When do we Talk About Politics and Guns?


We have our priorities. First, we have to keep guns away from children if we have guns in our home. Next, the adults with a gun in their home need to know how to handle firearms safely, and hopefully, effectively. What should come next?

Talking about politics and guns seems to slip off our priority list, and that carries a danger of its own. Carrying a firearm for your safety is a very rational choice, but..there is a “but.” Unless you’re careful, you are also at risk of malicious prosecution for infringing one of our many gun laws. When is it time to talk about gun politics with new students and existing firearms owners?

This topic came to mind when politics leaked over into the gun discussion with a group of black friends. They wanted to keep our discussion of firearms separate from a larger discussion of partisan politics. I respect their point of view. Unfortunately, we can’t ignore politics because there are some very partisan politicians who want us disarmed. Let’s talk about guns and gun politics..and leave the rest of politics for a later date.

Some bigoted politicians hate guns and hate the law abiding citizens who own them. I have to tell my students about this. It is my professional duty as a firearms instructor. It is my moral duty as an advocate for civil rights. The easy road is to hide from politics and pretend it will go away. It won’t.