More crap-for-brains so bad it’s also comic relief.

Ferdinand and Isabella have to be spinning at warp speed in their graves.

A few days ago, the new president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Abrader, demanded that King Felipe VI ask for forgiveness for the conquest by Spain, and now a mosque in Seville is doing the same but for the Reconquista (the Reconquest, when the Muslim rulers were driven out of Andalusia-Spain).
The Ishbilia mosque has published a post on Facebook under the name of the Islamic Community itself and its president, Yihad Sarasua, in expressing “the sentiments among Spanish Muslims and those who for certain reasons, reside in Spain, for the lack of conciliation between the Crown and the heirs of the Andalusian legacy.”
“Sir, being the King of Spain, I believe that the historical moment has arrived to carry out the recognition of the vileness, plunder, displacement and murders carried out by orders of the Catholic kings and their most direct collaborators, which culminated with the surrender of Granada and the breach of everything subscribed to the Muslim community”, reads the letter.
Besides, he adds that the Muslims were subjected to a “constant persecution” that left “millions of dead”:
“Never has existed such a fierce persecution and eagerness to eliminate a religious community, as was carried out by the old Spanish royalty in the times of Felipe II, an extermination that culminated in the War of the Alpujarres subsequent to the Pragmatic Sanction of 1567.”
This is why King Felipe VI is asked by the mosque to apologise to the Muslim community.
“As a descendant of the aforementioned kings, what a formidable opportunity you would have to demonstrate to the Muslim community your respect and your discrepancy, with the Islamic theses, apologising to our community for so many atrocities and interceding for the recognition of Spanish nationality for the descendants of Al Andalus, as was done with the Sephardic Jewish community.”
So far King Felipe VI has not responded to the Muslim leader’s request.


The ditzhead keeps illuminating just how stupid she really is.
And her constituents back in the Bronx are already complaining she isn’t doing her job as their Representative. 

Amid her zeal to save the world with the Green New Deal, Rep. ­Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has ­ignored residents in her own Bronx back yard.

“I thought AOC would be our savior, but that’s not the case,” complained Roxanne Delgado, a local activist who said she has tried for months to get in touch with the congresswoman for help saving an animal shelter and to clean up parks in the district.

Delgado, 40, says she has made numerous calls to Ocasio-Cortez’s offices in Washington and Queens and sent a barrage of tweets after the freshman lawmaker encouraged residents during a recent visit to a Bronx public library to hit her up on social media.

But she’s heard nothing back.

“NO email or contact on @AOC’s page except DC number which has full #voicemail and no one picks up,” Delgado tweeted on Monday.

Great Bungling Burglars!

Homeowner shoots, kills intruder in Phoenix home invasion

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5)— A man has died after a homeowner shot him as he and another man attempted to enter a home in Phoenix early Saturday morning.

According to Phoenix police, two men attempted to enter a home.

That’s when the homeowner, who was armed, fired a weapon to stop the men from entering the home.

The man, later identified as 34-year-old Michael Ahumada was transported to the hospital where he later died. A 33-year-old man was listed in critical but stable condition.

In a brief interview with Arizona’s Family, the homeowner pledged to fight anyone else who tried breaking into his home.

“If they come in… (they) better come in ready,” he said.

The case is under investigation.

Disturbance leads to shooting death of one person

OKLAHOMA CITY (KOKH) — Just before 8 p.m. Saturday Oklahoma City police were dispatched on a burglary call to the 1600 block of SW 123rd Street near SW 199th and Pennsylvania Avenue.

On arrival officers determined a disturbance between two people resulted in a shooting, The person that was shot died a short time later. The on-call public information officer for the police department says the homeowner was involved in the shooting and is cooperating with investigators.

The shooting is being investigated as a homicide at this time.

Burglary suspect shot by San Mateo homeowner

SAN MATEO, Fla. – A burglary suspect was shot and wounded early Friday morning by a San Mateo homeowner, according to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office.

The suspect, identified by deputies as William Bradley Mulroy, was arrested on two counts of burglary with battery, one count of criminal mischief and one count of trespassing.

