Initiative to repeal Washington I-1639

The citizens of the state are banding together in a grassroots effort to make possible a new gun control initiative. One that puts the control back in the hands of the citizens, but we only have until December 28th to get it done.

Initiative 1094 will repeal the blatantly unconstitutional I-1639 if we can get the signatures to put it in front of the 2020 legislature where it will either have to be passed or end up on the ballot. It is up to you to get involved and be a part of this fight.

All the information you need to do your part in the fight is located right here on the website.

Read the full text of the initiative HERE and learn more about what 1639 did HERE.

Addresses where the petition is available to be signed.

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  1. Damnbetcha! If you have to invent words to describe something in order to make it illegal, you’re just lying.

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