Over 90% of Illegal Aliens Nabbed Had Criminal Convictions or Pending Charges

“North Carolina’s Mecklenburg County, that state’s largest, was among the biggest offenders, releasing numerous violent criminals rather than turn them over to federal authorities for removal. Among them was a previously deported Honduran charged with rape and child sex crimes.” — Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Report.

Over 90% of the criminal illegal aliens arrested in 2019 had either criminal convictions or pending charges. The average was four charges per alien.

And yet Democrats insist on putting the well-being of these criminal aliens before the safety of American citizens.

The report also found the number of individuals apprehended or found inadmissible nationwide totaled 1,148,024, an increase of 68 percent over the previous fiscal year. Over one million illegals crossed into the United States in 2019 because the Democratic Party and news media care more about the well-being of lawbreakers with open border policies, sanctuary states and cities, and a deep hatred for President Donald Trump and for the nation’s law enforcement.

More than 90% of illegal immigrants arrested by federal agents in the United States last year had criminal convictions or pending criminal charges, including 56,000 assaults and thousands of sex crimes, robberies, homicides and kidnappings. Many had “extensive criminal histories with multiple convictions,” according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) year-end report.

Finally. The Feds — Including ICE — Appear to be Investigating Ilhan Omar

On Oct. 30, I reported that the Department of Justice had assigned an FBI Special Agent in Charge, or SAC, to review Rep. Ilhan Omar’s apparent, astonishing spree of felonies from 2009 to 2017.

Minnesota state Rep. Steve Drazkowski (R) had previously filed a complaint on the matter with the Minnesota District of the Department of Justice. That office — headed by U.S. Attorney Erica MacDonald, a 2018 Donald Trump appointee — directed the FBI to review the complaint. An FBI SAC formally met with Rep. Drazkowski, and others, in mid-October to receive a prepared file of evidence and related information.

Indeed, this has since occurred.

At least the following two federal agencies were contacted by the FBI with information regarding Rep. Omar. The FBI then placed the October meeting attendees in touch with selected investigators within these two agencies:

1. Department of Education Inspector General

This is related to evidence suggesting that Rep. Omar’s 2009 marriage to a UK citizen may have been an attempt to facilitate federal student loan fraud, or other fraud involving higher education.

2. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

● This is related to evidence suggesting a breathtaking number of possible immigration-related felonies. As I stated in an introductory passage within my July 18 article:

The [following] answers to those questions about [Rep. Omar’s 2009 marriage] appear to give probable cause to investigate Omar for eight instances of perjury, immigration fraud, marriage fraud, up to eight years of state and federal tax fraud, two years of federal student loan fraud, and even bigamy.

Violent Crime Dropped In 2018 As States Embraced Pro-Gun Policies

The FBI’s 2018 “Crime in the United States” report collected crime data from law enforcement agencies across America. From the looks of it, the news is good.

The FBI highlights that “[In 2018] violent crime offenses decreased when compared with estimates from 2017. Robbery offenses fell 12.0 percent, murder, and non-negligent manslaughter offenses fell 6.2 percent, and the estimated volume of aggravated assault offenses decreased 0.4 percent.”

The report noted that violent crime rates bottomed out in 2014 to their lowest point since 1970. Furthermore, the 2018’s violent crime rate was the third-lowest since 1970.

During the last three decades, America has experienced significant changes in its gun laws throughout the country. Curiously, the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban expired in 2004, which many predicted would lead to bedlam in the streets. The data proved this wrong when the FBI noted that murder rates went down by 3.6 percent from 2003 to 2004, contrary to people’s fears.

However, most of the change regarding gun policies took place in state legislatures. While some states tightened up their gun control, others relaxed gun restrictions and even implemented policies such as Constitutional Carry — which allow law-abiding Americans to carry firearms without having to obtain a government permit. Increased carry has continued into the present.

A study on the number of concealed-carry permit holders released by gun expert John Lott indicated that “In 2019, the number of concealed handgun permits soared to now over 18.66 million—a 304 percent increase since 2007. About an 8 percent growth over the number of permits since 2018.” Additionally, per capita, gun ownership increased by 56 percent from 1993 to 2013. If we had taken the media at their word, we would have expected gun crime to skyrocket. Nevertheless, gun crime continued to plummet according to the FBI, which highlighted a 49 percent decrease.

Conventional rifles like the AR-15 have been largely demonized in recent years, being portrayed as a frequently used tool for carrying out attacks. As usual, the data contradicts media assumptions. For starters, AR-15s only accounted for 173 deaths in mass shootings from 2007 to 2017. Whereas, rifles of all categories were involved in 439 deaths on an annual basis. Putting this in perspective, rifles constituted 2 percent of homicides in 2018. On the other hand, knives (11 percent), hands, fists, and feet (5 percent) and blunt instruments (3 percent) were used in more homicides than rifles.

It’s safe to say that the current gun violence debate is mostly based on hysterics and not a careful analysis of the facts. Stripping the rights of millions of law-abiding gun owners is both unethical and an invitation for criminals to prey on victims whom they know will be defenseless.

Indeed, there’s gun violence in many of America’s urban centers. Solving the problem does not require implementing gun control of any type. More local forms of policing – that target areas where criminals tend to cluster and renewed civic engagement – will do much more to stop crime than passing new gun control laws. If the political circumstances permit it, many of these areas should entertain the idea of making it easier for law-abiding citizens to carry firearms.

No matter how we slice it, increased legislation is not the quick fix to gun violence problems in America.


An Elkmont woman pulled her pistol on a man after law enforcement says he chased her and tried to run her vehicle off I-65.

34-year-old Charles Baker is now at the Limestone County Jail on domestic violence reckless endangerment and possession of controlled substance charges. Deputies said an altercation between him and woman got physical on Sunday.

The fight began at his home on Roberts Road in Elkmont.

The female victim tried to get away from Baker by leaving the residence.

Court documents say Baker followed the victim up Interstate 65 North and ran her vehicle off the road while chasing her. It also says the incident could have caused injury or damage to the victim or other drivers.

Baker tried to stop her and get in front of her vehicle. That’s when deputies say she pulled her pistol on him. He fled the scene after seeing her gun.

Deputies later found Baker at the intersection of Thatch and Clem Roads. They searched his vehicle and found meth in his car.

Baker’s bond is set at $7,500 and he has a court date set on Feb. 13.

Man shot by off-duty Los Angeles sheriff’s deputy

An off-duty Los Angeles sheriff’s deputy shot a man in the torso after he found the suspect inside his personal vehicle, authorities said Tuesday.

The 25-year-old man was taken to the hospital for treatment and is expected to survive, officials said. His condition was not immediately known.

The deputy, whose name was not released, was not hurt, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement.

The man allegedly lunged toward the deputy after getting out of the vehicle, the Sheriff’s Department said. The deputy then shot the man, striking him once, though it was not released how many shots were fired.

Suspected Robber Trying To Steal Cell Phone Shot By Victim

Police Wednesday were investigating an early morning incident during which one man allegedly attempted to rob another of his cell phone, and was hospitalized after being shot by the attempted robbery victim.

It happened about 6:30 a.m. at 3100 45th Street in the Swan Canyon neighborhood of City Heights, San Diego Police Department Officer Dino Delimitros said.

“An argument between two men turned violent when one of the men attempted to rob the other of his cell phone,” said Delimitros. “The robbery victim produced a handgun and shot the other man once in the upper body.”

Delimitros said the shooter called 911 to report the incident “but fled the scene prior to police arriving.”

“The shooting victim was transported to a local hospital where he underwent emergency surgery and was in stable condition today and is expected to survive,” Delimitros said.

California, With Strict Gun Controls, Had Most Mass Killings in 2019

A database compiled by the Associated Press (AP), USA Today, and Northeastern University recorded that the United States suffered more mass killings in 2019 than any year on record, with 41 recorded incidents and 211 deaths.

The AP report stated: “California, with some of the most strict gun laws in the country, had the most, with eight such mass slayings.”

A December 28 report from Breitbart noted that California has universal background checks, gun registration requirements, gun confiscation laws, a 10-day waiting period on gun purchases, an “assault weapons” ban, a one-handgun-a-month purchase limit, a ban on campus carry for self-defense, and a ban on teachers being armed to return fire if under attack. California also requires would-be gun buyers to acquire a safety certificate from the state before being permitted to purchase a gun.

Additionally, California has placed controls on ammunition purchases.

