Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is right that Senate’s confirmation process is “a national disgrace.” The damage done to Kavanaugh’s family is horrific. Senator Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., was clear: “What you want to do is destroy this guy’s life, hold this seat open and hope you win in 2020.”

The threats and vicious messages that his family and Christine Blasey Ford have received are a national embarrassment.

Hopefully, everyone other than the most partisan Americans want to fix this and stop it from ever happening again. But the question is how? What went wrong?

The problem has been getting worse for a long time. The solution, though, is very simple – but it isn’t what most liberals will want to hear.

Government has too much of a stake in too many peoples’ lives these days. And it is the very drive by liberals to champion big government and its involvement in every aspect of American life that has made the question of who sits on the Court so crucial.

Reduce the role of government, and we reduce the vitriol over Supreme Court nominations. It is that simple.

This is because when so much is at stake, the fiercer the fight will be over everything from who is on the Supreme Court to who wins elections………….

There is no magic fix to making our political culture more civil. But the best way to reverse the trend is to give government less control over our lives. If we refuse to recognize this and take steps to fix it, don’t expect the political debate to get more civil anytime soon.

Celebrating Law Enforcement Appreciation Day in New Somalia

Multicultural enrichment has become particularly festive and vibrant in the Somali colony the government has established in Minnesota. Now you never have to leave the Midwest to see what life is like in exotic Mogadishu; just head out to a local amusement park. A good time to do it is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

Since the establishment media refuses to report accurately on events like this, let’s hear from Laura Loomer:

On Saturday September 22, 2018 at the ValleyFair amusement park in Shakopee, Minnesota, police and emergency responders had to evacuate all guests after a mob of Somali teenagers and men rushed through security and caused several violent fights to break out inside the park.

According to eyewitnesses who were at the park to celebrate Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, a group of nearly 100 Somali men mob rushed past security and amusement park staffers at the front entrance, and proceeded to run through the park and instigate fights among themselves and with guests.

What more multicultural way to celebrate Law Enforcement Appreciation Day than to teach us to appreciate law enforcement by exposing us to the anarchy prevailing in places populated by Somalis?

Here’s why establishment media accounts of events like this are so vague as to be uninformative:

According to eyewitnesses and police officers who wish to remain anonymous, they believe the media is covering up the fact that the violent rioters were Somali men because the media and police don’t want to offend the Muslim Somali population or influence the upcoming election.

Nation of Islam alumnus Keith Ellison, deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee and a proponent of the mass importation of Somali colonists I mean “refugees,” is running for Minnesota Attorney General.

The media doesn’t want America’s legacy population to be informed enough to put up resistance.

The Moral-Panic Phase.

Why the Hell are people losing their minds? I don’t know. Why did St. Vitus’ Dance sweep Europe? Why did tulips get so expensive during the Tulip Craze? Why did the witches hang?

I suspect what’s happened is a convergence of things. First the #MeToo movement, which mostly has been a force for good, is entering its moral-panic phase. Second, the Internet accelerates groupthink and extremism for all the familiar reasons. Third, a lot of Democrats have concluded that the only way to win the party’s presidential nomination is to prove you can be the most fearless jackass in the herd (See, Cory “Almost Spartacus” Booker) and the presence of Michael Avenatti in the market has put inflationary pressure on everyone’s asininity. Fourth, as I keep writing (even at book length), we are turning politics into a form of tribal entertainment where it’s easy to convince ourselves that our opponents are existential monsters.

And fifth, as politics has become a secular religion, the Supreme Court has become like a Roman Temple and people are terrified that Kavanaugh is a less indulgent priest. If the Supreme Court wasn’t the institution where a single swing justice — not coincidentally the one Kavanaugh is slated to replace — decides how human beings should define themselves in the world, people wouldn’t be freaking out nearly so much.

Poll: Josh Hawley Takes Lead Over Claire McCaskill After She Announces Opposition to Kavanaugh.

