Well, you know what the old line is.

After Peace Agreement, A Baby Boom Among Colombia’s FARC Guerrillas

For Colombian guerrillas on the run from the army, crying babies were considered a security risk. That’s why during the country’s half-century-long guerrilla war, women – who make up about one-third of rebel forces – rarely gave birth.

But under a peace treaty, fighting between Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia — the Marxist rebel group known as the FARC — and the Colombian government has ended. And that’s led to a rebel baby boom.

At a FARC camp near the northern Colombian town of Conejo, the main attraction is an adorable month-old girl named Desiree, whose parents are FARC guerrillas. Rebels take turns cradling Desiree in their arms and cooing at her.

Venezuelan plan to rewrite constitution

Venezuela’s former regional allies, Brazil and Argentina, have reacted with dismay to President Nicholás Maduro’s plans to rewrite the constitution, as protesters in Caracas once again barricaded streets and clashed with riot police.

Argentina’s foreign minister, Susanna Malcorra, said on Tuesday that the move “poured petrol on the fire” of unrest, which has claimed 29 lives over the past month, including victims on both sides of the political divide as well as bystanders.

Maduro – who is struggling to overcome low approval ratings, bloody demonstrations, a deteriorating economy, runaway crime and riots over food shortages – announced on Monday night a constituent assembly that will revise the nation’s democratic system.

“It seems that he is doubling down, and not realizing that those who die in the street – whatever colour they wear – are Venezuelans,” said Malcorra.

Nikita Krushchev, portrayed by Bob Hoskins, in the movie “Enemy at The Gates” had an idea.

We Must Stop the Gun-Panic Epidemic

I’m calling for a grassroots movement, a community organization of some kind against a dangerous epidemic plaguing our nation: GUN-PANIC.

This poisonous contagion is wiping out what we as a society used to call common sense.

Shortly before 8 p.m. on Monday night, Colgate University officials released an emergency alert that there was an armed individual on campus. The gunman was later identified as a student with a glue gun working on an art project, according to the New York Upstate News.

The suspect was walking the halls of a campus center armed with a sniper-like, fully automatic art utensil and high-capacity glue. Students were warned: “Find a safe space and remain indoors. If you are off-campus, stay away.”

“After thorough investigation, and with the assistance of the person in question, law enforcement identified the individual as a student who was using a glue gun for an art project.”

Occurrences of this epidemic have made an appearance in the great stick-gun freakout, the water-gun suspension, the pop-tart-gun debacle, the deadly finger-gun affair, and the paper-gun caper.
When will it stop?
More than “sensible gun laws,” we need sensible human beings. Good grief.

FDA May Make Too Many Pizza Toppings a Crime

Jenny Craig can’t arrest you if you miscount your calories, but the federal government could if a new calorie-counting rule takes effect.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s “Nutrition Labeling of Standard Menu Items in Restaurants and Similar Retail Food Establishments” (79 FR 71155) rule is scheduled to take effect on May 5. The 105-page rule implements Obama-era amendments to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act), which sets national standards for the marketing and labeling of food products.

The rule will require, among other mandates, that all restaurants and other retail food outlets, such as movie theaters, operating as one brand with at least 20 stores display a calorie count in addition to other nutritional information for all standard menu items on the establishment’s “menus and menu boards.”

To demonstrate the potential scope of that provision, Lynn Liddle, a former executive vice president at Domino’s Pizza, said, “‘Menu’ can refer to any writing that [is] ‘used by a customer to make an order selection at the time the customer is viewing the writing’”—possibly including flyers and other advertisements.

More ‘pearl clutching’ at CNN.

Trump expected to sign religious liberty executive order

President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order on religious liberty as early as Thursday, pushing out new policy that is likely to draw a stiff rebuke from the LGBT community.
A senior administration official confirmed the plan to CNN and said it is “definitely possible” the White House could roll out the order Thursday to coincide with the National Day of Prayer, but cautioned that the timing of executive orders out of the Trump White House can often change.
The official declined to describe the details of the executive order. But a draft of the order that had previously leaked to The Nation would have provided sweeping legal protections for people to claim religious exemptions, provisions that civil liberties groups claimed would allow for discrimination against LGBT Americans.

The last lines are the best:
Trump made arguably the most direct appeal to LGBT Americans of any Republican nominee during the presidential campaign, promising he was a “real friend” to the LGBT community and vowing to protect the demographic as president.
Rather than boosting LGBT protections, the Trump administration has repealed some. (aww poor CNN)
The Trump administration in February revoked guidelines directing public schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice.

