Disabled apartment resident shoots burglar to death

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — A disabled woman shot an intruder to death Saturday afternoon at her north Harris County apartment, according to investigators.

Around 2:50 p.m., Harris County deputies responded to the shooting at the Carrington Place Apartments in the 12700 block of FM 1960 West.

When they arrived at the scene, deputies found an 18-year-old male lying in the grass outside of Building No. 13. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Deputies said the 18-year-old and a 17-year-old male broke a resident’s patio door window. The 53-year-old disabled resident was home alone when the teens broke the window and reached inside and unlocked the door, according to investigators.

The resident fired one shot, killing the teen who was in front, deputies said.

The second suspect, Aren Lacour, as well as 18-year-old Ayanna Harrison, were detained at the scene. Deputies said Harrison was the driver of a nearby getaway vehicle.

Deputies said the getaway vehicle, a white four-door Mercedes-Benz, is linked to other burglaries in the area.

The teen who was shot has not been identified.

Felony murder charges are pending against Lacour and Harrison. They’re possibly going to be facing that charge because, according to authorities, they committed the felony offense of burglary of a habitation which resulted in the death of another person.

Harrison is also charged with tampering with evidence because deputies said she tried to conceal the pistol the deceased suspect was carrying at the time of the burglary.

1 dead [Bungler] after home invasion

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) – The Lubbock Police Department is investigating a shooting after a home invasion in Central Lubbock that left one person dead.

LPD says police were called just before midnight to the 3200 block of 43rd Street. A person was trying to break into a home in the area.

The homeowner shot the suspected intruder.

That suspect tried to leave the area on a bicycle after being shot. He stopped about four blocks away on 47th Street, and was found there.

The suspect was taken to Covenant, where he was declared dead.

Gunman killed after shooting at people during gathering in SW Houston

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — A man was shot and killed after opening fire on a group of people at a gathering in southwest Houston.

Houston police responded to reports of a shooting on Oakside Drive near Anderson around 2:30 a.m. Saturday.

Police said three men got into a fight at the gathering, and one of the men started shooting.

Another man who lives at the home returned fire, shooting and killing the gunman.

Police said the two men knew each other and have hung out before. The shooter was taken downtown for questioning.

Suspect dies in shooting after robbery attempt at Radcliff pharmacy

Lived there when  I was stationed at Knox. This really doesn’t happen much there.

RADCLIFF, Ky. (WAVE) – The Radcliff Police Department are currently investigating after a suspect died during a robbery attempt at a pharmacy store.

Police headed to the scene around 9:30 a.m. Saturday morning on reports of a shooting at Apothecare Pharmacy on East Lincoln Trail Boulevard, according to The News-Enterprise.

Radcliff Police Chief Jeff Cross confirmed with WAVE 3 News that there had been a robbery attempt at that location, where an employee of the store shot the suspect.

Police said that the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.


Suspect Shot by Homeowner in Troy Home Burglary

I have no doubt there are more instances of self-defense occurring, but with all this coronavirus reporting sucking all the oxygen out o the news cycle, the picking have been slim. That, or the thugs are scared of the bug and have crawled back into their holes.

On Wednesday March 11, around 4:53 pm, Troy Police responded to a report of a male subject that had been shot on Pike County Road 1177 near Pike County Road 1148. When police arrived, they found a male subject in his mid-twenties suffering from a single gunshot wound.

The subject was treated at the scene by the Troy Fire Department and Haynes Ambulance personnel. He was then transported to a Montgomery Hospital for further treatment.

After further investigation it was discovered that the male victim was a suspect in a burglary that had occurred just minutes earlier near the area. The suspect was confronted by the homeowner, shots were fired by the homeowner with one round striking the suspect in the upper thigh.

A backpack containing firearms along with other items taken during the burglary were recovered from the suspect that belonged to the homeowner. All evidence was collected including the weapon used by the homeowner.

