Two Marjory Stoneman Douglas students; Adam Buchwald and Zach Hibshman have created a group called Parents Promise to Kids.

“Overview: The goal of Parents Promise to Kids (PPTK) is to get parents to vote for candidates who believe that the safety of our children is much more important than guns. We urge parents to sign a contract, found under the CONTRACT page, and then post it on social media. The contract is a promise to their kids to assure that they will never leave their homes in fear of being attacked by people with assault weapons.”

This is the contract:

In order to be a ‘good parent’ you must sign a pledge to the Democrat party.

The way this works is, a parent signs the contract, takes a picture with the signed contract, and plasters it all over social media with the above hashtags.

This is the Stalinist ‘child informing on parents’ tactic combined with social justice social media shaming.

The website says that the “hard truth” is that “100% OF SCHOOL SHOOTERS USE GUNS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.”  Which is nonsense unless these crims got their hands on artillery.  But the point is not to make any sort of sense, it’s to force compliance with the cudgel of social media.

Dissidents used to be shamed in the public square.  Mao called them “struggle sessions.”  Now this happens on Twitter and Facebook.  Again, children are being used against their parents.


And this:

Is little more than this: