Suspect shot by employee after attempting to rob convenience store

BATON ROUGE – A man has been shot by an employee of a convenience store after attempting to rob it.

According to BRPD, a male suspect attempted to rob the Neighbors Food Mart on 2879 Dougherty Dr around 8 a.m Sunday morning. An employee of the store then shot the suspect.

The alleged robber was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

So far this is all the information available at this time.

80-year-old shoots would-be robber, 73, who attacked him with pepper spray

An 80-year-old man shot a would-be robber in a Hialeah parking lot Friday afternoon.

The suspect is 73 years old.

Police said Julio Perez-Delgado pepper sprayed and punched the older man as the man entered his car outside the Royal Arcade, 5440 West 16th Ave. He demanded the man turn over his money, but Ernesto Del Monte instead reached for his firearm inside his pocket and fired several shots at Perez-Delgado.

Riddled with bullets, Perez-Delgado took off. Police eventually found him about a half-mile away after receiving a call of a man down with multiple gunshot wounds in front of 1910 West 56th St.

Person in Bridgeport fires back at shooter in self-defense

BRIDGEPORT CT— The driver of a vehicle was arrested in the city late Thursday night after opening fire into a small group of people, according to police officials.

The incident happened in the area of Taft Avenue around 11 p.m. Thursday, police spokesman Terron Jones said on Saturday.

Although the shooter’s bullets didn’t hit anyone, another person — who holds a valid pistol permit — returned fire at the shooter, Jones said.

Colorado School Shooting Suspects Appear in Court to Face Murder Charges

Two students suspected of shooting nine classmates, one fatally, in their Colorado charter school appeared in court Wednesday to face dozens of criminal charges that include murder, attempted murder, theft and arson.

The parents of the teen who was killed in the attack looked on in court before heading to their son’s memorial service. Senior Kendrick Castillo was just days from graduating when he was slain while trying to stop one of the gunmen during the May 7 attack at the STEM School Highlands Ranch, which is not far from the scene of the 1999 Columbine massacre.

Investigators say Devon Erickson, 18, and Alec McKinney, 16, used handguns in the assault. Eight students were wounded.

Prosecutors said both would be tried as adults. McKinney’s attorney, Ara Ohanian, said she would seek to move his case back to juvenile court.

Court documents are sealed, but charges are listed in electronic court records. Judge Theresa Slade denied the prosecution’s request to make some of the documents public but said she would address the issue at the next hearing on June 7.

Some people are taking care of business with the thug element

Walgreens security guard opens fire on 2 masked, armed teens; 1 dies at hospital

A security guard at a Walgreens on FM 1960 opened fire on two armed, masked teens who were preparing to enter the store, critically wounding one of the suspects. He later died at the hospital.

The double shooting happened around midnight on Saturday night at the Walgreens at FM 1960 and Ella Boulevard in northeast Harris County, just west of Interstate 45.

Lt. L.R. Rush of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office told Metro Video that two cousins, ages 18 and 16, approached the store in what authorities believe was a planned robbery. They did not see the security guard, who came from around the corner and approached the pair. He told them to stop, at which time one of the armed men pulled a gun from his waist band and pointed it at the guard.

2 people shot to death in Hesperia home as they assaulted owner

Two people were shot to death in a Hesperia residence as they assaulted the elderly homeowner, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said.

No one was immediately arrested in the slayings, which happened Thursday, May 9 in the 17000 block of Adobe Street. The Sheriff’s Department said it would submit a report to the District Attorney’s Office for consideration of charges.

About 3:30 a.m., the homeowner called out for help, and another resident came to his aid. It was then that Raymond Santana, 42, and Arlin Lamas, 28, both of Victorville, were shot. Santana died at the scene, and Lamas died at a hospital. Neither lived at the home.

The homeowner was injured but did not require medical attention, a news release said.

Father shoots, kills home intruder in Lancaster

LANCASTER, Calif. (KABC) — A man was fatally shot after allegedly breaking into a Lancaster home.

The shooting happened around 6:45 a.m. Sunday in the 45100 block of Loma Vista Drive.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s detectives say the man got into the home through one of the downstairs rear windows and walked into an upstairs bedroom.

That’s when the homeowner who feared for the safety of himself and his children grabbed a gun and fired a shot, which struck the suspect in the upper torso, according to authorities.

The family inside the home at the time was not injured.

No additional information was released.

When Will We Confront the ‘Columbiner’ Subculture?

We would be better off as a country with a longer discussion about the ‘Columbiner’ subculture, and how to prevent teenagers and other young people from falling under its sway.

Yesterday’s shooting at the STEM school in Highlands Ranch, Colo. — only a few miles from Columbine high school — involved two shooters, which is rare in school shootings. The school will be closed for the rest of the week and other schools in the area are adding additional security.

