California struggles to keep illegal guns and ammunition from crossing state lines

Even the tab of the LA Times story calls this what it is:
Undercover agents infiltrate gun shows
“California officials, spying on citizens, then having the CHP fabricate a cause for a stop smacks of a 4th Amendment violation.”

SACRAMENTO — Ten special agents from the California Department of Justice were watching as a man walked out of the Big Reno Show and placed his purchases in his car.

The black Isuzu with California plates headed west on Interstate 80 into the Sierra Nevada, eventually crossing the Nevada state line. That’s when the California Highway Patrol pulled Vincent Huey over. Inside the vehicle, state Justice Department agents found 18 high-capacity magazines, some capable of holding 30 rounds, according to court records.

Former national-security adviser Michael Flynn’s lawyer claims in a new bombshell court filing that the FBI tampered with notes from his 2017 interview, during which Flynn pleaded guilty to lying.

In a 37-page motion, attorney Sidney Powell called on the court to “dismiss the entire prosecution for outrageous government misconduct” over allegations that FBI agents manipulated a form summarizing Flynn’s statements to investigators.

The interview dealt with Flynn’s contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. In December 2017, Flynn pleaded guilty to charges that he lied to the FBI about his Russia contacts during his brief stint as national-security adviser. He is expected to be sentenced in December.

“Those changes added an unequivocal statement that ‘Flynn stated he did not’ — in response to whether Mr. Flynn had asked Kislyak to vote in a certain manner or slow down the UN vote [on sanctions],” Powell wrote. “This is a deceptive manipulation because, as the notes of the agents show, Mr. Flynn was not even sure he had spoken to Russia/Kislyak on the issue. He had talked to dozens of countries.”

“That question and answer does not appear in the notes, yet it was made into a criminal offense,” Powell wrote in the motion. “The draft also shows that the agents moved a sentence to make it seem to be an answer to a question it was not.”

One of the FBI agents involved in the interview was Peter Strzok, who was fired from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigative team when text messages disparaging President Trump were discovered between him and FBI colleague Lisa Page, with whom he was having an affair.

FBI brass sent Strzok and another agent to conduct an “ambush-interview” of Flynn explicitly to trap him into making statements they could claim were false, Flynn’s defense team alleged.

“This amounts to conduct so shocking to the conscience and so inimical to our system of justice that it requires the dismissal of the charges for outrageous government conduct,” Powell said

Durham Investigation Going Criminal a Disaster for the MSM.

To those of us who have been watching this spectacle from the beginning, this was inevitable.  After all, where’d the Mueller/Russia probe come from in the first place?  Since there was absolutely no there there, it makes no sense that it wasn’t a fraud from the outset.  Who started it? Who are the treasonous/seditious culprits who conspired to overthrow an election? Well, we should soon be finding out, although we can make some educated guesses.

But we do know absolutely who collaborated in the crime, who were the accessories to and in some cases the instigators of this most heinous plot in American history….

… the mainstream media!

They were the more than willing conduits to lies leaked to them by a long list of truly dishonest, unpatriotic Americans — some inside our intelligence agencies and no doubt some foreigners as well.


National police unions refuse to enforce Beto’s gun confiscation plan if elected

Yes, the odds that ‘single digit polling’ Beet-o-Boy will ever be elected are slim to none and slim just left the room. But that’s not the point of his continued crap-for-brains pontification. He’s gotten to go ahead from the demoncrap PTB so that the standard operational demoncrap gun-grabber fantasies will somehow appear more reasonable.

While Robert “Beto” O’Rourke’s plan for a mandatory buyback of “assault weapons” remains conceptual, many law enforcement officials have already assailed the proposed measure as “unconstitutional” and one they would not enforce.

Last week O’Rourke proposed a “visit by law enforcement” to collect banned firearms from holdouts of his proposed mandatory buyback of “assault weapons,’” such as AR-15s. O’Rourke appeared to reach that law enforcement conclusion after being pressed for details on how his plan would counter mass noncompliance by gun owners; however members of the National Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) and other law enforcement officials are already undermining that proposal, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

Several law enforcement officials reportedly called the gun control plan “ridiculous” and “asinine” and raised questions about its constitutionality.

