The eastern religions call it Kharma. The principle in Christianity is You reap what you sow. Either one, it’s playing with fire, and with what the demoncraps and their allies are doing, it’s not the minimal getting the fingers burned level.

Death as a Political Tool

If you’ve been paying attention for the last ten years or so in particular, you may have noticed in how many ways political leftists in this country love death.  Not their own, but the deaths of otherwise anonymous American citizens whom they’ve never met, care nothing about, and clearly consider deserving of sacrifice for their policy objectives.

These progressives, globalists, socialists, or any other synonym you wish to append to the ghouls who harvest souls for their own advancement think nothing of choosing who lives and who dies.  They do it all the time, and that’s just to seize power they don’t have yet.  Imagine what our country will look like if or when they are fully in control, as they thought they’d be in 2016 and hope to be again soon.

This week, we’ve been treated to the spectacle of Democrats in Congress using a national health catastrophe that is killing people daily, and bankrupting those who live, to extort political agenda items from the country while it suffers exponentially by the day.

We’ve seen the Democrat governor of Nevada issue an executive order banning the use of a drug that is shown to cure people with COVID-19, apparently on the basis that President Trump identified it as a means of stopping the virus in its tracks, to the benefit of the country and its economy.

They would rather exact petty victories and hide cures than defeat the illness and save American lives because the more people who die, the more they can blame Trump in November for a crisis he has responded to with every ounce of energy and determination.  The more people suffer economically, the worse for Trump and the better for them.

In the relief bill, which remains stalled in Congress, they’ve inserted a provision that pays people more to be on unemployment than they made when they worked, and there are still people who can’t figure out why it’s in the bill.  If you pay people more to be unemployed than they earned, they’ll choose to be unemployed, which raises the unemployment figure, which hurts the economy and, thus, hurts Trump.  Sure, those people will become less employable and more dependent on public benefits, but how else to you buy votes?  It certainly isn’t by offering independence and success, as that rotten Trump has done.

The virus, however, is merely the latest embrace of death and suffering imposed upon us by these folks.  Abortion is the easiest example.  Isn’t it ironic that the left decries Trump’s failure to singlehandedly defeat a virus, and blame him for causing deaths, when they actively encourage and enable the deaths of hundreds of thousands of children a year?  For piles of cash.  That’s an easy one, but it is one of many.

What about illegal immigration?  Every year, American citizens are killed by the hundreds and injured or maimed by the thousands across this country by people who have no legal right or reason to be here.  Yet they are here at the express invitation of the left, under their clear and dedicated protection.

Whether it is drunk driving, murders, gang violence, burglaries, assaults, rapes, molestation, or any other product of whatever culture we are supposed to celebrate, the crime and the suffering forced upon the victims is immeasurable.  Though this is unmistakably clear to any rational observer, the solution has been not to change course, but to double down.

Sanctuary cities, sanctuary states, bought prosecutors and judges — all work together to hide such people from federal authorities who would protect us from violence and tragedy.  You may have noticed, as I have, that leftist politicians and their loved ones never seem to be the ones who die, or suffer, or are even remotely inconvenienced when lives are torn apart.

The effects of their policies are borne by the nameless, faceless people who gain nothing from the votes the perpetrators will eventually offer up to the progressives.  But that is a price the leftists are perfectly willing to have someone else pay.

Maybe you’ve noticed that not only do leftists love for children to be in schools deemed “gun-free zones,” but they fight like hell to make sure that no one in those schools can prevent the deaths that become so useful to the advancement of their agenda.

We are then offered the spectacle of the anti–Second Amendment politicians briefly leaving the protective cocoon of their armed security detail to tell us how unacceptable it would be for teachers and school administrators to be able to kill a gunman whose primary inducement in his choice of location is that no one will shoot back for a good, long time.

Those aren’t their children or grandchildren we’re mourning.  Those are expendable children.

