MS-13 gang members indicted after ‘medieval-style’ killing spree in Los Angeles

Just remember, these are the immigrants that the demoncraps identify with,
Nancy Pelosi Defends Violent MS-13 Gang Members In Response To Trump, Says They’re Not Animals
then read that last paragraph.

LOS ANGELES – Federal racketeering, murder and other charges were filed against 22 suspected MS-13 gang members who law enforcement officials believe are linked to a series of grisly killings involving baseball bats, machetes and other tools of “medieval-style” violence, authorities said Tuesday.

Nineteen of those indicted are considered illegal immigrants, and most of the group’s members arrived in the U.S. in the past four years from Central America. All but two are under the age of 24, Nicola Hanna, the U.S. Attorney for Los Angeles, announced at a news conference. Most, he added, participated in the “killing spree.”

The arrests – the last came over the weekend – capped a two-year investigation. While President Donald Trump has singled out MS-13 as a threat to public safety in the making the case for tighter security along the Mexican border, Hanna said the defendants mostly preyed upon other recent immigrants who they believed were rivals.

MS-13 “has been named as one of the top five transnational threats to the U.S.,”  Hanna said. “MS-13 has spread like a cancer … throughout the U.S.”

Those arrested were all part of the so-called Fulton clique of MS-13, one of the most violent of about 20 factions of MS-13 operating in the Los Angeles area, Hanna said. The clique operated primarily in L.A.’s San Fernando Valley.

In one of the most horrific allegations, several are accused of luring a perceived rival gang member who they believed to have defaced MS-13 graffiti to the forest outside Los Angeles and killed him with a machete. They dismembered his body and cut out his heart before dumping the remains into a canyon, authorities said.

More Guns, Less Crime In California’s Concealed Carry Capitol

The Fresno Bee recently reported that Fresno County has the highest number of concealed carry licensees in the state, followed by Orange County.  If “more guns equals more crime”, then more people carrying guns should lead to more crime as well, and yet both Fresno and Orange County have lower homicide rates than Los Angeles County, home to more than 10-million residents but just 424 concealed carry licensees.

After Shooting, Chicago Democrat Advocates Residents Get Guns and Carry Permits

“a liberal is just a conservative who hasn’t been shot at yet.”

LaShawn Ford has served as an Illinois State Representative since 2007. Like his fellow Chicago Democrat General Assembly members, he has been a fairly consistent vote against gun rights since, well, forever.

But he recently appeared on radio station WLS-AM encouraging residents to arm themselves and get their carry licenses.

What caused Rep. Ford’s sudden, very public change when it comes to guns? Could it be the “come to Jesus” moment this past weekend outside his home that left one man dead? Or was it the fact that his car was riddled with gunfire during the incident?

WLS-AM has the story of what happened outside Ford’s home:

After another violent weekend that saw eight people killed and at least 32 others wounded, one lawmaker is taking action by encouraging his constituents to arm themselves.

Bullets from a shooting that left a 22-year-old dead in the Austin Neighborhood on the West Side Sunday also found State Rep. La Shawn Ford’s (D-Chicago) car. …

“I think about it all the time,” Ford said of the shootings that plague his community. “That’s why I’m working with a concealed carry instructor and we’re going to go through the neighborhood and we’re going to encourage people to get their concealed carry license because it makes no sense for people not to have the protections that they need.”

Trump moves to effectively end asylum at southern border

Abuse a benefit long enough and it gets taken away.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Reversing decades of U.S. policy, the Trump administration said Monday it will end all asylum protections for most migrants who arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border — the president’s most forceful attempt to block asylum claims and slash the number of people seeking refuge in America.

The new rule, expected to go into effect Tuesday, would cover countless would-be refugees, many of them fleeing violence and poverty in Central America. It is certain to face legal challenges.

According to the plan published in the Federal Register , migrants who pass through another country — in this case, Mexico — on their way to the U.S. will be ineligible for asylum. The rule also applies to children who have crossed the border alone.

