Turkey Is Turning Into the Next Pakistan

The U.S. should make clear to ersatz allies that betrayal has consequences.

There isn’t much that Turkey’s president can do these days to further debase his reputation in the West. Recep Tayyip Erdogan has crushed peaceful protests at home and abroad, closed newspapers, threatened American soldiers, and collectively scapegoated Kurds. But over the weekend, Erdogan managed to go even lower.

At a rally at Kahramanmaras, the Turkish leader brought a trembling 6-year-old girl on stage dressed in military garb and told her she would be honored if she died as a martyr. He sounded like a terrorist. We expect this kind of child abuse from the fanatics in Hamas or Hezbollah. Erdogan though is the leader of an important NATO ally.

Turkey is beginning to resemble Pakistan, a perpetually failing state whose military leadership has tolerated and advanced a vision of political Islam deeply hostile to U.S. and Western interests.

Membership in Gun Groups Is Spiking After the Florida Shooting

Some numbers are 20% increase, or more.

Representatives from over a dozen gun rights organizations and shooting associations in California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia told TIME they have seen membership rise since the Feb. 14 shooting left 17 dead at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. And two people familiar with the workings of the NRA, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to discuss membership numbers, said that since the shooting the NRA has also seen more people than usual join, renew memberships or donate money as President Donald Trump and other Republican Party leaders have signaled an openness to gun control policies that are anathema to the powerful group. A spokesperson for the NRA, which says on its website that it has more than five million members, didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Homeowner shoots break-in intruder, 16

Here we go with the groin shots again. Yahhh.

Detroit Police are investigating a shooting early Friday morning involving a CPL-licensed homeowner who shot a 16-year-old juvenile following a break-in to his property.

Police said the unidentified 46-year-man received a “telephonic” message that the residence he owned was being burglarized in the 2900 block of Lakewood. He engaged the two suspects after one pointed a gun at the homeowner, and he shot the 16-year-old in the groin, right arm and back.

The juvenile remains in critical condition at an unidentified hospital. Police said a handgun was recovered at the scene, and the homeowner is cooperating with authorities.

Another black male, who was wearing all black with no other description, escaped from the scene on foot.

Washington State: Anti-Gun Bill May be Amended

Substitute Senate Bill 6620, sponsored by Senator David Frockt (D-46), would prohibit the purchase and transfer of all semi-automatic rifles to adults under the age of 21. Federal law already prohibits adults under 21 from purchasing a handgun from a licensed firearm dealer. Legislative proposals to prevent law-abiding adults aged 18-20 years old from acquiring semi-automatic rifles would deny them access to the most modern and effective rifles for self-defense, thus depriving them of their constitutional rights.

Substitute SB 6620 would also establish what amounts to a 10-day waiting period for transfers of these firearms by requiring that they go through the state background check like handguns rather than the federal National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) that is currently used for all long gun transactions. While federal law allows for such transactions to be completed if three days have elapsed from the time of the “delayed” response, the state check requires a wait of ten days in such a scenario.

Dianne Feinstein Touts Research Claiming the Assault Weapon Ban Reduced Mass Shootings

How to make an assault weapon ban look effective: include handgun murders

After an AR-15 rifle was used to murder 17 people at a high school in Florida, politicians have been eager to consider a new ban on the AR-15 and similar weapons.

Some of the research they’re relying on comes from Louis Klarevas, author of the book Rampage Nation: Securing America from Mass Shootings. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) showed President Donald Trump a chart derived from Klarevas’ work this week when leaders gathered to think about how to restrict our Second Amendment rights. The chart purported to show the effectiveness of the 1994–2004 ban on the sale and manufacture of such weapons in reducing “gun massacres.”

As I explained in my Reason feature “You Know Less Than You Think About Guns,” the available data about gun laws often involve whole numbers too small for social science to bring to bear anything like accurate or reproducible knowledge. This is especially true when it involves the sort of rifles that can be used for mass shootings but in reality hardly ever are. (They are certainly not necessary for high-casualty shooting events. In the highest-fatality campus shooting, at Virginia Tech in 2007, the killer used pistols.)

In Klarevas’ graph, Stokes explains, “five mass shootings…took place with ‘assault weapons’ in the decade before the ban, and three…took place during its tenure. These numbers are far too small for any sort of statistical inference, especially if you’re trying to build a case for banning tens of millions of legally owned rifles.”

