Kennewick woman needs 300k signatures to repeal I-1639

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KENNEWICK, Wash. — A Second Amendment advocate from Tri-Cities is gathering signatures to repeal initiative 1639.

Radona Devereaux tells Action News she worked with a number of gun-advocate groups to assemble the final initiative.

Now she says they need nearly 300 thousand signatures from registered Washington voters before Saturday, Dec. 28, 2019.

From there, Devereaux says the petitions go to Olympia to get certified and if everything checks out we could be voting on a repeal next November.

She’s urging folks across the state to get involved.

“Use your voice, vote. Sign a petition,” Deveraux says. “If you didn’t participate in the last election, because there was a really low voter-turnout, get educated. Sign the petition and get a second chance.”

She encourages Tri-Citians to be on the lookout for fluorescent signs on street corners this weekend.

According to Devereaux, gun rights advocates across the state are working to gather signatures, including a number of local businesses.

If you’d like to review the initiative and sign your name, or you know someone who wants to gather signatures, she says B & B Express Printing in Kennewick has the PDF.

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  1. We know it’s an uphill battle against the libtard voting block of Olympia/Tacoma/Seattle/Everette where all the young and woke people reside. Those cities and counties are huge demoncrap areas, even out here in the woods the influx of out of staters has swung us away from a more conservative base. BUT we talk, we e-mail, etc.

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