The suspect has been identified as Ezedrick Dion Merritt and a warrant for burglary 3rd degree has been obtained for his arrest. Merritt will be taken into custody when he is released from the hospital. Merritt’s injuries while serious are not life threatening.

This case remains under investigation by the Troy Police Department and the Pike County District Attorney’s Office.

The homeowner has not been charged at this time.

11 Examples of Bloomberg’s Folly on Defensive Gun Use

Earlier this month, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was asked how he justified his push for more stringent gun control when he is guarded by an armed security detail.

Bloomberg’s response? He is a wealthy businessman and politician who faces threats that normal Americans do not, so it’s just fine for him to pay others to protect him with guns that he’d put the rest of us in prison for possessing.

The reality is that Bloomberg, as a wealthy white man living in upper-class neighborhoods, is statistically far less likely to be a victim of violent crime than most other Americans.

But you’d never know it from the way he spends hundreds of millions of dollars advocating gun laws that reserve armed protection for the special few.

Every day, many Americans without Bloomberg’s wealth and power rely on the Second Amendment—not private security—to defend themselves against threats to their lives and livelihoods. In fact, almost every major study on defensive gun use has found that Americans use their firearms defensively between 500,000 and 3 million times each year.

Last year, The Daily Signal began a monthly series highlighting just some of the countless times that the right to keep and bear arms made all the difference for ordinary Americans whom Michael Bloomberg wants to disarm. (You can read the stories from January 2020 here.)

February similarly provided ample evidence in favor of an armed citizenry and against Bloomberg’s claim that only the select few can be trusted with guns.

  • Feb. 2, Arlington, Texas:  An armed neighbor came to the rescue of an elderly woman who was being attacked by pit bulls, pulling the dogs off her and shooting one of them when it continued its attack, police said. The woman survived, but suffered serious bite injuries to her head and neck. Other neighbors, alerted by the gunshot, soon arrived to help tend to the woman’s injuries and stop the bleeding.
  • Feb. 4, Spotsylvania County, Virginia:  When a neighbor called for help after discovering a man in the process of burglarizing her car, a good Samaritan and his wife jumped into action, pulling their vehicle in front of the fleeing thief and yelling at him to stop. Police said the thief drew a firearm, but the good Samaritan also was armed and shot him once in the leg. Police charged the man with several offenses, including brandishing a firearm and petit larceny.
  • Feb. 8, St. Mary’s, Ohio:  A woman shot and killed her husband during a domestic dispute in which he physically assaulted her and threatened to stab her with a knife, police said. The woman immediately called 911 and told a dispatcher: “He was beating me. He was going to kill me. He had a knife.” Although police initially took the woman into custody, her arrest photo shows clear injuries to her face and neck consistent with self-defense. A grand jury declined to indict the woman.
  • Feb. 8, West Salem, Ohio:  When a pitchfork-wielding man tried to kick in his door, a homeowner grabbed his handgun and held the man at gunpoint until police arrived. Police discovered that, in addition to the pitchfork, the man had a loaded firearm, drugs, and a wallet belonging to another homeowner in the neighborhood. Police charged the intruder with burglary and said he is a suspect in several other armed offenses in the area.
  • Feb. 12, Yellow Springs, California:  well-known Hollywood stuntwoman and her husband attempted to ambush the stuntwoman’s ex-husband and his new wife outside the ex-husband’s home, police said. The ex-husband got out of his car to get his mail when the stuntwoman and her husband opened fire on the couple with multiple guns. The ex-husband, however, was a concealed carry permit holder and armed. He returned fire, ultimately killing both attackers.
  • Feb. 14, Palm Bay, Florida:  A man used his firearm to defend himself and his girlfriend from the woman’s armed ex-boyfriend, who attacked them in their home on Valentine’s Day. Police said the ex-boyfriend stole a handgun from a friend’s mother, shattered the couple’s glass door, and threatened them with the handgun. The woman hid with her young son in a bedroom as her boyfriend retrieved his own gun and got into a shootout with the ex-boyfriend. Both men were wounded, and the ex-boyfriend fled, police said. They arrested him when he checked himself into a hospital; he faces several felony charges, including attempted murder and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.
  • Feb. 18, Spencer County, Kentucky:  A man returned home in the early afternoon to discover an intruder inside. He confronted the intruder, ultimately shooting and killing him in self-defense.
  • Feb. 22, Allouez, Wisconsin:  A concealed carry permit holder used his firearm to defend himself from a robber without firing a single round, police said. The permit holder was plowing snow when a man approached, held a large knife to his chest, and demanded money. The permit holder said he would get his wallet from his truck. He retrieved his firearm from the door frame, and the would-be robber fled when he saw it.
  • Feb. 24, Elmore County, Alabama: A homeowner used his handgun to defend his wife and young child during a confrontation with an irate neighbor. The neighbor – who had previous confrontations with others in the neighborhood – began banging on the homeowner’s door at 4:55 a.m. When the homeowner answered, police said, the neighbor shouted expletives and tried to rob him. The homeowner, fearing his neighbor was reaching for a gun, shot him several times in self-defense, wounding him.
  • Feb. 27, Chicago:  A concealed carry permit  holder defended herself from a robber who pulled a gun on her and demanded her property. The woman retrieved her own handgun and exchanged fire with the robber as he fled.

