Swalwell: If Elected President, I Will Fire Jared Kushner on Day One

Yes, this guy is that stupid.

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D., Calif.) declared in a new interview he would fire Jared Kushner on the first day of his presidency, although that would suggest Kushner would have remained in the White House under a new administration.

Kushner is President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and a White House senior adviser, and he has been tasked with developing a peace plan between Israel and the Palestinians………..

Setting aside the unlikelihood of Swalwell even winning the Democratic nomination and ultimately the presidency, it is unlikely Kushner would be a holdover from the Trump administration to his. For instance, President Trump did not have to fire senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett when he took office; she just left.

ANTIFA goons in Canada get it right in the head.

Animated GIF

ANTIFA held a demonstration in Hamilton, Ontario.
A man holding a protest sign was attacked by goons wearing pink hoods.
Catching sight of this, a friend of his puts his helmet to good use.

New York City Landmarks Historic Bookstore The Strand Over Owner’s Objections.

pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune.

Couldn’t be more entertained watching a leftist’s leftist getting it kicked up between her shoulder blades by another leftist politician.

New York City’s Landmarks Preservation Committee (LPC) just wouldn’t take no for an answer. The group has conferred landmark status on the 119-year-old building at 826 Broadway, which has housed The Strand Bookstore since 1956. The owners of The Strand bought the building in the late 1990s and the third-generation owner of the store, Nancy Bass Wyden, opposed the action, telling Reason earlier this year:

The Strand is not going anywhere. There’s no need to protect it. Our family’s been a great steward of the building. Landmarking would add another component of government. You add bureaucracy, you add committees, you add people having opinions about what we should do inside the store as well as outside the store. And that does not allow me the flexibility to change with the retail book environment and to serve our customers.

Bass Wyden (who is married to Sen. Ron Wyden, the [leftist .ed]Democrat from Oregon) presented 11,000 signatures to the LPC in hopes of dissuading landmark status. Such popular support for what is generally considered New York’s best bookstore cut no mustard.

The Attorney General needles the Speaker of the House.

Undoubtedly he had heard about this standard operational demoncrap-for-brains idea:

Calls to jail Attorney General Barr grow from Democratic ranks


Parrot seized by cops for warning druggie owner about raid.

Pieces of eight! Pieces of eight! Cheese it! It’s the Cops!

Polly want a lawyer!

A parrot in Brazil was taken into custody for warning his drug-dealing owner that cops were about to launch a raid — squawking, “Mummy, police!”

The green-feathered watchdog began screeching loudly the moment officers showed up at his home in the eastern city of Teresina, the UK Independent reported.

“He must have been trained for that,” a police officer involved in the operation told the paper. “As soon as police got close, he began shouting.”

The loyal loudmouth, whose name was not reported, was seized by cops and placed in a chicken wire cage at a local police station.

But the bird is refusing to sing like a canary.

“So far it hasn’t made a sound,” a local journalist reported, according to a paper.

The parrot’s owner, known as “India,” had been busted twice for drug trafficking in the past. Her husband, known only as Edvan, 30, was arrested during the raid when cops found crack cocaine in the home.

The parrot was later taken to the Teresina Zoo.

Pelosi appears to take new jab at Ocasio-Cortez, says ‘a glass of water’ with a ‘D’ could win their districts

Pelousy compares Occasional-Cortex to a glass of water?
Ohhh Hohohohohoh.
More and more of that circular firing squad.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., on Monday made a point to heap more praise on Democrats who flipped Republican seats in the 2018 midterms and downplayed representatives like herself and freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., who carried districts where a “glass of water” with a “D” next to it could win.

“When we won this election, it wasn’t in districts like mine or Alexandria’s,” Pelosi said. “[S]he’s a wonderful member of Congress [yeah right Nance] as I think all of our colleagues will attest. But those are districts that are solidly Democratic.”

To drive the point home she picked up a water glass next to her and said: “This glass of water would win with a ‘D’ next to its name in those districts.”

Ocasio-Cortez Suddenly Shifts To Speaking Like Jar Jar Binks While Addressing Crowd Of Gungans.

AOC’s ‘code-switching’ hypocrisy gets it’s proper razzing.

NABOO—Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has come under fire after giving a speech to a crowd of Gungan supporters on the planet of Naboo. Critics claim Ocasio-Cortez clearly shifted her speaking style to try to emulate the Gungans’ speech patterns, changing her speech to sound exactly like that of Jar Jar Binks.