A leader of the National Fraternal Order of Police—the nation’s largest police union, representing more than 330,000 sworn law-enforcement officers—said that not only was Beto’s plan unlikely to be constitutional but that Beto himself was unlikely to ever be elected………..

The National Association of Police Organizations — which represents over a 1,000 police organizations and more 240,000 sworn officers — also said O’Rourke’s plan would force officers to violate their constitutional oaths.


Sheriff: My Deputies Won’t Be in Beto O’Rourke’s Anti-Gun ‘Gestapo’

Sheriff Mark Cage of Eddy County, New Mexico, indicates his deputies will not serve in the anti-gun, “personal Gestapo,” Robert “Beto” O’Rourke talks about sending around to confiscate guns.

O’Rourke has been clear in his support for a “mandatory,” government-enforced buyback of all AR-15 and AK-47 rifles. And he has been equally clear on his plans to send law enforcement personal to the homes of those who refuse to hand over their rifles.

Sheriff Mark Gage is not in line with O’Rourke’s plan. In fact, Townhall quoted Cage saying, “I’m not sure whether his statements are naive or just plain ignorant and arrogant. Maybe it’s all three.”

Cage continued, “The thought of anyone utilizing my sheriff’s office or any other law enforcement agency in this country as their personal Gestapo to go door to door violating citizen’s rights is disgusting, unrealistic and downright un-American.”

Cage believes “bloodshed” will the be unavoidable outcome of O’Rourke’s plans, should they ever be put in place. He said, “Some of my constituents are already adopting the mantra of ‘Come take mine Beto!’…His rhetoric has gotten old and I look forward to the day when he shuts up.”

Greta Thunberg Urges Extinction Rebellion to Break the Law
Greta Thunberg urging lawbreaking
Source Instagram

Greta Thunberg has stated that rules must be broken if they stand in the way of climate action.

Greta Thunberg condemns ‘unlawful’ police ban on Extinction Rebellion climate change protest
‘If standing up for humanity is against the rules then the rules must be broken,’ says teenager

Chris Baynes, Jane Dalton (2 days ago)

Greta Thunberg has called on Extinction Rebellion demonstrators to defy a police order banning them from protesting across London.
The climate change activist spoke out before the group won the go-ahead to take legal action over the order, which has been condemned by human rights groups as unlawful.

“If standing up against the climate and ecological breakdown and for humanity is against the rules then the rules must be broken,” Ms Thunberg wrote on her Instagram account.…

A judicial review of the ban, which the group’s lawyers say is “disproportionate and unlawful” will be held on Thursday afternoon.…

Human rights groups including Amnesty International and Liberty have also criticised the Metropolitan Police over the “heavy-handed” and “chilling” tactic.

Deputy assistant commissioner Laurence Taylor said the ban had been imposed following “continued breaches” of a previous order, which restricted protesters to Trafalgar Square.…

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, distanced himself from the police order and said he had asked senior officers to “find a way for those who want to protest the climate emergency we face to be able to do so legally”….

Read more:

The Thursday judicial review was deferred until next week, so Extinction Rebellion are still under a ban forbidding them to protest in London.

Extinction Rebellion London: Met Police ‘ban’ on protests will continue over weekend as judge delays judicial review

TRISTAN KIRK Courts correspondent (2 days ago)

Scotland Yard’s controversial “ban” on the Extinction Rebellion protests will stand this weekend after a judge refused to hear a judicial review bid until next week.…

Phillippa Kaufmann QC, representing a collection of activists including Green Party peer Baroness Jenny Jones and Guardian journalist George Monbiot, asked for a fast-tracked hearing  tomorrow to determine the case.

But Mr Justice Dingemans rejected the idea this afternoon, saying he was worried a judge could make a mistake if rushed into a decision.

“I’m wholly unconvinced this is a case where it is right to speed up the process as quickly as that”, he told the High Court this afternoon.