Kansas City Archdiocese Cutting Ties With Girl Scouts Over ‘Troubling Trends’

The Archdiocese of Kansas City says it is severing its years-long relationship with Girl Scouts in nearly two dozen Kansas counties because the organization promotes materials “reflective of many of the troubling trends in our secular culture.”

“The decision to end our relationship with Girl Scouting was not an easy one,” Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann said in a statement released Monday. He asked pastors to “begin the process of transitioning away from the hosting of parish Girl Scout troops.”

Naumann said he is troubled by materials that highlight the roles of women such as birth control activist Margaret Sanger and feminist writers and activists Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem. A local representative of the Girl Scouts told NPR that these women and many others have been celebrated because of their leadership qualities.

The archbishop’s letter also states that Girl Scouts of the USA “contributes more than a million dollars each year to the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGS), an organization tied to International Planned Parenthood.”

U.S.-Based Jihadi Cult Praises Terror Group

The Muslims of the Americas (MOA), a cultish Islamist group known for its “Islamic villages” in North America, will be announcing a “campaign to secure the liberation of Kashmir” from India today, May 2. MOA has been expressing solidarity with the Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist group, but don’t expect them to mention that in their press conference.

Though MOA has always advocated jihad against India and Hindus, their radical leader in Pakistan’s rhetoric towards India became particularly pronounced last year. Its publications have become increasingly focused on calling on Muslims to intervene in Kashmir. That advocacy has included indirect expressions of solidarity with Hizbul Mujahideen, an Islamist terrorist group.

Do Not Be Fooled by These “Moderates” in Florida

Since its creation, the Deobandi movement has produced a number of militant offshoots, most notably the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and spread its tentacles around the world, including in the United States. Shafayat Mohamed returned from India and set up one such tentacle in Florida.
As Thomas Friedman wrote, “We talked to the boys. All of them thought America was evil and that Osama bin Laden was a hero.”

Much like its sister madrasa in Pakistan, the Darul Uloom Institute and its imam, Shafayat Mohamed, follow in the line of the most extreme elements of the Deobandi movement. The only difference is that one is more than 7,000 miles away from American shores, and the other is right in our backyard.

Never apologize again, conservatives.

Stephen Colbert of CBS used a homophobic slur against President Trump.
The Left is not calling for his head.
Fine. Conservatives should never again apologize for anything they say that “offends” a liberal.

The days of liberal fascism are over. No more, Mister Nice Guy.

The days of not lowering ourselves to their level are through. This is about survival. Liberals can pick us off one by one playing this game where they can do no wrong, and one slip of the tongue fouls us out forever.

Warning, there will be ‘adult’ words quoted below.

Stephen Colbert’s Shocking Attack On Trump Concludes With A Homophobic Slur

Once the clock struck midnight on Donald Trump’s 100 days in office, Stephen Colbert’s claws came out. He delivered his most vicious attack on the President to date during the monologue of Monday night’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, using language many were shocked to hear come out of the late night host’s mouth — including a derogatory slur many consider to be homophobic.

“Sir, you attract more skinheads than free Rogaine. You have more people marching against you than cancer. You talk like a sign-language gorilla that got hit in the head. In fact, the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s cock holster,” -Stephen Colbert.

Imagine what the reaction from the proggies would be if that had been said on national TV about Obama.


Tweet o’ the Day

“The PORTE DE ARMAS DE FUEGO (Permit to Carry Arms) is suspended throughout the national territory for 180 days, to guarantee security, peace and internal order.”

Nestor Luis Reverol is the Minister of People’s Power for Interior Relations and Venezuelan Justice. Outside the President, he is the most powerful man in the Nation as he is the Chief of all Police Forces and Head of Internal Investigation A.K.A Secret Police.

This is how ‘educated’, but gun ignorant doctors plan to wage their anti-gun/anti-civil rights battle.

Academic Public Health and the Firearm Crisis: An Agenda for Action

The unexpected election of Donald Trump to the US presidency has changed the national conversation on firearms. Trump was a clear supporter of gun rights throughout the presidential campaign and has widely claimed support from the gun lobby as a core part of his appeal; the gun lobby spent more than $30 million on the campaign. These developments portend challenges to advancing gun policy at the federal level in the next four years, if not longer.