Trump’s one-man ‘good cop, bad cop’ routine with the NRA

Voters can do something Sessions can’t, make Trump a one-term President. Although it’s a safe bet Trump is well aware of that, and that this may be political positioning for election purposes. It’s still a crap-for-brains thing to do for someone that wields such political power simply in his words.

The NRA supported Trump when vast swathes of the conservative movement were still skeptical, but his remarks about disarming high-risk gun owners first and practicing due process later may bust through those limits. “The NRA is also going to protect due process for innocent Americans, and that is an approach that we are going to hold to,” group spokeswoman and commentator Dana Loesch told Fox News, calling it “a foundational principle of this country.”

In the course of a meeting that flummoxed Republicans, Trump expressed support for banning bump stocks through executive action, universal background checks, as well as strengthening the existing system, raising the age for AR-15 purchases and even a vote on an amendment by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., banning assault weapons. He told House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., that concealed-carry reciprocity, an important issue for gun rights activists, was politically untenable.

Trump has turned on early supporters before — just ask beleaguered Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

College Wants Its Students To Call Each Other Ne.

“…and a nice shrubbery.”

The Kennesaw State University LBGT Resource Center recently produced a new pamphlet that provides an extensive list of gender neutral pronouns.
An accompanying chart helps students to conjugate “ne,” “ve,” “ey,” “ze,” and “xe” along with the “traditional” gender pronouns “he” and “she.”

The guide was first discovered by Francis Hayes, a freshman studying computer science at Kennesaw State, who told Campus Reform that the pamphlet was distributed Tuesday by administrators in the school’s Student Center.

“It is a disgrace, because I thought that my school was one of the few schools left that weren’t teaching these things. But when I found this, I felt really disappointed,” he told Campus Reform. “Why is this university entertaining something as useless as this?”

Hayes also criticized the pamphlet for potentially confusing impressionable students, claiming that Kennesaw State is “in the early stages of Cultural Marxification.”

2 killed at Central Michigan University, gunman ‘armed and dangerous’ still at large

A manhunt is underway for a gunman who fatally shot two people inside a Michigan university dorm building early Friday morning.

Mount Pleasant officials are searching for James Eric Davis Jr., a 19-year-old black man who opened fire inside Campbell Hall at Central Michigan University around 8:30 a.m. Police described the shooting as a “family-type domestic issue.”

James Eric Davis, Jr.
Police said James Eric Davis Jr. is accused of killing two people at Central Michigan University. (City of Mount Pleasant)

Davis is considered “armed and dangerous.”

Lt. Larry Klaus said surveillance video suggests that Davis fled on foot after the shooting.


D.C. Public Schools graduation rate on track to decline this year

Fewer high school seniors in the District are expected to receive diplomas in June than in the year before, a sharp reversal for a school system that had celebrated a 20-point increase in its graduation rate since 2011.

Data released Thursday by D.C. Public Schools shows that 42 percent of seniors attending traditional public schools are on track to graduate, while 19 percent are considered “moderately off-track,” meaning they could still earn enough credits for a diploma.

The likely drop in the graduation rate is the latest fallout from an investigation that cast doubt on the validity of diplomas awarded last year. The graduation rate in 2017 was 73 percent, but the probe revealed that one in three graduates received their diplomas in violation of city policy. Those students had walked across graduation stages despite missing too many classes or improperly taking makeup classes.

Dem Rep OK With Only Rich People Having Guns

WASHINGTON — Illinois Democratic Rep. Danny Davis says it is acceptable for only wealthy individuals having access firearms if a 50 percent federal tax on all guns and ammunition becomes law.

“So if rich people can only get firearms then only rich people would be able to pay the price and if that could prevent some people from getting them, I’d want to prevent all people from getting them,” Davis told The Daily Caller. “But if rich people were willing and would continue to pay the high price, then I’d be happy that we kept the other group from getting them.”

Davis introduced a bill Tuesday called The Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act, which would increase federal excise taxes on shells and cartridges from 11 percent to 50 percent. Additionally, the legislation hikes taxes on pistols and revolvers from 10 percent to 20 percent.

The assault weapons ban didn’t work. A new version won’t, either

When the LA Times is publishing an op-ed like this…..

