Alleged al-Qaeda Jihadis Caught Trying to Enter U.S. with Fake Colombian Passports

Woohoo Paul. Wazzup down there?

American authorities identified and apprehended three Syrian nationals accused of belonging to al-Qaeda in Dallas, Texas, from Colombia, the Colombian news agency RCN reported on Thursday, publishing images of the three individuals’ fake passports.

According to RCN, American law enforcement identified the three individuals as Al Raefee, Tuameh Tuameh, and Al Harari Al Harari. The three are believed to be in U.S. custody, soon to be charged with membership in a terrorist organization. The men appear to have entered Colombia through Venezuela, where they acquired Colombian residency paperwork, a government identification card, and a Colombian passport through an illegal documentation network.

Journalist Luis Carlos Vélez published images of the counterfeit passports on Twitter, noting that the men appeared to have crossed into Colombia through the La Guajira border crossing with Venezuela. Reports have not yet specified how the Syrians entered Venezuela or how long they had spent in the country after leaving Syria. Vélez reportedly stated that the U.S. embassy identified them as al-Qaeda terrorists when they attempted to procure U.S. visas, which does not align with the RCN report that police arrested them in Dallas. The RCN report does not note if Dallas authorities arrested them at the airport, which would suggest the men did receive U.S. visas and got onboard a flight to the country, or if they arrived by other means.

Presidents have been working around the foreign affairs bureaucracy forever, simply because the foreign affairs bureaucraps suck.

Democrats on House Impeachment Team Voted Against the Aid Package for Ukraine They Want to Impeach Trump Over (Video)

Standard operational demoncrap hypocrisy.

The Democrat Party and their colleagues in the liberal mainstream media want to impeach President Trump for not sending lethal aid to the Ukraine quick enough.

President Trump waited 55 days before releasing taxpayer-funded US aid to the Ukrainian government in 2019.
Democrats want you to believe this was a “crime or misdemeanor”.

Those same Democrats on the House Impeachment Team VOTED AGAINST the aid package to the Ukraine last year!

Three of the House Impeachment Managers voted AGAINST Aid to Ukraine.
Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY)Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) and Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) all voted against the bill that included the aid to Ukraine.

And Jerrold Nadler voted against the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018 that included aid to Ukraine.

This is the Virginia Delegate who submitted the proposed ban, try to explain it. What the video does is expose that he’s clueless and that means he didn’t write the law. All he’s doing is being the moronic puppet for whoever wants this law i.e. Bloomberg.

“One wonders if Delegate Levine is ever embarrassed by his blatant lack of knowledge.”..Eric Tank

New Magnifiers and Scope from EOTECH | SHOT Show 2020

We got to see some cool new things at the EOTECH booth at SHOT Show this year. Here’s a run-down on the new G43, G45, and G30 magnifiers as well as the new Vudu 1-8×24 scope.


First up is the G43 Magnifier. It is a 3x magnifier with a flip to side mount. The G43 is a smaller version of the G33 magnifier. It comes in black for now.

Here is EOTECH's new G43 Magnifier.
Here is EOTECH’s new G43 Magnifier.


Next up in the new magnifier range is the G45. It’s built in a similar form factor as the G33 it boasts 5x magnification instead of the 3x of the G33. This one also comes only in black for now.

EOTECH G45 Magnifier
EOTECH G45 Magnifier


Another new product in EOTech’s new magnifier range is the G30. Made for the budget-minded user, the G30 is also comparable to the G33. It comes in at less than half the cost and offers the same 3x magnification range. Its built in a similar form factor as the G33, but boasts 5x magnification instead of the 3x of the G33. This one also comes only in black for now.

EOTECH G30 Magnifier - seen at SHOT Show 2020.
EOTECH G30 Magnifier

Vudu 1-8×24 scope

The Vudu 1-8×24 scope is a second focal plane scope, meaning the reticle is the same size no matter where you are on the magnification range. It comes with an HC3 reticle which is a BDC reticle with a half MOA center dot and 4 hashes on the verticle for quick shots at distance.