This comes just a few weeks after parents in the area awoke to warnings that an armed 18-year-old woman with an infatuation with the massacre had flown across the country to Colorado; she later was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. And this year marked the 20th anniversary of the Columbine shooting; the date fell on a Saturday with the community marking its third annual “Day of Service” and other events to remember that awful day.

Columbine wasn’t just a massacre; it was a form of ideation, and it cracked open some barrier that made the unthinkable thinkable for many disturbed, deeply troubled, and angry individuals. Some family members of the victims are still getting harassed, two decades later:

Coni Sanders’ father Dave Sanders was the only teacher killed at Columbine.

To this day, Sanders still gets bombarded with messages from what she calls “Columbiners,” people obsessed with every last detail of the massacre that took her father.

“There are hundreds of social media accounts claiming to be the killers,” Sanders said. “Worse, some claim to be my dad.”

Maybe you love more background checks for gun purchases, maybe you don’t, but either way, background checks for gun purchases won’t solve the problem of angry, emotionally unstable young people developing an obsession about Columbine. And when a teenager starts getting obsessed about Columbine, the odds of him attempting a school shooting increase dramatically:

“The phenomenon is feeding on itself,” said Peter Langman, a psychologist who is the author of “Why Kids Kill: Inside the Minds of School Shooters” and who runs the website “It’s gaining momentum, and the more there are, the more there will be.”

Mr. Langman has created a mass-shooter diagram tracking the influence Columbine has had on more than 30 other rampage attacks at schools and elsewhere, from California to Germany. The diagram resembles a corporate flowchart, with lines branching out and intersecting, but all of them flowing out of two names: the Columbine killers.

In the past, we’ve seen past moral panics about cultural factors that are only tangentially related to teen violence — heavy-metal music, Dungeons and Dragons, violent movies, and video games. But the Columbiner subculture is explicitly about school shootings, and almost always portrays mass murder as a form of justice or retribution. If law enforcement monitors jihadist and other extremist groups that have potential for mass-casualty attacks, they should be monitoring this one.

God bless everyone living in the Columbine and its surrounding communities. They just want to live their lives in peace, not be forced into the role of someone else’s symbol.

1 dead and 8 injured, 2 suspects in custody after shooting at STEM School in Highlands Ranch

By now, all the news agencies have broadcast the particulars, so what I’ll add is that from some sources, the shooters smuggled handguns into school inside a guitar case (where have we seen that in movies).
All the current laws already prohibit what these two did. I have no idea what any further law would have been able to do. Maybe make it more illegal?

HIGHLANDS RANCH — Two students attending the STEM School Highlands Ranch brought at least one handgun into the school Tuesday afternoon and turned the weapon on their classmates, killing one 18-year-old male and injuring eight other students.

The male suspects, one adult and one juvenile, were taken into custody by Douglas County sheriff’s deputies within two minutes of a 1:53 p.m. report of shots fired, Sheriff Tony Spurlock said.

Sheriff’s officials late Tuesday identified the adult suspect as Devon Erickson, 18. The names of the victims and the juvenile suspect were not released.

Deltona homeowner holds suspected burglar at gunpoint

DELTONA, Fla. – A Deltona homeowner held a suspected burglar at gunpoint until authorities arrived, according to deputies.

The break-in was reported Saturday in the 600 block of Deltona Boulevard.

According to a Volusia County sheriff’s incident report, the homeowner said he was awakened by the sound of breaking glass and discovered a man, later identified by officials as Michael Jiminez, in his home.

The homeowner said he got his 9mm handgun and told the man to leave and fired a warning shot into the ceiling because the man didn’t immediately comply, according to deputies. The homeowner said he was in fear for his life, the incident report said.

Jiminez dropped to the ground when the gun was fired, and the homeowner called 911, deputies said.

Jiminez said he believed he heard a woman screaming for help inside the home, which used to be a business owned by someone he knew, according to authorities.

Jiminez said he broke a window with a pocketknife and entered the home, according to officials.

Man running with rock, damaging cars shot by Philly resident

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — No charges have been filed after police say a resident shot a man who was allegedly running around with a rock and damaging cars in Philadelphia.

It happened around 5:50 p.m. Monday on the unit block of North 57th Street.

Authorities tell Action News that a man was running around with a rock, yelling and damaging cars.

That’s when a 25-year-old resident with a permit to carry shot the man.

The man was transported to an area hospital where he’s currently listed in stable condition.

There is no word yet if the male shooter will be charged.

Pastor and wife kill man breaking into their west Houston home

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Police say a pastor and wife shot and killed a man who was breaking into their home in west Houston.