Michael Bloomberg is more than wealthy enough to afford to pay armed men to protect him. Most Americans are not so fortunate.

We don’t have former law enforcement officers on hand when the convenience store we’re in gets robbed. We can’t rely on an armed detail to jump to our defense when we’re assaulted. We don’t live in gated communities with 24/7 security.

We have only our Second Amendment rights. And they are worth insisting upon.

Wheat Ridge man who shot and killed home intruder won’t be charged

It took prosecutors this long to figure this out? PC idjits they are

A Wheat Ridge man who shot and killed a 24-year-old man during a November home invasion will not be charged after prosecutors determined it was a justifiable homicide based on Colorado’s Make My Day law.

The 1st Judicial District Attorney’s Office will not file charges against the homeowner, whose name was not revealed in a Wheat Ridge news release on Tuesday.

“This was a difficult case for our detectives as well as both families who were devastated by the death of the intruder,” Wheat Ridge police Chief Chris Murtha said in the news release. “Regardless of the crime that was committed, one family lost a loved one and another is faced with the long-term impact of taking a life in the course of protecting his family.”

Takwon Wilson was shot to death late on Nov. 6 inside a home on the 4600 block of Parfet Street, the news release said.

The male homeowner told police that the intruder, who he did not know, was aggressive, the news release said. The homeowner said he feared for his family’s lives and his life.

The resident fired one shot, killing Wilson, according to the news release. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Man fatally shoots another man who threatened him

Well of course no suspects were ‘at large’. The one and only suspect was taking up space at the morgue. Geez, these copy writers.

A man told Chandler Arizona police early Wednesday that he shot and killed another man who had threatened him, according to police officials.

Chandler police arrived at a home near Arizona Avenue and Chandler Boulevard at about 3 a.m. to find a man who was dead, said department spokesperson Detective Seth Tyler.

Before officers arrived, the shooter called police to say he shot a man who threatened him, said Tyler.

Investigators spoke with the man, Tyler said.

As of Wednesday morning, no suspects were at-large and no arrests were made, according to Tyler.

Man claims self-defense in Eleven North apartment shooting death

Nashville is going to save some money for White’s attempted murder trial. It appears he decided to meet the Judge/Jury/Executioner a bit early.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Metro Police are investigating a claim of self-defense in a deadly shooting that occurred in the parking lot of Eleven North Apartments on 300 11th Avenue North in North Gulch on Monday night.