Here's the EOTECH Vudu 1-8x24SFP Scope on display at the booth.
Here’s the EOTECH Vudu 1-8x24SFP Scope on display at the booth.

Puerto Rico hit by a 5.0 quake amid ongoing seismic activity.

Well, that is a diverse place.

A 5.0 magnitude earthquake hit southern Puerto Rico on Saturday at a shallow depth, raising concerns about unstable infrastructure in a region that has been hit by quakes every day for nearly a month.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake occurred at a depth of eight miles (13 kilometers) around the southern coastal town of Guayanilla, located close to the epicenters of most of the recent earthquakes. At least one small landslide was reported.

 Trump at the March for Life Seals Irrelevancy of Never Trumpers.

Even Reagan never did this.
Trump did it because he’s Trump.

Like Donald Trump, I attended my first March for Life this year. I didn’t march. Instead, I was there to record the faces and screams of the angry ugly left as I often do at these sorts of events.

Stunningly, the angry ugly left didn’t show up. That’s understandable because whenever the momentum is against the left, they ignore their opposition. I see this firsthand all the time when it comes to voter fraud and especially when racial discrimination is done by the traditional victims of discrimination.

What did become clear was that Never Trump Republicans looked even more ridiculous at the end of the March for Life than they did that morning.

Trump was embraced by the largest gathering of pro-life Americans and Trump embraced them. Trump at the March for Life:

Sadly, the far-left is actively working to erase our God-given rights, shut down faith-based charities, ban religious believers from the public square, and silence Americans who believe in the sanctity of life. They are coming after me because I am fighting for you and we are fighting for those who have no voice.

Never Trump Republicans can’t imagine a man like Trump attending the March for Life.

Never Trumpism is built on a foundation of sanctimony.

These sanctimonious few don’t like how Trump speaks. They don’t like his bombast. They don’t like his past. He’s not George Bush.

Get over it. He’s winning.

‘Ready To Move On’: David Axelrod Says Focus Group Of Democrats Didn’t Care About Impeachment

By November the demoncrap electorate will have nearly forgotten about this. I hope the Republican electorate hasn’t and thrashes the opposition hip and thigh.

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Don’t count on hearing from Hunter Biden or the fake whistleblower, folks. – Adam Schiff, in his closing arguments Friday night, pounded the final nail into the coffin on the question of whether any witnesses will ultimately be called in this national disgrace of a Senate trial against President Donald Trump.

In the  midst of repeating himself for about the 256th time over the past three days, ol’ Bugeyes made the mistake of tossing in something new, referring to a completely false CBS News report, citing only a “Trump confidant” – which could mean the Mooch – alleging that GOP senators were warned “Vote against the president and your head will be on a pike.” Many witnesses present in the Senate chamber said that audible gasps could be heard throughout the room, including from some of Pencil Neck’s own House colleagues:

More to the point, Schiff’s reference to an obvious piece of despicable fake news pissed off some of the key GOP RINOs he had supposedly been trying to influence to vote in favor of calling witnesses during this trial, including Lisa Murkowski…:

…and Susan Collins:

Now, Collins and Murkowski are perpetually malleable as they tirelessly do their best to remain “open-minded” to siding with Democrats on an array of issues, but Schiff just handed them an ironclad reason to hold firm with their own Party for once. Now, when they go home to face their constituents and are asked why they voted not to call witnesses, they can simply recite Pencil Neck’s outright lying and utter lack of good faith as their justification.

Of course, the reality is that the Democrats in the Senate have been bluffing about calling witnesses all along. Doing so would prolong this disgrace for many weeks, given that any subpoenas would inevitably be challenged in federal court, and nobody wants that, not even Chuck Schumer’s imaginary, chair-stealing friend.

The senators involved in the presidential primaries – The Commie, Lieawatha, Amy Klobuchar and some guy from Colorado named Bennett – most certainly don’t want to spend several months tied up in the Senate chamber in what they all know to be a sham impeachment trial. So there was never really going to be any “deal” on calling witnesses to begin with, something Schumer basically admitted in a rare moment of candor on Thursday.