The shooting happened at their home on Del Monte Drive and Briar Ridge Drive on Saturday night.

Police say the couple heard something outside of their back door and went to check it out. That’s when they saw the suspect breaking into their home.

They then fired both of their guns in fear for their safety.

Firefighters say the man died at the home. According to authorities, after the shooting the couple went outside, placed the guns on the ground and waited for officers to arrive.

The United Methodist Church issued a statement on Sunday night confirming this home was a parsonage which was occupied by a United Methodist Church Pastor Jeff Powers and his wife.


UNC Charlotte Shooting Victims Were Students, Officials Say

CHARLOTTE — The two people fatally shot at the University of North Carolina campus here were identified Wednesday as students of the public university.

UNC Charlotte officials said the victims were Ellis Parlier, 19, of Midland, N.C., and Riley Howell, 21, of Waynesville, N.C.

“Unfortunately, we did lose two students,” UNC Charlotte Chancellor Philip Dubois told WBT radio. “A terrible day.”

The shootings occurred Tuesday in an academic building known as Kennedy Hall at the 29,000-student university, according to authorities. The gunman apparently targeted an anthropology class shortly after 5:30 p.m. for reasons that remain unknown.

“Yes, there was a shooting in my class today,” Adam P. Johnson, an anthropology instructor, wrote in a tweet. Johnson is teaching a course on science, technology and society. “My students are so special to me and I am devastated,” Johnson wrote.

Four others were injured in the attack. Three of them were initially described as being in critical condition, but their conditions appeared to be improving. Dubois told WBT radio that the injured “look like they’re going to be fine.” Three were still in the hospital and recovering after surgery, he said, and the fourth was released.

Police identified the suspect Tuesday night as Trystan Andrew Terrell, 22, and said he was in custody. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said Wednesday that he was charged with two counts of murder, four counts of attempted murder, four counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, possession of a firearm on educational property and discharging a firearm on education property.

54-year-old man stops burglary in progress, shoots suspect

“…shoots suspect.” (“in the groin” I see.)
I expect that would tend to stop ‘in progress’.

ST. LOUIS (— An investigation is underway after a man allegedly shot a would-be robber at a north St. Louis building Sunday morning.

Police arrived to the 1900 block of Belt at 8:10 a.m. where they found a 54-year-old man attempting to restrain a would-be robber. Officers said the man found the suspect, a 48-year-old man, burglarizing a building that he owns.

A struggle ensued after the victim confronted the suspect, police say.

During the struggle, the owner pulled out a gun and fired a shot, striking the fleeing suspect in the groin area. Both men were taken into custody.

A gun was recovered from the scene.

The robber was transported to the hospital for treatment for his injury.

Suspect shot while attempting to rob New Orleans East business

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) – New Orleans Police say a suspect was shot at a New Orleans East business Sunday night.

The incident happened around 8:35 p.m.

According to investigators, the suspect was shot in the leg by the victim after he attempted to rob a business in the 6700 block of Tara Lane.

Man shot after forcing his way into north Jackson apartment complex

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – A man is in critical condition after a shooting at a north Jackson apartment complex.

The man was shot by another man after coming into an apartment unit and trying to assault his ex-girlfriend inside.

The shooting happened around 3:30pm Sunday afternoon at Tracewood Apartment Complex in the 6300 block of Old Canton Road.The man is in critical condition.

Would-be victim shoots, kills alleged robber at Midtown gas station

ATLANTA — An alleged robber was shot and killed by his would-be victim in an early morning incident at a Midtown Atlanta service station parking lot, police said.

The incident happened around 3:30 a.m. at a Chevron station at Spring and Tenth Sts., NW.
Atlanta Police Homicide Commander Andrea Webster told reporters that one group of people tried to rob another group.
One of the robbers, a 21-year-old man, was shot and killed by one of the people he was trying to rob, she said.

The group of robbers then drove away in what police said was a black sports utility vehicle. Police could not provide any further description of the vehicle or of the three robbers.
Police took the victims in the APD headquarters for questioning.
The gun believed used in the shooting was recovered by investigators.

Homeowner shoots at intruder

Injured, but not shot. Probably ruptured himself doing to Hokey-Pokey at warp speed while the lead was flying

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) —  A man is injured after police say he broke into a home in Rochester early Friday morning. The homeowner shot at the intruder, but missed.

Officers responded to the home on Marion Street just before 12:30 a.m. after the homeowner called 911 to report that he shot a burglar.

They found the suspect, Andrew Ransbury, 21, lying in the driveway. Investigators say several shots were fired while Ransbury was in the house, but he wasn’t hit. They believe he was cut by debris that was hit by the gunfire.

Ransbury was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. He is charged with criminal trespass and criminal mischief.