There is no denying that the AR-15 — an open-source, modular weapon platform that’s the fruit of many tens of billions of private and public dollars in small arms research and almost six decades of innovation — is the most easy to use and the most lethal gun available to civilians. Those of us who defend the 2nd Amendment right to own guns must reckon with this technological reality.

But we can’t find common ground with gun safety advocates as long as they use shoddy arguments and manipulated statistics to cloud the debate. A case in point is the widely cited work of Louis Klarevas, a professor at the University of Massachusetts at Boston whose 2016 book, “Rampage Nation: Security America From Mass Shootings,” has lately bolstered calls for a renewal of the 1994 assault weapons ban, which lapsed in 2004. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) gave President Trump a bar chart attributed to Klarevas at Wednesday’s guns roundtable.

Until Klarevas came along, virtually all researchers had concluded that it was impossible to discern what, if any, positive effect the ban’s prohibition of rifles with “military-style features” had on crime or mass shooting incidents. This is why many gun-control advocacy groups, including Sandy Hook Promise, do not include a ban on their list of legislative priorities. The last ban was politically costly for Democrats and, as a ProPublica investigation reported in 2014, gun control experts said there was no evidence it saved lives.

“Rampage Nation” has energized proponents of a new ban by making the spectacular claim that, contrary to the consensus, the original was responsible for a remarkable 37% decline in mass shooting fatalities.

But there’s a serious flaw in Klarevas’ result: There are few actual “assault weapons” of any type in his dataset, either pre- or post-ban. Klarevas and his allies are taking an apparent drop in fatalities from what are mostly handgun shootings (again, pre-ban as well as post) and attributing this lowered body count to the 1994 legislation.

If a new ban passes and it’s anything like the old one, millions of Americans will be able to legally obtain substantially the same guns we can buy today.

I say “apparent” drop in fatalities because, as Klarevas admits in a footnote, if you use the most widely accepted threshold for categorizing a shooting as a “mass shooting” — four fatalities, as opposed to Klarevas’ higher threshold of six — the 1994 to 2004 drop in fatalities disappears entirely. Had Klarevas chosen a “mass shooting” threshold of five fatalities instead of six, then the dramatic pause he notes in mass shootings between 1994 to 1999 would disappear too.

David Hines: How the Left Runs Psyops On Allied and Enemy Americans

I would say the most egregious part of this warplan, and the one that makes me the most animated, is the part where they attempt to pressurize their “active enemies” into a coerced silence, threatening consequences for speaking out against them.

I would further say the biggest division on what used to be called “The Right” are the two main factions’ understanding of this tactic and this desired end-state, and their total rejection of it — or soft toleration of it.

Some of us are still in Business as Usual Mode and some of us are highly alarmed at how close the left is to achieving its end-state of a society divided between the Empowered True Believers and the Denigrated and Threatened Underclass, and are no longer willing to walk towards the gulags.

As we consider civil equality and freedom-in-fact (not just theoretical freedom, but actual real freedom in the real world) to be principles that are more important than any other, we are willing to violate some of the less-important procedural principles to fight the left’s objective of complete subjugation of us.

To many of us, it appears the Business As Usual crowd is focused on fairly trivial procedural matters while performing their appointed duties as the left’s enablers and enforcers of complete social and cultural rulership by the left.


Rapid-fire weapon not needed for hunting

‘It’s not about hunting, or sport, baby’

I believe the Second Amendment, so often quoted in defense of gun ownership, allows anyone to own a “six-shooter” for protection and self- defense, with minimal qualifications such as age and background checks.

A rapid, multi-firing capability weapon is NOT needed for hunting, either for sport or food supply.

They Don’t Hate The NRA. They Hate You.

The progressives are cranking things up to 11 on the Stupid/Psycho Scale, which is good for us in the short term – some of us Normals were growing complacent and the midterms are coming. But we also need to open our eyes and accept the bitter reality we face. We can’t just pretend the truth is not the truth because we wish it were otherwise. The left’s dropping of its mask has demonstrated once again the undeniable fact. The left hates you.

Just give them a listen. Those carefully selected moppet puppets are out there on TV telling Normals “We are going to outlive you.” When leftists tell you that you are going to die first, you should believe they mean it. They have a track record of making that happen.

And then there is the new meme, that the NRA is a “terrorist” organization. This means you are a “terrorist” simply by advocating for your political views. Think about that. Labeling your political opponents as “terrorists” – gee, that can’t end badly. Violence against and suppression of terrorists is okay, isn’t it? And when this ploy works with guns, it will happen with the next right the left wants to take from us.

