A Hispanic vendor in Tulsa uses Alinsky tactics against a BLM supporter.

One of the things conservatives notice whenever leftists flare up is that, subject to a few notable exceptions (Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Dan Crenshaw), our conservative politicians are cowardly. They never call out the leftists; instead, they simply try to soothe leftists’ destructiveness while accepting their premises.

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bumped…..just because I didn’t want anyone to miss it.

What do you do when the political opposition writes your campaign ads for you?
And it looks like 80 year old SanFranNan has gone to her dermatologist for a new Botox treatment …………or embalming.

David Kopel, research director at the Independence Institute and a longtime Second Amendment scholar, attorney, and advocate joins Cam to talk about the history of the gun control movement, and why anti-gun activists are so terrified of the number of Americans exercising their right to keep and bear arms for the very first time.

On 2 April, 2020, a three-judge panel from the Ninth Circuit heard oral arguments in the Duncan v. Becerra case. The District Court Judge, Roger T. Benitez, had ruled that the outright ban of magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds violated the Second Amendment.

Corrupt Mueller Gang Threatened to Throw General Flynn and His Son in Solitary Confinement if He Didn’t Plead Guilty to Lying to FBI

General Mike Flynn has now been harassed by corrupt members of the DOJ for more than three years.

He and his family have gone through hell all because he knew too much about the Obama Administration’s corruption and supported Donald Trump.

The General’s lovely sister, Barbara Redgate was on BardsOfWar podcast and gave an amazing interview regarding the challenges General Flynn and his family have had to go through since becoming a target of the Deep State. At the 13:30 minute mark of the interview, Ms. Redgate shared the following after listing a plethora of documents that the FBI and DOJ are withholding from the General in relation to his case.

Redgate says that shortly after the discovery of corrupt FBI Agents Strzok and Page’s texts, the Mueller team is believed to have gone to DAG Rosenstein to obtain permission to indict Flynn’s son. This is when the Mueller gang really put pressure on General Flynn. They took young Mike’s phone and computers and have never returned them to this day. At the time, young Mike had a 4 month old baby at home. Next she shares the following:

Barbara Redgate: Suddenly General Mike is threatened with public arrest and search of his phone. Public arrest of his son. Indictment of his son, and they were going to give him the Manafort treatment, which is put them both in solitary confinement.

At the 11th hour before General Flynn signed his plea agreement, at the last minute Special Counsel notifies the defense counsel by phone only that the electronic communications of one agent showed a preference [against] President Trump and the IG was assessing whether that constituted misconduct.

General Flynn’s attorney’s never told this to General Flynn so he thought that the agents who interviewed him in an ambush meeting in the White House believed he had lied. The entire interview is shocking and a must listen.

This is an excellent after action review of a self defense shooting.
Multiple lessons to be learned. Watch the whole thing, please.
Note: at 1:01 in the initial replay, the store owner/shooter pops one off as the bad guy just exits the store. Unintentional due to adrenaline rush, or not? I don’t know.
Correia neglects to mention it, and it is barely noticeable so I’ll give him a pass, but it needed to be mentioned. If the owner had continued shooting and shot the guy to rags just after he had hit the floor from being shot the first time, it’s highly likely nothing there would have been no repercussions as while the bad guy may not have the gun in his hand, it’s still in easy reach and as there has been shots exchanged, there’s no doubt he had murderous intent. Just me, I think that’s what I would have done, but -again-that’s just me. Shooting him as a ‘parting gift’ as he runs out the door is, how shall I put it; problematical.

“We’ll see who’s sleepy,” says Joe Biden, and then he calls Chris Wallace “Chuck.”

With those puffy eyes, SloJoe looks like he just barely made it out of bed. Whadda ya bet that shirt, tie & jacket are a one piece, zip up the back ensemble he’s wearing over his jammies.

BIDEN: “I can hardly wait to debate [Trump] on stage. I want people to see me standing next to him and him standing next to me. Heh heh heh. We’ll see who’s sleepy.”

WALLACE: “Mr. Vice President, thank you. Thanks for your time. Please come back in less than 13 years, sir.”

BIDEN: “All right, Chuck. Thank you very much.”

WALLACE: “Uh. All right. Uh, it’s Chris. But anyway.”

BIDEN: “I just did Chris. No, no, I just did Chuck. I tell you what, man. These were back to back. Anyway.

WALLACE: No, it’s okay.

BIDEN: I don’t know how you do it, early in the morning, too. Thank you, Chris.

So… we saw who’s sleepy. Or just an irreparable gaffe machine.

Remember, Mussolini made the trains run on time.

Maybe the demoncraps should worry less about partisan politics and more about possibly nominating a open commie lover.