Callers Claim to Be Springfield Police Department in Nation-Wide Scam

“We bad. We’re Nationwide!

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– Spoofing: a funny term for a serious scam tactic. Jasmine Bailey with Springfield PD says the department has been dealing with reports of it all day.

“They’re scam phone calls but they can change the number,” she says. “We’ve been getting a lot of calls from citizens across the country who have been receiving Spoofing calls from our headquarters number but it’s not us.”

Bailey explains the lies don’t stop with the phony caller I-D.

“They’re saying things like ‘Your son has been arrested in Springfield, Missouri. We need money to bail him out,” she says.

And the people calling in reporting these scams to police they aren’t from here in Springfield. They’re from all over the country. They’re from Alabama, Las Vegas, Tennessee, even as far away as Maryland.

And while she says phones have been ringing off the hook

“Over a hundred. Every other call is someone talking about this scam,” she says. “It seems like a lot of the people who are calling us reporting this are elderly people.”

There’s still no word on where the calls are coming from. Bailey says THE REAL Springfield PD isn’t involved in that investigation.

“Because the people who are calling us are from different states, what we’ve been doing is referring them to their local jurisdiction,” she says. “So they can call the local law enforcement there or they can call the attorney generals office in their particular state.”

Journalists complain about Trump undermining trust in journalism. But the problem isn’t what Trump says about journalists, it’s what journalists do.


NPR published a report Friday asserting that Donald Trump Jr.’s testimony to the Senate about efforts to build a Trump Tower in Moscow were inconsistent with Michael Cohen’s claims about the same project in his plea deal Thursday.

A transcript from Trump Jr.’s Sept. 7, 2017 testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee shows that he claimed the Trump Organization ceased pursuing a deal to build Trump Tower in Moscow in by the end of 2014, NPR reported.

The news organization quoted Trump Jr. as saying that the project “faded away” by “the end of ’14.”

“But not in 2015 or 2016?” Trump Jr. was asked.

“Certainly not ’16,” the president’s son replied. “There was never a definitive end to it. It just died of deal fatigue.”

NPR asserted that the testimony would pose a problem for Trump Jr. since attorney Cohen said in his plea agreement with the special counsel’s office that he continued negotiating the building through June 2016. He also said he briefed President Donald Trump and his children that year before the deal fell through. (RELATED: Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty In Mueller Probe To Lying To Congress)

NPR issued a lengthy editor’s note to the article five hours after publication but did not retract the piece.

As The Federalist’s Sean Davis noted on Twitter, NPR left out parts of Trump Jr.’s testimony where the real estate executive acknowledged that Trump Tower Moscow was being discussed into 2016.

Trump Jr.’s statements about work on a Trump Tower Moscow that ended in 2014 referred to negotiations with Aras Agalarov, a Russian real estate mogul who partnered with Trump to host the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow in 2013.

The Trumps and Agalarovs attempted to build a Trump Tower facility, but the deal petered out.

Felix Sater, a businessman with links to Cohen and Russian officials, tried to make a Trump Tower Moscow happen in 2015.

Sater and Cohen worked on the project through June 2016.

Cohen pleaded guilty to the special counsel for lying to Congress in his own testimony in 2017 when he claimed that he stopped pursuing the deal with Sater in January 2016. He also lied about the extent of his meetings with Trump and his children about the project.

This is not the first time that Trump Jr. has been the victim of false reporting. Trump Jr. received an email on Sept. 4, 2016 that included a link to WikiLeaks documents that had yet to be made public, CNN reported on Dec. 8, 2017. But CNN got the date wrong. The email was actually dated Sept. 14, 2016, a day after WikiLeaks had published the documents referred to in the email.


The ACLU Is Quietly Abandoning Civil Liberties…It’s Not the First Time

Since 1920, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has generally upheld its mission to “defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States.”

Of all the protections guaranteed in the Constitution, the right to due process is among the most sacred. It is this right that protects each of us from being held legally accountable should we be arbitrarily accused of a crime.

The ACLU has been a consistent advocate for our civil liberties for nearly 100 years, including the right to due process and, thus, the presumption of innocence. But recent statements made by the organization have many concerned that its consistent track record may soon be coming to an end.