How’s that blood on your hands? Sure, you were thousands of miles away, and your AR-15 – like the 14,999,999 other AR-15s out there – never shot up a school, but just believing in the Second Amendment makes you a non-human. Those of us who know something about history know that the people leftists regard as non-human always tend to end up non-living.

Oh, they want to have a conversation, all right. It’s a conversation about how you are going to be disarmed, disempowered, and at their mercy.

Crazy talk? No. Don’t be gaslighted. They will tell you exactly what they want for you if you give them long enough. The beauty of social media is these creeps just can’t help themselves; you just have to have the strength to listen and accept the truth no matter how unpleasant it is. Many of them want you dead – again, they will tell you outright. Others will be satisfied with you just being serfs, unable to participate in your own governance, obedient, working hard to fuel the liberal redistribution machine that pays off Democrat constituencies. To the fields, flyover drones! Grow our kale, drive the trucks carrying our cucumber-infused pale ale! We are to be the silent stagehands in the urban hipster play that is their lives.

Understand that the left doesn’t hate the NRA. The NRA stuff is a distraction. Leftists are dumb, but they understand the power of the NRA is really the power of millions of Normal Americans coming together to defend their right to protect themselves, their families, their communities and their Constitution. That’s why they fear it. That’s why they can’t abide it. They want your voices silenced.

And the left doesn’t hate guns either. In fact, the progressives fully intend to be the only group left with any guns. That should turn out great for us.

At best, the government that they promise will protect us will make excuses why they can’t see red flags waving and why they can’t be expected to actually protect us. Liberals have just come out foursquare in favor of police cowardice; their argument is you don’t need guns to protect yourself, and you certainly can’t expect a Democrat-run law enforcement agency like the Broward Sheriff’s Office to protect you because that would be scary to the poor government workers. Where does that leave you? You can’t protect yourself, and in return, no one from the government will protect you either. That whole outliving talk looks more and more sinister every day.

And at worst? There are 100 million reasons never to be disarmed and at the mercy of leftists.

Your life means nothing to them, just as the lost lives in Chicago mean nothing to them. There are several Parklands a month in the Windy City, but the Democrats who run it don’t care. They know where the bad guys are. They won’t act. Instead, they feign concern over the children because faking outrage will help them do what they really want done. That’s why you had them arguing that the idea of a cop actually doing his job was crazy.

They want you disarmed and disempowered, not the nuts, not the criminals, not the terrorist, not the illegal aliens. You. Why?

Because they hate you.

They hate that you won’t submit.

They hate that you won’t obey.

And they hate that you refuse to give up your only means of protecting yourself and preserving your rights.

They hate you.

Poll: 82% Of Dems Favor Banning All Semiautomatic Weapons, Evenly Split On Banning All Guns

If someone says, “No one wants to take your guns” there is a about a 99.9% chance they know that is a lie

YouGov asked people whether they favor or oppose banning semiautomatic weapons. Note: Not semiautomatic rifles, which some might incorrectly but understandably treat as a question about AR-15s or “assault weapons.” YouGov asked about semiautomatic weapons. That means handguns too. Result:

82% of Democrats are in favor of banning semi-automatic firearms.

They followed up by asking how people feel about banning all handguns (except those issued to officers of the state, of course!), which would include revolvers. Result:

44% of Democrats are in favor of banning all handguns.



Why Senate Democrats are considering holding up a gun-control bill from one of their own

Why Are Senate Dems Torpedoing Their Own Gun Bill?
I’ll take: ‘Because it might pass’ for $500 Alex.

Here’s how politically tricky the gun-control debate has become: A Republican-controlled Congress might soon vote on a bill to strengthen gun-control laws in the wake of the Florida shooting, and it’s the Democrats who aren’t happy about it.

Even though one of their own is co-sponsoring the Fix NICS Act, which would punish federal agencies that don’t submit criminal records to the national criminal background check system for firearms, Senate Democrats have spent their first few days back in Congress this week dissing the bill.

“What will prevent future tragedy? Comprehensive background checks will. The Fix NICS bill will not,” Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Tuesday on the Senate floor. “Let’s not set our sights too narrow or squander this moment.”