1 killed, 6 wounded in mass shooting at a cookout near a Baltimore church

Baltimore Police are investigating an incident that left one person dead and six others wounded from a shooting at a cookout near a church.

The incident occurred in the area of Perkins Square Baptist Church.

At a news conference Sunday evening, police said that the suspect remained at large. Police said that a black man came up on foot, and started shooting “indiscriminately into the crowd.”

An eyewitness told WMAR-TV that “someone rolled up and started shooting.”

There is no word on of the conditions of the six people wounded.


Although the situation is still fluid, we know a white, middle aged male used an ‘AR-style’ firearm to carry out the attack. The number of rounds fired is still unknown. Four people were taken to Palomar Medical Center, including one female juvenile, two adult males and an older female. The older female succumbed to her injuries. The other three individuals are in stable condition. According to [San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore], an off duty Border Patrol agent came across the suspect, opened fire on him but did not hit him.

California synagogue shooting suspect identified; 1 dead, 3 injured including rabbi, authorities say

A 19-year-old man armed with an assault-type rifle opened fire inside a Southern California synagogue on Saturday as worshipers prepared to celebrate the last day of Passover, killing a woman and injuring three others, authorities said.

An unidentified off-duty border patrol agent who was inside Chabad of Poway synagogue fired at the shooter – identified later as John Earnest – missing him, but striking his getaway vehicle, authorities said.

A girl and two men – including the rabbi – were wounded and transported to the hospital. They were said to be in stable condition.


Parrot seized by cops for warning druggie owner about raid.

Pieces of eight! Pieces of eight! Cheese it! It’s the Cops!

Polly want a lawyer!

A parrot in Brazil was taken into custody for warning his drug-dealing owner that cops were about to launch a raid — squawking, “Mummy, police!”

The green-feathered watchdog began screeching loudly the moment officers showed up at his home in the eastern city of Teresina, the UK Independent reported.

“He must have been trained for that,” a police officer involved in the operation told the paper. “As soon as police got close, he began shouting.”

The loyal loudmouth, whose name was not reported, was seized by cops and placed in a chicken wire cage at a local police station.

But the bird is refusing to sing like a canary.

“So far it hasn’t made a sound,” a local journalist reported, according to a paper.

The parrot’s owner, known as “India,” had been busted twice for drug trafficking in the past. Her husband, known only as Edvan, 30, was arrested during the raid when cops found crack cocaine in the home.

The parrot was later taken to the Teresina Zoo.

Bun B, wife shaken up after shootout with robber at their Houston home

Yeah, even ‘gangsta rappahs’ have the right of self defense.

HOUSTON — Grammy-nominated rapper — and Houston icon — Bun B shot a robber at his home Tuesday night, Houston police say.

Bun B, whose real name is Bernard Freeman, fired at the masked robber, who had pulled a gun on his wife when she answered the door around 5:45 p.m., police said.

The robber — later identified as Demonte Alif Jackson — forced his way inside and held Queen Freeman at gunpoint, according to attorney Charles Adams.

Bun B heard the disturbance from upstairs, grabbed his gun and confronted Jackson, who was sitting inside his wife’s Audi.

They exchanged gunfire and the suspect jumped out of the Audi and took off.

Police say Bun B chased him and was able to pull his mask off, but the robber got away.

Jackson was later arrested at a Pearland hospital, police said. He had been shot in his left shoulder.

Garrard County business owner shoots intruder

LANCASTER, Ky. (WDKY) – A man is in jail accused of breaking into a Garrard County business before being shot by the owner.

The shooting happened around 3:30 a.m. Wednesday at a business on Old Lexington Road.

Police said Dale Parker and Joseph Bickett got into the business from the roof. Parker was armed with a metal pipe when he was confronted by the owner, who lives there.

The owner told police Parker threatened him, so he shot Parker.

Gas station clerk shoots suspected armed robber in Mt. Clemens

 – A gas station clerk shot an armed robber in Mount Clemens Wednesday afternoon.

Deputies say a suspect wearing a mask went into the Mobil gas station at 116 S. Main Street at about 5:10 p.m. Using a hand gun, the man attempted to rob the clerk and customers inside the store.

The clerk, who was armed, shot the suspect. He was taken to the hospital and there were no other injuries, according to the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office. The suspect’s injuries have not been released at this time. [He was shot at at least 7 times and hit 4 or 5 times. Not bad]

78-year-old man fatally shoots intruder in St. Louis home

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Authorities say a 78-year-old man fatally shot an intruder who forced his way into a St. Louis home during a domestic dispute.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that 24-year-old Cameron Campbell was shot in the abdomen around 1 p.m. Tuesday. He died at a hospital.