The Burden of Proof

Just weeks ago, the Department of Education released its new set of proposed guidelines, instructing schools on how to comply with Title IX of the of the Education Amendments Act of 1972. Title IX has received a lot of attention in the #Metoo era, as it informs colleges and universities how to deal with accusations of sexual assault. It states:

No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.

While the text itself is rather straightforward, campuses are generally given guidelines that help them enforce the language in Title IX. The last time the guidelines were changed was in 2011 when the Obama Administration lowered the evidentiary standard that was to be used in legal proceedings regarding sexual assault allegations.

In an advisory notice now known as the “Dear Colleague” letter, the standard was lowered to a “preponderance of evidence,” which is the counterpart to “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Where the latter stipulates that there can be no other reasonable explanation than to assume the guilt of the accused, the former sets a much looser standard.

From a legal perspective, this sets a much lower bar for convicting people accused of crimes and misconduct.

To prove someone’s guilt through a preponderance of evidence, the accuser must convince a judge or jury that there is a greater than 50 percent chance that their claims are true. From a legal perspective, this sets a much lower bar for convicting people accused of crimes and misconduct.

The Obama-era guidelines also instructed campuses to prohibit any cross-examinations of the accuser in order to avoid causing any further trauma. However, while this gave stronger protections to the accuser, it downplayed the importance of due process for the accused—who stand to lose a great deal even if the allegations turn out to be false.

Under the Department of Education’s new proposed guidelines, the preponderance of evidence standard can still be used. But if the new proposed guidelines are adopted, campuses are also free to use the stricter standard of “clear and convincing evidence,” which is one step below beyond a reasonable doubt. Clear and convincing proof means that the evidence provided by the accuser has a higher probability of being true than it does of being false. The new rules would also mandate that the accuser be subject to cross-examination.

As The New York Times reports:

Under the new rules, schools would be required to hold live hearings and would no longer rely on a so-called single-investigator model. Accusers and students accused of sexual assault must be allowed to cross-examine each other through an adviser or lawyer. The rules require that the live hearings be conducted by a neutral decision maker and conducted with a presumption of innocence. Both parties would have equal access to all the evidence that school investigators use to determine facts of the case, and a chance to appeal decisions.

Historically, the ACLU has promoted legal protections that require the state to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that an accused person is guilty of a crime. But when it comes to accusing someone of sexual assault on campus, the ACLU appears poised to abandon this principle.

The End of An Era

Shortly after the new guidelines were revealed, the ACLU tweeted:

Today Secretary DeVos proposed a rule that would tip the scales against those who raise their voices. The proposed rule would make schools less safe for survivors of sexual assault and harassment when there is already alarmingly high rates of campus sexual assaults and harassment that go unreported. It promotes an unfair process, inappropriately favoring the accused and letting schools ignore their responsibility under Title IX to respond promptly and fairly to complaints of sexual violence. We will continue to support survivors.

The tweet was later backed up with a blog post from the organization in which it avoided using the term “due process” and instead claimed to be defending “fair process”:

The ACLU is equally committed to ensuring students can learn in environments free from sexual harassment and violence and to guaranteeing fair process for both respondents and complainants.

No charges filed against 74-year-old woman who fatally shot burglar

Burglar, Occupied house, ‘clear the shooting was self defense’
Who would think it wasn’t?

LEAVENWORTH, KS (KCTV) — Leavenworth County will not file charges against a 74-year-old woman who shot and killed a man as he broke into her home.

The district attorney says it’s clear the shooting was self defense.

The 74-year-old woman is recovering from a heart attack she suffered right after Saturday night’s ordeal.

The family of the suspect says drugs are to blame.

“She was protecting herself, and I’m not mad at her at all. I would have done the same thing. I think anybody would,” said Elvis Byrd who wasn’t surprised to hear what happened to his big brother, Ralph Byrd Jr. on Saturday night. “I’ve been saying for quite a while now that Ralph was either going to get himself shot stealing from somebody or he was going to OD on heroin.”