According to investigators, 26-year-old Wontez Graham exchanged shots with the now-deceased victim, 23-year-old Timothy K. White. Investigators have recovered both of their pistols.

The shooting call came in around 8:50 p.m. White was found on the ground suffering from critical injuries after being shot. He was rushed to Vanderbilt University Medical Center where he died during surgery.

Graham was not on scene when investigators arrived but came back and spoke to investigators saying he had just parked his car at the apartment complex when a hooded man walked up and pulled out a gun.

Graham said he pulled his own gun from the door of his car and exchanged shots at the man whom he thought was going to steal his car. Graham and his girlfriend fled the scene to a nearby grocery store before they returned to the scene with Graham’s father. Both Graham and his girlfriend provided statements to police.

White, at the time of his death, was facing charges of two counts of attempted murder and was out on bond. He was charged with shooting into a car with two women inside in East Nashville back in 2017. One of the women suffered a gunshot wound to the upper back. White was to appear in court in September.

Bystander with gun broke up Walmart bat attack

Most thugs don’t want slugs.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WFFT) — Police say a bystander armed with a gun kept a brutal baseball bat beating on Saturday from being even worse.

Fort Wayne police say the bystander pulled out a gun when they saw a masked man beating the victim in the Glen Apple Walmart parking lot just before 10:30 a.m.

That’s when police say the man got back into his burgundy Chevy Impala and drove away.

A detective spotted the vehicle and tried to pull it over but was unsuccessful. Police say officers in Wells County also tried to pull it over but couldn’t.

Investigators later arrested and charged 21-year-old Levi Arnold of Bluffton with attempted murder.

Police say they were tipped off by Arnold by someone who recognized the car from a separate incident.

Sgt. Sofia Rosales-Scatena says they don’t believe it was a hate crime, nor do they believe the two knew each other. Instead, they say, it appears Arnold just snapped.

Resident shoots intruder during Brea break-in

A resident shot and wounded an intruder amid an attempted home break-in in Brea early Sunday, officials said.

The incident unfolded just after 7:30 a.m. in the 200 block of South Laurel Avenue, according to the Brea Police Department.

“Officers responded to a report of a male suspect who had been shot by a resident while attempting to break into a residence,” police said in a written statement.

The suspect was found suffering from a single gunshot wound, officials said. He was taken to a hospital in unknown condition and was undergoing surgery Sunday afternoon.

Police said the residents of the home were cooperating with investigators.

No further details were released.

Intruder attempting to break into home shot by homeowner in north Houston

HOUSTON — A suspect attempting to break into a home in the Aldine area Sunday morning was shot by the homeowner.

According to the homeowner, the intruder climbed over his private fence and attempted to get inside of his home multiple times.

That’s when the homeowner fired twice through the door, Harris County deputies said, hitting the suspect twice — once in each leg.

Deputies responded to the home and used a tourniquet on the suspect.

The suspect was taken to the hospital where he is expected to survive.

Deputies said it doesn’t appear the homeowner and the suspect had a prior relationship.

This investigation is ongoing.

Analysis of selected armed civilians’ engagements against active killers

Mainstream media often mock the idea of armed civilians going up against active killers. Zbrojnice.com has an entire category of articles that are dedicated to describing engagements of individual armed civilians against wannabe mass murderers. This analysis summarizes the most important data that we can gain from these cases.

Zbrojnice.com is a Czech language website that deals with practical, legal, cultural and social issues of civilian firearms ownership. This article was translated to English from Czech original.

Česká verze článku: Analýza: Vybrané zásahy ozbrojených civilistů proti aktivním vrahům

Introductory note

Let’s start with a summary of information that is well known to zbrojnice.com readers already.