Despite the lack of any statistical evidence between strict gun controls and gun-related deaths (other than reasonable conclusions that strict gun controls lead to even more violence, e.g., Chicago and New York City), gun-control advocates renew their efforts to impose stricter controls on gun purchase after every mass shooting.

Speaking to reporters after a lengthy phone call last summer with Wayne LaPierre, the chief executive of the National Rifle Association, President Trump said that the United States has “very strong background checks right now,” adding that mass shootings were a “mental problem,” not the result of easy access to guns.

A December 23 AP report stated: “The majority of the killings involved people who knew each other — family disputes, drug or gang violence or people with beefs that directed their anger at co-workers or relatives.”

Interestingly, observed AP, while “firearms were the weapon in all but eight of the mass killings. Other weapons included knives, axes and at least twice when the perpetrator set a mobile home on fire, killing those inside.”

So even if gun control did help prevent mass killings — and evidence suggests otherwise — we would also need knife control, ax control, and controls on matches to prevent all of them.

While onerous gun control laws do not stop mass killings, having firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens often helps stop such shootings. This fact of life was brought home on December 29, when a shooter at West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas, west of Fort Worth, was taken down by armed volunteer security members seconds after he began firing……..

Jack Wilson, Texas Church Shooting Hero: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jack Wilson, the security volunteer who quickly shot the Texas church shooter at West Freeway Church of Christ, stopping him and likely saving many lives, is a former reserve deputy sheriff who was the long-time owner of a firearms training academy.

“I don’t feel like I killed an individual. I killed evil,” Wilson told reporters, according to Fox4 News. “I don’t see myself as a hero. I see myself as doing what needed to be done to take out the evil threat.” He fired a single shot. It was a head shot, and he says it was his round that killed the shooter. “I only fired one round. It was the only shot I had, which was a head shot.”

The gunman, now named as Keith Thomas Kinnunen, died at the scene after being shot; ……….

1. Wilson Declared That ‘Evil Does Exist in This World’ & Revealed He ‘Had to Take Out an Active Shooter in Church’

2. Wilson Was President of On Target Firearms Training Academy, Inc., a Gun Range That Burned Down in 2016

3. Wilson Is a Former Deputy Sheriff Who Negotiated Contracts for a Major Defense Company

4. Wilson Is a Donald Trump Supporter Who Believes the ‘Survival of the USA’ Will Be Determined by the 2020 Election

5. People Praised Wilson’s Quick-Thinking

2 Dead, 1 Critically Injured After Shooting At West Freeway Church Of Christ In Fort Worth, TX Suburb.

This photo is from the live feed the church puts on YouTube. The shooter can be seen in the top just left-of-center and the church member who took the shooter out can be seen in the top left.

This is how fast things can happen, and how much some people will be calm and cool under pressure, while others go into hysterics.
Oh, and not to be too morbid, but being able to draw your gun quickly and get it into action can make a world of difference. The first man shot by the murderer was still trying to get his gun out of his pocket. Take that poor man’s experience for what it’s worth.

WHITE SETTLEMENT, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Two people are dead and another person is critically injured after a shooting at a church in the Tarrant County city of White Settlement, officials said.

Authorities responded to the shooting Sunday morning just before 10 a.m. at the West Freeway Church of Christ on Las Vegas Trail.

A witness told CBS 11 News the gunman walked up to a server during communion with a shotgun and then opened fire. According to the witness, another church member shot the suspect……..

During the incident, two men died from their injuries and another man was critically injured. Authorities believe the gunman is among the three but it’s unknown if he was killed or is injured.

U.S. Gun Sales Near Record High as Violent Crime Rate Drops
Gun-related crimes fell 68 % and violent crimes 48.6 % in the same period that more guns were sold in the U.S.

Violent crime dropped by 48.6% in the U.S. in the same period that saw the record number of arms purchases: 423 million firearms, according to recently released data from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

Firearms-related accidents alone declined 68 percent between 1986 and 2018, a period in which U.S. citizens purchased 8.1 billion rounds of ammunition.

“These figures show that the United States has a strong desire to continue buying firearms for lawful purposes,” Joe Bertozzi, president of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, told American Military News.

“The continued popularity of guns demonstrates that Americans have a keen interest in protecting themselves and their homes,” he added.