“These are important points, both for the complainants and the defendant, on the construction of a criminal statute.”…

The effect of today’s ruling is that the section 14 order brought in by the Met this week to tackle the Extinction Rebellion ‘autumn uprising’ will continue to stand until 6pm on Saturday………..…

Read more:

Extinction Rebellion naturally had no respect for the law, and defied the ban, resulting in at least 1760 arrests including the arrest George Monbiot (the video shows Monbiot laughing as he is dragged away by police – all a big joke to him).

This is not about banning freedom of assembly. The British police appear to have done everything in their power to accommodate Extinction Rebellion’s ongoing right to protest. The rule does not prevent Extinction Rebellion from holding protests elsewhere. All the police asked is that Extinction Rebellion structure their London protests in such a way as to allow ordinary people to continue going about their normal business, a request Extinction Rebellion repeatedly ignored.

Trafalgar Square, where police asked Extinction Rebellion to protest, is one of the most prominent landmarks in London, an important nexus in London’s road system. If you want to cross London Bridge there is a good chance you will drive past Trafalgar Square. Thousands of people see Trafalgar Square every day. But Extinction Rebellion have so far refused to compromise, even a little.

As for Greta Thunberg, she is now on record publicly inciting people to break the law.

Perhaps it is time for President Trump to review whether he really wants a rabble rousing foreigner who has no qualms about inciting mass law breaking and civil disorder running around the USA.

‘Mr. Israel Cannot Get His Job Back,’ Several Families Of Parkland Victims Send Message To Florida Senators.

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A group of families of Parkland victims stood outside the Broward Sheriff’s Office substation in Parkland Monday afternoon to send a clear and unequivocal message to Florida Senators — do not give former Sheriff Scott Israel his job back.

The parents of Alex Schachter, Alyssa Alhadeff, Nick Dworet, Meadow Pollack, Jaime Guttenberg and Joaquin Oliver said that Israel failed before the Parkland shooting, in terms of training and staffing the Parkland district, during the shooting, as gauged by the response of a handful of BSO deputies and after the shooting in terms of changes made at the agency.

Guttenberg said Scott Israel’s attempt to return to his former position as Broward County Sheriff is a slap in the face to the victim’s families.

“The former Sheriff of this county has made himself a victim of the Parkland shooting,” Guttenberg said. “No. The people who died are the victims. He wants his money back. And you know what, he doesn’t deserve it. He failed.”

Might Judge’s Discovery Overturn Decades Of ATF Interpretation On What Constitutes A “Receiver”?

This “new dilemma” actually came into existence back around the turn of the 20th century, when Browning & others began designing pistols that had multiple major assemblies that was part, but not all of how a ‘receiver’ was defined.
A semi-auto pistol receiver is like the lower receiver of a AR rifle.
Later, Fabrique Nationale in the FN-FAL, FNC & SCAR rifles and SIG in the 556 series rifles, placed the serial number on the upper receiver, the lower being just a part. Even Garand’s M1 & M14 series have a separate ‘trigger group’ the firing mechanism which is also just a part. And now we have a ‘firing control unit’ in SIG and Walther pistols that are the controlled receiver,  descended from Tokarev’s design for the TT-30 that in that pistol-again-is just a part………
When you have a law, or regulation that is this arbitrary, the best thing is to simply repeal the whole thing and not even try to start over.
We should forget about controlling guns, but instead concentrate on laws concerning what people do with them, like armed robbery & assault with a deadly weapon etc.

In a startling California case, the federal government dropped charges against someone who had been manufacturing and selling guns without a manufacturer’s license. The news article claims that the federal government dropped the case because they were worried that the decision would create a precedent. But it isn’t obvious that should matter because once other lawyers know that the existing law doesn’t cover cases that the ATF has used it to cover, the damage is already done.

From a Fox TV station in North Carolina:

The guns are sometimes assembled from separately acquired parts. Under federal law, the one regulated individual part of a firearm is what’s known as the frame or receiver — a piece that, among other things, provides a housing for the hammer and firing mechanism of a gun.