In an effort to address this shortcoming, representatives of 42 public health schools and programs from 22 states and 17 leading public health and gun violence prevention advocacy organizations convened in Boston on November 14, 2016, to develop an action agenda for academic public health around the firearm injury crisis. They identified five leading imperatives and key tactical approaches: strengthening research and scholarship, building public health networks and cross-sectoral collaborations, promoting a conversation around gun safety, nurturing state-level initiatives, and developing a business plan and engaging the private sector.

Personally, I don’t care what the law is. I advise that unless you are going to have to go through a metal detector, or other body search;
“Arm yourself. Because no one else here will save you.”

Stabbing at Univ. of Texas kills student, injures 3 others

One person was killed and three others were injured Monday at the University of Texas after a student went on a stabbing spree, authorities said.
Police said the attack happened outside of a gymnasium on the Austin campus Monday afternoon.
Witnesses described it as a large hunting-type knife. It wasn’t immediately known whether the attacker knew the victims.
The suspect was identified as Kendrex J. White, a 20-year-old student at the school. Police said he was immediately taken into custody after the attack. The campus was not placed on lockdown.

Trump administration to roll back Michelle Obama’s school lunch standards

The U.S. Agriculture Department plans to roll back nutrition standards for federally subsidized school meals because some food is “ending up in the trash.”

The changes will reverse parts of former first lady Michelle Obama‘s healthy eating initiative. The Trump administration also is ending her “Let Girls Learn” program that offers educational opportunities for adolescent girls in developing countries

“If kids aren’t eating the food, and it’s ending up in the trash, they aren’t getting any nutrition — thus undermining the intent of the program,” Agriculture Secretary George “Sonny” Perdue said Monday at an elementary school in the Washington suburb of Leesburg, Va.



‘I have come to put terror in your hearts’

A 15-year-old Muslim teenager who shot dead Sydney police employee Curtis Cheng was found with a bloodstained suicide note on his body.

The note found on Farhad Jabar outside the NSW Police Force headquarters in Parramatta, Western Sydney, read ‘I have come to put terror in your hearts’.

It also said ‘an act that will cause nightmares during the night-time and hell during the daytime’ and a reference to this being ‘the world of Allah’.

Oh, he’s dead. The Australian police put him down, just like you would any other rabid dog.

Infosys plans to hire 10,000 U.S. workers after Trump targets outsourcing firms

India-based IT services firm Infosys Ltd (INFY.NS) said it plans to hire 10,000 U.S. workers in the next two years and open four technology centers in the United States, starting with a center this August in Indiana, the home state of U.S. Vice President Mike Pence.

The move comes at a time when Infosys and some of its Indian peers such as Tata Consultancy Services (TCS.NS) and Wipro Ltd (WIPR.NS) have become political targets in the United States for allegedly displacing U.S. workers’ jobs by flying in foreigners on temporary visas to service their clients in the country.

The IT service firms rely heavily on the H1-B visa program, which U.S. President Donald Trump has ordered federal agencies to review.

In a telephone interview with Reuters from Indiana, Infosys Chief Executive Vishal Sikka said his company plans to hire U.S. workers in fields such as artificial intelligence.

“When you think about it from a U.S. point of view, obviously creating more American jobs and opportunities is a good thing,” Sikka said.


After month of protests, Venezuela’s Maduro triggers shakeup of powers

Venezuela’s socialist President Nicolas Maduro announced on Monday the creation of a new popular assembly with the ability to re-write the constitution, which foes decried as a power-grab to stifle weeks of anti-government unrest.

“I don’t want a civil war,” Maduro told a May Day rally of supporters in downtown Caracas while elsewhere across the city security forces fired tear gas at youths hurling stones and petrol bombs after opposition marches were blocked.

Maduro, 54, has triggered an article of the constitution that creates a super-body known as a “constituent assembly.”

It can dissolve public powers and call general elections, echoing a previous assembly created by his predecessor Hugo Chavez in 1999 soon after he won office in the South American OPEC nation.


Another Day, Another Apology to Muslims

“Don’t listen to liberals, because the Muslims will cut your heads off.”
That’s the comment that warranted the KRQE headline,
“Parents accuse Belen priest of making discriminatory comments against Muslims.”
Apparently no one had a problem with the “don’t listen to liberals” part. Instead, being well trained in political correctness, it was the moment Fr. Jonas Romea, a priest in Belen, New Mexico, told a group of pre-K to eighth grade Catholic kids that there were Muslims terrorists that caused the problem.
Specifically mentioning Muslims cutting “heads off” was when parents became terribly offended on behalf of Islam.
The next thing you know, a reporter at KOAT Action News was asking Fr.
Romea if he didn’t think his remarks were “Islamophobia?” Fr. Romea said that he denied that label, and strengthened his point by saying: “Recent reports out of the Middle East show that Catholics around the world are under attack. The news pieces that we get… from there tell us that actually, Christians are being slaughtered.”