Deputies said they responded about 1:30 a.m. Friday to a home in San Mateo, where they said a burglary was reported and the homeowner shot the suspect.

At the same time, the Sheriff’s Office said it learned of a man with a gunshot wound to his shoulder at the Cheyenne Saloon Bar. The man, who was identified as Mulroy, was taken to Orange Park Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, deputies met with the burglary victim who said that Mulroy had been harassing people inside the Oasis Bar earlier in the evening. The victim said he told Mulroy he needed to leave the bar. Later, according to deputies, Mulroy showed up at the victim’s home, forced his way inside and began fighting with the victim and someone else inside the home.

During the altercation, the victim armed himself with a handgun and shot Mulroy one time in the shoulder, investigators said.

After Mulroy, 40, was treated for his injuries and released from the hospital, he was arrested and booked into the Putnam County Jail, where he was ordered held with bond, deputies said.

The Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate.

Colorado Counties Declare Themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries 

More than 25 counties in Colorado have taken a page from the left’s playbook, declaring themselves pro-gun zones

It’s a battle that’s playing out across the nation: states that are pushing gun control legislation directly against the will of the citizens are witnessing entire counties push back en masse.  In New Mexico 29 out of 33 counties have declared themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuaries”.  In Oregon, ten counties ran “Second Amendment Preservation Ordinances” on the ballot last election, and it passed in eight of them.  In Washington, 20 counties have said they will not enforce the overreaching laws forced upon law abiding citizens when I-1639 passed last November.  And we’re seeing it pop up other places as well, including Nevada and Illinois.

It should come as no surprise with HB19-1177 – “Red Flag” Emergency Risk Protection Orders – looming, Colorado is following suit – and the counties are adding up fast.

 The “Red Flag” bill has passed the state house chamber and a senate committee. It is now set for second reading on Thursday, March 21st. We are asking everyone to contact their state senators and ask they oppose this bill!  It is critically important.  CLICK HERE for contact information.  And then make sure to sign our petition in support of strategic recalls should this bill pass! 

Wondering what a Second Amendment Sanctuary County means?  In nearly all of these instances, these efforts are being led by the county sheriff, then joined by the county commissioners, who say no county funds will be used to process ERPO’s or store confiscated weapons, and that the right to keep and bear arms extends to all citizens of the county.  How far will YOUR sheriff go to not comply should HB19-1177 become law?  Well, it varies and I’d suggest asking them yourself for more specific clarificiation.

The biggest reason Trump is right to stop sending aid to Guatemala, El Salvadore, and Honduras

If you’re ready for an extremely enlightening and shocking reason President Trump is absolutely correct to stop sending aid to Guatemala, El Salvadore, and Honduras until they can figure out a way to stop the migrant exodus that’s leaving those countries, cutting through Mexico, and making it across our porous borders, you’re not going to find it here. In fact, you don’t need to find it anywhere. The answer is that obvious.

The aid isn’t working. If it were, there wouldn’t be tens of thousands of people leaving there every month trying to get to the United States.

If it ain’t working, stop doing it.

The whole purpose of the aid is to make these nations prosperous and secure enough to keep people from paying money to walk thousands of miles with women and girls getting sexually assaulted all along the way. It’s to stop the cottage industry of human smuggling from flourishing and empowering the cartels. It’s to help these nations get a handle on crime, poverty, and corruption.

But it’s not working. Not at all. If anything, things are getting worse. Apparently, all we’re doing is empowering these nations to force their people to leave even faster, based on the numbers coming out of CBP. If that’s the case, we’re better off if we stop sending them aid. They’ll be better off too, apparently, since the numbers are only getting worse. It would see that the aid we’re sending is only harming them further. Why would we do something that does more harm than good?

It’s important to understand this because the left is going to call it inhumane or whatever else they can come up with to denounce the President’s intentions to cut off aid. They’re wont to call anything the President does by names that will rally their base because their base is ignorant to the truth and will tune out anything that doesn’t match the narrative they’ve been sold.

So no, I’m not here to shock you with my intellect. I’m just going to call it how it is. The aid isn’t working. The border crisis is getting worse. The left is going to pounce. The week hasn’t even technically started yet.

