Too Many Policy Makers Undermine Civil Order

Far too many local and national policy makers (i.e. politicians) have gone crazy in their efforts to undermine civil order in our country. As a result, they are undermining personal security; and it’s all in the shameful pursuit of power.

Think about it for a moment, the typical homeowner, and certainly parents with children, would outright laugh if ultra-left policies were mandated in the home. Yet these same—unprincipled—ideas have gained incredible momentum.

Consequently, they are destroying our inner cities. Furthermore, the same people (once again, politicians) are aiming for the suburbs.

Undermining Civil Order

In essence, their policies and laws have had a detrimental effect in the following manner:

  • Discourage security of property (open borders).
  • Desire to eliminate the ability of self-defense even though defensive gun use saves lives (gun ownership).
  • Appease the criminal element fighting against law enforcement efforts (recognize radical voices like BLM and Antifa as rational conversationalists).
  • Encourage the diversion of punishment for crime (eroding just sentences for criminals deserving to be incarcerated).

All of this means ultra-left policy makers are undermining civil order, which impacts personal security.

Individual citizens would not allow these same principles to run amok in their homes, but the destructive ideas have taken hold and are compromising safety at every turn.

While I understand my words have a political overtone, put politics aside for a minute and simply think pragmatically. Individual citizens (from the left and right) would not allow these same principles to run amok in their homes, but the destructive ideas have taken hold and are compromising safety at every turn. Inmates are running the asylum through proxy of willing shot-callers.

Establish a Reasonable Benchmark

What to do?

Establish a reasonable benchmark. Do not support or encourage a local, state, or national policy (law) that you would not approve at your own home with family members present! It’s really that simple.

Personal Choices Incongruent with Public Policy Positions

We should think this way because policy makers do, even if their personal choices conflict with public policy decisions.

Their homes are nestled behind walls, gates, and fences with alarmed security present. People with firearms are typically nearby to protect their every move. Moreover, their appeasement of radical voices does not carry over into their personal lives. No one is camped on their manicured lawns shooting heroin or taking a dump in their planters.

Finally, when a person of notoriety is victimized there is usually a severe penalty to pay, because true justice is always demanded from the self-righteous.

So, the next time you consider support or opposition to a law regarding public safety, ask yourself if you’d take the same course of action in your own home. It will sharply bring things into focus as you come to a conclusion.

– Jim McNeff