Even so, polls are not to have a lot of the trust imputed to them.
Look at the votes cast during the primary election.
58,000 more Republicans voted for their plethora of candidates than voted for all the demoncrap candidates. Now I don’t think that all of those who voted for those Republicans besides Hawley are going to switch and vote for McCaskill.


“Significantly, the poll found that 49 percent of likely voters said the Supreme Court confirmation process for Brett Kavanaugh has made them less likely to vote for McCaskill, while only 42 percent said it made them more likely to vote for her.”

Even with women: “Among female respondents, 47 percent said the confirmation process made them less likely to vote for McCaskill, while 42 percent said it made them more likely. Among male respondents, 50 percent said the confirmation process made them less likely to vote for McCaskill, while 41 percent said it made them more likely.”

The Sexual Revolution Is Over.

“Never was a 17th-century New England Puritan so pruriently inquisitive about the possible sexual misadventures of a teenager.”

With Brett Kavanaugh it was different. A disclaimer: I happen to believe Kavanaugh is innocent of the uncorroborated allegations brought against him by Christine Blasey Ford, and the other allegations brought against him appear to me laughable. I also happen to think many Democrats, for all their bluster, don’t care one way or the other: They were not interested in nailing Kavanaugh for sexual assault; they were interested in blocking him from the Supreme Court. Their interest in Ford’s allegations was primarily instrumental, not substantive.

Where we sleep? Well, the Castle Doctrine applies everywhere in U.S. and in many states, a homeowner would be covered against any criminal and civil liability after blowing any of these proggie’s crap-for-brains out the back of their heads during a home invasion (which he is advocating).

Kavanaugh Witch-Hunt Backfires: Internet Explodes With Democrats Saying They’ll be “Voting All Red” For “First Time Ever”

What the Democrats really didn’t count on, was the backlash they would get from members of their own Party who watched Judge Kavanaugh’s testimony and were deeply touched by his fight to defend his spotless reputation. What Democrat Senators didn’t count on, was the disgust members of their own Party would feel towards them, as they watched their obvious attempt to destroy a truly good man and his reputation for the sake of grabbing back the power they lost when Donald Trump shocked the Democrats and won the 2016 presidential election.

Are the Democrats about to see a massive red tsunami in the 2018 election, after Republican, Democrat, Libertarian and Independent voters watched them make a public mockery of our American justice system, while they exposed their evil objectives om their attempts to destroy the reputation of Judge Kavanaugh and his innocent family?

One tweet from a Twitter user who goes by the name of “EDM”, seems to hint that Democrats may be in very big trouble in the upcoming elections. His tweet is a very bad sign for the Democrat Party and for the 2018 mid-term elections, as almost every comment under EDM’s tweet is from a Democrat who claims, that after watching the Kavanaugh circus, they are planning to only vote for Republicans in the upcoming election and beyond…

Defense of Sovereignty Must be Our National Goal

At the U.N. this week, President Donald Trump mounted one of the most coherent and timely defenses of U.S. sovereignty ever given. Trump’s previous inspiring and unexpected remarks about sovereignty were made in the Rose Garden, when he announced we were withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord. He was thus withdrawing from the globalist premise inherent in that accord. In June 2017, he said, “As president, I have one obligation, and that obligation is to the American people. The Paris Accord would undermine our economy, hamstring our workers, weaken our sovereignty, impose unacceptable legal risks, and put us at a permanent disadvantage to the other countries of the world.” How refreshing.

By inserting concerns about U.S. sovereignty, President Trump implied American exceptionalism, emphasized by Ronald Reagan in his famous election eve 1980 speech, where he quoted from John Winthrop’s reference to creating a “city on a hill” that would be a beacon of Godly living for the entire world. However, Trump has chosen to emphasize the term “sovereignty” because of its implications not mainly for culture or the providential founding of America by God, but for the institutional-constitutional-legal framework of our country.