There’s a major crisis at the border that’s becoming a major crisis in the interior. It’s time to stop doing the things we’ve been doing for years that are clearly not working and start doing what common sense tells us WILL work.

Hot take quotes from Judge Benitez’ ruling in Duncan v Becerra

If this ruling stands, I think it will be regarded in the same light that as Heller & McDonald concerning RKBA in the U.S.

Few would say that a 100 or 50-round rifle magazine in the hands of a murderer is a good idea. Yet, the “solution” for preventing a mass shooting exacts a high toll on the everyday freedom of ordinary law-abiding citizens. Many individual robberies, rapes, and shootings are not prevented by the State. Unless a law-abiding individual has a firearm for his or her own defense, the police typically arrive after it is too late. With rigor mortis setting in, they mark and bag the evidence, interview bystanders, and draw a chalk outline on the ground. But the victim, nevertheless, is dead, or raped, or robbed, or traumatized…

Today, self-protection is most important. In the future, the common defense may once again be most important. Constitutional rights stand through time holding fast through the ebb and flow of current controversy. Needing a solution to a current law enforcement difficulty cannot be justification for ignoring the Bill of Rights as bad policy. Bad political ideas cannot be stopped by criminalizing bad political speech. Crime waves cannot be broken with warrantless searches and unreasonable seizures. Neither can the government response to a few mad men with guns and ammunition be a law that turns millions of responsible, law-abiding people trying to protect themselves into criminals. Yet, this is the effect of California’s large-capacity magazine law.

Magazines holding more than 10 rounds are used for self-defense by law-abiding citizens. And they are common.28 Lawful in at least 41 states and under federal law, these magazines number in the millions. Plaintiff’s Exh. 1 (James Curcuruto Report), at 3 (“There are at least one hundred million magazines of a capacity of more than ten rounds in possession of American citizens, commonly used for various lawful purposes.

To the extent that magazines holding more than 10 rounds may be less common within California, it would likely be the result of the State long criminalizing the buying, selling, importing, and manufacturing of these magazines. Saying that large capacity magazines are uncommon because they have been banned for so long is something of a tautology. It cannot be used as constitutional support for further banning. See Friedman v. City of Highland Park, Illinois, 784 F.3d 406, 409 (7th Cir. 2015) (Yet it would be absurd to say that the reason why a particular weapon can be banned is that there is a statute banning it, so that it isn’t commonly used. A law’s existence can’t be the source of its own constitutional validity.)

Artificial limits will eventually lead to disarmament. It is an insidious plan to disarm the populace and it depends on for its success a subjective standard of “necessary” lethality. It does not take the imagination of Jules Verne to predict that if all magazines over 10 rounds are somehow eliminated from California, the next mass shooting will be accomplished with guns holding only 10 rounds. To reduce gun violence, the state will close the newly christened 10-round “loophole” and use it as a justification to outlaw magazines holding more than 7 rounds. The legislature will determine that no more than 7 rounds are “necessary.” Then the next mass shooting will be accomplished with guns holding 7 rounds. To reduce the new gun violence, the state will close the 7-round “loophole” and outlaw magazines holding more than 5 rounds determining that no more than 5 rounds is “necessary.” And so it goes, until the only lawful firearm law-abiding responsible citizens will be permitted to possess is a single-shot handgun. Or perhaps, one gun, but no ammunition. Or ammunition issued only to persons deemed trustworthy.

Here’s some good ones. The Judge is calling out Becerra, the California Attorney General for lying to the court.

The Attorney General names five additional states that enacted firing-capacity restrictions in the 1930s with capacity limits less than 10 rounds. But he is not entirely accurate. His first example is not an example, at all. For his first example, he says that, “[i]n 1933, South Dakota banned any ‘weapon from which more than five shots or bullets may be rapidly or automatically, or semi-automatically discharged from a magazine [by a single function of the firing device].’” Def’s Oppo. (4/9/18) at 4 (emphasis in original). Actually, this was not a ban. This was South Dakota’s definition of a machine gun

That is legalese for ” You got caught lying to a judge.”