“Meesa Ocasio-Cortez. Meesa gonna seize the means of production big-big,” she said as the Gungan crowd cheered. “Meesa your humble servant who’s in charge.” The congresswoman unveiled a plan to save Naboo, one which would coincidentally require giving her all the power and money. “Yousa planet gonna die big, icky icky goo goo if yousa don’t change your habits.” She pointed out that the ecosystem of the planet’s core was already changing, and the giant monsters which live down there will likely die within 12 Coruscant solar cycles.

“Yousa all gonna do whatever I say now, okeeday?” she added.

Some Gungans were offended by her remarks. “Ex-squeeze me, but wesa the ones who say ‘mesa,’ not yousa!” cried one Gungan in protest. Ocasio-Cortez ignored his comments, as he was sitting in the cheap seats.

Critics quickly called the obvious shift in speech patterns “pandering,” but Ocasio-Cortez immediately fired back on her Comlink, saying, “How wude.”

Google’s Best AI Just Flunked a High School Math Test

The Singularity Is Here. Unfortunately for our new AI overlords, the crusade to take over the world has been stopped in its tracks by an unlikely hurdle: a 16-year-old’s math test.

Faced with the same level of exam that a 16-year-old in the U.K. would take, according to a new paper by Google’s DeepMind, its cutting-edge AI flunked…

It turns out, according to the research, that even a simple math problem involves a great deal of brainpower, as people learn to automatically learn to make sense of mathematical operations, memorize the order in which to perform them, and know how to turn word problems into equations.

But artificial intelligence is quite literally built to pore over data, scanning for patterns and analyzing them. In that regard, the results of the test — on which the algorithm scored a 14 out of 40 — aren’t reassuring.

More crap-for-brains so bad it’s also comic relief.

Ferdinand and Isabella have to be spinning at warp speed in their graves.

A few days ago, the new president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Abrader, demanded that King Felipe VI ask for forgiveness for the conquest by Spain, and now a mosque in Seville is doing the same but for the Reconquista (the Reconquest, when the Muslim rulers were driven out of Andalusia-Spain).
The Ishbilia mosque has published a post on Facebook under the name of the Islamic Community itself and its president, Yihad Sarasua, in expressing “the sentiments among Spanish Muslims and those who for certain reasons, reside in Spain, for the lack of conciliation between the Crown and the heirs of the Andalusian legacy.”
“Sir, being the King of Spain, I believe that the historical moment has arrived to carry out the recognition of the vileness, plunder, displacement and murders carried out by orders of the Catholic kings and their most direct collaborators, which culminated with the surrender of Granada and the breach of everything subscribed to the Muslim community”, reads the letter.
Besides, he adds that the Muslims were subjected to a “constant persecution” that left “millions of dead”:
“Never has existed such a fierce persecution and eagerness to eliminate a religious community, as was carried out by the old Spanish royalty in the times of Felipe II, an extermination that culminated in the War of the Alpujarres subsequent to the Pragmatic Sanction of 1567.”
This is why King Felipe VI is asked by the mosque to apologise to the Muslim community.
“As a descendant of the aforementioned kings, what a formidable opportunity you would have to demonstrate to the Muslim community your respect and your discrepancy, with the Islamic theses, apologising to our community for so many atrocities and interceding for the recognition of Spanish nationality for the descendants of Al Andalus, as was done with the Sephardic Jewish community.”
So far King Felipe VI has not responded to the Muslim leader’s request.


The ditzhead keeps illuminating just how stupid she really is.
And her constituents back in the Bronx are already complaining she isn’t doing her job as their Representative. 

Amid her zeal to save the world with the Green New Deal, Rep. ­Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has ­ignored residents in her own Bronx back yard.

“I thought AOC would be our savior, but that’s not the case,” complained Roxanne Delgado, a local activist who said she has tried for months to get in touch with the congresswoman for help saving an animal shelter and to clean up parks in the district.

Delgado, 40, says she has made numerous calls to Ocasio-Cortez’s offices in Washington and Queens and sent a barrage of tweets after the freshman lawmaker encouraged residents during a recent visit to a Bronx public library to hit her up on social media.

But she’s heard nothing back.

“NO email or contact on @AOC’s page except DC number which has full #voicemail and no one picks up,” Delgado tweeted on Monday.

Venezuelan Army Attempts to Scare US Marines with Video

When I lead off with ‘Crap-for-brains’ Mondays, I really lead off.