Again, having nothing to do with anything in particular, other than it being in the area of North Africa.

France kills more than 20 militants on Mali, Burkina border

France has killed more than 20 militants hiding in a forest near the border between the West African countries of Mali and Burkina Faso this weekend, its regional force said in a statement.

The operation followed the death of a French soldier nearby earlier this month. It involved both air and ground strikes, the statement said. It did not identify the militant group.

Mali has been regularly hit by Islamist militant violence, despite a 2013 French-led operation to drive them out of key northern cities they had seized. It extended a state of emergency by six months this weekend.


This is termed ‘pearl clutching’.  As in when little old ladies are shocked at something and then gasp in dread and clutch their pearl necklaces.

ATF lets some Minnesota gun buyers skip background checks

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) – Minnesota residents who have permits to carry handguns may now be able to purchase guns from licensed dealers without the normally required background checks.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said Friday that it has determined that Minnesota’s requirements for getting a permit to carry satisfy the background check requirements under federal law for purchasing a firearm.

That means carry permits with expiration dates of Aug. 1, 2019, or later, now qualify as alternatives to usual the FBI instant background checks.

ATF Assistant Director Marvin Richardson notes that the change applies only to Minnesota’s permit to carry and not its permit to purchase.


100 Days of #TheResistance’s Humiliating Failure

In the first 100 days since Felonia von Pantsuit was not inaugurated, the goofy collection of commie traitors, coastal snobs, and crack-pot weirdoes that hilariously styles itself “#TheResistance” has only managed to successfully resist success. Oh sure, they and the catamite media tried their darnedest but, as Yoda said, “Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.” And, as Yoda also said, “Chelsea Clinton is best Democrats can do, say you? Kidding me, you are.”

Yeah, after 100 days, President Trump has reintroduced the world to Alpha America after eight years of Barack’s fussy betaism, gutted a Schumer-ton of regulations, and broke the Senate Democrats’ spirit by suckering them into a loser play that resulted in Justice Gorsuch today and, I hope, Justice Crazy Conservative Caveman to replace Justice Kennedy this summer. Plus, of course, his two greatest achievements – not being Hillary, and surviving even after being subjected to every slander, lie, and fake news report the gyno-hat left could throw at him.


Donald Trump delivers 100 days of 2nd Amendment victories: Chris Cox

After eight long years, we once again have a president who respects and cherishes individual freedom. For America’s law-abiding gun owners, the Trump administration is proving to be among the best in history. So it’s important to take stock of all he has accomplished on behalf of the Second Amendment in a very short time.

Thanks to President Trump, we are now back to having a 5-4 pro-gun majority on the U.S. Supreme Court. He appointed Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, which means the Department of Justice will return to focusing on prosecuting violent criminals instead of targeting law-abiding gun owners. In Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, Trump has appointed a man who is firmly committed to protecting hunting and shooting as priority uses on our public lands. In fact, Zinke repealed one of Barack Obama’s most egregious anti-gun policies on his very first day on the job.

Ultimately, politicians are judged on whether they keep their promises. For law-abiding gun owners, Trump has kept his promises, after running as the most pro-Second Amendment candidate in history.

Is anyone of the opinion that Hillary! would have been the better choice?
Is President Trump perfect? No, no man is. So if that’s a problem, I’d say it would be to your benefit to get over it.
He’s got the job. And as we should do to all politicians, we keep their feet to the fire at all times.


How “The Handmaid’s Tale” can come to pass.

Thirty-two years ago, Canadian poet Margaret Atwood, looked down upon Ronald Reagan’s America and decided it was theocratic.

After four years of Ronnie, the nation had not banned abortion, pornography, or homosexuality, but Atwood saw the specter of Americans believing in Christ again — and so she wrote “The Handmaid’s Tale,” a warning that women would be cloistered and become breeding cows to men.

Now liberals have dusted off this road apple, polished it up, and put it on Hulu as a warning of what The Donald will do.

Except it is true. All of this is happening. And on President Trump’s watch.

It just is not happening here, but rather in the Islamic State

Which turned Iran into an Islamic Hell for women (and men) 40 years ago when Carter was president. Over time, things have gotten worse.