The Attorney General’s second example of a longstanding firing-capacity prohibition is a Virginia ban enacted in 1934. However, like the first South Dakota example, the second example is not an example, at all. The Attorney General describes the law as a ban on firearms that discharge seven rounds rapidly. It is not ban. It also defines “machine gun.”

“You got caught lying to a judge again.”

The third cited example is like the first two. It is an Act passed by the South Carolina legislature in 1934 titled, An Act Regulating the Use and Possession of Machine Guns. Ex. E to Def.’s Request for Judicial Notice (filed 4/9/18). These three statutes are examples of machine gun bans that are prohibited because of their ability to continuously fire rounds with a single trigger pull, rather than their overall firing-capacity.

And a third time too.

That link is to a copy kept here at MILESFORTIS in case the original goes dark. Download it and read it at your own leisure.



You’ve engaged in the conquest of violent murderous jihad for centuries Mr Prime Minister, and if your religion won’t or can’t learn to control its violent urges, these religious wars -which is what they are, no matter what some politicians may say –  and back and forth massacres are going to continue.

“If we want to make Islam less hated, we need to find out what wrong we have done, although we would like to say we have done no wrong.” “Islam teaches its followers not to indulge in violence but ‘we are not following those teachings’, he said.”

Yeah, it’s a real head-scratcher. If anyone has any dislike for or suspicion of Islam, it’s because of Nidal Malik Hasan, Salman Abedi, Syed Rizwan Farook, Tashfeen Malik, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Osama bin Laden, Anwar al-Awlaki, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and innumerable other jihad mass murderers and jihad terror masterminds.

The entire “Islamophobia” enterprise is a massive bait-and-switch, designed to shift attention away from actual jihad killers, and shift blame for their deeds onto the small group of counterterror analysts and human rights activists who are actually trying to call attention to what they are doing.

“Islam teaches its followers not to indulge in violence…” ??

Camel$#!+. I got your ‘not indulge in violence’ right here you liar.

“Kill them wherever you find them” (Qur’an 2:191, 4:89, cf. 9:5)


Caracas (AFP) – Walking for hours, making oil lamps, bearing water. For Venezuelans today, suffering under a new nationwide blackout that has lasted days, it’s like being thrown back to life centuries ago. El Avila, a mountain that towers over Caracas, has become a place where families gather with buckets and jugs to fill up with water, wash dishes and scrub clothes. The taps in their homes are dry from lack of electricity to the city’s water pumps. “We’re forced to get water from sources that obviously aren’t completely hygienic. But it’s enough for washing or doing the dishes,”

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) called on lawmakers and activists who argue that fossil fuels are “immoral” to “stop using them today.”

John Brennan: From spittle to flop sweat.

Just remember that this incompetent ass of a liar was running our intelligence operations for years.

Among the high former Obama administration officials who have disgraced themselves by their public comments since leaving office, John Brennan deserves special recognition. Marc Thiessen has done us the favor of making the case in the Washington Post column “The Trump-Russia collusion hall of shame” (accessible via the link at Jewish World Review). Thiessen renders this damning judgment:

Put aside the rogues’ gallery of reporters and pundits who assured us that Donald Trump had conspired with Vladimir Putin to steal the presidency. What is most insidious are those who did have access to classified intelligence and led Americans to believe that they had seen what we could not: actual evidence of Trump-Russia collusion….the most sinister of all is John Brennan, who used his authority as former CIA director to suggest that Trump was a traitor and a compromised Russian asset. After Trump’s Helsinki summit, Brennan declared “he is wholly in the pocket of Putin.” When challenged by Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press,” Brennan stood by his assessment. “I called [Trump’s] behavior treasonous, which is to betray one’s trust and aid and abet the enemy, and I stand very much by that claim.

Ohio Bill Would End Concealed-Carry Gun Permit Requirement

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – Law-abiding Ohioans age 21 and older could legally carry hidden firearms without getting a permit under a proposal introduced by House Republicans and supported by GOP Gov. Mike DeWine.