Perhaps it’s sad, theoretically, that their lives were snuffed out by a triggered lunatic protected by laws passed by liberals that prevented the shooter’s preemptive commitment to an institution, whether psychological or criminal, but their families have the comfort of knowing that their children died to eradicate the Second Amendment.  They were offered up so that we can eventually be a nation of unarmed, subservient workers ruled by the politicians who willingly sacrificed those children so they can be the ones on top when the dust settles, sans bullet holes.

The cynical, bald-faced lie that runs through each of these examples is that the left values the lives of “innocents,” but leftists have defined that term differently from how we would.  To them, women who don’t act responsibly to prevent pregnancy are victims who must be protected.  The children have to be sacrificed so the women can live the lives no one took from them.

Illegal aliens who came here to prey upon our society, but who leftists believe will eventually be voting dependents, are innocent victims who must be protected.  We are told they have the “spark of divinity.”  The Americans whom these blessed and protected victims have killed or maimed were necessary sacrifices.

While progressives preach that some people are so important that we must prevent their prospective victimhood, their own policies furnish the actual victims necessary to maintain the charade that unfortunate deaths keep occurring and must be stopped while enabling them by the hundreds of thousands.

And here we are again.  The more people who die from coronavirus, the better the progressives think their chances will be in November.  They can rationalize that they aren’t actually killing the victims; the illness is.  But as they seek to create discord and strife between the president and his experts, thereby making his efforts less effective and immediate, they obviously know that time is of the essence.

The longer it takes to get this under complete control, the more people will die, and they will blame Trump.  If they can ban the use of medicines in their states that would reverse the severity and duration of the virus, more people will die, but they can blame Trump. If they didn’t order enough ventilators for their own states when they could have done so, but instead dedicated their resources to abortions, and protecting violent criminals, and green energy that doesn’t work, and people die, they can blame Trump.

All roads lead to the same place.  Death advances every item on the agenda.  Cause it, pretend to cry about it, and then cause some more.  For the left, death is business, and on the political left, business is booming.

Perpetrator Perforation

Good Samaritans help bring down man accused of shooting at Fresno police officers

FRESNO, Calif. (FOX26) — A couple of good Samaritans helped police stop a man accused of shooting at officers in Fresno.

Just after 5:30 pm Tuesday, Fresno Police were patrolling in the area of Belmont and Valeria when they spotted a 2006 Nissan speeding.

Officers tried to pull over the car, but the driver refused to stop and sped off.

The driver led police on a short chase and ended up crashing near Valeria and Grant.

After the crash, the driver hopped out of the car with a pump shotgun.

He then reportedly aimed it at the officers and began firing at them.

After firing a couple of rounds, he then turned around and started to run away from officers.

During this time, a good Samaritan was walking down the street and spotted the guy running toward him with a shotgun.

That good Samaritan turned out to be a CCW holder and pulled out his gun to defend himself.

He fired one time at the suspect, making him fall to the ground.

The suspect got back up and ran to a nearby apartment complex, where he tried to break into a unit.

Another good Samaritan saw what was going on and tackled the suspect.

He held the suspect down until officers could catch up and arrest him.

Police say the driver was hit once in the chest by a bullet.

He was taken to Community Regional Medical Center to have his injuries treated.

He will be facing two counts of attempted murder on a peace officer, as well as other gun-related charges.

Police are still searching for the passenger that bailed from the car.

Did Chuck Schumer Just Threaten Gorsuch and Kavanaugh? Sure Looks That Way.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer appeared to threaten Trump-appointed Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch over their potential votes in the first abortion case before the Supreme Court with the new conservative majority, during a #MyRightMyDecision rally outside the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

“I want to tell you, Gorsuch, I want to tell you, Kavanaugh: You have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price,” Schumer said to a chorus of cheers. “You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”

That sounds like a threat to me, which means that Chuck Schumer violated the law. According to 18 U.S. Code § 115, whoever threatens a federal official, “with intent to impede, intimidate, or interfere with such official, judge, or law enforcement officer while engaged in the performance of official duties, or with intent to retaliate against such official, judge, or law enforcement officer on account of the performance of official duties, shall be punished” by a fine or imprisonment of as much as ten years.