Though incapable of firing a round, the part is considered a gun in its own right and is subject to the same restrictions as a fully intact firearm. Manufacturers must stamp it with a serial number and licensed dealers are required to conduct background checks on prospective buyers. The restrictions are intended, in part, to keep felons and other people prohibited from possessing firearms from acquiring them piece by piece.

AR-15s, however, do not have a single receiver that meets that definition. They have both an upper and lower receiver — two parts as opposed to the single part described in the law.

At issue in Roh’s case was whether the law could fairly be interpreted to apply to just the lower receiver of the AR-15, as the ATF has been doing for decades. . . .

Not all children killed by guns were innocent victims, St. Louis public safety director asserts

ST. LOUIS — Public Safety Director Jimmie Edwards, under fire for comments on a local radio show about child shooting deaths in the city, reiterated his point at an aldermanic committee meeting Thursday.

Edwards said while those under 10 years old were innocent victims, some older children had been linked to illegal activity.

“The purpose here is not to demonize anyone; the facts are the facts,” Edwards told the Public Safety Committee.

Edwards said a 15-year-old was found dead one morning “with an automatic weapon on his person with an extended ammunition magazine, $5,000 in cash and a large quantity of drugs.”

He said another shooting victim, 16, was on “the police carjacking offender list” and had been allegedly shot in a crossfire “engaged in by two other 16-year-olds.”

“And finally,” Edwards said, “another 15-year-old was alleged to have been ravaging inside a vehicle” in the early morning when he was shot.

He also said two victims over age 10 are believed to have committed suicide.

Edwards’ comments Thursday elaborated on what he said in an interview Oct. 3 on “St. Louis on the Air,” a public affairs program aired on St. Louis Public Radio station KWMU (90.7 FM).

He said then that it’s important that children don’t engage in risky activity, adding that about eight of 13 killed in the city this year “were teenagers engaged in criminal behaviors themselves” and “very sophisticated.”

The radio comments spurred outrage from 13 organizations, which earlier this week issued a joint statement saying “this kind of demonization of our children is shocking and unacceptable.”

Among the organizations signing on were Action St. Louis, ArchCity Defenders, the American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri, Metropolitan Congregations United, the Deaconess Foundation and the Organization for Black Struggle.

The groups also said Edwards’ comments built “on racist, dehumanizing tropes” about black children and distracted from public policies “that continue to deepen poverty and despair instead of investing resources to create safety and opportunity.”

Edwards, without referring directly to the groups’ statement, said Thursday that “I know and I agree there are many social and societal reasons that lead our children to unfortunate situations and we must do more than police on the back end.”

He said “our families need jobs, good housing, good education and hope that they can achieve equally and lawfully in our city.”

Edwards, who is black, also noted that as a circuit judge he had tried to lessen “the negative impact that the school-to-prison pipeline … had on black and brown children” by starting a school in 2009 to protect kids from criminal influences that continues to operate.

The 13 groups in their joint statement also called on Edwards’ boss, Mayor Lyda Krewson, to publicly condemn his comments and for the Board of Aldermen to censure Edwards.

Krewson’s chief of staff, Steve Conway, on Thursday strongly defended Edwards.

“Jimmie has an incredible reputation of working with juveniles within the justice system and within our community,” Conway said. “His track record of improving children’s lives in St. Louis is unmatched by anyone.”

Blake Strode, executive director of ArchCity Defenders, said Thursday that the group stands by the initial joint statement.

Edwards on Thursday said “we never want to blame the children” and that because of that, he had been reluctant to discuss specifics of some of their deaths.

“However, I think it is necessary to put the investigations in context and share a few facts in light of the conjecture we have recently heard,” he said. He also said it’s important that he and the police department do not appear to be callous or uncaring “but always empathetic to victims’ situations.”

After the committee meeting, Edwards in an interview declined to identify which gunfire victims he was referring to in his comments.

Bump stock ban’s flop a bad omen for Democrats’ gun buyback plan

The federal government collected fewer than 1,000 bump stocks during the run-up to a new ban in March, despite estimates that hundreds of thousands of the devices that mimic machine gun fire are in circulation, according to federal data provided to The Washington Times by the Justice Department.