American citizens have the right to defend themselves. They have been able to counteract crime as opposed to what is happening in Latin American countries where the hyper-regulation of arms has granted a monopoly to law enforcement, state security forces, and criminal groups that act above the law, such as organized crime groups.

Caracas, Venezuela, which lost the right to carry arms under Hugo Chavez, is the most striking example of the city with the most homicides. Now Mexico, with more than 100 homicides per day and the second most violent city in the world, Acapulco, is living through the most violent year in its history and shows how the rigid law restricting the bearing of arms leaves the law-abiding citizen vulnerable.

Meanwhile, in the United States, more and more citizens have legal access to firearms. More than 25 million people registered in 2019 to carry guns in the US.

According to the FBI, 202,465 people registered to buy weapons on the biggest selling day. The gun registry process involves authorities corroborating whether the person has a criminal record.

This was the second-highest figure in history. The highest was in 2017 when 203,086 people filed their information for review in a single >
Both historical dates coincided with “Black Friday,” which falls on the last weekend of November, the day when there are massive discounts across the country.

Compared to last year, there was an 11% increase in domestic sales. At the end of November 2018, there were 182,093 registered arms buyers. As Christmas and New Year approaches, the numbers continue to rise.

In rural states like North Dakota, the number of buyers increased by up to 20%. According to Cody Schuh, owner of Shooters Inc., the political climate always contributes to a spike in sales. But he says this year was noteworthy. People not only stocked up on ammunition but also bought new rifles and pistols.

“Now we’re beginning to see that individuals buy weapons because they want to be safe without being told to do so by the state,” Schuh said.

It should be noted that the figures show the number of buyers, not the number of weapons. In October of this year alone, 1.2 million firearms were sold in the USA, 10.8% more than in October 2018.

Also, in October, the FBI reported that it reviewed the profiles of 2.4 million potential buyers, the highest record in a given month. In October last year, it was 2.3 million.

According to Small Arms Analytics and Forecast, 1.1 million firearms were sold in the U.S. in September of this year, 11% more than in September last year.

The U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to bear arms and overthrow an abusive government with a militia.

“What this tells us is that Americans vote with their wallets when it comes to the ability to exercise the Second Amendment,” said Mark Oliva, director of public relations for the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

Oliva says that this phenomenon is interesting, because contrary to the will of politicians who openly demand to restrict the Second Amendment, citizens are supplying themselves with weapons.

The Second Amendment to the Constitution speaks of the right of every American citizen not only to bear arms but to arm a militia if the government abuses its power and exceeds its functions.

Oliva considers FBI data to be the most accurate barometer when measuring arms sales and argues that this is not just a whim or coincidence but a “meaningful investment.”

He argues that U.S. citizens choose to invest their hard-earned money to exercise their rights, unlike the politicians seeking to restrict their ability to defend themselves.

The Democratic Party wants to remove Trump from power, but to deprive citizens of the right to rise against a tyrannical government.

For example, the Democratic Party demands greater control when carrying arms and has the backing of at least 150 companies that demanded greater control before the Senate. But sales show that millions of people disagree.

The irony is that the same party that seeks the removal of President Trump, whom they consider to be abusing his power, is the one that wants to deprive citizens of the ability to remove a tyrant from power.

This reflects the actions of the Democratic Party. They demand that the high and mighty state be the one to remove Trump from power, not “the people” they claim to represent.

Meanwhile, those with a more libertarian or conservative political orientation refuse to give more power to the state, much less to take away their right to self-defense.

For history has shown that every tyranny is established once it disarms its citizens. This is what happened in Cuba through Fidel Castro’s speech “Guns? For what?”

Sixty years later, Cuba is still run by the same family. Twenty-five million people in the U.S. showed with their weapons that they are not willing to risk the same thing happening in their country.

They are safer both from crime and the possibility of the emergence of tyranny. That is why they are literally in charge of their self-defense.

Guard shoots man who tried to grab cash bag at New Jersey bank

WAYNE, New Jersey (WABC) — A suspected bank robber was shot by a security guard during an attempted heist in New Jersey Tuesday.

It happened around 12:30 p.m. at a Bank of America on Hamburg Turnpike in Wayne.

Authorities say a Loomis Security truck was either making a pickup or a delivery at the Wayne Plaza Square Mall branch when a 33-year-old man tried to steal one of the cash bags one of the guards was carrying.