Sixteen states allow that. But Ohioans who want to legally carry concealed firearms currently have to pass a background check, receive eight hours of training and get a permit.

Republican Reps. Ron Hood, of Ashville, and Tom Brinkman, of Cincinnati, have tried repeatedly to change the law through so-called “constitutional carry” legislation that’s failed to pass.

The Fraternal Order of Police and anti-gun-violence activists oppose the idea.

The bill also would end a requirement that people carrying concealed weapons notify police of that if they’re stopped by officers.

Ohio already allows people to openly carry firearms without permits.

Educating America to Death

There are few methods of literally wiping out a nation more effective, than indoctrinating the people to the point of being useful idiots. Unfortunately, many idiots grow up and are elected to political office. Or even worse, dingbat educators and professors con young Americans into undermining their own nation. One of the hallmarks of this exceptional nation is the heavy emphasis on the importance of “We the People” Our first president stated, “The power under the Constitution will always be in the people. It is entrusted for certain defined purposes, and for a certain limited period, to representatives of their own choosing; and whenever it is executed contrary to their interest, or not agreeable to their wishes, their servants can, and undoubtedly will be recalled.”

Washington’s words are astounding when you consider their historical significance. Before establishing the United States, no nation other than possibly antient Israel recognized the importance of the people being involved in the governing of the society…

We all know that what is taught to one generation dictates the direction the nation takes in the next. The dangerous influence of leftist radicals today is a direct result of leftists being foolishly allowed to infiltrate the government school system. Have you noticed how leftist controllers of indoctrination do not allow critical thinking, American history or civics classes? The leftists indoctrinate students with social studies, Islamic culture courses, social studies, socialism and a gradual downgrading of literacy in the primary grades. In order to ultimately destroy a nation from within, there must first be a systematic decrease in the quality of literacy and morality. As illiteracy and the racism of low expectation was indoctrinated into the American black community, there arose an illiterate community of high criminality, Ebonics and low achievement.

The True Neo-Nazis

Well before President Donald Trump’s election the Democratic Party’s self-proclaimed “democratic socialists” characterized anyone who opposes them as Nazis. The irony is that members of that contingent have more in common with Nazis than they would care to admit.

By embracing Islam as they promote “multiculturalism” and “tolerance,” the democratic socialists and their enablers tolerate Islam’s anti-Semitism. The House Democrats’ feeble response to Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic remarks — a resolution that condemned bigotry but refused to mention either Omar or Islamist terrorism — illustrates that misguided tolerance.

The Nazis understood the relationship between Islam and anti-Semitism so well that they tried to exploit it for their agenda of extermination. Mohammed Amin al-Husseini, the grand mufti of Jerusalem who had been agitating against Jews for a quarter of a century, broadcast anti-Semitic messages from Berlin with Hitler’s support from 1941 until the end of World War II. Al-Husseini — a close ally of the Muslim Brotherhood’s founder, Hassan al-Banna, who admired Hitler — told Arabs in the British Mandate of Palestine to “kill the Jews wherever you find them.”

The Waffen-SS also had a special Muslim division, the Handschar, named after the German word for scimitar. Comprised of Bosnian Muslims, the Handschar division performed atrocities against Jewish civilians. Notably, it was the only division in the Waffen-SS allowed to have chaplains, with one imam presiding over each battalion.

Dementia Deaths Have Doubled in Two Decades

If your memory slips often enough to put even an inkling of concern or doubt in your mind, it’s time to take action. A high-fat, moderate-protein, low-net-carb ketogenic diet is crucial for protecting your brain health and preventing degeneration that can lead to Alzheimer’s.

One of the most striking studies showing the effects of a high-fat/low-carb versus high-carb diets on brain health revealed that high-carb diets increase your risk of dementia by a whopping 89 percent, while high-fat diets lower it by 44 percent.