St. Louis Police Lt. Scott Aubuchon says all of the family members are cooperating with investigators. He wouldn’t disclose the relationship between Campbell and the man who killed him during a fight. [Campbell was the man’s grandson]

Police aren’t saying whether the older man will face charges.
[He won’t, you can almost rest assured of that. Missouri law on self defense, especially within the home, is extremely strong for the homeowner rights]

Weakley Co. man shot, killed after allegedly attempting to break into ex-girlfriend’s home

DRESDEN, Tenn. — After receiving a prowler call in Weakley County last night, sheriff’s deputies ended up investigating a homicide.

Investigators say a man died late Tuesday night on Pisgah Road in Dresden after he was trying to break into his ex-girlfriend’s house.

“A call came in shortly after 11 o’clock, what was believed to be a prowler call, and the deputies responding, and while they were going, the call was updated that somebody at the scene had been shot,” Captain Randall McGowan of the Weakley County Sheriff’s Department said.

Investigators say 20-year-old Anthony Perry parked his car down the road and walked to the woman’s house.

“An off-again, on-again boyfriend of the woman who lived at the house,” McGowan said. “Their relationship was off at the present time, and he was upset about it, and he was trying to get in the house to talk to her, and he broke a window out of the master bedroom.”

Burglar Shot By East Pasadena Homeowner

ASADENA (CBSLA) — An East Pasadena burglar was reportedly shot by a homeowner Wednesday afternoon.

CBS2’s Tom Wait spoke to one homeowner who said she saw the burglar leaving her home with property he had allegedly stolen.

The incident played out on the 3600 block of Grayburn Road around 3:30 p.m.

The homeowner didn’t want to give her name but said she saw him just outside her home after returning from a walk.

“He told me it was his home and his mother was inside,” she said, “but I said, ‘This is my house.’ So, I look up and see my door was broken. So I didn’t know what to do, but I started calling the police. He ran inside my place again and came out with two luggages.”

The suspect — described as an adult white male — reportedly ran down the street and broke into another home. That homeowner, a man, told the suspect he had a gun but said the man did not leave.

The homeowner shot the suspect in the torso. The suspect was taken to a nearby hospital where he is reportedly in stable condition.

Neither the first homeowner or man with the gun were hurt, Wait reported.

Suspect shot while trying to rob Metro PCS on the Southside

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — A man was shot inside a MetroPCS on Sunbeam Road while trying to rob the store around 5:30 p.m., the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office says.

JSO says the suspect fled after being shot, but was shortly taken to the hospital.

Police did not say whether the shooter was an employee or customer of the store. Brian Alvarenga, who works as a barber at Kut Kingz nearby, said an employee shot the gun in self defense.

“A gentleman who works at Metro PCS started banging on the glass to try to get our attention, and he said he just shot somebody who tried to rob him over there.”

At the scene on Wednesday, detectives swarmed a car. Alvarenga said the suspected attempted robber tried to run to his car after getting shot. There were blood stains on the ground in the parking lot next to a brown-colored Ford SUV.

Alvarenga said this same employee has experienced this before. “This is the second time, same situation, same kid.”

The suspect’s identity has not been released.

The man who shot at the suspect was brought in for questioning. At this time, there are no charges against him.

Man turns tables on alleged robber, shooting him 3 times

“A Hah! Stick ’em Up!! *Blam-Blam-Blam-Blam* A Hah! YOU GOT ME!!

ST. LOUIS  •  A man turned the tables on an alleged robber Tuesday night, shooting the man three times after being confronted on a St. Louis street.

The shooting was at about 9:45 p.m. Tuesday in the 3500 block of Humphrey Street, in the Tower Grove East neighborhood.

The 24-year-old suspect was in critical condition at a hospital after being shot in the torso and leg.

The robbery victim is a 22-year-old man who had just left a gas station, police said, and was walking east on Humphrey with another man.

Suddenly, the robber jumped from between two parked cars, police said. He had a handgun and tried to rob them, police say.

The intended victim pulled his own weapon from his holster, police said. He fired several shots at the robber, hitting him three times.

Police said witnesses corroborated the man’s account.

Police say they recovered the would-be robber’s gun.

No additional details were released from police.

South Carolina church vandalized with ‘submit to God thru Islam’ on Palm Sunday

A South Carolina church had three of its 125-year-old windows broken and was vandalized with Islamic-themed graffiti Sunday hours after celebrating Palm Sunday.

“Submit to God thru Islam” and “Muhammed is his prophet” were spray-painted on the outside of Midway Presbyterian Church, according to local police.

The Anderson Police Department is offering a reward for any information that leads to the arrest of the individuals who vandalized the church building.

Police posted about the incident in the afternoon Sunday. The church’s service began earlier in the day at 10:30 a.m.


