Smarmy and Senator Hung Jury.

Just be thankful we don’t have the problems liberals have. We conservatives always knew that liberalism was a giant scam designed to allow elitists to take power and exercise it without accountability; the left has now decided to make sure everyone knows it. From Kennedy to Clinton to Franken, from Fatty Arbuckle to Fatty Weinstein, liberal bona fides earned them a lifetime of free gropes…until now. Now liberalism is being exposed as the giant lie it always was.

No. 6: Be Thankful For Dogs.

Because dogs, which are the most conservative of pets, are cool. Especially Bitey.

No. 7: Be Thankful That We Have All The Guns.

Yes, we normals feel a certain tranquility knowing that, no matter what happens, at the end of the day, the liberal fascists can’t actually make us do anything we don’t want to do. As Mao noted, “[Political] Power grows from the barrel of a gun.” Mao got that right, if nothing else – the fact that the people of the United States retain the right to defend themselves from the kind of leftist oppression we’ve seen in Venezuela and other hellholes liberals swoon over during their short Potemkin village visits means that the only way they get their way is if they convince us to go along with it. They can’t make us do anything, and it gnaws at them.

Nope, Kaden and Ashleigh the baristas are unlikely to gear up and start the hard work of taming us uppity normals. Their only weapon system is whining, and until we see a 62 grain tweet with a lead core and steel penetrator that flies over 900 feet per second, they aren’t imposing anything on us without our consent.


Washington Post inadvertently unmasks climate change scam

Johannes Urpelainen — the Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Professor of Energy, Resources and Environment at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies — is alarmed. He wrote a piece for the Washington Post:

Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris agreement means other countries will spend less to fight climate change

Wait a second.

If carbon dioxide really were a threat to the planet, other countries would dig deeper in their pockets to pay for this.

But according to Urpelainen, they will reduce their spending.

From the Washington Post:

If the United States refuses to finance climate mitigation and adaptation in developing countries, then industrialized countries will have a hard time keeping their promise to offer $100 billion in climate finance every year from 2020.