It’s not that Democrats don’t want to patch up what both sides say are obvious holes in the background-check system; it’s that they think this is a small step to reinforce an existing law rather than expand it. And if they support it, that might be the end of gun control reforms in this Congress, since Republicans will be reluctant to act on much else.

This leaves Democrats toying with opposing the one gun-control bill that has a realistic shot of passing Congress right now, one championed by their most vocal gun-control advocate, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.). It’s a weird look, for sure.

No charges for Ohio man who killed teen in self-defense

The man who fatally shot a Springfield 15-year-old in November won’t be charged after a grand jury found he had a reasonable belief that his life was in danger.

A Clark County grand jury voted unanimously to not indict Timothy Reed on any charges in connection with the death of William Allen “B.J.” Beverly Jr., according to the Clark County Prosecutor’s Office.

Beverly was shot by Reed about 12:45 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 5, at the Speedway gas station, according to a grand jury findings document dated Monday, Feb. 26 and obtained by the Springfield News-Sun.

Officers found him inside, near the cashier’s counter, according to a Springfield police report. He was laying on his back with a gunshot wound to his upper right shoulder and another on his back right side. Beverly was pronounced dead at the scene.

Michigan teachers could carry guns in school under proposed bills

Too complicated, but it’s a start.

LANSING – Teachers could be armed with guns in schools under legislation being developed by two Republicans in the Michigan House of Representatives.

The legislation is coming in the wake of yet another mass shooting, this time at a high school in Parkland, Fla., that left 17 people dead two weeks ago, sparking protests across the nation from students, teachers and parents who want more gun control.

State Rep. Jim Runestad, R-White Lake, will schedule hearings this spring on a bill that he’s drafting that will allow school districts to provide access to guns in locked, undisclosed locations in school buildings to teachers who volunteer and who are trained in firearm use.

The teachers would have to go through 80 hours of training on how to shoot a gun, gun safety, how to engage with an active shooter and tactics to de-escalate a dangerous situation. The guns would be hidden in locked compartments that would only be accessible through the thumbprint of approved school employees.

African-Americans for gun rights: Blacks embrace Second Amendment

Too heavy with the conflation, but understanding that people are ultimately responsible for their own protection.

The evil massacre of 17 innocents at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland two weeks ago reinvigorated the national debate over gun rights and gun control; however, the debate has largely excluded African-American voices.

Despite its reputation for being apathetic to black life, the National Rifle Association has tens of thousands of black members. The National African-American Gun Association has 20,000 members and has grown from four chapters in 2016 to 30 chapters in 2017. Gun sales among African-Americans significantly spiked after the Charleston church massacre and election of Donald Trump.

Why Christians Should Prepare To Defend Themselves From Mass Shooters In Church

RTWT (Read The Whole Thing)

Like many others, I suspect mass murders in churches will increase in the near future. Christ warned us the world would hate us because it hates him. As the West increasingly chooses to reject its Christian roots, it therefore cannot help but turn to persecution and murder. There is no middle ground in this conflict where Christians are simply left to go about our business.

It is therefore no wonder that, like people who work in schools and other gun-free zones, American Christians are beginning to ask themselves, “What happens when the shooter comes to my church?” How are we to handle a situation like that? Like anyone else, Christians would rather mentally and physically prepare for such an eventuality rather than being caught unawares.

I recently encountered a story about one such congregation’s deliberation on the issue. They opted to take advantage of a course on active-shooter situations offered by their local police department. Unsurprisingly, they caught a lot of flack on social media.

There was, of course the usual hatred about how these killings prove the supposed inefficacy of prayer or non-existence of God (how that reasoning applies to a religion that believes God sent his own son to be killed for us, they never quite explain). But someone also questioned how Christians, who are supposed to love their enemies, could possibly fight back against a shooter. Doesn’t “thou shalt not kill” prevent a Christian congregation from shooting a guy who came to murder them all? It’s not only a question Christians are asked, but one that we also ask ourselves.

The Gun Control Debate Isn’t Really About Guns. It’s About Human Rights

It’s a fair question that I and millions of my fellow conservatives have been asked repeatedly since the Florida school shooting — “Why do conservatives care so much about their guns?”

Most liberals who have asked me have done so out of sincere confusion, justifiable anger even, about the senseless deaths at the hands of school shooters since Columbine. They’re asking in good faith and a sincere desire to prevent future mass shootings.