According to the authors, “A dietary pattern with relatively high caloric intake from carbohydrates and low caloric intake from fat and proteins may increase the risk of mild cognitive impairment or dementia in elderly persons.” A ketogenic diet benefits your brain in a number of different ways. For example, it:

  • Triggers ketone production — A cyclical ketogenic diet will help you convert from carb-burning mode to fat-burning mode, which in turn triggers your body to produce ketones, an important source of energy (fuel) for your brain that have been shown to help prevent brain atrophy and alleviate symptoms of Alzheimer’s. They may even restore and renew neuron and nerve function in your brain after damage has set in.
  • Improves your insulin sensitivity — A cyclical ketogenic diet will also improve your insulin sensitivity, which is an important factor in Alzheimer’s. The link between insulin sensitivity and Alzheimer’s is so strong, the disease is sometimes referred to as Type 3 diabetes.

Even mild elevation of blood sugar is associated with an elevated risk for dementia. Diabetes and heart disease are also known to elevate your risk, and both are rooted in insulin resistance.

Federal Court rules that the 10 round magazine limit law in California is unconstitutional and grants injunction.

Of course, this is ‘Round 1’ since the state of California is sure to appeal and the appeal is to the 9th circus, so this will eventually wind up at the Supreme Court, which – we hope – by the time it makes it there, Justice Ginsberg has been translated to her reward and had been replaced, thus negating Justice ‘Squish’ Robert’s possible anti-vote.

Magazines holding more than 10 rounds are “arms.” California Penal Code
Section 32310, as amended by Proposition 63, burdens the core of the Second
Amendment by criminalizing the acquisition and possession of these magazines that are
commonly held by law-abiding citizens for defense of self, home, and state. The
Case 3:17-cv-01017-BEN-JLB Document 87 Filed 03/29/19 PageID.8138 Page 84 of 86
3:17cv1017-BEN (JLB)
regulation is neither presumptively legal nor longstanding. The statute hits at the center of the Second Amendment and its burden is severe. When the simple test of Heller is applied, a test that persons of common intelligence can understand, the statute fails and is an unconstitutional abridgment. It criminalizes the otherwise lawful acquisition and possession of common magazines holding more than 10 rounds – magazines that lawabiding responsible citizens would choose for self-defense at home. It also fails the strict scrutiny test because the statute is not narrowly tailored – it is not tailored at all. Even under the more forgiving test of intermediate scrutiny, the statute fails because it is not a reasonable fit. It is not a reasonable fit because, among other things, it prohibits lawabiding concealed carry weapon permit holders and law-abiding U.S Armed Forces
veterans from acquiring magazines and instead forces them to dispossess themselves of lawfully-owned gun magazines that hold more than 10 rounds or suffer criminal penalties. Finally, subsections (c) and (d) of § 32310 impose an unconstitutional taking without compensation upon Plaintiffs and all those who lawfully possess magazines able
to hold more than 10 rounds.68

Accordingly, based upon the law and the evidence, upon which there is no genuine issue, and for the reasons stated in this opinion, Plaintiffs’ motion for summary judgment is granted.69
California Penal Code § 32310 is hereby declared to be unconstitutional in
its entirety and shall be enjoined.

68 This declaration concerns the current version of § 32310. But similar constitutional defects can be found in the prior iterations of the statute. The Court’s declaration does not affect the definition of a large-capacity magazine where it is used in other parts of California’s Penal Code to define gun-related crimes and to enhance penalties.
69 The Attorney General asks the Court to take judicial notice of exhibits A through Q which are copies of statutes and ordinances from various jurisdictions. (Dkt. No. 53-1.)
The request is granted. The Attorney General objects to various declarations submitted
by Plaintiffs. (Dkt. No. 53-13.) Those objections are overruled. Plaintiffs object to various declaration and exhibits submitted by the Attorney General. (Dkt. No. 57-2.)
Those objections are overruled.
Case 3:17-cv-01017-BEN-JLB Document 87 Filed 03/29/19 PageID.8139 Page 85 of 86
3:17cv1017-BEN (JLB)