Chief Justice John Roberts calls Sen. Chuck Schumer comments ‘dangerous’ threats

……..Several hours later, after Schumer’s comments ricochetted across social media, Roberts issued a statement through a court spokeswoman.

“Justices know that criticism comes with the territory, but threatening statements of this sort from the highest levels of government are not only inappropriate, they are dangerous,” Roberts said in the statement. “All Members of the Court will continue to do their job, without fear or favor, from whatever quarter.”………….

“To me this sounds like he’s talking about a physical price, violence,” said Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., in an emotional statement from the Senate floor. “These are members of the Supreme Court — he the minority leader of the United States. … I believe these statements are outrageous. They’re uncalled for. They’re out of bounds. And on their face, they appear to invite violence against members of the Supreme Court.”

Brawl breaks out at Bernie Sanders rally over ‘Black Guns Matter’ shirt

A brawl broke out at a Bernie Sanders rally in Colorado on Sunday when a supporter of the Vermont senator confronted another man for wearing a T-shirt that read “Black Guns Matter,” a report said.

The man sporting the shirt, who is black, told CBS Denver that he was recording the presidential hopeful at the Colorado Convention Center when another rally attendee called him “racist” because of his shirt.

“He had a problem with the shirt I was wearing,” the man, who was not identified, told the news station.

“I was recording the event, he walks up and calls me a racist. But I thought, ‘What’s he know about black lives, about discrimination, or, for that matter, the representation of the shirt.’”

At some point during the confrontation, the two men began wrestling and the scuffle spilled over a metal barrier that separated the crowd from the stage, video captured by the news channel shows.

The Bernie bro told CBS Denver that the fight escalated when he heard the other man booing Sanders.

The Sanders supporter, who told the station his name is Tyler, claimed the T-shirt-wearing man knocked his cellphone out of his hand and attacked him.

He then retaliated and wrestled with him as the senator spoke, he told the station.

But the man wearing the shirt — who says he agrees with Sanders on some policies, but not on gun control — said he was shocked at being physically confronted at a political rally.

“I think it’s really a sad thing at a Bernie rally, when someone has a difference of opinion, that someone would be treated like that,” he told CBS Denver.

“I thought it really would be a lot more inclusive than that. It’s not a safe place to express differences.”

He added: “I would expect that sort of thing at a Trump rally.”

Cane sword-wielding Dunnellon man accused of threatening Trump supporters

Around my neck of the woods, this man would be lucky to be alive.

James L. Whitehurst II faces 10 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

DUNNELLON — A 49-year-old Dunnellon (Florida) man accused of threatening multiple people favorable to President Donald Trump, was arrested and charged with 10 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of disorderly conduct by police.

On Thursday, Officer Megan Feliciani of the Dunnellon Police Department was called to the 11300 block of North Williams Street to investigate an armed man at a gathering where people were holding pro-Trump signs.

The victims told an officer that a man, later identified as James L. Whitehurst II, had approached them during their peaceful assembly with what was described as a cane sword in hand. The officer was told Whitehurst pointed the sword in their faces and made threatening statements.

The sword was allegedly 6 inches from their faces, according to the victims, and they felt afraid.

Feliciani spoke with Whitehurst, who told her he removed the sword from its holder and pointed it at the Trump supporters. He told the officer he meant no harm.

Whitehurst was arrested after and taken to the Marion County Jail.


Man Deliberately Crashes Van Into GOP Voter Registration Tent, Targeting Trump Campaign Volunteers

Law enforcement officials in Jacksonville, Fla., say a driver intentionally crashed a van into a tent where Trump campaign volunteers were registering voters Saturday afternoon.

Thankfully, no one was injured.

“We are investigating this as an aggravated assault,” Lt. Larry Gayle of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said. “Several people were in the area and could have been seriously hurt.”

According to Gayle, after plowing through the tent, the driver stopped, got out of the van, then took a video of the scene before flipping off the victims and fleeing the scene. Despite this, Gayle says they don’t know the motivation of the suspect, “but, we are just starting the investigation.”