  • According to FBI statistics, armed civilians were successful in 94 percent of engagements with active shooters. They stopped the perpetrator in 76 percent of cases and helped to mitigate loss of life in a further 18 percent (note: list below includes also cases of police officers being rescued /defended by armed civilian in situations that do not fit the FBI active killer definition).
  • Presence of an armed defender at the site of the attack is crucial for mitigating the number of casualties, regardless of whether that person is civilian or a member of law enforcement.
  • Legislation in most countries of the world prevents law abiding civilians from carrying, and often merely owning, firearms for protection. That applies to most of Europe, large parts of the United States including California and most other countries including Latin American ones with extremely high murder rates (VenezuelaMexicoBrasil).
  • Restrictive firearms legislation doesn’t affect perpetrators’ ability to commit an attack. All recent terror attacks in the European Union were committed with illegal firearms that were mostly smuggled in from the Balkans. Quite often not only the firearms but also the perpetrators were in the EU illegally, as was the case with the Bataclan terror attack.

Select engagements of armed civilians against active killers
Link is to a big picture.

The list below includes basic information about armed civilian engagements of active killers that were described in detail within dedicated articles on zbrojnice.com (please use Google Translate to read those). These incidents include most of the cases listed in FBI “active shooter yearbooks” as well as some other cases from outside the US.

This is an excellent after action review of a self defense shooting.
Multiple lessons to be learned. Watch the whole thing, please.
Note: at 1:01 in the initial replay, the store owner/shooter pops one off as the bad guy just exits the store. Unintentional due to adrenaline rush, or not? I don’t know.
Correia neglects to mention it, and it is barely noticeable so I’ll give him a pass, but it needed to be mentioned. If the owner had continued shooting and shot the guy to rags just after he had hit the floor from being shot the first time, it’s highly likely nothing there would have been no repercussions as while the bad guy may not have the gun in his hand, it’s still in easy reach and as there has been shots exchanged, there’s no doubt he had murderous intent. Just me, I think that’s what I would have done, but -again-that’s just me. Shooting him as a ‘parting gift’ as he runs out the door is, how shall I put it; problematical.

Cleveland County man fatally shoots suspect who attacked him outside of his home

CLEVELAND COUNTY, N.C. – A Cleveland County man shot and killed a suspect who attacked him outside of his home in the early morning hours Wednesday.

The Sheriff’s Office says they received a 911 call at 1:19 a.m. on March 5 about someone beating on the side of a home in Shelby. The owner of the home, Donald Bautista, grabbed his pistol went outside to see what was causing the noise.

Bautista said he saw someone run into the wood-line behind his home moments before he was attacked by a suspect holding a wooden deck railing. Bautista sustained several defensive wounds before he fired one shot, killing the suspect later identified as Robert Burns.

Following an investigation, deputies found that Burns has been staying with friends in the same mobile home park as Bautista. Burns had an altercation with one of the friends and left the home shortly before the shooting. Witnesses say it appeared Burns was extremely impaired.

Bautista did not know Burns prior to this incident.

Intruder shot by homeowner in Juneau County break in

KINGSTON TOWNSHIP, Wis. (WKBT) – A man attempting to break into a home in Kinston Township was shot by the homeowner early Wednesday morning in Juneau County.

The Juneau County Communications Center received a call at 3:50 a.m. on Wednesday, March 4 regarding the incident.

According to the Juneau County Sheriff’s Office, the incident remains under investigation with no other information being released at this time. Authorities say there is no danger to the public.

The sheriff’s office was assisted by Wisconsin State Patrol, Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, and Cutler Fire Department.

Homeowner Shoots, Kills Intruder

MILTON, GA — A homeowner shot and killed an intruder Saturday in Milton, police said.

At 8:40 p.m. on Saturday, Milton Police received a 911 call regarding burglary at a home in the 12000 block of New Providence Road.

Prior to police arrival, the suspect reportedly forcibly broke into the home through a locked front door and confronted the homeowner. The homeowner shot the intruder with a handgun, striking him multiple times in the torso.