This decision is a freedom calculus decided long ago by Colonists who cherished individual freedom more than the subservient security of a British ruler. The freedom they fought for was not free of cost then, and it is not free now.
1. Defendant Attorney General Xavier Becerra, and his officers, agents, servants, employees, and attorneys, and those persons in active concert or participation with him, and those duly sworn state peace officers and federal law enforcement officers who gain knowledge of this injunction order, or know of the existence of this injunction order, are enjoined from enforcing California Penal Code section 32310.
2. Defendant Becerra shall provide, by personal service or otherwise, actual notice of this order to all law enforcement personnel who are responsible for implementing or enforcing the enjoined statute. The government shall file a declaration establishing proof of such notice.
DATED: March 29, 2019 _______________________________
United States District Judge

The Political Uses Of Public Fatigue

The constant, brain-numbing, two year drumbeat of “Russia, Russia, Russia, collusion, collusion, collusion, obstruction, obstruction, obstruction,” with copious grace notes supplied by such pillars of public probity as Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, Eric Swalwell, and John Brennan, has wearied anyone to the right of Gus Hall. What we most want – yea, even those of us jubilant about President Trump’s exoneration – is for it all to go away.

Oh, we’ll enjoy the “victory lap” for a while, as long as we don’t have to run it personally. But further personal inquiry into the details of the Deep State Coup? Too much! Take it away and bring us a Waldorf salad. At this point not one in a thousand of us has the perseverance to plumb deeper.

Some dedicated investigators have compiled highly detailed and utterly damning cases against various highly-placed Democrats, DoJ and FBI functionaries, and their media handmaidens for their roles in this attempt to bring down a duly elected president and his Administration. Here’s a very recent one. The information Jeff Carlson has assembled and exposed could be vital to the future of the Republic – the immediate future, not some hazy far-off future even our grandkids are unlikely to see.

You can be fully conscious of the critical importance of such information and profoundly appreciative of those who’ve unearthed it yet not be able to read it. It happened to me just this morning. I tried most determinedly to read Carlson’s article, but I was defeated by the MEGO effect: Mine Eyes Glazeth Over.

That’s by design.

     [A]lmost all liberal behavioral tropes track the impotent rage of small children. Thus for example, there is also the popular tactic of repeating some stupid, meaningless phrase a billion times: Arms for hostages, arms for hostages, arms for hostages, it’s just about sex, just about sex, just about sex, dumb, dumb, dumb, money in politics, money in politics, money in politics, Enron, Enron, Enron. Nothing repeated with mind-numbing frequency by all major news outlets will not be believed by some members of the populace. It is the permanence of evil; you can’t stop it.     [Ann Coulter, Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right]

To protect public safety, fix this NYPD gun regulation now:

The author – a known anti-gunner and former former communications director for Coalition to Stop Gun Violence  -is trying to convince TPTB in NYC to change the law and preempt the possibility that SCOTUS is not just going to find this law unconstitutional but may even rule for more rights for New Yorkers and the rest of the U.S.
He sees the handwriting on the wall and is worried that a newer, more powerful ruling than Heller might come forth.
Heller came about by TPTB in D.C. being stupid and arrogant and he believes TPTB in NYC to have the same character flaws.

Later this year, opening briefs will be filed with the Supreme Court in the case of New York State Rifle & Pistol Association vs. City of New York. The case involves a narrowly-tailored gun regulation, but the consequences for public safety in America are enormous. The addition of pro-gun Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the court’s conservative wing creates the potential for another arbitrary expansion of the scope of the Second Amendment. New York City leaders can mitigate this threat by doing away with the regulation being challenged in NYSRPA vs. NYC, but they have yet to take this step.

The petitioner in the case is the New York affiliate of the National Rifle Association. It is challenging the constitutionality of an ordinance that prohibits gun owners with a “premises license” from transporting their firearms to locations outside New York City. (They are allowed to bring their guns to shooting ranges and clubs inside city limits.) The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit upheld the ordinance last year, opining it does not “substantially affect the exercise of core Second Amendment rights,” namely self-defense in the home.

A ruling in NYSRPA vs. NYC could overturn not only the city’s gun transport reg, but also “may-issue” laws governing concealed carry of firearms in public in New York and seven other states. Carry licenses are more difficult to obtain than premises licenses in NYC. Law enforcement officials have discretion to deny carry licenses to applicants with a history of violence. The NRA spent $1 million to get Kavanaugh confirmed to the Supreme Court because they believe he will provide the decisive fifth vote to eliminate such discretion by declaring a new, individual right to carry guns in public.