Elvis Byrd says his brother struggled with addiction for years, and nothing his family did to try and help worked.

Law of Self Defense: How to Turn An “Accidental” Shooting into Negligent Homicide

Tampering with evidence is conduct inconsistent with self-defense or accident

The particulars aren’t stated, but it seems the guy did something noticeable.

This case of the week involves a Montana man who reportedly shot his hunting partner just as they returned from a hunt to their cars in a K-Mart parking lot, according to this ABC Fox news report.

The shooter is said to be an NRA Instructor in handgun and rifle. The victim was struck in the chest by a rifle round and died a short time later at a local hospital………..

This particular case presents a classic means by which a shooting death that might not been pursued by authorities suddenly becomes an extremely attractive case for prosecution: the presence of consciousness of guilt evidence.

Consciousness of guilt evidence has to do with the recognition that the behavior and conduct of someone who believes they’ve done something wrong often differs in observable ways from the behavior and conduct of someone who doesn’t believe they’ve done something wrong. Such “guilty behavior” might include things like lying to the police, flight from the scene for purposes other than safety, or tampering with evidence.

Such conduct suggests that not only does the prosecutor think the defendant is guilty of a criminal offense, apparently the defendant thinks the defendant is guilty of a criminal offense. Otherwise, why lie to the police, flee the scene, or tamper with the evidence?

China Is So Desperate for Pork That It’s Buying American Again.

The real story is that China has poor public health safety.

A disease sweeping through Chinese hog herds is helping negate the effects of the trade war for American farmers, with U.S. pork sales to the Asian nation back to levels before tariffs were introduced.

China was the third-largest buyer of pork in U.S. Department of Agriculture weekly data released Thursday. The 3,300 metric ton-purchase was the most since February, a month before China imposed tariffs on U.S. pork. Hog futures rose 4.4 percent in Chicago, the most in two weeks.

“This is a game changer,” said Dennis Smith, a senior account executive at Archer Financial Services Inc. “It gives confirmation that the disease is far worse than what we’ve been told.”

Everybody’s Lying About the Link Between Gun Ownership and Homicide

There is no clear correlation whatsoever between gun ownership rate and gun homicide rate. Not within the USA. Not regionally. Not internationally. Not among peaceful societies. Not among violent ones. Gun ownership doesn’t make us safer. It doesn’t make us less safe. A bivariate correlation simply isn’t there. It is blatantly not-there. It is so tremendously not-there that the “not-there-ness” of it alone should be a huge news story.

And anyone with access to the internet and a basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel can check for themselves. Here’s how you do it.

First, go to the Wikipedia page on firearm death rates in the United States. If you don’t like referencing Wikipedia, then instead go to this study from the journal Injury Prevention, which was widely sourced by media on both the left and right after it came out, based on a survey of 4000 respondents. Then go to this table published by the FBI, detailing overall homicide rates, as well as gun homicide rates, by state. Copy and paste the data into Excel, and plot one versus the other on a scatter diagram. Alternately, do the whole thing on the back of a napkin. It’s not hard. Here’s what you get:

This looks less like data and more like someone shot a piece of graph paper with #8 birdshot.


When Governments Restrict Guns, People Make Their Own By the Millions
Sophisticated firearms are becoming ever-easier to illicitly (illicit my foot) manufacture in basic workshops, says a new report. We’ll even show you how to do it!

Around the world, governments attempt to limit subjects’ legal access to weapons—ostensibly to keep the peace, but in reality often done to minimize challenges to government power. And, around the world, those subjects defy such restrictions, often going so far as to manufacture weapons outside official channels. In fact, DIY firearms ranging in sophistication from muskets to grenade launchers exist in the millions across the planet, according to a new report that should (but won’t) finally demonstrate to government officials the futility of efforts to disarm people who insist on being free.

I’ve written before that defiance of restrictive gun laws is far more common than compliance with them, and not just in the United Statesbut in countries as far apart as Australia and Pakistan. People refuse to register their firearms, they modify them, they smuggle them, and they make them at home and in illegal workshops.

