Hungary takes EU to task, defends Poland

The Eastern European states that lived under the yoke of Communist Russian tyranny seem to have their act together.

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Poland’s Prime Minister Beata Szydlo met in Warsaw last week. During a joint press conference, they said they remain fully opposed to the European Union’s migrant policies.

“We accept that some countries have become immigrant countries,” said Orban. “But we don’t want to be [like] them and we want them to accept this. But they want us to become like them. We don’t want a mixed population, as has been created in the countries to the west of us. We are looking for different solutions and please respect it.”

As reported by The Financial Times, the outspoken Hungarian premier also took the EU to task for its criticism of Poland over the ruling Law and Justice party’s contentious attempts to overhaul the judicial system, which critics fret will undermine Polish democracy.

“The EU cannot threaten Poland and question its rule of law. This is a lack of respect. It looks like an inquisition. There is no place for a political inquisition in the EU. Hungary won’t support it,” he said.

In turn, Szydlo said she and Orban had agreed to maintain a united front on “security and handling the migrant crisis”, and insisted that the “road taken by our governments in terms of illegal migration turned out to be right”.

“We took note of the European Court’s verdicts, but the main guideline for our actions has to be the security of our citizens,” she said.