Obviously they don’t want to speculate, but the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office should be treating this incident as a potential hate crime—just as they most certainly would be if the victims were minorities and the suspect was caucasian.

Gun Control? After Mar-a-Lago attack, maybe it’s time to talk about Bernie-supporter control

So what does Homeland Security do instead ?
They come by and webcrawl this site. Hi Fellas!
Springfield   February 1, 2020
Springfield   January 30, 2020
Springfield   January 29, 2020
Washington January 29, 2020
IP Address:
Name:ONENETHandle: NET-216-81-80-0-1
Registration Date: 5/7/08
Handle: DHS-37
Address: Department of Homeland Security 300 7th St SW
City: Washington
State/Province: DCPostal Code: 20024
Country: United States

Well, then again, maybe they just have good taste.

Strike two. Another apparent Bernie Sanders supporter has struck again in an act of violence against a Republican. According to

Hannah Roemhild, a Connecticut opera singer who posted negative things about President Donald Trump on Facebook, was named by authorities as the woman accused of breaching security checkpoints at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

One post on her Facebook page contained a sign reading “not my president” in reference to Trump. In 2016, she indicated support for Bernie Sanders on social media. She’s a registered Democrat, according to Connecticut records.

Roemhild drove a black SUV through two security checkpoints at Mar-a-Lago, leading to shots being fired by authorities protecting Trump’s Palm Beach property, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department.

That’s the story emerging as news comes out that the scary car-assault attack on Mar-a-Lago, President Trump’s Florida home, from a driver in an SUV who ran two checkpoints and barreled toward the president’s estate, using an automobile as a weapon.

It’s scarier still that the Secret Service did not manage to shoot the attacker dead in what had all the earmarks of an attempted assassination. Instead, they saw the assailant get away and even stop in traffic to pick up another person, until street-camera license plate readers enabled lawmen to catch up with the driver’s bullet-ridden SUV parked out front at an old motel and arrest her. Shooting sounds harsh, but note that all sorts of violent characters — Iranian terrorists, Antifa, etc. — are watching how this violent act went down and are taking notes.

Roemhild’s act represented some kind of derangement at work, possibly drug derangement, but also Trump derangement. Her still-open Facebook page is loaded with pictures of pink pussy hats, “not my president” drivel, anti-Trump caricatures, and the pro-Bernie posts.

Which rather sounds like another assassination-minded Bernie supporter out there, James Hodgkinson, the attempted assassin of House GOP leader Steve Scalise in 2017.

Sanders disavowed any association with Hodginson, and most people gave him a pass.

But then at least one other report came out, just two weeks ago, from investigative reporter James O’Keefe, who exposed the words of a Sanders insider who’s still on the payroll.

I wrote about him here:

…James O’Keefe released an undercover video of a top-line paid Iowa staffer, Kyle Jurek, praising gulags, re-education camps, burning cities, beaten cops, and killing anyone who resists the “revolution” as the plan all along.  Worse still, he said the Bernie campaign was loaded with such people, and Bernie’s moderate claims were a mask.

And at least some Bernie supporters were involved in some of these acts I described here in a blog post about Democrat doxxing outrages, 2018:

The near murder of Rep. Steve Scalise shot on a baseball field by a crazed Bernie Sanders supporter with a gun.

The heinous assault on Paul himself by a crazed leftist neighbor, leaving him with injured lungs and at least five broken ribs, along with the astonishingly light sentence this violent brute got.

The open plotting of violence and assassinations against Republicans by leftist communist thugs, in the wake of a long series of antifa vandalisms at universities over conservative speakers.

The restaurant mob chaseout of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, led by a Department of Justice employee acting in consort with her Democratic Socialists of America cohorts.

The restaurant chaseout of White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders by a crazed leftwing restaurant owner who apparently followed her party to the next restaurant to keep protesting.

The restaurant chaseout of Sen. Ted Cruz by a leftist mob over his support for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

The stalking and harassing of Rep. Devin Nunes by an apparently leftist weirdo still unknown.

