Some Tempe motorcycle officers now carry AR-15 rifles

“….only belongs on a battlefield.”
Point this out to the next gun grabber you run across and see if they’ll go into vapor lock

For the past six months, Tempe police have equipped some of their motorcycle officers with AR-15s, a semi-automatic rifle that has come under scrutiny after recent mass shootings across the country in which such a gun was used.

At least one law enforcement expert says carrying the weapons within public view creates a militaristic look that could send a chilling effect to the community.

However, Tempe police defended its practice, saying it is necessary for motorcycle officers to have the high-powered rifles because today’s criminals can be equipped with military-style weapons, too.

The rifles, when carried by a motorcycle officer, are in plain view to the public.

While motorcycles officers having AR-15s mounted on their vehicles isn’t new in Arizona, having them on full-display in a city such as Tempe could be concerning to some residents, said Tom Nolan, an associate professor of criminology at Merrimack College in Massachusetts.

“If I see police officers riding with machine guns then I’m going to think we have serious public safety problems in this community,” he said.