New York City leaders don’t have to fall into the trap the NRA is baiting for them. It is within the authority of NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill to revise or repeal the regulation at the center of NYSRPA vs. NYC. If he took this step (conceivably with the blessing of Mayor de Blasio) and cleared the way for premises licensees to transport secured firearms to locations outside the city, the plaintiffs’ stated grievance would be remedied. The Supreme Court might decide to drop the case before ruling on it.

It’s true that allowing New York City residents to transport guns outside the city would entail certain public safety risks, even if the practice was regulated. But with the gun violence epidemic increasing in the United States, our communities simply cannot withstand newfound constitutional protections for violent “good guys with a gun.” Now is the time for the NYPD to step up and protect all Americans by repealing NYC’s gun transport ordinance.

Countering the “Civil Society” Argument Against Semiauto Firearms

One of the more recent arguments being used against modern multi-purpose semi-automatic rifles (and shotguns, for that matter) is that they have no place in “civil society.” It’s a far cry from their earlier justifications for the arbitrary bans on these semi-automatic firearms.

One big reason is that they have found that facts about crime didn’t help their flimsy case for these bans. One look at Justice Department crime stats shows why. Over the last five years, rifles and shotguns of all types were used for fewer murders than hands, fists, and feet (what the Justice Department calls “personal weapons”). In short, if you’re looking for murder weapons, rifles and shotguns aren’t them.

If we had a media that held people accountable for misleading the American public, it would be hard for Dianne Feinstein and Bernie Sanders to get away with calling for America to follow New Zealand’s lead on banning firearms. Sadly, we do not. Instead, we are faced with a new angle that is being used to attack our rights.

Instead, they are now taking this claim that, in the words of Kamala Harris, “there is no reason in a civil society” for people to have modern multi-purpose semi-automatic firearms………

Now her play is pretty clear. She is peddling a whopper so big that Burger King would need a bigger drive-thru window to be able to hand it to anyone who bought it, and she is manipulating people into a massive emotional reaction to do it. On top of that, she is also seeking to make the case that those who do not agree with her are the future perpetrators of mass shootings in schools, movie theaters, or other venues.

We just have two problems:

  • The first is that we are not dealing with reasonable people. Kamala Harris has made that clear. So have Murphy, Dianne Feinstein, Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders. Why? Because they are making unreasonable demands. There is no rational reason to punish millions of people who never shot up a school, movie theater, country music concert, or any other venue. None.
  • The second problem is that Harris is using an effective one-two combination of emotional manipulation and human shields. Since the facts about modern multi-purpose semi-automatic firearms are not on her side, she is using the blood and victims of Sandy Hook (and other shootings) as pawns.

In essence, we’re to ignore what the facts are, and instead let them lead us down an emotion-driven path that deprives us of our rights.

This is a challenging situation to handle, but we have to take it head-on. We’ll discuss more on how to effectively defend our rights by countering Harris’s one-two combination in the next update.


New Zealand gun laws: 11,000 sign petition opposing proposed changes

More than 11,000 people have signed a petition against proposed tougher gun laws in the wake of the Christchurch mosque massacres, criticizing the changes as “unjust to law-abiding New Zealand citizens.”

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the ban on military-style semi-automatic weapons, assault rifles and high-capacity magazines only days after the mass shootings at two mosques claimed 50 lives on March 15.
New legislation will be introduced in Parliament next week, and Ardern has said it will be passed as a matter of urgency, skipping the normal public consultation process.
But the petition — which was launched on Monday and has gained over 11,100 signatures at the time of writing — criticizes the proposal and calls for an in-depth consultation period.
“We believe that recent changes to New Zealand firearms regulation is ill-advised, partly due to the speed at which they have been implemented and also due to (understandable) emotionally driven public pressure,” the petition states.
Users do not have to verify their New Zealand citizenship or identity to sign the petition.