At the time of the Scalise schooting, the New York Times called the Scalise attack “a test” for Bernie:

WASHINGTON — The most ardent supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders have long been outspoken about their anger toward Republicans — and in some cases toward Democrats. Their idol, the senator from Vermont, has called President Trump a “demagogue” and said recently that he was “perhaps the worst and most dangerous president in the history of our country.”

Now, in Mr. Sanders’s world, his fans have something concrete to grapple with: James T. Hodgkinson, a former volunteer for Mr. Sanders’s presidential campaign, is suspected of opening fire on Republican lawmakers practicing baseball in Alexandria, Va.

That shooting on Wednesday, which wounded four people, may prove to be an unexpected test for a movement born out of Mr. Sanders’s left-wing, populist politics and a moment for liberals to figure out how to balance anger at Mr. Trump with inciting violence.

But it wasn’t a test at all, because Bernie did nothing. Most people gave Bernie a pass for Hodgkinson, dismissing him as an anomaly. Sanders also did nothing about the O’Keefe revelations, not even firing the staffer. The only response was to send a staffer to Twitter to dismiss the video as “political gossip.” And now this Mar-a-Lago attack shows an increasingly pattern of violence.

There’s a lot of talk of gun control out there to prevent mass shootings, but the problem always comes down to an issue of culture. There’s some kind of cultural problem going wrong inside the Bernie camp. Bernie Sanders should be speaking out loudly about the propensity of violence coming from his supporters and taking steps to “re-educate” them, same way Starbucks sought to re-educate its employees after an incident around a non-paying customer taking up table space was deemed racist. He’s not even admitting a problem. Instead of gun control, maybe it’s time to talk about Bernie supporter control.

Sanders Campaign Rocked Again: More Staff Caught Advocating Violence Against Opponents

2020 Democratic Party presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) campaign was rocked again on Tuesday after James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released more undercover footage exposing paid Sanders campaign staffers appearing to advocate for violence against political opponents.

The new video from Project Veritas allegedly shows Sanders campaign South Carolina field organizers Mason Baird and Daniel Taylor advocating for “extreme action” and “militancy” against political opponents and private property.

Remembering James Hodgkinson.

As I noted earlier, James O’Keefe released a series of videos today that feature a Bernie Sanders campaign worker named Kyle Jurek. They are in the usual undercover format used by Project Veritas. Jurek says many shocking things. He promises that Milwaukee will “burn” if Sanders doesn’t get the Democratic nomination, and vows to attack police officers. He endorses the Soviet Gulag in particular, and Communist re-education camps in general. He talks about “revolution” and suggests that anyone who opposes the Bernie Sanders revolution will be shot. He comes out against free speech. Jurek advocates sentencing billionaires to hard labor “breaking rocks” and approves of Antifa. His language is vulgar and threats of violence are interspersed through his conversation.

Democrats are already in damage control mode on Twitter. You can see the Project Veritas videos as well as some of the Democrats’ responses on O’Keefe’s Twitter feed. Democrats describe Jurek as a volunteer, which he isn’t. He is a paid staffer in Iowa (or was until today). He was described as a “top-tier organizer” by Sanders’ senior campaign officials in Iowa, who have now closed down their social media accounts.

One Democrat on Twitter described Jurek as “a random, drunk, low-level organizer for Bernie.” That’s really the question: how typical of the Bernie movement is this thoroughly disgusting creature? O’Keefe says the Jurek videos are only the beginning, and he hints that there are more videos coming, featuring more Sanders employees and volunteers. We will see.

Meanwhile, there is one thing we can say for sure. To paraphrase John Lennon, Kyle Jurek may be a violent Communist dreamer, but he’s not the only one. James Hodgkinson, another Bernie Bro, has already done some of the worst things that Jurek threatens.

The liberal press has tried to bury the fact that Hodgkinson, a Sanders volunteer and hard-core labor unionist, shot up a group of Republican Congressmen, and would have succeeded in murdering the House Majority Whip, but for the miracles of modern medicine. In that case, Sanders was quick to condemn political violence. If asked, I suppose he would distance himself from Jurek, too. But how many more are there where Hodgkinson and Jurek came from? How extreme is the Bernie Sanders movement, really?