California Governor Vetoes “Fake News” Bill

California Governor Jerry Brown (shown) has vetoed legislation that would have created a state advisory group to study the dissemination of “fake news” on the Internet, deeming such a group “not necessary.”

On September 20, Brown, a Democrat, vetoed the bill, which was authored by state Senator Richard Pan, also a Democrat, and passed the California Assembly and Senate in late August. “This bill directs the Attorney General to establish an advisory group to study the problem of the spread of false information through Internet-based social media platforms,” Brown wrote to the Senate. “As evidenced by the numerous studies by academic and policy groups on the spread of false information, the creation of a statutory advisory group to examine this issue is not necessary.”

The bill’s demands went well beyond mere studies of “fake news,” reported Sacramento’s KOVR.

Texas: Muslim migrant couple indicted for enslaving girl for 16 years

This should not come as any surprise to any longtime reader of the Geller Report. Slavery is sanctioned in Islam. It was only a matter of time before Islamic slavery would come to the United States. The word for a black person in Arabic is abid, or slave. Consider, however, how many African Americans convert to Islam. Or worse yet, Arabic is now mandatory in a Harlem public school. More proof of the epic failure of African American leadership.

This speaks to the power of disinformation and propaganda, and the effects of the brutal enforcement of the blasphemy laws under Islam (do not criticize Islam, under penalty of death). The truth remains hidden. Unfathomable human rights abuses and shocking war crimes remain largely unknown to the masses — not to the millions of victims, but they have been silenced.

And even this story will not get the publicity it should get.

“Texas couple indicted on charges they enslaved Guinean girl,” Associated Press, September 19, 2018 (thanks to Creeping Sharia):

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — The son and daughter-in-law of a former West African leader have been indicted on charges that they enslaved a girl from their native country while living in Texas.

Mohamed Toure (too-RAY’) and his wife, Denise Cros-Toure, were named in an indictment returned Wednesday. The Fort Worth residents, both 57, are charged with forced labor, alien harboring and conspiracy. Mohamed Toure also is charged with making false statements to federal agents.

The indictments allege the pair brought a girl from Guinea in 2000 and forced her to work in their home for 16 years without pay. Neighbors helped the woman escape in August 2016.

The couple was arrested in April. Defense attorneys have denied the charges.

Mohamed Toure is the son of the late Ahmed Sekou (SHEE’-koo) Toure, the first president of Guinea….

Hollis: Watch out, we’re next

We’re next. Yes, I mean us — the American people. At least the Christians, Jews, Muslims, conservatives, Republicans, libertarians, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, LGBTQ folks, immigrants, rich, poor and middle class and everyone else among the 63 million people who voted for President Trump. (And we may as well toss in the never-Trumpers and those who have since #WalkedAway from the howling maw of anarchy that is the Democratic Party).

We’re next.

They’ve gone after Trump. So far, they’ve failed. But they’ll keep trying. It doesn’t matter that the real corruption and collusion was in the Hillary Clinton campaign, not the Trump campaign; that the government lied to get FISA spy warrants; that socialist operatives (and others) have been exposed within the government, working to undermine the administration of a duly elected president. Trump opposes the leftist agenda, so he’s got to go.

They’re going after Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. At this writing, they haven’t yet succeeded. But they won’t quit. It doesn’t matter that this man has been investigated by the FBI six times; that he vehemently denies — on penalty of perjury — the accusations made against him, while Christine Blasey Ford has yet to give a statement under oath; or that Debrorah Ramirez was so drunk that she couldn’t remember the salient facts without six days of having her memory “refreshed” by a activist attorney. Nor does it matter that every single purported “witness” identified by both of these accusers — save one — denies their accounts. (And the sole exception has admitted that he has no first-hand knowledge.) Kavanaugh is a conservative, and his presence on the SCOTUS threatens the leftist agenda, so he must be destroyed.

We’re next.

You see, those of us who voted for Trump are the real problem. So the left wants to get rid of the Electoral College that gives a voice to smaller, less populated, rural states and offsets the Democratic strongholds of Illinois, New York and California. The Electoral College is a threat to the leftists’ agenda. So it has to go.