That last approach is the subject of Beyond State Control: Improvised and Craft-produced Small Arms and Light Weapons, a report published this month by the Geneva, Switzerland-based Small Arms Survey. “Improvised and craft-produced small arms and light weapons are widespread in many parts of the world,” authors N. R. Jenzen-Jones and G. Hays write. “More data is needed before researchers can arrive at a reliable estimate of these holdings, yet the figure is doubtless in the millions.”

The types of weapons people produce for their own use range widely in sophistication: “from crude, improvised single-shot guns to semi-professionally manufactured copies of conventional firearms.” The trend is toward more advanced weapons—including mortars, recoilless weapons, and grenade launchers—to satisfy the demands of non-state groups that are often locked in conflict with the governments attempting to disarm them.

That illicit production is so common shouldn’t be a surprise. The authors point out that production techniques for firearms continue to be based on 19th-century technology. In an era when home-based hobbyists have access to equipment that would make industrial age entrepreneurs drool, that means there’s little barrier to making what can’t be legally purchased.

Thought Police: British Cops Are Building AI Program That Will Stop Crimes That Haven’t Been Committed

Minority Report was a short story made into a movie.
Both put the idea of ‘pre-crime’ in the crap-for-brains category.

A dystopian future awaits humanity if we cannot realize the dangers of programs such as the one the British police are working on. The cops want to create an artificial intelligence program the will somehow stop crimes before they’ve been committed, aka, the thought police.

Police in the United Kingdom are piloting a project that uses artificial intelligence to determine how likely someone is to commit or be a victim of a serious crime. These include crimes involving a gun or knife, as well as modern slavery, New Scientist reported on Monday. Ironically, the police creating the program don’t see government as modern slavery, yet that’s exactly what it is.

The West Midlands Police department is heading the trial project through the end of March 2019. They are expected to have a prototype at that time. There are eight other police departments reportedly involved as well, and the hope is to eventually expand its use to all police departments in the UK.

Huffington Post Says Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is “Problematic, “ Internet Laughs in Their Face

When eveerything is called racist, nothing is racist.

The Huffington Post is facing widespread ridicule after posting a video in which it claims the original 1964 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer television special is “problematic,” “bigoted” and offensive.

The animated TV special is much loved and re-broadcast every Christmas, but editors at the Huffington Post were seemingly determined to ruin it.

Money Raised After Pittsburgh Shooting Went to an Islamic Center With Terror Ties

In late October, Robert Gregory Bowers, a vicious anti-Semite, walked into the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh and shot and killed 11 people. Several people were injured, four of which were police officers. It was tragic—but of course, everyone blamed President Trump for reasons only morons understand. There were protests when he visited the site. Everyone was creating controversy when there needed to be none. But now, we have another controversy that could be brewing that isn’t related to Trump. It centers on anti-Semite Linda Sarsour. The anti-Israel activist seems to have been exposed for cheating the Tree of Life synagogue from money fundraised after the tragic shooting.

Now, some money was given to Tree of Life, around $10,000, but that was part of an effort to repair Jewish cemetaries that were vandalized. Since the shooting, around $240,000 were raised, but it appears little, if any, has been sent to Tree of Life. Of that $240,000-figure, $155,000 went to the the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh…

Why We Need Anti-Censorship Legislation for Social Media, Stat

Louis Farrakhan remains on Twitter, while Jesse Kelly was supposedly permanently banned—then reinstated suddenly, without explanation, after Congress began to sniff around.

That pretty much tells you all you need to know about the left’s institutional biases, and why we desperately need anti-censorship free speech legislation for social media. Kelly, a Federalist senior contributor and combat veteran, and whose posts were frequently both funny and informative, was banned without warning or explanation. At the time, he was told the ban was permanent.

Yet Farrakhan, with his decades-long record of racist and anti-Semitic incitement on and off social media, is still untouched.

Technology Brings Freedom…and Tyranny

The New York Times recently ran an article titled “How China walled off the internet.” In it, author Raymond Zhong starts by quoting former President Bill Clinton, who once described China’s aspirations to police the internet as akin to “nail[ing] Jell-o to a wall.” The prevailing attitude at the time, as exemplified by Clinton’s statement, was that the internet would be “the great democratizer.” To the extent that any would-be censor tried to limit that, it would be at the expense of innovation and creativity, right?