How liberals are allowing anti-Semitism to flourish.

Anti-Semitic attacks continue to shake our city and state. Last week, eight attacks — including four in just in 48 hours — sent a familiar shockwave rippling through the Jewish community. Then Saturday came the horrific stabbing in Monsey, New York. The poison of Jew-hatred is spreading.

Like many of you, I’m thinking, “Not this subject again.” How many columns can be devoted to it? I’ve read them. I’ve written them. It’s exhausting, and it’s dreary. Jews are being beaten up, anti-Semitism flows some years and ebbs in others. So what?

But it matters — gravely.

Mayor de Blasio released his usual by-the-numbers statement. “Hate doesn’t have a home in our city,” he tweeted. But hate does have a home here, and it has found it while Hizzoner has mostly looked away.

The mayor added: “In light of recent anti-Semitic attacks, the NYPD will increase their presence in Borough Park, Crown Heights and Williamsburg.” But the recent attacks have spread to Midtown Manhattan and Gravesend, Brooklyn. The problem has gotten worse while inaction paralyzed the mayor.

I first wrote about the uptick in May. The reason the city’s liberal political class was ignoring it, I ­argued, is that the criminals don’t fit their picture of Evil Bigots. They aren’t, for the most part, MAGA-hat wearing white guys with tiki torches. In fact, many of the attackers are people of color, as investigative reporting by Tablet’s Armin Rosen and others has shown.

Imagine if they were white ­nationalists. How much faster would the mayor and other city leaders have taken action?


When it came to discussing the recent shooting at the Jersey City kosher supermarket by two Black Hebrew Israelites, reporting was startlingly sparse on the particulars surrounding the murders. As Bethany Mandel of Ricochet noted, many key details appeared purposely omitted, including but not limited to, the fact that video footage suggested the perpetrators’ initial target was a school full of Jewish children; that the perpetrators had a significant amount of ammunition; and that videos taken after the attack revealed many in the neighborhood blamed the Jews for the attack. Even following the killings, I am not sure if even one media outlet reported on the fact that a school board member in Jersey City, referring to Jews as “brutes,” essentially defended the murders as a natural response to too many Jews moving into the area.

The “social justice” arena in the United States, where most issues related to racial discrimination get siloed, is occupied primarily by those on the left. Thus, the growing problem is now groups traditionally in the business of confronting hate are less interested in doing so if they are unable to attribute the Jew-hatred to Trump or Republicans. If that anti-semitism is emanating from corners traditionally occupied by the left, the advocacy figures and media talking heads show an alarming and frankly disturbing indifference.

Signature Gathering to Repeal Gun Control Measure Turns Ugly in WA

An ambitious grassroots effort to repeal a gun control initiative passed by Washington State voters in 2018 allegedly turned ugly over the weekend when one of the highest profile volunteer signature gatherers was apparently the victim of verbal attacks by two different men outside a major sporting goods outlet, when both of them made remarks that could be interpreted as threats.

Jane Milhans, a veteran rights activist, certified firearms instructor and president of the Tacoma Rifle & Revolver Club—who also is a home invasion survivor—told liberty Park Press one of the men actually asked her, “Do you want me to shoot your now, or later?”

According to Milhans, when two other volunteers confronted the man a few minutes later, he apparently denied making the statement and drove away.

Apparently the police were not called.

Greta Thunberg tells cheering crowd ‘we will make sure we put world leaders against the wall’ if they do not tackle global warming as she attends climate protest in Turin.

#1 – Who is “We?”
#2 –

Greta Thunberg told cheering protesters today ‘we will make sure we put world leaders against the wall’ if they fail to take urgent action on climate change.

The Swedish teen activist was addressing the crowd at a Fridays for Future protest in Turin, Italy.

She arrived there from Madrid where she had been attending the UN climate summit but said she feared the event would not lead to change.