As the nation marked the second anniversary Oct. 1 of the Las Vegas massacre, which prodded the Trump administration to ban bump stocks, the numbers offer a cautionary tale on the scope and resources needed to enforce any sort of gun buyback program.

Between the issuance of the final rule banning the devices in December 2018 and April 4, 2019, shortly after the prohibition took effect in late March, 582 bump stocks were “abandoned” to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, according to Justice Department records, and 98 bump stocks were kept as evidence.

The Times obtained the records through a Freedom of Information Act request.

The administration cited estimates that 280,000 to 520,000 bump-stock-type devices were in circulation when it published the final rule in December.

Domestic ISIS Arrests Are on the Rise Again.
Terror arrests have doubled since 2018

Police have arrested more than twice the number of domestic ISIS terrorists and sympathizers in the first eight months of this year than they charged in all of 2018.

The FBI and local police departments have arrested 24 people for ISIS-related offenses as of Sept. 3, according to data assembled by George Washington University’s Program on Extremism (POE). That arrest count—which includes individuals who attempted to travel to fight for the group overseas, provide material support for its efforts, or kill Americans in a terrorist attack—dwarfs the 11 arrests made in 2018. Authorities are on pace to exceed the 38 arrests made in 2017.

Andrew Mines, the research fellow responsible for the statistics, emphasized that a “small sample of individuals” prevents scholars from reaching statistically significant conclusions from his data set. Nevertheless, he said the uptick could be related to a shift in ISIS strategy as it transitions from a territorial entity focused on Syria and Iraq to a more decentralized terrorist organization.

“ISIS’s messaging received a revamp with the end of the physical caliphate,” Mines told the Washington Free Beacon. “They were taking a lot of hard hits throughout 2018 but with this kind of steady decline and now this resurgence through different affiliates through the globe, the messaging now is both remaining but also expanding, spreading throughout the globe.”

The U.S.-led coalition successfully annihilated ISIS as a territorial entity in 2019, prompting President Donald Trump to declare victory over the terror group. While coalition efforts destroyed the organization’s home base in Iraq and Syria, ISIS remains a persistent threat across the globe, with affiliates launching terror attacks in countries including Sri Lanka, Russia, and the Philippines. A 2018 White House white paper acknowledged that “ISIS remains the foremost radical Islamist terrorist group and the primary transnational terrorist threat to the United States.”

“Despite many setbacks, ISIS maintains a sophisticated and durable media and online presence that allows it to encourage and enable sympathizers worldwide to conduct dozens of attacks within target countries, including the United States,” the White House wrote. “The increase in attacks by persons mobilized to violence in the United States underscores the ability of ISIS to inspire terrorist attacks.”

The data also showed that ISIS sympathizers in the United States are shifting their interest away from attempting to travel to join the fight to committing acts of terror at home. More than 75 percent of offenders were charged for attempting to join the caliphate in 2014 compared to 36 percent in 2018. Domestic terror plots have meanwhile jumped from 12 to 45 percent of total arrests during that span of time.

Counterintuitively, coalition success might be driving this change in behavior, according to Mines.

“When that [ISIS] territory is shrinking and the international community is closing down the gateways and becoming a lot more savvy with how individuals are able to use different travel routes and entry points into countries [with ISIS presence,] … the messaging from the top is going to be that domestic attacks are a more viable option,” Mines said.

The program published court documents related to 18 of the 24 arrests this year. While some of the charges were for non-violent offenses such as violating a plea agreement or contacting ISIS affiliates, many arrests involved some violent plots that aimed to strike at prominent symbols of American life.

Sorry, Dems: It’s OK to ask for foreign help in a criminal justice investigation.

President Trump’s critics are now complaining that he asked the Australian prime minister to cooperate with the Justice Department’s investigation into the origins of the Mueller probe and that Attorney General William Barr has traveled overseas to ask foreign intelligence officials to cooperate with that investigation. The New York Times called it another example of “the president using high-level diplomacy to advance his personal political interests.”