The suspect was treated at the scene by Milton Fire-Rescue personnel for gunshot wounds, and transported to WellStar North Fulton Hospital. The suspect was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

The deceased suspect was identified as Corey Patton II, 23, from Charlotte, North Carolina. Milton Police said they do not believe there are any other suspects in this case.

Man shot by law enforcement after reportedly trying to carjack off-duty Pueblo County deputy

Definite mistake in the victim selection process. And the copy writer for KKTV need some more schooling because I did a ‘whut?’ the first time I read that headline.

PUEBLO, Colo (KKTV) – A man is dead after first leading police on a chase and then trying to carjack an off-duty Pueblo County sheriff’s deputy late Sunday night.

Pueblo police said officers were investigating a carjacking that happened around 10 p.m. at a 7-Eleven off Elizabeth Street and Highway 50. During that carjacking, officers said the suspect hit the victim in the head with a handgun and stole a 2004 Dodge truck.

The suspect was identified on Tuesday by the Pueblo County Coroner as Joshua Russell of Pueblo.

While police were at the gas station investigating the carjacking, officers said they were talking to a man and woman in an Escalade. During the conversation, the 35-year-old man abruptly took off. At some point during his attempt to flee, police said his car became immobile.

“The speculation is that he hit the curb over here, full head-on, and that’s what damaged the vehicle,” said Sgt. Frank Ortega with the Pueblo Police Department.

Officers sped after the suspect, who didn’t even make it a quarter-mile on Highway 50.

“That individual exited the vehicle with an AR-style rifle and attempted to carjack two vehicles. The first vehicle continued westbound; the second vehicle was an off-duty sheriff’s deputy,” Ortega said.

The deputy fired at the suspect.

“At the same time, or roughly the same time, an on-duty Pueblo police officer engaged the suspect. Several rounds were fired, and the suspect is deceased on scene,” Ortega said.

The shooting happened just before midnight. Ortega said there is no indication that the suspect fired his weapon, but the Colorado Bureau of Investigation is processing the scene for any evidence otherwise. Both the deputy and the officer are on paid administrative leave.

Police said the woman who was with the suspect in the car was interviewed and is cooperating.

Detectives are also investigating whether the suspect is the same person involved in the 7-Eleven carjacking.

“The male that is deceased here on the highway, he doesn’t match the suspect description from the original carjacking exactly,” Ortega said. “But they’re reviewing video from that original incident to see if he’s involved or not.”

Shortly after the shooting, Ortega said police found the Dodge truck that was originally stolen from the 7-Eleven not too far from the scene.

‘He shot him four or five times’: Shopper shoots, kills armed robbery suspect in Greensboro
The suspect was shot by a customer in the store who had his own gun

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The terrifying armed robbery lasted less than a minute — ending when a customer pulled out their own gun and shot the suspect four to five times.

According to the Greensboro Police Department, 18-year-old Malik Harris tried to rob at gunpoint the convenience store NC Tobacco on the morning of Feb. 29.

Masked intruder shot during home invasion in Katy

What is it with these inept Bunglers in Katy Texas?

KATY, Texas — A home invasion suspect was shot Friday morning in Katy, a sergeant with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office confirmed.

The suspect, who was reportedly wearing a mask, was shot in the arm after burglarizing a home in the 18700 block of Sandleford.

The suspect was taken to a nearby hospital where he is expected to survive.

Detectives are on scene investigating.

Man shot, killed after breaking into girlfriend’s apartment

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — A man was shot and killed after breaking into his girlfriend’s apartment, police say.

It happened at about 6 a.m. Saturday in the area of Fairfield Avenue and 59th Street S, according to the St. Petersburg Police Department.

Police say a 26-year-old man got into his girlfriend’s apartment when he was confronted by a 48-year-old man. At some point, shots were fired and the 26-year-old died at the scene.

The 48-year-old suffered a non-life-threatening injury, police say.

Two women and a child who also were in the apartment were not hurt.