“Wrong!” Zhong breathlessly announces.

He then goes on to describe China’s internet companies as being the only ones that can “match America’s in ambition and reach.” The country is “years ahead” of the United States, he says, with “a supernova of creative expression” online….

Buried in the effusive praise, however, are some sobering statements like this one:

“All this, on a patch of cyberspace that is walled off from Facebook and Google, policed by tens of thousands of censors and subject to strict controls on how data is collected, stored and shared.”

And this one:

“In China, there is pretty much only one rule, and it is simple: Don’t undermine the state. So titans like Weibo and Baidu heed censorship orders. Unwanted beliefs and ideologies are kept out.”…..

One fact becomes startlingly clear. The Chinese government is using technology like facial recognition, drones and artificial intelligence on a scale unmatched anywhere else in the world as part of its burgeoning “social credit” surveillance system, which seeks to monitor all of its 1.4 billion residents, looking to catch everything from serious crimes to jaywalking, cutting in lines or spitting on the sidewalk. Penalties for socially undesirable behavior can include denial of travel privileges (taking the train or purchasing plane tickets) or the admission of children into preferred schools. And while the “social credit” monitoring system is patchy at present, it’s predicted that China will have 300 million cameras installed around the country by 2020…..

And while China’s use of technology to achieve its authoritarian ends is appalling, it’s not much better here.

U.S. tech behemoths Facebook, Apple, Google, Instagram and Twitter are aggregating staggering amounts of users’ personal data. Security breaches pose a threat, as does the prospect of selling that data to the highest bidder or disclosing it to the government. Google and Facebook have been credibly accused of “curating” news and information to stifle conservative viewpoints and suppress facts that run counter to progressive policies and popular narratives. The CEOs of Facebook and Twitter were called to testify before Congress about “censoring” conservatives. Twitter has been most recently under scrutiny for suspending and banning accounts of conservatives like Laura Loomer and Jesse Kelly.

YouTube was sued by conservative author Dennis Prager, who argued that his PragerU videos were being censored by the media giant. The suit was dismissed when the judge declared that a private company was not a “state actor” (arm of government), and so its decisions were not “censorship.”

But as Zhong’s article demonstrates, the distinction between “government” and “private enterprise” is becoming increasingly blurred, as governments use private companies to effect their censorious policies, and major multinational companies grow so enormous that they are de facto public utilities. …..

Scratch the surface of the Chinese government and the “progressive” leadership of U.S. tech giants, and you find disturbing similarities: the desire to silence views with which they disagree in pursuit of their vision of collective virtue and social utopia; the willingness to use all technological means at their disposal to accomplish those aims; and a shocking lack of humility that comes from too much power.

We may have thought that technology would bring freedom. Not anymore.

Dick’s Sporting Goods admits suffering gun policy backlash as sales slide

Sales at Dick’s Sporting Goods dropped in the past three months amid backlash against tighter gun-sale restrictions following a mass killing early this year at a Florida high school.

Revenue dipped 4.5 percent to $1.86 billion amid challenges in the company’s hunting business during the quarter through Nov. 3. Sales at stores open at least 12 months – a key metric for the retail industry – fell 6.1 percent compared to the prior year.

Dick’s raised the minimum age to purchase a gun to 21 and stopped selling assault rifles last February after a Valentine’s Day shooting in Broward County that left 17 students and staff dead. The decision sparked opposition from conservative activists, some of whom had proposed arming teachers in response and threatened to boycott the brand, and prompted at least one employee to resign.

While Chief Executive Officer Edward Stack previously said the firearms policy brought in new customers and sales were reported as flat in August, Dick’s has now warned that “negative reaction” could affect future results.


Manafort/Assange Drama Proves Media Will Buy Any Russia Conspiracy Story, No Matter Its Flaws

If this story had been true, it would have been proof of the conspiracy theory the Resistance/Media/NeverTrump has peddled without evidence for years, but being upset about it being false means that you’re also guilty!