No, it’s not. The president’s critics are conflating two different things: the investigation by Trump’s private lawyer, Rudolph Giuliani, into Hunter Biden’s business dealings, and the inquiry by US Attorney John Durham into the counterintelligence investigation directed at the Trump campaign during the 2016 election. The former is opposition research activity; the latter is a criminal justice matter.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking foreign heads of state or intelligence officials to cooperate with an official Justice Department investigation.

As George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley explains, “It is not uncommon for an attorney general, or even a president, to ask foreign leaders to assist with ongoing investigations. Such calls can shortcut bureaucratic red tape, particularly if the evidence is held, as in this case, by national security or justice officials.”

Americans support the Durham probe. For two years, they were told by Trump’s opponents that the president was “working on behalf of the Russians” and had committed “treasonous” acts that were of “a size and scope probably beyond Watergate.” Those were serious accusations, and Americans took them seriously. They waited for special counsel Robert Mueller to tell them whether the president had indeed betrayed the country.

Then Mueller issued his report, and they found out that none of it was true. They understandably wanted answers. How did it come to pass that our government was paralyzed for two years and spent tens of millions of their tax dollars, chasing a Trump-Russia collusion-conspiracy theory?

A Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll following the Mueller report’s release found that 53% of Americans said that “bias against President Trump in the FBI played a role in launching investigations against him,” and 62% supported appointing a special counsel to investigate the investigation of Trump.

Gretna man arrested after reporting he was shot at; shooter says he robbed her first

Stupid is as………

A man who told Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies that someone had taken a shot at him neglected to mention that the shooter was a woman he had robbed at gunpoint, authorities said.

Damont Meredith, 21, of Gretna, was arrested and booked with armed robbery and aggravated assault with a firearm, said Capt. Jason Rivarde, spokesman for the JPSO.

The Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call about 11:10 p.m. Sunday reporting gunfire in Marrero in the area of Dimarco Drive and the West Bank Expressway.

Deputies arrived and spoke with Meredith, who told them he’d been shot at and volunteered to take them to the nearby crime scene, Rivarde said.
But as Meredith and the deputies made their way to the 1000 block of Dimarco Drive, the 911 center received a call from a 28-year-old woman saying she had just been robbed at gunpoint at the same location, Rivarde said.

The woman said the robber shot at her while fleeing, and she returned fire, Rivarde said. No one was injured.

“As she’s describing the guy who shot at her, they realize she’s describing the man who showed them where the initial incident occurred,” Rivarde said.

Meredith admitted witnessing the holdup but denied responsibility. The woman, however, identified him as the man who had robbed her, Rivarde said.

Meredith was booked into the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center in Gretna. He was still being held there without bail Tuesday.

Homeowner holds burglar at gunpoint, deputies link him to two other B&E’s

STATESVILLE, N.C. (WBTV) – Deputies in Iredell County arrested a man Monday after a homeowner reportedly found him burglarizing a home and held him at gunpoint until law enforcement arrived.

The incident happened at a home on Turnersburg Highway in Statesville. Officials say the homeowner returned home to find the back door had been pried open. He then found 26-year-old Brandon Taylor Knight in a bedroom stealing jewelry, the report states.

The homeowner held Knight at gunpoint until deputies arrived and took him into custody.

“It is lucky for this suspect, this investigation did not end in a drastically different way,” said Sheriff Darren E. Campbell.

During the investigation, deputies found that two other nearby homes had been broken into as well. They say Knight had stolen property on him.

Knight was arrested and charged with two counts of felony breaking and entering, and two counts of felony larceny after breaking and entering. Investigators say more charges are expected.

Knight is being held on a $30,000 secured bond.

ATF says bump stock possession is still a felony.


U.S.A. –-( In the latest court filing, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, (ATF) has stated that they do not possess the authority to legislate the banning of bump stocks.

A bump stock is a device that allows the user to use the recoil of the firearm in conjunction with a forward pushing motion on the handguard to pull the trigger rapidly. In theory, this combination enables the user to increase the rate of fire of a firearm.