Suspect shot by homeowner in Walker Co. charged with several crimes

While this crim is a ‘prowler’ alright, notice his current charges are theft & breaking into a vehicle, not burglary. Outside of Texas, shooting a thief just for thieving is a risky proposition that puts a person at the mercy of ‘prosecutorial discretion’. Apparently in that section of Alabama (and I know of many other areas) a prosecutor won’t bother charging a homeowner if a known miscreant gets his just desserts, but that’s relying on politics and not the law to keep yourself out of legal jeopardy.

WALKER COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) – A suspect who was shot by a homeowner in Walker County has now been charged with breaking into multiple vehicles and stealing items.

Several people in the Boldo community called the sheriff’s office on January 31 to report a prowler near their homes.

While Deputies were en route to the scene, the prowler was shot by the homeowner in the leg. The homeowner recognized the man as Jimmie Sanders, due to Sanders staying in the vicinity recently. Sanders then ran from the scene.

Deputies were able to locate Sanders, who was taken to Brookwood Baptist Hospital in Jasper for treatment.

During the investigation, it was determined that Sanders had broken into multiple vehicles in the neighborhood and had stolen several items in the process.

Throughout the night and the next morning, Investigator Brad Curtis received many other complaints concerning vehicles that Sanders was believed to have broken into.

Sanders has been charged with numerous counts of theft crimes, as well as breaking and entering a Motor Vehicle. The investigation is ongoing and more charges are expected.

80-year-old Arkansas man shoots teen breaking into his home

HUGHES, Ark. — A burglary suspect is recovering after being shot while another is on the run after they tried to break into a man’s house twice.

Thieves broke into 80-year-old Fred Burkes’ home two nights in a row.

Early Monday morning, he heard noises and found two men taking his 55-inch flatscreen TV.

“They ran out the house,” Burkes said. “And then I looked again, and my TV was gone.”

Burkes boarded up his front door with a wooden board, hoping it would prevent a future break-in.

Neighbors say they saw two men circling the block just hours later. One neighbor said they were watching Burke’s house very closely.

Burkes says the thieves struck again around 2 a.m. on Tuesday. They climbed through a back window and he says they tried to get into his bedroom. Burkes says they started asking him where his money was.

He began pushing against the door to keep them out but when they started threatening him, he took action.

“I reach and got my shotgun …” Burkes said.

Burkes shot one suspect in his bedroom doorway while the other ran off.

Hughes police says both suspects are juveniles with histories of prior break-ins. The one who was shot is still recovering.

Burkes will not face charges but is sad local teens are resorting to crime.

“I don’t feel good at all,” Burkes said. “I’m 80 years old. If he had gotten in there, I don’t know what he would’ve done.”

His neighbors say they will be keeping an eye out for Burkes.

At this time, no charges have been filed in this case.


Alleged burglar charged with murder after accomplices are shot down in attempted home invasion

Austin police have charged a man with murder after police said he and two of his accomplices tried to rob two roommates at their northeast Austin apartment on Feb. 18. That robbery left his alleged accomplices dead.

Octaviano R. Rodriguez, 30, along with Casaundra Hernandez, born in 1989, and Emilio Maisonet, born in 1990, attempted to rob a residence at the Creekside on Parmer Lane apartments located at 5401 E. Parmer Lane at around 10:30 p.m., according to Austin police.

The roommates in the apartment told police that Rodriguez, Hernandez and Maisonet knocked on their door and claimed to be with the City of Austin when one of the residents asked who they were. The affidavit said Rodriguez was wearing a hardhat and a construction vest.

The resident who opened the door told officers a man, who police identified as Rodriguez, forced his way into the apartment and put a pistol to the back of the resident’s head.

The other resident told officers he went to his bedroom to grab his handgun. He told officers that two or three people had entered the apartment and that the intruders fired a shot in his direction before he returned fire.

The resident who returned fire told police he saw Rodriguez flee the apartment. Additionally, the affidavit said one of the residents was able to identify Rodriguez in a photographic line-up.