And Americans on the right speak out. So those of us who speak out must be demonized as “hate groups” and our voices silenced. That’s why leftists are working with (and within) the mega-multinational social media platforms to shut down our Facebook accounts, limit our reach on Twitter and lock us out of our YouTube videos.

When the government passes laws that force us to violate our consciences and our religious beliefs, like California did when it forced pro-life pregnancy centers to promote abortion, or like Colorado did when it tried to force a Christian baker to create a cake celebrating a homosexual marriage, we’re supposed to silently comply. If we don’t, if we assert our free speech and free-exercise rights, we’re “weaponizing the First Amendment.” So the First Amendment — at least for us — has to go.

Because immigrants tend to vote Democrat, immigration laws — as well as the agencies intended to enforce them — threaten the leftists’ agenda. So immigration laws and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement have to go. Ditto for voter ID laws ensuring that only U.S. citizens vote. Those laws, too, have to go. (Inconveniently, a recent Yale/MIT study revealed that the number of illegal aliens in the U.S. is twice what was thought: over 22 million. Imagine the impact on elections if even a fraction of that number — say, 10 percent — were to vote illegally.)

When young men are accused of sexual assault on college campuses, they are routinely deprived of due process rights like the presumption of innocence, the right to counsel and the right to confront their accusers. These basic protections, we are told, are just part of the “toxic masculinity” that contributes to “rape culture” on campuses. So due process has to go.

In fact, this week we have seen the accusation-equals-conviction narrative elevated to the national level. Several Democrats and pundits have stated expressly that Brett Kavanaugh — indeed, any conservative man — should be presumed guilty and have to prove his innocence. Meanwhile, Democratic men like former President Bill Clinton and — more recently — Rep. Keith Ellison get a pass, even with abundant evidence of their misdeeds.

And government deprivation of our Constitutional rights is far less likely if we can defend ourselves against it. So the Second Amendment has to go.

Are you getting the picture yet?

It isn’t just the impeachment of President Trump that’s at stake in November. It isn’t even just the possible future impeachment of Justice Kavanaugh (if he is confirmed), or the next bloody battle for the composition of the Supreme Court (which may be all that stands between us and those who would chisel away our rights piece by piece).

It is every religious belief, every institution, every aspect of the United States Constitution, every federal and state law, every principle and practice and policy that stands in the way of leftists getting what they want.

Today’s Alinskyite leftists don’t play by the rules, because that doesn’t guarantee they’ll win. So the rules have to go.

Conservatives better show up and vote in November like their lives and liberties depend upon it.

Because they do.

Here’s How To Successfully Debate A Democratic Socialist

Another good one for read the whole thing.

Recently I had the opportunity to debate a Bernie Sanders supporter and democratic socialist on the radio. As the democratic socialists become more prominent, both nationally and at our dinner tables and parties, it’s very likely you will find yourself engaging in a similar debate……….

This lady came across as a kind woman. She seems genuinely concerned about other people’s well-being. Yet her prescriptions to cure social ills are wrong and her willful ignorance of history and reality is shocking. Socialism is an evil and immoral social economic system. No matter what kind of adjective someone today tries to decorate socialism with, it won’t change its evil nature.

It’s like trying to put lipstick on a pig, although it’s not fair to pigs to compare them to socialism. Let’s just call it as it is: democratic socialism is a scam, and it’s the same tyranny the world has seen over and over again. Anyone who loves liberty should be ready and be well prepared to vigorously push it back into history’s dust bin.

Why the Brett Kavanaugh Smear?

By smearing the ultimate Boy Scout, the Democrats signal that they are determined to go lower than anyone has ever gone in American history. They intend to deter normal people from serving in Republican administrations, or accepting appointments from Republican presidents, or, ultimately, from identifying themselves with the Republican party. Given that strategy, the fact that they are smearing a man of obviously sterling character on absurdly flimsy grounds is not a bug, it is a feature. The fact that the Democrats’ smears are so patently false is ultimately their main point.