A struggle ensued, during which the guard fired one round, striking the suspect in the torso.

A second guard remained in the truck while the struggle was taking place.

The suspect was transported to St. Joseph’s University Medical Center in Paterson and has been admitted in stable condition.

Neither of the guards was injured during the incident.

Alleged victim of Inkster shooting was actually shot during home invasion in Livonia

INKSTER, Mich. (WXYZ) — State troopers are investigating a non-fatal shooting during a home invasion in Livonia.

On Dec. 18 around 7:30 p.m., trooper responded to Beaumont Hospital Wayne for a gunshot victim.

A preliminary investigation revealed that a 24-year-old Inkster man arrived at the hospital suffering from a gunshot wound to the abdomen, according to police. The victim told officers he was shot in the area of Glenwood and Central in the city of Inkster.

A former American Airlines mechanic admitted he tried to sabotage a plane at the Miami airport.

Yeah, suuuure it was so he could get some more overtime.

A former American Airlines mechanic accused of trying to sabotage a commercial airliner pleaded guilty to attempted destruction of an aircraft in federal court.

Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani, 60, admitted that he intentionally tried to damage or disable an aircraft’s air data module (ADM) system, which reports aircraft speed, pitch and other critical data, on July 17.
He “inserted a foam substance into the ADM system and used super glue to hold the substance in place,” the US Attorney’s Office said in a statement.

Alani was indicted in September for willfully attempting to damage, destroy, disable and wreck a civil aircraft, according to a grand jury indictment. The charges carried up to 20 years in prison.

Brookhaven homeowner shoots, kills burglary suspect

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. – Police confirmed a homeowner shot and killed a burglary suspect Wednesday afternoon in DeKalb County.

The shooting happened at a home off Wilmont Drive near Clairmont Road. Brookhaven Police told Channel 2 Action News they received a 911 call from the homeowner around noon.

Officers are talking to the homeowner to find out exactly what happened, but it appears the homeowner interrupted the burglary inside his home. The suspect died from his injuries.

Police told Channel 2′s Tom Jones the man has a right to defend himself.

“He’s not identified as a suspect. But as this investigation moves forward we’ll have to see where the facts lead us,” Deputy Chief Brandon Gurley said.

One neighbor told Jones the gunfire sounded like it came from two different guns, but police did not say if the burglar had a weapon.

The neighbor also said the shooting is unusual for the neighborhood. But she is a gun owner and understands why the neighbor did what he did.

“If someone is in your home I know the law on that. Yeah, you do have a right,” she said.

Police are working to identify the suspect. Officers said daytime burglaries increase during the holidays because criminals know people are buying valuable items.

This was the second time in 24 hours that a metro Atlanta homeowner shot an intruder. A Rockdale County resident exchanged gunfire with two suspects during a home invasion.

Woman wounded after exchanging gunfire with home invaders Tuesday night

CONYERS – Rockdale County investigators are trying to determine the circumstances in what appears to be a violent home invasion Tuesday night. The incident left the female homeowner wounded. Deputies also believe a suspect was shot as well.

According to 11Alive News, Sheriff Eric Levett was at the scene on Tuesday night on Lost Valley Drive in Conyers. He said deputies received a call sometime after 6 p.m. about a person shot. When they arrived they found the injured woman.

“She indicated that two black males entered her residence by way of kicking in her front door,” Levett said. “She somehow made it to her bedroom to take cover and locked herself inside the bedroom.”

However, the suspects ran up the stairs and kicked in that door as well.

“Shots were fired,” Levett said. “We don’t know if she shot first or if the suspect or suspects shot first.”

The woman was shot twice, the sheriff said. They believe she struck one of the men. Authorities said the suspects left the scene after the exchange of gunfire.

The woman was airlifted to a hospital. Her condition is not known at this time. Investigators also contacted other area hospitals and law enforcement agencies to see if any other patients showed up with a gunshot wound.

“We received a call about an hour and a half later from DeKalb County stating that they had located a male subject in the roadway that appeared to have some gunshot wounds to his person,” the sheriff said.

However, the sheriff said it’s unclear at this time if the man that was found in the road is connected to this scene.

