Arkansas hunter killed by deer he just shot with muzzleloader rifle

Juuuuuuust because the deer is down, doesn’t mean it’s ‘in the bag’ yet. And the good Lord gave them some very effective means to defend themselves against predators, which we is one. Mr. Alexander took for granted that a shot deer is a dead deer and paid for it.

An Arkansas hunter who had just shot a buck with a muzzleloader rifle was killed Tuesday evening when the injured deer attacked him.

66-year-old Thomas Alexander was hunting from a tree stand near Yellville in Marion County when he shot the deer with a .50-caliber muzzleloader rifle, according to Keith Stephens, spokesman for Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

Stephens said a medical helicopter was sent to the scene, but Alexander “coded” at the site and rescuers would not have been able to continue CPR inside the helicopter. Alexander was transported by ambulance to a hospital in Mountain Home, Arkansas, where he was later pronounced dead.

Stephens said the hospital noted that Alexander had several puncture wounds on his body.