The vast majority of people affected by the rule are from Central America. But sometimes migrants from Africa , Cuba or Haiti and other countries try to come through the U.S.-Mexico border, as well.

There are some exceptions, including for victims of human trafficking and asylum-seekers who were denied protection in another country. If the country the migrant passed through did not sign one of the major international treaties governing how refugees are managed (though most Western countries signed them) a migrant could still apply for U.S. asylum.

Tacoma police shoot and kill attacker at center for ICE detainees

Stupid is as....yeah, you know the rest.

Tacoma police shot dead a man who was reportedly throwing incendiary devices at the immigrant detention center on the Tacoma tideflats early Saturday morning.

Tacoma police said they responded to a report of a man with a rifle at the Northwest Detention Center at 1600 East J Street at 4 a.m.

The man was allegedly throwing the incendiary devices at outbuildings and cars in the center’s parking lot. One car caught fire and burned.

He also attempted to explode a propane tank installed at the site, according to police.

In a statement, police said shots were fired. After initially taking cover, police found the man. He was dead.

The Pierce County Medical Examiner’s Office identified the man as Willem Van Spronsen, 69, of Vashon Island.

Police said he was wearing a satchel and gear that contained flares.


NORTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY ( — Emergency crews have recovered two people’s bodies from Maline Creek Friday after an incident involving a stolen vehicle. Police say two 18-year-old men stole a vehicle. The owners of the stolen vehicle got into another vehicle and chased the suspects. Both cars ended up at Bellefontaine and St. Cyr Roads where the four got into an argument. Police were called to the scene and when they arrived, the two suspects jumped off a steep ledge into Maline Creek. The two never resurfaced from the water and search and rescue crews recovered their bodies.

Deputies find felon with guns, after responding to argument between roommates

California has some of the toughest laws to purchase and possess guns.
Sure work to keep criminals from getting their hands on guns don’t they?

The Merced County Sheriff’s Office said it arrested a felon in possession of guns after he fired a gun during an argument with a roommate.

Deputies arrested 41-year-old Merced County resident Francisco Gonzalez on Friday after responding to a report of a disturbance between roommates and shots fired in the 4000 block of North Highway 59, according to a news release.

Authorities said deputies spoke with the victim and learned that Gonzalez threw water at the victim during an argument. In retaliation, the victim threw mouthwash into Gonzalez’s eyes, according to the news release. According to Deputy Daryl Allen, the victim spoke with deputies after leaving the home where the argument occurred.

20% federal inmates are immigrants, mostly Mexican.

So, we wouldn’t have this immigrant crime problem, much less prison overcrowding, if the borders would be secure?

I’m shocked; shocked I say!

One-fifth of all federal prison inmates are not U.S citizens, many facing illegal immigration charges, according to new data from the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

There are a total of 35,009 “criminal aliens” of 180,344 in prison, and 60% are Mexican, according to an analysis provided to Secrets by David Olen Cross of Salem, Ore., a crime researcher who writes on immigration issues and foreign national crime.

The prison data in Cross’ report shows:

  • Mexico 21,627 inmates, 12%.
  • Colombia 1,664 inmates, 0.9%.
  • Dominican Republic 1,452 inmates, 0.8%.
  • Cuba 1,161 inmates, 0.6%.
  • Other / unknown countries 9,105 inmates, 5%.
  • United States 145,335 inmates, 80.6%.

And he added, “The U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons breaks down the federal prison population into 13 types of offenses. One of the top five offenses, the reason inmates are serving time in federal prisons is for immigration crimes. There were 10,984 inmates in the BOP prison system incarcerated for immigration crimes; they were 6.5% of the federal prison population.”

Antifa Mob Viciously Assaults Journalist Andy Ngo at Portland Rally.

