HATE HOAX: Anti-Gun Trauma Surgeon Posts Photo of ‘Death Threat’ Left on His Windshield… But His Car Was Parked in His Garage

By the way. These original tweets have been deleted by the Doctor after he was taken to task for the obvious fakery. All that did was confirm he was lying all along.
So, why do anti-gunners lie so much?
Because the truth doesn’t work to get them what they want.

It has been a year since the Jussie Smollett hate hoax so it’s time for the left to cook up a new scandal.

oseph Sakran, an anti-gun trauma surgeon posted two photos to his Twitter account claiming a note with a hand pointing a gun and the words “The End is Near” was left on the windshield of his car.

Sakran said he discovered the death threat as he was leaving for work…but observant Twitter users pointed out that the reflection on the windshield shows that his car was parked in his garage when he discovered the note.

“Debated whether to share this, & after a lot of thought here it is,” Sakran said.

“Last week I’m leaving my home for work & I find this paper under my windshield. One does not have to see the rest of the sentence that was covered to understand the intent of this message, a Death Threat.”


After catching people’s attention, Sakran went on a Twitter rant about how he is currently working on Capitol Hill with radical anti-gun groups.


Sakran said the death threat he left on his car is “disturbing.”