On the day after Christmas in 2018, the ATF released a final ruling on bump stocks stating that the devices are “machine guns.” All machine guns are a National Firearms Act (NFA) Item. Since the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986 bans citizens from owning any machine gun produced after 1986, it made every bump stock illegal.

Owners of bump stocks could either destroy their device or turn them over to law enforcement to hold or be destroyed. States like Washington State held bump stock buybacks which paid owners $100 to turn in their bump stocks. If a bump stock owner refused to turn in their device or make it inoperable, they faced a $10,000 fine in ten years in federal prison.

In Aposhian v. Barr, et al., Firearms instructor W. Clark Aposhian of Utah sued Attorney General Bob Barr. He claimed that the ATF lacks the authority to change the definition of a machine gun. The plaintiff further asserts that only congress can make a new federal law that would ban the device.

AmmoLand reached out to our sources in the Firearms Technology Branch of the ATF. Our source, who was not authorized to talk on the matter stated that the new interpretation of machine gun did not come from their branch. He went onto point out that a person doesn’t need a bump stock to bump fire a rifle. He explained how common items like belt loops or rubber bands can be used to bump fire a gun.

Our source went onto say that the Firearms Technology Branch has reviewed bump stocks on multiple occasions since getting one from Slide Fire in 2010. Every time, they have ruled that these devices do not violate the NFA. He speculates that it was pressure from the White House that caused the definition to change, but he states that he doesn’t have direct evidence.

I reached out to several other ATF agents and lawyers about the court filing. All our contacts expressed the view that this admittance isn’t a deal. In the eyes of the ATF, anyone caught with a bump stock is still guilty of a felony, and they will fully prosecute the owner to the full extent of the law.

The ATF isn’t arguing in court that they have the legal authority to change the definition of a machine gun. The ATF is merely claiming they are using the “best interpretation” of the statute.

Sources close to the case on the plaintiff side have also told me that this admittance from the ATF doesn’t do much other than creating headlines. This court filing is not the end of the case, and in all likelihood will have little effect on the outcome since the ATF has never claimed to have the power to legislate.

AmmoLand reached out to several sources in the ATF, but none were willing to go on the record.

Missouri Man Pleads Guilty to Role in Plotting ISIS Attack

A Missouri man pleaded guilty on Monday to attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State (ISIS), the Justice Department said Tuesday.

Robert Lorenzo Hester Jr., 28, was arrested in February 2017. Prosecutors have said that he reached out to undercover FBI agents who were posing as ISIS operatives to say he was willing to help with an attack.

He was told the attack would target “buses, trains and a train station in Kansas City” on Presidents Day, according to the affidavit.

Hester expressed interest in helping ISIS from October 2016 to February 2017, authorities say, and his guilty plea is his admission of wanting to provide support to the terror organization.

Missouri governor sending state troopers to St. Louis to combat youth gun violence

Good intentions and all to be sure, but if they’re not going to go the root of the problem, the street gangs and their turfwars over the drug trade, they’re going to get nowhere. The gangs will calm down just long enough for everyone to get bored &  leave, then they’ll go right back to their ‘normal business practices’.

To help combat a wave of violence and the recent rise in shooting incidents involving children, Missouri Gov. Mike Parson announced he’s sending additional law enforcement officers to St. Louis.

On Oct. 1, Parson will send 25 state employees, mostly state troopers, to the city. So far this year, at least 22 children have been shot in gun-related incidents across the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Last week a 3-year-old boy in the city accidentally shot himself in the head and a 13-year-old boy was shot while walking through an apartment complex on the same day.

“We know we have a serious problem with violent crime that must be addressed, and we have spent the past months meeting with leaders and organizations at all levels to discuss possible solutions,” Parson said in a statement Thursday. “This is about targeting violent criminals and getting them off our streets. If we are to change violent criminal acts across our state, we must work together, we must do our jobs, we must support our law enforcement officers to accomplish these goals, and we must start prioritizing the prevention of crime.”

Parson said troopers will work with the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Strike Force, the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force, Mission SAVE (Strike Against Violence Early) Task Force, Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) and other local agencies.