“Both parties, the victim and this male gentleman that was located are both in surgery,” he said. “We have investigators at both hospitals.”

Deputies are still trying to determine what led up to the incident.

“We don’t know if this house was targeted, we don’t know if she was followed or what the circumstance as to why, this what we believe, to be a home invasion occurred.”

It’s also unclear if anything was taken during the crime. Levett said they will know more information after they are able to talk to everyone.

Myrtletown Card Shop Owner Fires Gun at Would-be Robbers

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On Dec. 17, 2019, at about 4:30 p.m., Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a business on the 1600 block of Myrtle Avenue, in the county’s jurisdiction of Eureka, for the report of a robbery in progress with shots fired.

Upon arrival to the business, deputies made contact with the store owner. According to the store owner, just prior to deputies’ arrival a female suspect entered the business and inquired about selling baseball cards. As the store owner was completing the transaction, an unknown male suspect entered the business and attempted to steal the business’ money drawer.

A struggle ensued between the store owner and the male suspect. At some point during the altercation the store owner discharged a concealed firearm once. The suspects then reportedly fled the business, uninjured, on foot without the business’ money drawer.

Deputies searched the surrounding areas but were unable to locate the suspects.

The suspects are described as:

  • Male adult, possibly dark-complected, approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall to 6 feet tall, medium build, wearing dark pants, a dark thermal-type long sleeve shirt underneath a dark short sleeve shirt, a dark baseball cap and a white mask over his nose and mouth.
  • White female adult, approximately 5 feet 7 inches tall, heavy build, with black hair, wearing a purple jacket and blue jeans.

This incident is still under investigation.

Anyone with information about this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.

UNM student from Saudi Arabia charged with illegally possessing handgun

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Hassan Alqahtani had plans to walk across the stage and collect his diploma from the University of New Mexico on Saturday, and then he and his parents were going to Disneyland to celebrate the accomplishment.

Instead, the 27-year-old Saudi Arabian mechanical engineering student will be spending the weekend behind bars, charged in federal court with being a non-immigrant student visa holder in possession of a firearm. The criminal complaint also says Alqahtani had a list of people he planned to kill, which included UNM professors.

Alqahtani, who recently earned his bachelor’s degree from UNM, turned himself in to authorities on Friday afternoon. During his first appearance later that evening in federal court, Magistrate Judge Karen Molzen ordered that he be held through the weekend. He will have preliminary and detention hearings Monday morning in U.S. District Court in Albuquerque.

Richardson Man Who Called for Slaughter of ‘Infidels’ In Name of ISIS Gets 30 Years in Prison

Said Azzam Mohamad Rahim lived a comfortable life in North Texas, where he operated his own convenience store.

But he wanted more, prosecutors say: war, murder and jihad.

As a result, the 43-year-old Richardson man will spend the next 30 years in a federal prison for trying to recruit ISIS fighters on a social media app called Zello.

On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Jane Boyle read Rahim’s own words to him before she sentenced him in a courtroom in Dallas in the terrorism case. Among the words Rahim used that she read were, “Kill them and do not show them compassion or mercy.”

Georgia Woman Pleads Guilty to Conspiring to Support ISIS

An Augusta-area woman has pleaded guilty to conspiring to provide material support and resources to ISIS and will face up to five years in prison and $250,000 in fines when she is sentenced Feb. 5, federal court records show.

The Justice Department announced Kim Anh Vo’s arrest in March, saying she was apprehended in Hephzibah, which sits about 14 miles southwest of Augusta.

Vo is at least the second person in the Southeast to be charged this year with supporting ISIS, also known as the Islamic State. On Thursday, the Justice Department announced the indictment of Romeo Xavier Langhorne, 30, of Roanoke, Va., accusing him of attempting to provide material support and resources to ISIS. Langhorne, according to the Justice Department, was seeking to help ISIS adherents arm themselves with deadly explosives for terrorism.

The Black Hebrew Israelites were the group that initiated the confrontation with the Covington High School students.

Teen killed after pulling gun during attempted robbery

EVANSVILLE, Ind. —  An Evansville teen was killed in a late Monday night shooting that happened during an attempted robbery, police said.

The Vanderburgh County Coroner’s office confirmed that DeAndre Ellington, 18, died at an Evansville hospital at 10:59 p.m. after he was taken to the emergency department by ambulance. An autopsy is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Coroner Steve Lockyear said.

