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Eighteen (18) years ago today, the U.S. was attacked by moslem jihadis who hijacked four American airliners and crashed them into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Virginia.

Passengers in one plane, United Flight 93, on learning of the others, decided to take matters in their own hands and try and take control back from the hijackers. They succeeded to the point that the plane crashed into a field in Pennsylvania instead of the purported target of the Capitol building in D.C.

There were two people I knew who were on duty that day with the Fire Department of New York; Lt. Peter C Martin of Rescue 2 and FF Keith A. Glascoe of Ladder 21.

The remains of Pete and most of his crew were found and returned to their families. Keith is still on duty.

I am honored to have known these heroes who would run into places where rational people were trying to escape from. I am also honored to have worked with people who took the fight right back at the people who planned this attack and made them pay a high price for their dastardly deeds.