According to Ngo, his attacker stole his camera equipment. But video footage recorded by another journalist, The Oregonian’s Jim Ryan, clearly shows an antifa activist punching Ngo in the face. Others throw milkshakes at him:

Throwing milkshakes at right-wing politicians is a tactic of British progressive activists that recently traveled to this side of the Atlantic. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R–Fla.) was hit with one earlier in June. The tactic has its defenders in mainstream left-of-center media as well: Vox’s Carlos Maza tweeted “milkshake them all” after a British activist hurled a milkshake at Nigel Farage.

Portland police have claimed that some of the milkshakes thrown by the antifa activists on Saturday contained quick-dry cement. That may or may not be true. What is true is that an antifa mob beat up a journalist—one who is harshly critical of them, to be sure, but who posed no physical threat to them and was only there to document their activities—on a public street. This is indefensible, and yet there are tons of progressive-leaning people currently defending it, or at the very least rationalizing and making light of it.


We are slowly seeing ‘ ignorance of the law is no excuse’ more and more narrowly defined.

Today’s ruling in Rehaif v. United States.

Defendant was a person who overstayed a visa and thus became an illegal alien, and a prohibited person under the GCA. He visited a gun range and shot at it.
The GCA provides for the punishment of anyone who “knowingly” possesses a gun while he is prohibited person.
Question: does that mean the person must 1. know that he possess a gun and know that he is a prohibited person, or just that he knows he possessed a gun whether or not he knew he was prohibited?

The Supreme Court, 7-2, says he must know both things. Good language about how courts should assume that legislatures wanted intent to be something close to he knew he was breaking the law, and rejecting the theory that “regulatory” offenses don’t require intent (which the Court correctly notes must be limited to regulatory offenses that carry minor punishments. The government doesn’t have to show a driver knew he was breaking the speed limit, but here the offense carries ten years in prison).

That incompetent shooter in Dallas?
Just another one already on the FBI’s radar.

FBI was warned about Dallas federal courthouse gunman in July 2016:

A relative of the man who opened fire outside downtown Dallas’ federal building this week warned the FBI in 2016 that he shouldn’t be allowed to buy a gun because he was depressed and suicidal, his mother said Thursday.

Brian Clyde’s half-brother called the FBI about his concerns, their mother Nubia Brede Solis said. Clyde was in the Army at the time.

On Monday, Clyde opened fire with an AR-15-style rifle at the Earle Cabell Federal Building. He was fatally shot by federal law enforcement. No one else was seriously injured. His family believes that Clyde wanted to be killed.

America’s First Third-World State.

If someone predicted half a century ago that a Los Angeles police station or indeed L.A. City Hall would be in danger of periodic, flea-borne infectious typhus outbreaks, he would have been considered unhinged. After all, the city that gave us the modern freeway system is not supposed to resemble Justinian’s sixth-century Constantinople. Yet typhus, along with outbreaks of infectious hepatitis A, are in the news on California streets.

The sidewalks of the state’s major cities are homes to piles of used needles, feces, and refuse. Hygienists warn that permissive municipal governments are setting the stage — through spiking populations of history’s banes of fleas, lice, and rats — for possible dark-age outbreaks of plague or worse.

High tech does its part not to clean the streets but to create defecation apps that electronically warn tourists and hoi polloi how to avoid walking blindly into piles of sidewalk excrement.

In Californian logic, public defecation butts up against progressive tolerance, so it is exempt from the law. Yet for a suburbanite to build a patio without a permit, for example, costs one dearly in fines. Indeed, a new patio without a permit can be deemed more dangerous to the public health than piles of excrement in the public workplace.

Officer Gets Shot, Then Armed Citizen Comes To Her Rescue
When a group of Good Samaritans realized that Trenton Police Officer Jasmine was under attack, they jumped into action.

Winston, MO – A legally armed citizen helped save a wounded police officer from the inmate who shot her and tried to force her to help him escape on Friday.

