New Hampshire dad chokes coyote to death after it attacks his son.

Yes, heroic, but – just me – I’d have used a gun.

A Kensington, N.H., man is being hailed as a hero after he strangled a coyote that had attacked his son, only two hours after the same coyote bit a woman, according to New Hampshire police.

“The coyote attacked a young child and the child’s dad went into protection mode and suffocated the coyote until it succumbed,” police wrote. “New Hampshire Fish and Game has the coyote and is taking it to be tested for rabies.”

The man was bitten in the struggle and received rabies’ shots, according to police.

Social media lit up with praise for the heroic father. Brittany Morgridge-Haslett wrote on Facebook, “I feel I need to meet this man! It would be an honor! Go dad!”

It all started around 10 a.m., when Kensington Police blasted out a warning about a coyote attack in town. A 62-year-old woman told police she and her two dogs had been attacked.

“The coyote was on her three-season porch and her two dogs had opened the sliding door and were attacked by the coyote,” police wrote on social media. “The two dogs retreated back into the house and the coyote attempted to get into the house. While the homeowner was fighting to keep the coyote out of the house she was bitten.”

The woman later received the first series of rabies shots at Exeter Hospital. Her two dogs were also treated and received a rabies’ booster shot.

Jack Wilson, Texas Church Shooting Hero: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jack Wilson, the security volunteer who quickly shot the Texas church shooter at West Freeway Church of Christ, stopping him and likely saving many lives, is a former reserve deputy sheriff who was the long-time owner of a firearms training academy.

“I don’t feel like I killed an individual. I killed evil,” Wilson told reporters, according to Fox4 News. “I don’t see myself as a hero. I see myself as doing what needed to be done to take out the evil threat.” He fired a single shot. It was a head shot, and he says it was his round that killed the shooter. “I only fired one round. It was the only shot I had, which was a head shot.”

The gunman, now named as Keith Thomas Kinnunen, died at the scene after being shot; ……….

1. Wilson Declared That ‘Evil Does Exist in This World’ & Revealed He ‘Had to Take Out an Active Shooter in Church’

2. Wilson Was President of On Target Firearms Training Academy, Inc., a Gun Range That Burned Down in 2016

3. Wilson Is a Former Deputy Sheriff Who Negotiated Contracts for a Major Defense Company

4. Wilson Is a Donald Trump Supporter Who Believes the ‘Survival of the USA’ Will Be Determined by the 2020 Election

5. People Praised Wilson’s Quick-Thinking

Today in History, 22 December 1944, Bastogne Belgium

To the U.S.A. Commander of the encircled town of Bastogne.

The fortune of war is changing. This time the U.S.A. forces in and near Bastogne have been encircled by strong German armored units. More German armored units have crossed the river Our near Ortheuville, have taken Marche and reached St. Hubert by passing through Hompre-Sibret-Tillet. Libramont is in German hands.

There is only one possibility to save the encircled U.S.A. troops from total annihilation: that is the honourable surrender of the encircled town. In order to think it over a term of two hours will be granted beginning with the presentation of this note.

If this proposal should be rejected one German Artillery Corps and six heavy A. A. Battalions are ready to annihilate the U.S.A. troops in and near Bastogne. The order for firing will be given immediately after this two hours term.

All the serious civilian losses caused by this artillery fire would not correspond with the well-known American humanity.

The German Commander.


To the German Commander.


The American Commander.

U.S. Naval Academy graduate died relaying crucial information to first responders.

PENSACOLA, Fla. – A young graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, whose dream was to become a pilot, is being hailed a hero after he reportedly related crucial information about the identity of the Naval Air Station (NAS) Pensacola shooter to first responders, despite having been shot several times, a family member revealed.

Joshua Kaleb Watson, 23, was confirmed as one of the three victims who were killed Friday morning when Saudi national Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani opened fire on a flight training program for foreign military personnel, Adam Watson revealed in a Facebook post.

In an interview to air Sunday with Fox News’ Chris Wallace, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said all three victims were Americans. Two were members of the U.S. Navy, a senior Pentagon official told Fox News.

Watson’s father Benjamin told USA Today that his son was the officer on deck at the time of the shooting and sustained at least five gunshot wounds before being able to make it out to relay important information about the shooter before succumbing to his injuries.

“Heavily wounded, he made his way out to flag down first responders and gave an accurate description of the shooter,” he told the outlet. “He died serving his country.”