Colleagues of mine have done an excellent job responding to the arguments about whether or not gun control would be effective, what it might legislatively look like, whether it’s constitutional, and answering a variety of political questions, and still the debate rages on. And it will continue to rage, so long as these kinds of horrific acts of violence continue to happen.

But I want to answer the more fundamental question. Why do conservatives care so much about our guns?

Liberals seem to think we care because “it’s our right” or merely “because of the Second Amendment,” but this isn’t the primary driver behind our thinking. If it were, liberals might reasonably conclude that we don’t care, and rightly feel they hold the moral high ground. Their position is that safe schools should be valued over my gun. But this isn’t just about my right to “keep and bear arms,” whatever you may think that phrase written into the Constitution in 1791 means in 2018.

Fundamentally, this is about the government’s responsibility to prove I have committed a crime before taking away my rights. Let me explain.

The Second Amendment must be read in context of the entire law and the acknowledgement in the Declaration of Independence that our rights are pre-political, that our rights predate the Constitution and are therefore not granted by government as mere privileges bestowed upon worthy individuals who satisfy some kind of government standard.

Our government does not have rights. Our government has limited powers carefully and specifically granted through the Constitution for the sole purpose of preserving and protecting all of the rights of the individual. What can the government constitutionally presume about me if I want to to own a firearm? Whose burden is it to show that I should or should not be able to possess a firearm?

This is why the whole Constitution matters and it matters in relation to the Declaration. Because your and my rights are pre-political. The government bears the burden of proving why I am an unfit gun owner, or an unfit parent, or have committed a criminal act, or any other accusation bearing legal consequences when my rights are at stake.

Florida school shooter’s AR-15 may have jammed, saving lives, report says

Junk rifle and 10 round magazines.  DiFi just got one of her anti-gun talking points slammed.

Nikolas Cruz’s semiautomatic rifle may have jammed during the massacre at a high school in Parkland earlier this month, according to Miami Herald news partner CBS4.

Cruz then dropped the AR-15 and fled with other students, CBS4 reporter Jim DeFede tweeted Tuesday afternoon, citing three sources familiar with the investigation. Cruz still had 150 rounds of ammunition — meaning many more people could have died had he been able to keep firing.

A source not authorized to speak on the record confirmed to the Herald that Cruz struggled with his gun during the onslaught, either due to the weapon jamming or because he fumbled trying to reload it.

Parkland school mass shooter makes first live court appearance
Nikolas Cruz appears in open court for the first time on Monday, Feb. 19, 2018, during a status hearing before Broward Circuit Judge Elizabeth Scherer. Cruz is facing 17 charges of premeditated murder in the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Pool Video

Several state legislators who visited the school with crime-scene investigators said they learned from police that Cruz’s rifle was not top-of-the-line, perhaps explaining the malfunction.

The “weapon and bullets were not high quality and were breaking apart,” one of the legislators, state Sen. Lauren Book, D-Plantation, told the Herald.

Cruz went in with only 10-round magazines because larger clips would not fit in his duffel bag, Book said.

CNN finds almost twice as many calls about alleged shooter’s family than sheriff reported

CNN finds almost twice as many calls about alleged shooter’s family than sheriff reported
Broward County Sheriff’s Office received nearly twice as many calls about accused school shooter Nikolas Cruz or his brother between 2008 and 2017 than the law enforcement office has previously claimed, according to a CNN report.

According to CNN, the office received at least 45 calls relating to Cruz, 19, or his brother in that time period. The sheriff’s office has insisted it received no more than 23 calls.

CNN, earlier this month, reported that a Broward County Sheriff’s Office log showed that there were 39 calls from Cruz’s house over a six-year period. After further review of the logs, however, CNN says it has found that the sheriff’s office received 45 calls between 2008 and 2017. The records list calls from the home owned by Cruz’s mother during that time.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel has said that his office “has been involved in 23 type calls involving the killer in some way, shape or form — or his brother.”

The office had previously denied that it received 39 calls.

“Since 2008, BSO responded to 23 incidents where previous contact was made with the killer or his family,” the Broward County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. “STOP REPORTING 39; IT’S SIMPLY NOT TRUE.”

Cruz is accused of carrying out a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School earlier this month that left 17 people dead and 14 others injured.

According to CNN, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office received 19 calls about Cruz starting when he was around 9 years old. Another 25 calls related to Cruz’s younger brother Zachary. Another call was placed, but it’s not clear whom it referred to.