The attack occurred just after 3 p.m., as 24-year-old Trenton Police Department (TPD) Officer Jasmine Diab was transporting an inmate from the Trenton jail to the Mosaic Hospital in St. Joseph for a mental evaluation, WDAF reported.

Officer Diab was approximately 30 minutes into the transport when the restrained inmate, 38-year-old Jamey Griffin, managed to gain control of the officer’s duty weapon inside the transport vehicle, according to WDAF.

Officer Diab was shot in the abdomen during the struggle that ensued, and Griffin was shot in the hand.

“The vehicle by that time came to a rolling stop on us 69 Hwy,” Missouri Highway Patrol (MHP) Trooper Jake Angle told WDAF. “There were some citizens at the Pit Stop convenience store in Winston, Missouri, that I suppose sensed something wasn’t right.”

In a now-viral Facebook post, witness Michelle Weller explained that the suspect “was trying to force the wounded officer to drive” the vehicle away from the area.

A group of Good Samaritans also witnessed the attack, and pursued the transport vehicle down the highway for another quarter mile, Weller said.

One of the men was legally carrying a firearm of his own, and was able to corner Griffin at gunpoint, KCTV reported.

“One of these men was armed and was able to defend himself and others without even firing his weapon just by pointing it at the suspect!” Weller wrote. “Because he had his weapon these men were able to grab the suspect pull him out of the car and hold him down on the ground until officers arrived on the scene.”

If the Good Samaritan hadn’t threatened to use deadly force, the situation could have ended very differently, Weller added.

“In this case, they chose to intervene and come to an officer’s aid and subdue the suspect and possibly keeping him from escaping or doing more harm,” Trooper Angle told WDAF. “I am not advocating that people need to feel that they intervene in a situation this level, however, people chose to and in this situation it was critical.”

Alleged burglar found shot to death in Buckhead shopping center ID’d

A man found dead at a Buckhead shopping center was shot after allegedly trying to break into a nearby business, Atlanta police said.

Investigators found the man lying outside a car at the Bennett Street Shopping Center near the intersection of Peachtree Road and Bennett Street around 8:30 a.m. Monday. He was wearing a black hoodie, gray sweatpants and black gloves.

“He appears to have been involved in some form of criminal activity that resulted in him being shot,” Maj. Michael O’Connor said.
The Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office identified him as 29-year-old Mohamed Akel. They do not believe he was from the Atlanta area.
Investigators initially suspected Akel was involved in a series of car break-ins that happened Sunday night, police said. Officers were alerted to look out for a white Challenger or Charger with three people inside, and Akel fit the description, O’Connor said.

Bakery owner shoots at robbers who stole his wallet

MIAMI – Police are investigating a series of early morning robberies in Miami.

Miami police Officer Michael Vega said at least seven people were robbed by a group of men who asked the victims, “What time is it?” before pulling out a gun. The group of men demanded cash and belongings from the victims.

One of the victims was the owner of Ela’s Bakery Cafe in Little Havana.

“Once the victim realized that they had a firearm and that they were robbing him, he complied and he gave them his wallet,” Vega said.

Vega said the owner was armed and fired his gun at the thieves as they were getting away.

And a video of the end of the shootout.

and a video after it was over.

There Can Be No Argument: Anti-Gun Laws Kill


Just two weeks after the deadly shooting in Virginia Beach that left 12 people dead, the mainstream media is strangely silent. Why? Perhaps the story of Kate Nixon, one of the victims in the massacre, might have something to do with it. (another reason may be that the killer didn’t fit the gun-grabber’s narrative.. ed)

The Virginian Pilot:

Kate Nixon was a fixer.

As a supervisor in the public utilities department for a decade, she solved problems for the city and was described as logical and level-headed.

So when she told her husband, Jason, that she had concerns about two of her co-workers, he knew it was serious. She didn’t like to be around DeWayne Craddock, a fellow engineer — he gave off “real bad vibes” and she’d had to write him up several times for issues with performance and attitude. They both worked on the second floor of Building 2 in the Municipal Center.

