Home intruder reportedly says ‘F*** the police’ when resident says he’ll call cops. Intruder allegedly makes move — so homeowner lets gun do the talking.

A retired Los Angeles firefighter fatally shot an intruder in his San Pedro home Thursday morning, KCBS-TV reported.

What happened?
The homeowner told police the suspect tried to enter his home through the front door, KABC-TV reported. The suspect then went around the side of the home and entered through a window, the station said.

Officials told KCBS the homeowner told the suspect he would call police if he didn’t leave — to which the suspect reportedly replied, “F*** the police.”

The homeowner said when the intruder moved toward him, he fired at the suspect, KABC reported.

Burglary suspect shot after telling homeowner: ‘Give me that gun before you hurt yourself, old man’

Quite generous of the homeowner. Some I know would’ve left the bungler a pile of bloody rags on the floor.

MANILA, Ark. (KAIT) – When a Mississippi County man awoke to find a burglar in his house, he told him to leave. Then the suspect told him to hand over his gun. Sheriff’s deputies say that’s when the homeowner shot him.

The victim told deputies he awoke around 3 a.m. Tuesday to a loud noise at his house on East 1st Street.

The homeowner grabbed his gun and began searching the home. In the living room, he found a man he did not know.

The victim told the suspected burglar to leave.

But the man ignored him, according to Sheriff Dale Cook, and began fixing himself something to eat and drink.

Once again, the homeowner told the man to leave.

Instead, the suspect began unplugging the television.

When the victim told him to leave again, the suspect reportedly said: “Give me that gun before you hurt yourself, old man.”

The homeowner then fired one shot at the man, striking him in the leg.

When officers arrived, they found 47-year-old Charles Lancaster of Keiser across the street, suffering from a gunshot wound to the leg.

He was taken to a Jonesboro hospital and treated for his injuries before being arrested and charged with residential burglary.

Lancaster is currently being held at the Mississippi County Detention Center in lieu of a $75,000 bond.

Briarcliff homeowner holds armed men at gunpoint

Two armed men allegedly threatened a homeowner Thursday morning in Briarcliff, but when deputies arrived, the homeowner was holding them at gunpoint. According to Baxter County Sheriff John Montgomery, 29-year-old Greg Garreans and 28-year-old Kip Swadley of rural Mountain Home are in the Baxter County Detention Center on a felony count of aggravated assault, and a third suspect is on the run after fleeing from the scene. Investigators are attempting to identify the suspect referred to only as “Alex.”

Deputies responded to a call of armed persons threatening the homeowner of the residence on Ben Nevis Drive. When deputies arrived, one suspect was lying on the front yard, and another was lying on the driveway. The two men were identified as Garreans and Swadley.

Garreans stated he discovered his AR-style rifle missing from his residence Thursday morning and believed a former house guest took his rifle to the residence on Ben Nevis Drive. He and Swadley allegedly armed themselves with loaded 12-gauge shotguns and extra ammunition, as they went to the residence to retrieve the rifle. The third suspect accompanied them with a samurai-style sword.

When the trio arrived, Garreans reportedly went to the front door, Swadley stood next to a boat in the driveway, and the third suspect remained in the street. Garreans knocked on the door and asked for the man he believed had stolen his rifle. Instead, the homeowner reportedly came out, armed with a handgun, and Garreans complied with his instruction to drop his weapon. The homeowner then disarmed Swadley and instructed both men to get on the ground. The third suspect allegedly retreated in the vehicle they arrived in and fled the scene.

The homeowner told deputies when he opened the door, Garreans was pointing a shotgun at him, but he quickly convinced him to drop it. He then called 911 to report the incident, as he held Garreans and Swadley at gunpoint until law enforcement arrived. Surveillance footage from a video camera system at the residence reportedly confirmed the homeowner’s statement.

Bond for Garreans and Swadley was set at $10,000 each, and both are set to appear in Baxter County Circuit Court this month. Garreans is also charged with probation violation.