For Schumer and his Democrat senate caucus, this sham trial has been far more about establishing narratives for the Fall general election campaigns against vulnerable GOP senators than it has been about actually winning any votes or calling any witnesses. That has been clear from the start.

Given all of this, here’s the timetable we should anticipate as this impeachment scam winds down:

  • Starting today, the Trump defense team will present a very detailed rebuttal case;
  • That rebuttal case will not consume the defense’s entire 24 hours of floor time – expect Trump’s team to wrap up either Monday evening or early afternoon on Tuesday, much to the relief of the exhausted senators;
  • The defense will file a motion to dismiss immediately following its closing arguments;
  • The Democrat House Managers will file an alternative motion to call additional witnesses;
  • At least 52 GOP senators, and possibly all 53 of them, will vote to dismiss without calling any witnesses. Democrats Doug Jones of Alabama and/or Joe Manchin of West Virginia will likely join them;

The entire disgusting and disgraceful process will be blessedly over by COB on Thursday.

And then the Democrats – with the full support of the nation’s corrupt news media – will move onto the next scam in their never-ending coup d’etat.

They will never stop, until the voters stop them.

That is all.

Do we have a gun problem, or a government problem?

Following Monday’s 22,000-plus strong rally in Richmond, Virginia – which Gov. Northam claimed was “some kind of über-Klan rally of white supremacists,” but the only arrest was for an LGBT activist who refused to remove her mask – the state’s Democratic lawmakers proceeded to push through a gun-control bill one day later. I don’t think Virginia politicians realize what a hornet’s nest they’re stirring.

Despite all evidence to the contrary – and believe me, the left pays no attention whatever to evidence – progressives persist in their illogical, irrational mantra: “Guns kill people. If we outlawed guns, it would not be possible to kill people. So let’s outlaw guns. People have nothing to do with it; it’s all the gun’s fault. Except guns in the hands of white people, of course. What are you, a racist?”

You see, progressives believe in a government solution for everything. Why aren’t they calling to outlaw automobiles whenever a car-related tragedy occurs? Because deep down they know the car didn’t cause the tragedy. “Blaming criminal actions on guns is like blaming financial crimes on money,” observes Dr. Michael Hurd. “If there were no money, financial crimes would not be possible. I am sick of the lecturing and sermonizing of anti-gun zealots. ‘Oh, I hate guns,’ they say, with sneering and condescending superiority. The implication is that to hate guns is to hate the kind of violence we too often see take place. What rational person could not detest that horrific violence? But the issue is not guns; the issue is in whose hands the guns are located. The peaceful people who own guns for self-defense are not causing this violence. The people who will continue to commit acts of violence or terrorism will continue to do so, whether we confiscate the guns from peace-loving people, or not.” [Emphasis in original.]

As Monday’s rally abundantly illustrated, the promised violence was not originating from gun owners. Historically, violent protests originate from the left: from antifa, from Black Lives Matter, from other progressive groups whose savagery makes a mockery of peaceful law-abiding gun-owners nationwide.

The left wants to take away every possible chance for citizens to defend themselves. What progressives don’t want to admit is this: We don’t have a gun problem. We have a government problem. Big time.

Ironically, the group that would suffer the most from a gun ban is the group progressives purportedly champion the most: Women. Firearms are the great equalizer, allowing smaller and weaker women to defend themselves against bigger and stronger aggressors. And – news flash – those bigger and stronger aggressors usually have guns, often illegally.

Here’s an example of how a single mom prevented untold tragedy for her and her two daughters by merely indicating she had a handgun. She didn’t have to shoot anyone or engage in unnecessary dramatics. All she had to do was make sure the bad guys knew she was armed. “The mere sight of the firearm at my side did not cause violence. It prevented the violence that was brewing,” she writes. “If you call yourself a feminist, why in the world would you be against the one thing that could keep you the safest and empower you the most?”

Yet the left wants to return women to a weak and vulnerable state, despite firearms being the ultimate empowerment tool. Um, logic?