The Democrats are telling us: Republicans, beware–if this can happen to Brett Kavanaugh, it can happen to anyone. You’d better go quietly and cede power to us.

Sear is now a ‘Penny Stock’

Sears stock hit an all-time low on Friday, with shares trading for under $1. With such a low price per share, it’s possible Sears could be delisted from Nasdaq.

The Nasdaq exchange requires a $1 bid price requirement on shares and will notify a company trading below that threshold for more than 30 consecutive days. At that point, Nasdaq may offer a 180-day probationary compliance period, with a second 180-day period probation sometimes allowed for stocks to move back into a compliant price range.

If this news seems upsetting to shareholders, it may not come as totally unexpected. Sears has weathered several years of volatility as the company has worked to stave off bankruptcy filings and closed retail locations nationwide. Just over a decade ago, Sears shares hit an all-time high in April 2007, just two years after CEO Eddie Lampert engineered a merger between Sears and then-bankrupt Kmart.



Those Who Unmake Civilization

Read the whole thing. Ms Hoyt makes only one mistake. She thinks that things can be solved with out ‘rolling out the tumbrils’. The deal is they should be rolled out sooner rather than later.

I’ve been listening to crazy people saying things like, “someone isn’t entitled to the presumption of innocence,” or an accusation that is not only unproven but unprovable is “corroborated” in growing alarm. What goes through my mind is that this is the way you un-make civilization.

Part of the problem is that our civilization – arguably, at least in terms of keeping the most people alive and in relative comfort – is not normal in the history of the world.

This strange idea that each individual has rights, that the rights are inherent to them, that they deserve to be given due process and not simply destroyed because someone – anyone, or one of their betters – accused them of something is not only bizarre in terms of historical societies. It’s also something that took a long time to work itself through.

And ever since it’s been created there have been attempts to take it back to “normal human society.”…….

We’re already well down the road to that insanity. Things like progressive taxation and confusing victimhood and virtue are already an ethical blot on the face of our society, and rats gnawing at the foundations of what made the West great.

But Chuck Schumer saying that people who disagree with him aren’t entitled to due process?

Does he get up in the morning and see himself looking like Louis XIV in the mirror? (And does he think we should be thanking him, like another man suffering from similar illusions?) If so, he might wish to remember how that regime ended. Sure, it was a hundred years later, but it was still in fire and blood.

It always ends like that. Even if the tumbrils don’t come soon enough to stop at Schumer’s door, the road to them will lead through normal people eating zoo animals and house pets. It will lead to the destruction of the accumulated wealth of centuries and the loss of several generations to grinding, revolting poverty.

Until the principles of rights for common people are found or reinvented again.

All so that people like Schumer can have the power they wish and remake the world in their image.

It’s time to call them what they are. They are the people taking off the panels of civilization and loosening the nuts and bolts. They hate you, they hate me, they hate everyone who is more than a puppet in their hands.

And it’s time to tell them no.

Before the tumbrils come.

First Freedom: A Ride Through America’s Enduring History with the Gun.

For America, the gun is a story of innovation, power, violence, character, and freedom.

From the founding of the nation to the pioneering of the West, from the freeing of the slaves to the urbanization of the twentieth century, our country has had a complex and lasting relationship with firearms. Now, in First Freedom, nationally syndicated columnist and veteran writer David Harsanyi explores the ways in which firearms have helped preserve our religious, economic, and cultural institutions for over two centuries. From Samuel Colt’s early entrepreneurism to the successful firearms technology that helped make the United States a superpower, the gun is inextricably tied to our exceptional rise.

In the vein of popular histories like Salt and Seabiscuit, Harsanyi takes you on a captivating and thrilling ride of Second Amendment history that demonstrates why guns are not only an integral part of America’s past, but also an essential part of its future.

