Young conservative in burning face ad: ‘I don’t care about AOC’s feelings’

Elizabeth Heng has some things to say to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Heng — who is behind the New Faces GOP PAC which aired a negative ad about AOC and Dems during Thursday night’s Democratic debate — took to Twitter to respond to AOC’s recent meltdown.

“@AOC response is the Democratic party in a nutshell. They are more offended by truthful words than the acts of their political ideology that has killed millions of innocent victims. I don’t care about @AOC feelings — I care about stopping her lies about the lies of socialism,” Heng tweeted.

Yes, the standard operational ‘we must DO SOMETHING!™’
Yes, she’s been changed alright.
Her ‘worldview’ has been broadened and illuminated beyond the safe cozy one she always believed in before the curtain was pulled aside and she got to see the world as it really is.
The nice little lady got the $#!+ scared out of her for the first time in her life and the “flight or fight” hormone dump response discombobulated her brain (and thus her rational and critical thought process).
She wants her fantasy of a nice safe, bubble wrapped world back and thinks politicians can get her there.