It’s the bullies who want to ban guns to make their potential victims helpless. Those who publicly support firearms ownership – many of them women – report how online bullies begin a harassment campaign against them, often involving violent fantasies of mayhem against children or other vulnerable family members. And this is supposed to convince peace-loving people they should be disarmed? As one of the signs at Virginia’s rally said, “Making good people helpless won’t make bad people harmless.”

I don’t think Gov. Northam or the Virginia legislature realize what a sleeping giant they poked – not just in Virginia, but the whole nation. Every state is closely watching to see what other unconstitutional legislation the Virginia Democrats will try to pass. Sure, they can pass a lot of junk. But enforce it? Think again……………

Report: Protective Masks Are Useless – Coronavirus Also Spreads Through The EYES

As infectious disease specialists and epidemiologists race to contain the outbreak of the novel coronavirus centered on Wuhan, China, they’re getting back up that’s been possible only since the explosion in genetic technologies: a deep-dive into the DNA of the virus known as 2019-nCoV.

Analyses of the viral genome are already providing clues to the origins of the outbreak and even possible ways to treat the infection, a need that is becoming more urgent by the day: Early on Saturday in China, health officials reported 15 new fatalities in a single day, bringing the death toll to 41. There are now nearly 1,100 confirmed cases there.

More bad news came in as expert claims that deadly coronavirus can be spread through the EYES after he contracted the disease, despite wearing a protective mask.

Dr. Wang Guangfa has now theorized the similar coronavirus may be transmitted through the eye after testing positive following an eye infection.

Mr. Wang was a leading figure in the fight against SARS virus that gripped China in 2003.

The doctor now says he believes he contracted the virus due to not donning protective eyewear.

Teresa Zhan, a pharmacist in Manhattan’s Chinatown, had not seen protective face masks sell out in her 10 years as an employee until this week, when China’s coronavirus arrived in the United States just days before Lunar New Year celebrations.

More than a dozen pharmacies in the tiny district had run out of face masks or only had a few left on Friday. Pharmacists said hundreds of locals had rushed to buy masks for protection from the newly discovered coronavirus that has killed 26 people in China and infected at least 800 others, including a case in Chicago and another near Seattle.


Man says he shot teen in self-defense

ANDERSON — A teenager was in serious condition Friday after he was shot multiple times by a man who said the teen was trying to rob him at gunpoint.

Darrian Parkhurst, 23, of Anderson told police he shot Quentin Steffler, 18, of Anderson in self-defense around 4:09 a.m. Friday, according to Maj. Joel Sandefur with the Anderson Police Department.

Parkhurst told police he shot Steffler multiple times after Steffler tried to rob him while Parkhurst was sitting in his car in the 1500 block of Nichol Avenue, Sandefur said.

Steffler was found in the roadway of Laurel Street, near the 1500 block of Nichol Avenue, with gunshot wounds, Sandefur said. Parkhurst stayed at the scene of the shooting until police arrived, then was taken to the police department for questioning. Police said he was not under arrest.

Sandefur said Steffler was transported to St. Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital for treatment, then to St. Vincent Indianapolis Hospital.

The case will remain under investigation until the Madison County Prosecutor’s office makes a final case disposition, according to Sandefur.

Boy Justified In Fatal Stabbing Of Home Invasion Suspect In Allentown

ALLENTOWN, N.J. (AP) – A juvenile who fatally stabbed a man who was attempting a home invasion robbery was justified in using deadly force because he acted in self-defense, authorities have determined. Luis Nieves, 48, forced open the door of an Allentown home around 5:30 p.m. Sunday and started attacking the youth, who lived in the home, according to the Lehigh County District Attorney’s office.

Nieves struck the youth with a metal cane during the struggle, and the boy stabbed Nieves.

Nieves and the youth were both taken to the hospital, where Nieves was pronounced dead a short time later. The youth, whose name and age were not released, was treated for undisclosed injuries and was later released.


Armed robber fatally shot at strip mall in case of self defense

The person pronounced dead in an armed robbery and shooting Thursday night in Allentown was the perpetrator of a robbery spree, authorities announced.