DUNLAP, Tennessee (WDEF) – A man accused of trying to steal a car in Dunlap on Saturday, is in a Chattanooga hospital with a gunshot wound.

Officers with the Sequatchie County Sheriff’s Office and Dunlap Police Department attempted to stop Tyler Shell as he led officers on a pursuit to Smith Mountain, where he left the car and fled on foot.

Hamilton county deputies then joined the search for Shell who was seen on Blue Sewannee road in Bledsoe county.

A homeowner there told officers Shell charged at him and he shot him.

Shell has non life threatening injuries .

1 suspect dead, 1 suspect charged in weekend Montgomery home invasion

A Georgia man is behind bars after he and his friend were shot while reportedly carrying out a Montgomery home invasion over the weekend.

Quayshon Frazier Hardy Jr., 21, is charged with murder, according to court documents made public Monday. He is charged in the shooting death of 22-year-old Jessie James Felts.

According to charging documents in the case, Hardy and Felts were involved in a home invasion at 1316 A South Perry Street about 3:30 p.m. Sunday. The home invasion victim fired on the suspects.

Hardy was shot in the hand. Felts was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead there at 4:11 p.m.

Police: Man shot after breaking into home

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A Louisville homeowner isn’t expected to be charged after police say he shot a man who broke into his house Sunday morning.

Metrosafe confirmed a call of a shooting call at the corner of Homeview Drive and Montana Avenue came in at 7:08 a.m. That’s in the Taylor Berry neighborhood, near Churchill Downs.

When police arrived on scene, they found one person, identified as Donald Oliver, shot at that location.

According to an arrest slip, Oliver went though a window of a home and went into an 11-year-old girl’s room. Once in the room he undressed and while undressing he dropped a bag of suspected heroin.

Police said Oliver then went into the kitchen of the home, wearing only his underwear, and encountered the homeowner.

The homeowner and Oliver got into an altercation and the homeowner yelled for his girlfriend to help. She retrieved a gun and gave it to the homeowner who was able to get up from underneath Oliver and he shot him several times, police said.

Oliver was taken to University Hospital for treatment with non-life-threatening injuries.

Obama White House counsel Gregory Craig charged by federal prosecutors over alleged Ukraine lies.

Yeah, what goes around, comes around. All it takes is LE without a political agenda. I’ll bet there will be more ‘interesting’ things happening in the near future.


Gregory Craig, who was White House counsel under President Barack Obama, was indicted Thursday on charges of lying and hiding information related to his work for Ukraine.

Craig, a 74-year-old lawyer based in Washington, D.C., was charged by the Justice Department’s Foreign Agents Registration Act, or FARA, unit. Craig faces up to five years in prison for each of the two counts. The charges stem from the federal investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election led by special counsel Robert Mueller, which came to a formal end last month.

A Rancho Cordova Uber driver is in custody after he allegedly dropped off a passenger at a local airport and then promptly attempted to rob their San Mateo home.
San Mateo police say the driver, Jackie Gordon Wilson, dropped off an unidentified passenger for a flight and then drove back to their house in San Mateo with the intention of burglarizing it. Police say Wilson’s attempt was thwarted, however, when a Ring security camera caught him in action and an alarm system went off.

Dad arrested for breaking traffic laws in rushing daughter to hospital; nurses bond him out

CENTREVILLE, Ill. – A group of nurses reportedly bonded a local father out of jail after he was arrested for several traffic violations while driving his daughter to the hospital.

Darius Hinkle said a group of nurses bonded him out of jail after he was arrested for breaking traffic laws while rushing his 1-year-old to the hospital.

“She said ‘I’m the nurse from Touchette hospital,'” Donecia Pittman said.

He said the nurses work at Touchette Regional Hospital in Centreville.

Hinkle admitted he does not have a valid driver’s license and said he was speeding on the way to the hospital on Thursday, but said he did it because his 1-year-old daughter was choking on a penny.

“The first thing in my mind was to get her to the hospital,” Hinkle said.

Hinkle said by the time he arrived at the hospital, more than a handful of police officers with different agencies were behind him.

Hinkle said he was taken into custody once he arrived at the hospital. The 1-year-old’s mother said she arrived at the jail when a woman she didn’t recognize was there to bond Hinkle out. That’s when she learned a group of nurses chipped in money to bond the father out.

“I can’t thank them enough,” Hinkle said.

Appeals Court Says Parents Can’t Sue San Francisco Over Immigrant Who Killed Daughter

A federal appeals court in California ruled that the parents of Kate Steinle, a woman fatally shot by an unauthorized immigrant in July 2015, cannot sue the city of San Francisco for failing to notify immigration officials of his release from a local jail weeks before the killing.

