Biden: I’ve beaten the NRA. Time to get rid of their ammo.

I’m sitting here watching Joe Biden’s most recent propaganda video against the NRA. I keep asking myself why Democrats insist on blaming the firearms-related tragedies on the existence of guns themselves and why they refuse to acknowledge that behind every shooting, every bullet fired at an innocent civilian, there’s either a person with severe mental and/or substance abuse issues or a straight up criminal who would commit an act of evil no matter what weapon they employed.

How can they not understand that no matter how illegal you make a gun, no matter how many restrictions you put on a person’s background check, if they want a gun, they’re going to find a way to get a gun? And when they’re the only ones that have a gun, in gun-free zones where there are no good guys around to take them on, that’s when good people get hurt.

Why can’t they see that? I ask myself.

And then, sitting at my desk watching Joe Biden speak, it hit me:

Joe Biden and other civil rights abolitionists don’t want to admit out loud that the problem is a diminished mental health system in our country because then they have to actually do something to fix it.

They don’t want to admit out loud that criminals will not lay down their arms simply because the law says so, because then they can’t control people with fear.

The same thing can be said for “bail reforms.”

The more criminals they let out of jail, the more innocent people get victimized. And the more innocent people get victimized, the more they look to their leaders for protection. And the more protection leaders can give us, the more people rely on them. And more reliance on leaders means more power for them as well.

If the mental health crisis in America is fixed, if they admit that they’re not in control of criminals with guns, then not only will there be less people with mental issues (which means less votes for them), but then the entire population will know for certain that it needs its own protection.

Liberals don’t want to submit unarmed to the anarchy of the criminals, but they want to allow for the tyranny of the innocent.

Much like Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Germany.  As much as the left shames anyone for talking about it, when Hitler disarmed the “unreliable” population (i.e. Jewish people) and loosened the restrictions for “normal” citizens (i.e. other German people), he took away the Jewish ability to fight against the rise of the Third Reich.  He rendered them defenseless.  And he exposed them to the tyranny of the regime.

Biden and other Democrats are pushing hard for a repeat of that disarmament. ……….