According to records from Evansville-Vanderburgh Central Dispatch, a call of shots fired came at 10:07 p.m. in the 2200 block of North Fulton Avenue. When police arrived they found Ellington shot on the sidewalk.

In a recording of the 911 call obtained by Courier & Press, a man called dispatchers saying he heard gunshots and went outside. He said someone was shot and wounded but didn’t know who, and he was worried someone would come shoot up his house.

The caller was evading some questions from the dispatcher, who told emergency responders over police radio that the man was being “difficult.”

At one point in a recording of the radio traffic, an officer said there were multiple guns on the scene and that a black man was unconscious.

About two minutes later, police said they had one person in custody and were holding two others at gunpoint.

In a news release, police said Ellington had been shot and was unable to communicate with officers, who learned he had met with several people to sell a handgun. Police said witnesses told them Ellington pointed a handgun at the group and tried to rob them. One of the alleged intended robbery victims was armed with a handgun and fired several times in response to Ellington’s actions, police said.

Armed intruder shot and killed by gas station customer

SAN ANTONIO — An apparent robbery attempt at a northwest-side gas station ended with a masked man dead, San Antonio police said.

At around 6:30 Tuesday night, police were called to a gas station on Culebra Road near Loop 1604. According to police, a man showed a gun and appeared to threaten the clerk.

There were two customers in the store at the time and one of them saw the threat and shot the man, who died at the scene, police said. According to police, the would-be robber did not fire his weapon.
“They [the customers] took matters into their own hands, and were willing to make decisions and live with whatever consequences that came with that,” the officer at the scene said. “At the time if they felt that that was a threat that needed to be addressed… then those are decisions that could be seen as commendable, but a robbery did not happen as a result.”

At this time, it’s not clear if the customer who fired the deadly shot will face charges, police said.

“We absolutely wouldn’t [recommend this.] However, you take matters in your own hands,” police said. “In the state of Texas you can carry a weapon and you have the right to protect yourself and your property. While these were customers and not owners, they felt like this threat was active and they addressed it as such.”

Meridian homeowner shoots burglary suspect

A Meridian Mississippi homeowner shot a man suspected of burglary Tuesday night, according to police.

MPD Capt. John Griffith said the shooting happened off Grand Avenue around 11:15 p.m.

According to Griffith, the homeowner said he heard someone in his poolhouse, fired a gun through the door and struck a man in the stomach.

Kolbie Wayne Sheffield, 22, of Grenada, is in police custody at a hospital and is expected to be charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling, Griffith said.

Store manager, two robbers exchange gunfire

Texas Avenue, Texas City, Texas. realllly.
Surprisingly there is no Texas County in Texas.


A store manager and a pair of would-be robbers exchanged gunfire Saturday at a store on Texas Avenue, police said.

No was injured in the gunfight and police Sunday still were searching for the two men involved in the aggravated robbery.

The robbery happened about 9:12 p.m. at Texas Avenue Food Store, 1130 Texas Ave., department spokesman Cpl. Allen Bjerke said.

Two men, at least one in his early 20s, tried to rob the store, Bjerke said. Bjerke did not have immediate information on the age of the second man.

The store manager fired a weapon at one of the men and the two men fired four shots, Bjerke said.

Both men were last seen running west on Texas Avenue, Bjerke said.

Deadly attack leaves California Hmong community in shock

Another data point that all those California gun control laws just don’t work.

FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — A close-knit Hmong community was in shock after gunmen burst into a California backyard gathering and shot 10 men, killing four.

“We are right now just trying to figure out what to do, what are the next steps. How do we heal, how do we know what’s going on,” said Bobby Bliatout, a community leader.

Sunday evening’s attack killed Xy Lee, a Hmong singer and musician whose videos on YouTube have been viewed millions of times.

Also killed were Phia Vang, 31; Kou Xiong, 38; and Kalaxang Thao, 40, all of Fresno, according to the coroner’s office. Three others remained hospitalized in serious condition, Community Regional Medical Center said in a statement.

No motive or suspects were identified by police.

“Our community is in mourning, and we still don’t know what’s going on, or who are the suspects,” said Pao Yang, CEO of the Fresno Center, a Hmong community group.