According to the affidavit, officers heard Rodriguez screaming for help behind some bushes. Police said Rodriguez had a gunshot wound to the leg and was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Police said they found Hernandez, who was unresponsive and had multiple gunshot wounds in a breezeway in the complex. Police found a handgun underneath Hernandez’s body, according to the affidavit. Hernandez was pronounced dead at 11:05 p.m., according to the affidavit.

Police located Maisonet as well, who police said also had an apparent gunshot wound. According to the affidavit, Maisonet was pronounced dead at 10:48 p.m.

Rodriguez is being held at the Travis County jail on a $250,000 bond for a first-degree felony murder charge. According to the affidavit, Rodriguez “committed an act clearly dangerous to human life … which resulted in the unintended deaths of Casaundra Hernandez and Emilio Ortiz.”

Car owner’s boyfriend shoots suspected car burglar in Sand Springs

Police are piecing together a shooting investigation in Sand Springs from Tuesday night that landed a man in the hospital.

Officers were called to a neighborhood near 6th and Main around 7:30 p.m. after someone caught a man breaking into their car in a back alley.

Police say the homeowner went outside to start her car when she saw 28-year-old Brent Mikott Sloan sitting inside her car.

The homeowner’s boyfriend came out and chased after Sloan before getting in a fight with him.

He says while he was holding Sloan and waiting for police, Sloan lunged at him.

He shot Sloan in the knee.

Paramedics rushed Sloan to the hospital where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Neighbors say they’ve had problems with car burglaries in the area.

Sloan is facing charges for auto burglary. The district attorney’s office will decide if charges will be filed against the shooter.

Auburn Pair Attempt to Rob Couple, Get Shot in The Process

Yesterday we reported on a story that very few details were available on involving an armed robbery and shots fired in Auburn.

As it turns out, it was actually one of the robbery suspects who ended up getting shot, not the robbery victims.

According to WGME, officers arrested 18 year old William Beasley at the scene as he was attempting to provide first aid to his accomplice who ended up getting shot.

Beasley and his accomplice were attempting to rob a couple using a BB gun. The male victim said he needed to retrieve his wallet from the car to give them money. What the man actually retrieved was his 9mm pistol and began firing at the suspects, hitting Beasley’s accomplice.

Beasley’s accomplice was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition. At this time no charges have been filed on the robbery victim who fired the shots.

More charges are expected according to the Sun Journal.


Intruder shot multiple times, gravely wounded in predawn home invasion

An intruder was shot multiple times during a predawn home invasion Monday in Elmore County.

The ordeal began just before 5 a.m. in the 200 block of Clemons Road in the Flatwood community. Sheriff Bill Franklin said the scene is a residential area that consists of about a dozen or so mobile homes.

A man, who along with his wife and young child, were awakened at 4:55 a.m. by a loud banging at the front door. The homeowner grabbed his 9 mm handgun and went to investigate.

When he got to the front door, he came face to face with 39-year-old Charles Bowne, who lives nearby. At that point, the sheriff said, Bowne told the homeowner, “Give me your (expletive).”

Bowne then reached toward his pocket and the homeowner said he feared the intruder was going for a gun. The homeowner fired four to five rounds, shooting Bowne in the head, bicep, shoulder and left leg, and then called 911.

Try for the torso next time, dude…T-O-R-S-O.
Somewhere in right in the middle, between the Collar bone to Belly button.

Bowne was airlifted to a Montgomery hospital where he is in critical condition. The sheriff said a crack pipe was retrieved from Bowne’s sock.

Franklin said Bowne spent time in prison in Indiana and has previously had at least one other confrontation with another neighbor. He said he does not expect any charges to be filed against the homeowner.

“We don’t have that many home invasions in Elmore County,’’ the sheriff said. “It’s not every morning you wake up at 4:55 a.m. to somebody inside your front door. That’s pretty rough.”