A video made its way to Facebook on Monday, showing clips of Venezuelan military forces taking part in “intense training” activities. The caption on the Facebook post asserts that the clip is not a “humorous television program” and that it was released by “the Venezuelan government to scare the US Marines.”

F-16 Fighter Jet Sets off Police Radar.

A highway patrolman high in California was a little confused when his onboard radar went off without another car in sight. The mystery was quickly solved, though, when a F-16 Fighting Falcon flew overhead, streaking low and fast over the lonely patch of winter road.

The video, shared by California Highway Patrol-Bishop station and credited to Officer Chris Bol, shows a patrolman’s Ford Explorer parked on the road, wind buffeting the camera microphone. Coming up from behind fast is a F-16 fighter jet, which flies on ahead and then banks to follow the road, rapidly fading from sight.

According to the CHP, the radar in the patrol SUV was “going crazy” even though Bol couldn’t see another car anywhere. But then the jet came into view. It seems likely this wasn’t the jet’s first pass, though—the camera is positioned exactly to catch the fighter’s approach.

Bishop is in California’s high desert country. It lies in a relatively flat basin with mountains to the west and east, as the video amply demonstrates. It’s not surprising that the highway patrol’s onboard radar picked the fighter up relatively far away. The fighter approaches from the north or south and then veers off to the west or east.

As for the F-16, the video isn’t clear enough to show the two letter tail code that would explain which base it was from. The jet could have been from the Arizona National Guard or Hill Air Force Base in Utah. Hill’s two resident fighter wings are in the process of transitioning to the F-35A Joint Strike Fighter, but the base is still a hub for F-16 upgrade and repair work.

CNN Aghast: Trump Signed Checks on Days He Fulfilled Official Duties


Hey CNN: you want an example of a President truly being distracted from important official business by personal matters? That would be Bill Clinton, being attended to by Monica Lewinsky while on the phone with a congressman regarding US troops in Bosnia. Now that’s a concerning distraction. Yet on this morning’s New Day, co-host John Berman fretted that President Trump’s signing of a check on days he was also fulfilling his official duties constituted a “jarring juxtaposition.” Alisyn Camerota echoed Berman’s concern over the “juxtaposition.”

That this was a ginned-up nothingburger is reflected in Berman’s supposed concern that Trump signed a check on February 14th, 2017, “just after Michael Flynn was pushed out of the White House.” But Flynn resigned on February 13th. So that “jarring juxtaposition” that has Berman so verklempt didn’t even happen on the same day. The faux outrage reached its absurd apotheosis when Camerota cited Trump for signing a check on the same day . . .  that he pardoned a Thanksgiving turkey.

House Dems Explode In Recriminations As AOC Threatens To Put Moderates On “A List”

Little Miss Marxist™ revolutionary keeps threatening to kick her demoncrap colleagues off the .gov gravy train and she’s liable to discover just how deleterious to her health – political and personal – that might be.

And it’s comic gold that they’re fighting among themselves.

In a closed-door session, a frustrated Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) lashed out at about two dozen moderates and pressured them to get on board. “We are either a team or we’re not, and we have to make that decision,” Pelosi said, according to two people present but not authorized to discuss the remarks publicly.

But Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), the unquestioned media superstar of the freshman class, upped the ante, admonishing the moderates and indicating she would help liberal activists unseat them in the 2020 election.

Corbin Trent, a spokesman for Ocasio-Cortez, said she told her colleagues that Democrats who side with Republicans “are putting themselves on a list.

“She said that when activists ask her why she had to vote for a gun safety bill that also further empowers an agency that forcibly injects kids with psychotropic drugs, they’re going to want a list of names and she’s going to give it to them,” Trent said, referring to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Ohio Music Shop Owner Posts Sign Turning Away Trump Supporters

An Ohio music shop owner placed a sign in front of his shop turning away supporters of President Trump, saying he felt “unclean and dirty” from doing business with them.

The owner of Joe’s Music Shop in Willoughby, Ohio, placed a sign outside his store outright telling those who support Trump to go “shop somewhere else,” WOIO reported.

“Dear Trump sympathizers, I am truly sorry, however, I feel unclean and dirty accepting money from you. Please politely shop somewhere else,” the sign read. “Sorry, I would rather starve and close the store than participate in wrongdoing. Many blessings to you. I hope you understand.”

2016: Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein, Carly Fiorina
1972: Patsy Mink, Shirley Chisholm
Ben Rhodes was right about the political reporters in DC;
They don’t know anything.