A three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, in a unanimous decision, ruled that San Francisco’s then-sheriff, Ross Mirkarimi, violated no federal, state or local laws when he released Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, also known as José Inez Garcia Zarate, on a minor marijuana charge without notifying Immigration and Custom Enforcement.

Tulsa woman fatally shoots man who attacked her

That’s usually the correct way to shoot someone

A man was fatally shot during an altercation with a woman in south Tulsa on Tuesday, police said.

The woman called police about 6:30 p.m. from an apartment in the 6300 block of South Peoria Avenue and said she had shot a man, Cpl. Jack Ritter said.

The man suffered two gunshot wounds and was taken to Saint Francis Hospital, where he died.

Ritter said officers learned based on the store’s surveillance video footage that the woman and a friend were walking from a store to her apartment when the man attacked her, jumping on her back.

After a struggle, she shot him twice in the upper torso with her gun, according to a Tulsa Police Department news release.

3 suspects on the run after Akron home invasion

AKRON, OH (WOIO) – Police said a 31-year-old resident was injured during a home invasion Tuesday afternoon.

According to officers, the man was inside his home in the 300 block of Storer Avenue around 4 p.m. when three suspects broke in.

The victim told police one of the suspects pointed a gun at him and demanded he open a safe downstairs.

When they were near the safe, the victim said he noticed a second suspect armed with a sledge hammer.

At that time, the victim grabbed the gun away from the suspect.

During the struggle, he was struck on the head with an unknown object and two suspects fled the home.
The third suspect fled after the resident fired a shot towards him.

Suspect shot after attempted bank robbery in Benson

BENSON, N.C. (WNCN) – A suspect was shot following an attempted bank robbery in Benson Tuesday afternoon, officials said.

The incident was reported around 4:45 p.m. at PNC Bank at 400 South Wall Street in downtown Benson, according to a news release from the town of Benson.

The masked suspect was shot before police arrived. He was transported to WakeMed in Raleigh to treat his injuries. No other injuries were reported, according to a press release just before 8 p.m.

It wasn’t clear who shot the suspect.


Family Dollar clerk pulls gun on men armed with swords

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) – It was back to business for Precious Spencer just days after the Family Dollar on Bessemer Road was robbed by two men armed with swords.

“One had a short one and one had a long one,” described Spencer. Spencer, who had only been on the job for two days, was in the store with two more managers when it happened. She said one of those managers spotted the two men and took action.

“He got to the end of the aisle and said they’re robbing us they’re robbing us. So, he’s holding his gun and he says when they seen me take my gun out then they ran. But they came here with swords and that kind of threw us for a loop because no one really got robbed with swords before,” Spencer reflected. “What were they going to do, chop our heads off and get the stuff?”

Spencer said associates aren’t allowed to carry guns on the job. “He said they rob us too much and that’s why I have my gun and I understand why he feels the way he feels. He’s trying to secure himself and protect the people that are in here. He said Precious, if I wasn’t here ain’t no telling what they would have done to y’all.”

Yavapai County: Grandmother shoots home invasion suspect

CORDES LAKES, AZ — Authorities say a grandmother shot a home invasion suspect after he broke in, refused to leave and got into a fight with her husband.

According to the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, 42-year-old Gregory Hardy broke into a home near Cordes Lakes Drive and Stagecoach Trail around 7:30 p.m.

Deputies say Hardy demanded money from the grandmother and grabbed both of her arms during a struggle. Her husband heard the commotion and told Hardy to leave several times, according to a news release.

The woman was able to get free while her husband continued to struggle with Hardy. She got a handgun and returned, demanding Hardy leave and telling him she was armed.

Deputies say he advanced toward her, and she fired several shots at Hardy, hitting him at least once. Hardy did not immediately leave, but eventually got into a vehicle outside and drove off.

Authorities say he was found at a home nearby, where he had collapsed. He was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Woman shoots at man trying to attack someone with knife in Fresno store

FRESNO, Calif. – A man is now in custody after police said he pulled a knife on a group of women in a Fresno store. Police said one of the woman then opened fire on him.

It happened just before 7 p.m. Thursday at the Kearney Center in the area of Fresno and A Streets.

Police initially thought the woman had shot him,  but store clerks said the man cut himself with his knife.

Police were on scene right after shots rang out, because an officer happened to be driving nearby and heard gunshots coming from the store.

He then saw a white vehicle speed away. Police stopped the car– detaining four females.

Lt. Bill Dooley said clerk said, and surveillance video shows, the women were inside the store when the male came in and a fight broke out.

Dooley said the man pulled out a knife and lunged at one of the woman.

Another female had pulled out a small firearm, a small handgun, and fired multiple shots at the subject and then fled from the store, Dooley said.