But on the night of May 30, it was another man she was most worried about. Kate told her husband that the man, whom Jason Nixon declined to identify, was set to be fired Friday and there was supposed to be a police escort on scene when it happened. While cooking dinner, she expressed her concerns.

“She said, ‘This guy’s going to come back and shoot the place up,’ ” Jason Nixon said. He encouraged his wife to hide a pistol in her purse and take it to work — she had training and knew how to use it — but she didn’t want to break city policy forbidding employees from bringing weapons to work.

WIBC host Tony Katz shared the Nixon family’s story on his broadcast Friday morning:

Anti-gun laws kill. This is destructive policy and it needs to come to an end. Background checks? We already have them. Gun registries? That’s about control of the government; count me out. 

In all cases, you should be able to protect yourself and the people you care about, and no law should be able to prevent you from doing just that.”

An 11-year-old boy in North Carolina struck an intruder in the back of the head with a machete to foil a home invasion on Friday, according to reports.

The boy, who was home alone, answered a knock on the front door and saw a woman standing there. Simultaneously, a man broke into the home through a window and used the homeowner’s pellet gun to force the child into a bedroom closet.

The boy escaped the closet and grabbed a machete, using it to strike the man in the head.

He reportedly kicked the child in the stomach but the boy did not give up, swinging again at him but missing. The man again kicked the boy, and began to grab several items, including a television and a PlayStation, but fled the home without the electronics when he realized he was bleeding, according to a news release from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Homeowner shoots suspected car prowler in Kelso

KELSO, WA (KPTV) – A homeowner shot and wounded a suspected car prowler in Kelso early Thursday morning, according to the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office.

Just after 1 a.m., deputies responded to the report of a vehicle prowl in the 2100 block of Holcomb Loop Road.

The sheriff’s office said the 9-1-1 caller reported her husband had fired a shot while confronting the suspected car prowler.

Once at the scene, deputies confirmed the homeowner shot the suspect and caused birdshot pellet wounds to the suspect’s leg.

The suspect, who has not been identified, was taken to St. John Medical Center for treatment. After being released, the suspect was booked into the Cowlitz County Jail on an unrelated warrant.

Store employee shoots armed robber during LaPlace holdup

An employee of a LaPlace convenience store shot and wounded an armed robber who tried to hold up the business on Thursday morning (June 13), according to the St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities have not yet released the name or condition of the suspect, who was taken to a hospital after the shooting.

The robbery occurred just before 9 a.m. at an unnamed store in the 400 block of Belle Terre Boulevard in LaPlace, the Sheriff’s Office said. The suspect entered the store brandishing a gun.

But an employee who was also armed fired, shooting the suspect in the neck, the Sheriff’s Office said. No one else was injured. No other details were available about the case.


Why Gun Ownership Rates Tell Us Little About Homicide Trends in America

Every time a homicide committed with a firearm makes the national news, it happens like clockwork: a variety of pundits in the corporate media quickly pen columns advocating for ever broader and stricter gun control laws. If only government agents were entrusted with a strict monopoly (or near-monopoly) on firearm ownership — we are told — then the United States would have much lower homicide rates similar to those found in most other so-called “developed” countries like Norway or Canada.

The journalists and pundits who write these articles present their argument as if they were merely repeating a consensus among scholars who all agree that guns are the reason homicide rates are significantly higher in the United States — well, in many parts of it — than in Canada and Europe.

But there’s a problem with this claim: there is not at all a consensus among criminologists, sociologists, and historians that guns are the primary or driving factor behind the United States’ relatively high homicide rates.

‘I was scared’: Concealed carry permit owner shot man in self-defense

Police have charged a man who was shot Wednesday outside Milwaukee Police Headquarters.

Investigators determined the woman who shot the man was acting in self-defense.

She was only in police custody for several minutes after the shooting.