Many media figures have swallowed whole, without evidence, a conspiracy theory that Donald Trump became president by treasonously colluding with Russia to steal the 2016 election from its rightful owner, Hillary Clinton. The information operation that pushed this story turned out to have been secretly developed and funded by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, a fact uncovered only through the tenacious digging of Republicans on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in the face of major opposition from the media and Democrats on the committee.

The information operation has been fed to an increasingly compliant and credulous media with nearly no resistance. Fusion GPS is the Clinton- and Democrat-funded group that initiated the Russia collusion story, although it is now, according to congressional testimony, being spearheaded by the Democracy Integrity Project and funded to the tune of $50 million. The Washington Post quietly admitted, buried the news, really, that the operation was funded by George Soros.

The latest questionably sourced information in support of this dramatic tale that opponents of Trump cling to in order to delegitimize the results of the 2016 election is that former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort secretly met with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in 2013, 2015 and, ominously, in spring of 2016, just as the Trump campaign was heating up. Assange is holed up in London at the Ecuadorian embassy there and published the hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and Clinton aide John Podesta.

Even on first read the story seemed difficult to believe. It was based on anonymous sources so non-descript that they could be any of literally millions of people………

Both Assange and Manafort strenuously and explicitly denied the story. Here’s Manafort, for instance:

This story is totally false and deliberately libelous. I have never met Julian Assange or anyone connected to him. I have never been contacted by anyone connected to Wikileaks, either directly or indirectly. I have never reached out to Assange or Wikileaks on any matter. We are considering all legal options against the Guardian who proceeded with this story even after being notified by my representatives that it was false.

WikiLeaks also announced it was suing the Guardian for printing a false report.

The Guardian immediately began backpedaling on the story, caveating the heck out of it. The headline was softened. Paragraphs asserting the meetings took place and discussing why they took place were hedged to include words about what the meeting might have meant if it definitively had occurred.

Grandma fires at would-be robber

ELYRIA — An Elyria man police said pointed a gun at three people Sunday after being found on their Foster Avenue property got away without injury after one of his intended victims fired at him twice with her own gun.

Officers arrested 51-year-old Mark Allen Ryder, of 1375 East Ave., after they found him hiding in some bushes outside the old Moen factory at 377 Woodland Ave., according to Elyria police.

Ryder was charged with aggravated robbery, a first-degree felony, having weapons under disability, a third-degree felony, and using weapons while intoxicated, a first-degree misdemeanor, after officers found a handgun where he had been hiding. He is being held in Lorain County Jail on a total of $62,000 cash or surety bond, pending future court dates, according to the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office.

Homeowner fatally shoots intruder at midtown residence, also shot burglar in 2013

A homeowner shot and killed an intruder in his midtown residence Tuesday morning.

The intruder, identified as Donald Stovall, was fatally shot after he climbed through a bathroom window at the residence, located in the 4900 block of South Columbia Avenue, Capt. Karen Tipler said.

The homeowner, Charles Sweeny, reportedly retrieved a firearm and confronted Stovall. During that confrontation inside the home, Stovall was fatally shot.

Man shot at 2 burglars as they forced their way into Moss Point home, police say. One is dead.

Michael Richardson woke up Monday to a loud noise in his garage and grabbed a handgun, believing someone was trying to break into his house, Police Chief Brandon Ashley said.

Richardson went to the front door at his home on Frederick Street and heard someone outside say: “Nobody’s home,” he told police.

The front door burst open in front of Richardson and he opened fire, shooting the two suspects as they ran inside toward him, Ashley said.

Titus Kelly Jr., 18, of Ocean Springs, fell near the home’s entrance and was pronounced dead by Acadian Ambulance

Germany Urges France to Turn UN Seat Into EU One

Germany’s government apparently can’t stand the fast that it isn’t on the permanent list. I guess the old European animosities are still there.

German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz on Wednesday (Nov 28) proposed that France give up its permanent seat on the UN Security Council and turn it into an EU seat to allow the bloc to speak with one voice on the global stage.