They clerks said the woman fired several shots, but did not hit the male suspect. Police said the man returned to the scene and that’s when they made the arrest.

No one involved has been identified, and it’s not known if the woman who fired the gun had a permit to carry. Dooley said the women are all cooperating. Police do not yet know why the original fight broke out.

Centreville homeowner shoots robber during attempted burglary

CENTERVILLE, Ill. – One man was shot early Friday morning following a home invasion in Centreville, Illinois.

Two people tried to break into a home located on South 56th Street near Church Road just after 2:00 a.m.

Police tell FOX2 the homeowner shot one of the would-be robbers in the neck. He was taken to a nearby hospital, no word on the extent of injuries.

The other suspect fled the scene

Suspect shot after home invasion southeast of Indianapolis

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers are investigating a home invasion in Franklin Township, southeast of Indianapolis, where a homeowner shot a suspect.Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers are investigating a home invasion in Franklin Township, southeast of Indianapolis, where a homeowner shot a suspect.

INDIANAPOLIS — A suspect was shot following an home invasion early Friday southeast of Indianapolis.

According to a report from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, it happened shortly after 12 a.m. Friday in the 9200 block of East McGregor Road in Franklin Township.

Police said an individual with a pistol attempted to confine people in the house and was shot by the homeowner.

Alleged robber at Bellagio casino dies after trading gunfire with police on Las Vegas strip

An attempted robbery at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas ended in a gunfight between police and the suspect late Friday.

An armed man walked into the casino and approached a popular poker cage, where he demanded money, before quickly fleeing out the north entrance, Las Vegas police said in an overnight press conference.

The suspect attempted to carjack someone at the valet but was confronted immediately by four uniformed officers.

The man turned and fired at least one shot in the direction of an officer who was struck in the chest, police said.

Man shoots intruder multiple times on Lucille Street in Mobile

MOBILE, Ala. (WPMI) — On Friday, March 15, 2019 at around 9:30 p.m., Mobile police responded to the 1100 block of Lucille Street about a man shot multiple times. Mobile Fire-Rescue spokesman Stephen Millhouse confirmed that a 49-year-old man had been shot four times.

MPD said that a 19-year-old victim was standing in the middle of the street with a minor cut to his neck when officers arrived. The 49-year-old man, was lying on the floor inside the house. He was transported to the hospital with possible life-threatening injuries.

MPD said that the suspect forced his way into the 19-year-old victim’s house and threatened him and swung his knife at the victim.

Once released from the hospital, the suspect, who is in stable condition, will be transported to Metro Jail and charged with burglary first degree and assault second degree.


Police are investigating a shooting at the O’Reilly Auto Parts store in Germantown that left one man with gunshot wounds to the chest.

A 26-year-old man, identified as Antonio Parham, is being treated at Vanderbilt University Medical Center for critical chest wounds as of Wednesday, according to Metro Police officials.

Suspected of shooting him with a pistol is the 23-year-old clerk of the auto supply store where the gunfire occurred.

No one else was injured in the shooting.

The two men had been in an argument earlier in the day, Metro Police spokesman Don Aaron said. After Parham discovered the clerk had a gun on his person, he left the premises.

Based on witness interviews, detectives concluded Parham returned to the store at 2:40 p.m., carrying a shotgun.

That is when the clerk fired through the front window at him, leaving a hole in the glass and leaving the 26-year-old with critical injuries, Aaron said.

Police are investigating a shooting at the O’Reilly Auto Parts store in Germantown that left one man with gunshot wounds to the chest.

A 26-year-old man, identified as Antonio Parham, is being treated at Vanderbilt University Medical Center for critical chest wounds as of Wednesday, according to Metro Police officials.

Suspected of shooting him with a pistol is the 23-year-old clerk of the auto supply store where the gunfire occurred.

No one else was injured in the shooting.

The two men had been in an argument earlier in the day, Metro Police spokesman Don Aaron said. After Parham discovered the clerk had a gun on his person, he left the premises.

Based on witness interviews, detectives concluded Parham returned to the store at 2:40 p.m., carrying a shotgun.

That is when the clerk fired through the front window at him, leaving a hole in the glass and leaving the 26-year-old with critical injuries, Aaron said.

Would-be robber dies after being shot by store owner in West Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — The suspect in an attempted robbery in West Philadelphia has died after being shot by a store owner, police said.

It happened at a store near 54th Street and Wyalusing Avenue.

Police say a man in his 20s entered the store wearing a ski mask with intentions on committing a robbery.

That’s when he was shot one time in the abdomen by the store owner.

Police found a man fitting the suspect’s description behind the wheel of a Pontiac nearby.

He was rushed to the hospital where he later died.

The store owner was not hurt.