No charges: Girlfriend’s father killed Lancaster man in self-defense


The father of a Lancaster woman who shot a man to death Sept. 24 will face no charges after police and prosecutors ruled the shooting was self-defense.

Jamey Randal McCants, 44, died outside a home on Maplewood Avenue in Lancaster after he was shot by Jeffrey Curtis Horne, 58, said Lancaster County Sheriff Barry Faile. Horne shot McCants after McCants had lunged at Horne, Faile said.

McCants had “physically accosted” Jenna Morgan Horne, a girlfriend of McCants and daughter of Jeffrey Horne, Faile said.

Jeffrey Horne had a legal right to defend himself and his daughter from attack, Faile said.

Yes folks, it’s been small pickings for the last few days.
Bear with us as the political hurricane surrounding Judge Kavanaugh has sucked most of the air around the 24/7 news cycle.

These proggie harpies screeching to the four corners of the earth at least display the depths the demoncraps will go to further their socialist hunger for power at any cost.

Resident scares off home invaders with gun, Michigan police search for suspects.

“When I got around the corner, there were two masked men trying to break into our window and the masked men, they were right at the second window there trying to open it up,” he added.

“[A suspect] looked up at me and he told me to go back inside and he pointed his gun at me and when he pointed his gun at me, that’s when I pointed mine back and I fired a shot,” said Wolford.

The homeowner’s daughter told police later Thursday afternoon she found what police believe to be the weapon the suspect had in the woods, and it has been identified as a BB gun. Police took custody of it as evidence.

The Strange Death of the United States Via Immigration

Douglas Murray wrote a chilling book: The Strange Death of Europe— Immigration, Islam and Identity. In that book, he connects the dots as to Europe’s impending demise into Islamic chaos and cultural suicide. His conclusions bear out daily as Europe imports an endless line of Muslims from the Middle East and Africa. All of them, totally and completely unable, unwilling and disinclined to adapt to 21st century advanced societies. While they leave their bloody, rape torn and/or starving countries, they create those same realities in Europe.

Few people hold much hope for every country in Europe being overrun by third world immigration. Yet no one knows who drives that invasion. Europeans attempt to cope, but find their own leaders working against them.

“Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam.” “Islam is a religion of peace.” You hear these farcical statements in the face of centuries of violence in Islamic societies against their women, children, animals and each other. The Quran mandates violence in virtually every chapter.

Islam slowly drains the life out of Europe. Murray states, “And that something else is a will—verging on the pathological—on many Europeans’ part to deny reality: realities about Islamic belief and practice, facts about Muslim immigration, and truths about European culture and history.

“This habit of what I will call “living in untruth,” Murray contends. “It is facilitating political decisions by many Europeans that, taken together, reflect a type of civilizational despair. European culture—by which Murray means the heritage of Jewish and Christian faith, Greece and Rome, and the various Enlightenments—is being emptied out by two developments about which many of those most responsible for Europe’s future are doing precisely nothing.”

Why Would the Pentagon Give Amazon SJWs the Keys to the Kingdom?

The Defense Department wants to give a sole-source single cloud provider a long-term contract worth up to $10 billion. “We are looking for an industry partner who will learn with us and help us find the best ways to bring foundational commercial capabilities to our warfighters,” the Pentagon’s chief information officer says.

Note the singular — “an industry partner,” not “industry partners.” That potential partner appears to be Amazon Web Services (AWS). It’s so clear, in fact, that when details of the agreement came out this year, a potential rival bidder told Vanity Fair’s May Jeong: “Everybody immediately knew that it was for Amazon.” The “request for proposals” (RFP) includes provisions tailored for Amazon.

There is potentially far more at stake than the usual waste of taxpayer dollars.

Why not consider using multiple providers, as many private companies do — and, parenthetically, as the law generally requires? Possibly because somebody in the chain of command wants to reward Amazon — assuredly because Amazon will reward him, because that is how crony capitalism’s perpetual cycle of professional back-scratching works.