Darrell Mussa, 27, of the 1900 block of Glendale Ave. in West Bethlehem, had just robbed Pennsylvania Avenue Cold Beer and Beverages at gunpoint, about 8:45 p.m. at 1452 Pennsylvania Ave., Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin said in a news release.

Mussa then went next door to Drake’s Pizza in the Allentown strip mall on the border with Bethlehem and again displayed a handgun as he committed a second armed robbery, Martin said.

“While Mussa was committing that second robbery, the victim of the beverage facility robbery confronted Mussa inside Drake’s Pizza,” Martin says in the release.

The first victim was armed with a legally possessed semiautomatic handgun and shot Mussa as Mussa pointed his gun at the victim and was turning to flee, according to Martin.

Mussa made it into the parking lot where he collapsed and was later pronounced dead at a St. Luke’s University Health Network facility. Following an autopsy Friday, Mussa was found to have died of multiple gunshot wounds and Lehigh County Coroner Eric Minnich ruled the death homicide.

Victims thank good Samaritan who helped save their lives by opening fire at the man chasing them

A big “thank you” to a good Samaritan who helped save the lives of four people.

Police say a man chased four people after he yelled at them at Rusty’s Bar Thursday night.

The fight ended with a car crash and that good Samaritan opened fire.

Investigators say 53-year-old Henry Lesinak, Jr. started it all and now faces several charges.

We spoke with two of those people who ran for help: a mom and daughter on vacation, only in Cape Coral for one night.

They’re calling the man who saved them a hero.

Mom and daughter Ashley and Emily Gallagher say they’re grateful to be alive. All thanks to one Cape Coral man’s quick thinking.

“He’s an amazing person and he saved our lives and he’s a hero, he really is,” Ashley said.

A hero for saving them and two others from Lesniak who, they say, bought their group some drinks at Rusty’s downtown Thursday night.

“I think he was trying to hit on my daughter-in-law and definitely get her to go home with him, or whatever it was. And I think when he realized that wasn’t going to happen, that’s when he said we were taking advantage of him by spending his money,” Ashley said.

“All of a sudden, like, ‘boom,’ he turned violent, angry,” Emily said.

The group tried to leave and get in their car and that’s when, investigators say, Lesniak chased after them.

“That’s when we saw the white pickup truck and honestly, like, he had no choice but to say, like, yes. We kind of just screamed, ‘help,’ begging him to let us into his truck,” Emily said.

Behind the wheel of that white pickup truck? Amir Rossi.

“It just got heated and it got heated so quick,” Rossi said. “They ran in front of my car, they jumped in my truck and they were just like, ‘Go! Go! Go!” And the next thing I know, this guy’s reaching in my car trying to grab me up and that’s when I got my firearm and at that point, he realized that I had a gun and he backed off the car and he disappeared.”

But the story doesn’t end there. Police say Lesniak then rammed the good Samaritan’s truck several times.

That’s when Rossi pulled out his gun, fired several shots into the back of Lesniak’s truck and held him at gunpoint until police arrived.

“I just yelled out, like, ‘God, please help us. Save us. Make sure I go home alive and safe,’” Emily said. “God was with us; he definitely was.”

“I just did what I would want anybody to do for me and my family,” Rossi said. “I appreciate it. I don’t look at it as being a hero, I just look at it as doing what was necessary to be done to protect them.”

Those women will certainly have a story to tell when they go home; a bizarre story. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

The man who chased after the group now faces felony charges. [and a shot-up truck]

Does This Video Show Chuck Schumer Talking to an Invisible Person?

Yes, it’s Chuck-U and that is what it looks like to me too.
Whatever it is may be invisible to us, but it’s likely it was one of satan’s demonic minions. Schumer was just telling the imp to get out of his seat.
And you wonder why I call them demoncraps.