Witnesses backed up her account of what happened.

Police said Joseph Drier, 59, attacked the woman after arguing that she should not have a handicapped parking placard in her car.

“It happened so fast. All I knew was the panic. I was fighting for my life. I was afraid,” the woman told WISN 12 News.

She did not want to be identified Friday.

The 28-year-old woman said Drier attacked her as she returned to her car.

“I said, ‘Don’t walk up on me,’ and he turned around and went and got something — a weapon,” she said.

It turned out to be a steering wheel lock.

She said Drier swung it at her as she held him off with one hand.

That’s when she reached into her purse and pulled out her handgun.

“I’m screaming for help at the top of my lungs. No one would help me. I was scared. I felt like my life was in danger,” she said.

She fired one shot and hit Drier in the leg.

Woman shoots man trying to enter Gresham home through window

A Chicago woman with a concealed-carry license shot a man who tried to enter her home through a window Monday in Gresham on the South Side.

The 20-year-old man was trying to help an acquaintance who was locked out of her home at 8:41 a.m. in the 8900 block of South Lowe, according to Chicago police.

While he was trying to get in through the window, a 34-year-old woman inside the home shot him, police said. The woman, who lives at the home with the man’s friend, called 911 to report the shooting.

The man ran away and later showed up with gunshot wounds to his left shoulder and left knee at Little Company of Mary Hospital in Evergreen Park, police said. He was transferred to Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, where his condition was stabilized.

Area South detectives are questioning the man and the woman who shot him.

Homeowner shoots intruder in the leg after break-in at Mosaic Apartments

NASHVILLE (WSMV) – Investigators are looking into a shooting that occurred after a break-in at Mosaic Apartments on Patricia Drive.

News4 spoke with the homeowner who shot at the suspect who broke into his apartment. He tells us that his wife and mother-in-law were at home at the time of the break-in. The suspect used a folding chair to break the glass patio door.

The homeowner said he heard a banging sound, so he grabbed a gun and took the women into the back of the apartment. While on the phone with 911, the homeowner warned the suspect not to move. The suspect did not listen and the homeowner shot the suspect in the leg.

The homeowner says he then grabbed his wallet and keys, got the women in the car, and drove off. He saw the police as soon as he drove away.

The homeowner believes that the guy was drunk and unarmed. Metro Police said the homeowner will not face charges.

Somalis have Changed Minneapolis.

This is what you get when you import ‘mass quantities’ of purported refugees from a literal $#!+hole nation. Totally ignorant people (I’m being gracious) with ‘good intentions’ cause more problems than they solve.

Everyone not lying to themselves predicted when the federal government under Bill Clinton – aided and abetted by Lutheran Social Services, Catholic Charities and World Relief Minnesota — plopped 30,000 Somalis down into the midst of the kind, virtue-signaling, eager-to-help Midwesterners of Minneapolis (of which I am one) that it would lead to some grave consequences for our community.

Now, due to continuing refugee placements as well as chain migration there are an estimated 80,000 Somalis living in the Twin Cities metro area, or more like 79,000 if you subtract those who’ve left the country to join terrorist organizations like ISIS.

Anyhoo, here’s a week Minneapolitans had with their Somali neighbors last month:

On Wednesday, May 15th a couple of University students were attacked on campus at the East Bank Train station by two Somali thugs. It was an attempted robbery that the guys rebuffed sustaining injuries that required a hospital visit.

On Thursday, May 16th two Somalis burned down the pavilion at Lake Calhoun [or Lake Bde Maka Ska if you’re a virtue signaler) an eating and hanging out meeting place in the heart of the city enjoyed by generations of Americans around the prettiest city lake you’ve ever seen. This is in the most expensive neighborhood in Minneapolis…………..
(the list of assaults, attacks and corruption by and of somalis continues further .ed)

I’m not sure what it would take for Minneapolitans to wake up and stop being so suicidal with their multiculturalism. Terrorism, arson, violent crime, murder, corruption, fraud, female oppression is apparently not enough.