Supreme Court Finds Limits to Endangered Species Act

A unanimous Supreme Court overruled bureaucrats enforcing the Endangered Species Act (ESA), ruling that the federal government overreached by limiting the development of private land in Louisiana to help save a rare frog that doesn’t actually live there.

The ruling was also a blow to environmentalists who had been anxious about the case. They considered the fact that the Supreme Court agreed to review the matter ominous because the court rarely takes up cases involving the Endangered Species Act.

In rendering the 8-to-0 decision in Weyerhaeuser Co. v. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Nov. 27, a united high court served notice on government officials that abusive land grabs under the Endangered Species Act will not stand. (Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who hadn’t yet been confirmed when the court heard the case, didn’t participate in it.)


Call you congresscritter and stunnedtator

As a kid, I really enjoyed my subscription to Smithsonian magazine. Then the magazine grew worse and more leftist. The last time I picked up an issue, it was indistinguishable from Newsweek. So I’m not too surprised. But an issue like this is



blatant political activism by a taxpayer funded organization. It’s also an attack on the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

Here’s Smithsonian’s chipper press release.

For Smithsonian magazine’s December issue, Maggie Jones sits down with the founding members of March for Our Lives, to discuss how they turned a tragedy into a movement for change. The founding members of March For Our Lives were recently announced by Smithsonian magazine as recipients of the 2018 American Ingenuity Award for Youth.

In “The March for Our Lives Activists Showed Us How to Find Meaning in Tragedy,” Jones delves into how the most powerful American youth movement in decades was launched in the hours after a 19-year-old gunman armed with a semi-automatic rifle walked through the doors at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, massacring 17 students and staff alike.

“We were going 93 million miles an hour,” said Emma González, Parkland survivor and founding member of March for Our Lives, “We never wanted to a break. We never wanted to wait.”

Creating the #NeverAgain hashtag, lobbying Florida’s state legislature in Tallahassee about common sense gun control and organizing their “Road to Change” bus tour and the March for Our Lives—which turned out to be the largest youth-led protest since Vietnam, with an estimated 800,000 protesters in the nation’s capital, and more than 1.2 million more in marches around the world – these students are the driving force of a movement and a generation tired of waiting for adults to effect the social reform they deserve.

This isn’t bias. It’s straightforward political advocacy.

That’s a huge problem because the Smithsonian is funded by taxpayers.

The Smithsonian’s federal funding for fiscal year 2018 (Oct. 1, 2017–Sept. 30, 2018) is $1 billion. The Institution is approximately two-thirds federally funded (a combination of the congressional appropriation and federal grants and contracts)

The Federal government should not be funding advocacy against the Second Amendment. Nor should taxpayers be compelled to promote the Smithsonian’s hostility to the Bill of Rights.

The Smithsonian article begins with, “The most powerful American youth movement in decades was launched on February 14, Valentine’s Day, in the hours after a 19-year-old gunman armed with a semiautomatic rifle walked through the doors at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida…”

This is blatant political advocacy. And another reminder that after the Clarence Thomas debacle, it’s time to take a hard look at the Smithsonian’s blank check.

Oklahoma and South Dakota look likely to adopt Constitutional Carry this coming year

Oklahoma already recognizes all concealed carry permits from other states and simply a state ID or DL as a permit from states that have passed ‘Constitutional Carry’.

Fourteen states allow people to carry a permitted concealed handgun in all or virtually all of their state. This last year legislatures in both Oklahoma and South Dakota passed Constitutional Carry bills only to have the legislation killed by the Republican governors. But Oklahoma Gov.-elect Kevin Stitt and South Dakota Gov.-elect Kristi Noem both supported Constitutional Carry during their campaigns this year. Both states have virtually the same solidly overwhelmingly Republican legislative majorities, with Republicans holding a 39-9 majority in Oklahoma Senate and a 76-25 majority in the House. For South Dakota, Republicans hold a 30-5 majority in the state Senate and a 59-11 majority in the state House. (A comparison of the legislatures for this past year is available here.)

It seems pretty safe to assume that there will be at least sixteen states with Constitutional Carry in all or virtually all of their states by the end of 2019.