A ‘High-Level Exercise’ Conducted 3 Months Ago Showed That a Coronavirus Pandemic Could Kill 65 Million People

Just over three months ago, a “high-level pandemic exercise” entitled “Event 201” was held in New York City.  On October 18th the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in conjunction with the World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, brought together “15 leaders of business, government, and public health” to simulate a scenario in which a coronavirus pandemic was ravaging the planet.  The current coronavirus outbreak that originated in China did not begin until December, and so at that time it was supposedly just a hypothetical exercise.  The following comes from the official page for this event

The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. The exercise illustrated areas where public/private partnerships will be necessary during the response to a severe pandemic in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences.

I find it quite interesting that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was involved, because they are also financial backers of the institute that was granted a U.S. patent for “an attenuated coronavirus” in November 2018.

It appears that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has been quite interested in the threat posed by coronaviruses for quite some time.

Eric Toner, a researcher at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, spearheaded putting “Event 201” together.  In his scenario, a coronavirus outbreak had begun on Brazil’s pig farms

Toner’s simulation imagined a fictional virus called CAPS. The analysis, part of a collaboration with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, looked at what would happen if a pandemic originated in Brazil’s pig farms.

Even though the outbreak was quite limited at first, Toner’s scenario ultimately showed that a coronavirus pandemic could kill 65 million people

The pretend outbreak started small: Farmers began coming down with symptoms that resembled the flu or pneumonia. From there, the virus spread to crowded and impoverished urban neighborhoods in South America.

Flights were canceled, and travel bookings dipped by 45%. People disseminated false information on social media.

After six months, the virus had spread around the globe. A year later, it had killed 65 million people.

Let us certainly hope that this current outbreak does not evolve into that sort of a nightmare.

Chicago Coronavirus Patient Receiving Treatment at Hoffman Estates Hospital

This is the second confirmed case in the U.S. , the first being in Washington State (watch out up there oh Phat One!) Another pair of suspected cases in Texas are a student at Texas A&M and a student at Baylor Uni. That’s not to mentions the dozens of people who were exposed during the flights to here.

The woman diagnosed with coronavirus in Chicago has been receiving treatment at a suburban Hoffman Estates hospital, a hospital system spokesman said.

The Chicago resident in her 60s returned from Wuhan, China — the epicenter of a recent outbreak — on Jan. 13 and was later hospitalized, a state epidemiologist with the Illinois Department of Public Health said.

The patient was last reported in stable condition and was being monitored in isolation at AMITA Health St. Alexius Medical Center Hoffman Estates, according to a news release.

The newly discovered virus, identified by Chinese authorities, has killed at least 41 people, sickened hundreds and prompted lockdowns of cities ahead of China’s most important holiday.

The Chicago woman did not have symptoms while traveling earlier this month but “later presented symptoms consistent with novel coronavirus” and was hospitalized in isolation, according to Allison Arwady, commissioner with the Chicago Department of Public Health.

Virus-hit Wuhan has two laboratories linked to Chinese bio-warfare program
Virology institute there has China’s only secure lab for studying deadly viruses

Shades of Captain Tripps we hope not.

The deadly animal virus epidemic spreading globally may have originated in a Wuhan laboratory linked to China’s covert biological weapons program, according to an Israeli biological warfare expert.

Radio Free Asia this week rebroadcast a local Wuhan television report from 2015 showing China’s most advanced virus research laboratory known the Wuhan Institute of VirologyRadio Free Asia reported.

The laboratory is the only declared site in China capable of working with deadly viruses.

Dany Shoham, a former Israeli military intelligence officer who has studied Chinese bio warfare, said the institute is linked to Beijing’s covert biological weapons program.

“Certain laboratories in the institute have probably been engaged, in terms of research and development, in Chinese [biological weapons], at least collaterally, yet not as a principal facility of the Chinese BW alignment,” Mr. Shoham told The Washington Times.

Work on biological weapons is conducted as part of a dual civilian-military research and is “definitely covert,” he said in an email.

Mr. Shoham holds a doctorate in medical microbiology. From 1970 to 1991 he was a senior analyst with Israeli military intelligence for biological and chemical warfare in the Middle East and worldwide, holding the rank of lieutenant colonel.