DeWayne Craddock was violent with co-workers before Virginia Beach shooting: report

Now this is an interesting ‘report’ (if true). The post is still tripping on the suppressor angle, but during the press conference yesterday, the ATF SAIC ‘Special Agent In Charge’ didn’t even mention a suppressor, just the two .45s the guy used.

The gunman who shot dead 12 people at a Virginia Beach municipal building had been facing disciplinary action for a violent fight at work, according to a report.

DeWayne Craddock, 40, was still employed as an engineer with the Department of Public Utilities when he went on his shooting rampage Friday, killing 12 and injuring several others, including a cop.

But he recently started showing serious behavioral problems and got into physical “scuffles” with other city workers, a source told The New York Times.

The source told the paper that the troubles had escalated in the week leading up to the mass shooting — and Craddock was involved in what it called “a violent altercation on city grounds.”

Craddock reportedly knew he was facing disciplinary action for the fight when he went into the municipal building with two .45-caliber handguns, at least one of which was equipped with a sound suppressor — and both of which were purchased legally.


The last paragraph posted – again – makes the point: “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.” and a ‘gun-free-zone’ is nothing more than a ‘free-fire’ shooting gallery.

The Virginia Beach shooter who killed 12 people and wounded several others in a municipal complex on Friday had submitted his resignation earlier that morning, officials said Sunday.

The gunman, identified as 40-year-old DeWayne Craddock, was an engineer with the city’s public utilities department for 15 years. In a news conference Sunday morning, Virginia Beach City Manager Dave Hansen described the man’s work performance as “satisfactory” with no ongoing issues of discipline.

In response to a reporter’s question, Hansen said the shooter had notified his chain of command of his intention to quit via email on Friday, hours before the shooting……..

Officers arrived outside the building within two minutes of receiving a call of shots fired, the chief said. Minutes later, the officers who entered the building engaged in a “long gun battle” with the suspect. Cervera said the gunfight lasted 5 to 8 minutes and the number of rounds fired went into the double digits, though he couldn’t give specific numbers.

DeWayne Craddock


DeWayne Craddock: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

DeWayne Craddock, a public utilities engineer whose name frequently appeared on city notices, was named as the mass shooter who opened fire “indiscriminately” at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center, killing 12 people and wounding others, in the nation’s latest horrific active shooter event.

The Wall Street Journal and CNN reported that Craddock was the shooter; Heavy confirmed the name through police scanner audio, which you can listen to later in this article (be forewarned that it is very disturbing). Officers named DeWayne Craddock as the shooter to dispatchers early on in their response. Craddock, who worked for the city of Virginia Beach, previously served in the Army National Guard, and he was a 1996 graduate of Denbigh High School in Newport News, Virginia, according to an old Daily Press newspaper article.

11 dead, 6 injured after shooting at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center

If you have to go to a Level 1 Trauma Center. The ER at Norfolk General is one of them you want to go to. Don’t ask how I know.

Eleven people were killed and six people injured by a shooter at the city’s Municipal Center in Princess Anne on Friday afternoon, Virginia Beach police Chief Jim Cervera said.

The shooter was killed by police after firing at officers, he said. One officer was shot but his bullet-proof vest saved his life, Cervera said.

“This is the most devastating day in the history of Virginia Beach,” Mayor Bobby Dwyer said. “The people involved are our friends, coworkers, neighbors and colleagues.”

The shooter was a current and long-time employee who had worked for the city in the public utilities department, Cervera said in a press conference Friday night.

The shooting started shortly after 4 p.m., just as workers were wrapping up their day and preparing to leave for the weekend.

Dale Gauding, a Sentara spokesman, said in an email that five patients went to Virginia Beach General, and one person arrived at the Level I Trauma Center at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in a Nightingale helicopter shortly after 6 p.m