The Hmong are an ethnic group from Southeast Asia. Many fled after fighting alongside the United States during the Vietnam War.

The Hmong are an ethnic group from Southeast Asia. Many fled after fighting alongside the United States during the Vietnam War.

There are about 300,000 Hmong living in the U.S., according to the 2017 American Community Survey by the U.S. Census. California has the nation’s largest Hmong population and about 25,000 live in Fresno, comprising about 5% of the city’s population of 525,000.

The gunmen targeted a house where about 16 men had gathered outside to watch football on television, police said.

At least two men armed with semi-automatic handguns walked through a side gate and without a word began firing randomly into the crowd before fleeing in the darkness, Police Chief Andrew Hall said.

The shooters did not speak, and no one reported getting a good look at them. Witnesses saw only flashes when the pistols were fired, Hall said.

Police were investigating whether the shooting was connected to a recent “disturbance” involving some of the people at the party, Hall said. He did not describe the incident other than to say it occurred within the last week.

Women and children inside the house weren’t hit, Hall said……..

Long Beach police release surveillance video of September police shooting at 7-Eleven

Long Beach police have released video depicting a police shooting that killed an 18-year-old armed robbery suspect inside a convenience store in September.

Three surveillance cameras captured the incident, which shows a suspect, later identified as Jordan Michael Griffin of Long Beach, wearing a mask and all dark clothing. He rushes inside a 7-Eleven store about 11:30 p.m., Sept. 19, and points a firearm at the clerk while wedging himself between two customers at the counter.

Detectives follow shortly after and after a brief exchange, shoot the suspect, causing him to drop his weapon and fall to the floor.

The other two customers scurry toward the back of the store while the clerk ducks behind the counter.

The firearm was determined to be a BB-gun…….

Detectives had been tracking a dark Nissan Maxima believed to have been involved in other recent robberies when it pulled up behind the 7-Eleven in the 5100 block of Pacific Coast Highway. Griffin got out of the passenger seat and went inside the store, followed by detectives.

Man who had his Porsche stolen holds suspect at gunpoint

ST. LOUIS – Andre Tunstall is part owner of Luxe Menswear on Washington Avenue in St. Louis’s Downtown West neighborhood.

Tunstall said he’s worked hard for his money. When he realized someone stole his Porsche on Wednesday, he was desperate to find it. He posted a message on Facebook and within a few hours, a tipster sent a message indicating the vehicle was in an alley in the Baden neighborhood.

Tunstall called St. Louis police, filed a report, and then the officers left the scene. He waited with his car because it had a flat tire and needed a tow. He believes that’s when a man who was the thief returned. Tunstall said the man went to a dumpster as if he knew something was there. He said the man pulled the car’s key fob out of the dumpster and then tried to take the car.

Tunstall said he pulled out his own gun and ordered the man to the ground until the police returned.

“He had his life spared and that’s not anything to brag about,” Tunstall told KTVI. “It’s just for him to move forward and be a good father to his kids.”

Police charged Samuel Jamar Harris with first-degree tampering with a motor vehicle. Tunstall hopes the man held at gunpoint learns a lesson and turns his life around.

“Hopefully, this will be a new beginning for you and your family,” Tunstall said.

He also hopes anyone involved in a life of crime will learn something.

“I think they really need to understand that people out here work hard,” Tunstall said.

Court documents indicate Harris has a prior conviction for first-degree tampering.

Highway Patrol: 3 killed in shooting at Oklahoma Walmart

Further reports are the shooting occurred in the parking lot. Two men and one woman are dead. The shooter, a man, killed himself. My first thought is that the shooter decided that if he couldn’t have the woman, no one else could.

DUNCAN, Oklahoma — Three people are dead after a shooting at an Oklahoma Walmart on Monday, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol says.

According to The Duncan Banner, police received a call just before 10 a.m. about a shooting at the Walmart in Duncan near Highway 81 and West Plato Road.

OHP officials confirmed to News 4 three people are dead. The Duncan Banner reports the shooter is among those dead……

The Duncan Police Department says officers are gathering information and will release information when it is available.

Our partner station, KFOR.com, is headed to the scene.

DUNCAN, Okla. (KFOR/The Duncan Banner)
OHP officials confirmed to News 4 three people are dead. The Duncan Banner reports the shooter is among those dead.