School Intimidated Into Dropping Daily “God Bless America” Declaration

A Pennsylvania elementary school principal has been forced to stop saying “God Bless America” over the school loudspeaker, thanks to the intimidation of an organization apparently committed to deleting First Amendment guaranteed religious expression from the public square.

Principal Peter Brigg was accustomed to declaring “God Bless America” after leading students and staff in a daily recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance at Sabold Elementary School in Springfield, Pennsylvania. But a parent supposedly complained to the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), which sent a threatening letter to the Springfield school district demanding that the practice be halted immediately.

Claiming that the phrase “God Bless America” originated with the patriotic Irving Berlin song made iconic by singer Kate Smith and amounted to a prayer, an FFRF attorney insisted to the district that a prayer “hosted by a publicly-supported school does not pass constitutional muster. The phrase ‘God Bless America,’ repeatedly uttered by a public school, amounts to a declaration of orthodoxy in religion that falsely equates patriotism with piety.”

Massachusetts teacher accused of planting live ammo at school, then calling police.

A Southbridge teacher is accused of leaving ammunition in a school stairwell Thursday morning before calling police to report it.

Southbridge police said high school biology teacher Alfred Purcell III, 57, of Woodstock, Connecticut, reported to staff that he had just found one live round of 9 mm ammunition in the rear stairwell. The school was placed on lock down.

During the lockdown, police and Southbridge High School staff reviewed video footage and saw Purcell removing the live round of ammunition from his pocket, dropping it on the floor and quickly leaving the area, police said.

About 10 minutes later, the video shows Purcell standing over the ammunition and taking a picture of it with a cellphone, police said.

Police said Purcell then used a school-issued portable radio to request assistance in the stairwell from the school administration and school resource officer.

Purcell then returned to his class with his students during the lockdown, which lasted about an hour, police said.

“There was no kids that were injured, nobody was seriously impacted by this other than we went into a lockdown for an hour and we had to investigate a teacher who was doing things he shouldn’t be doing,” said Chief Shane Woodson of the Southbridge Police Department.

Purcell was arrested at the school. Police said he admitted to intentionally dropping the live round of ammunition in the stairwell to “prove to the school that they needed to get metal detectors.”

Police said officers detected the faint odor of an alcoholic beverage on Purcell’s breath, but he denied consuming any alcoholic beverages.

“This individual acted in a disgusting manner. I feel very badly for our students because it is an adult who failed them,” said Jeffrey Villar, the superintendent.

A search of Purcell’s vehicle yielded 102 live rounds of .20 gauge shot gun ammunition in the trunk, police said. It was later confirmed that Purcell’s license to carry a firearm was expired in Connecticut, police said.

Purcell was charged with two counts of the unlawful possession of ammunition, two counts of carrying ammunition on school grounds, disturbing a school assembly, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace.

School District in Washington State Caught Giving Muslim Students “Special Privileges” And Teaching Lessons on Ramadan

Here we go again — Islam, with the help of Hamas front group CAIR is creeping into public schools in Washington state and parents are fighting back.

A cease and desist letter was sent to a school district in Washington state that pushed Islam onto students and was promoted through a Ramadan policy that gave Muslim students ‘special status.’

This is the second school district that has been caught promoting this ridiculous Ramadan policy just in the last week — and surprise, surprise, the ‘Ramadan policy’ was recommended by terror-tied CAIR [Council on American Islamic Relations].

CAIR also suggested that teachers greet students in Arabic (Islamic supremacy) as part of the Ramadan policy.

Ramadan, which falls between May 5 – June 5 this year is considered by Muslims to be their holy month, however, it is a month filled with bloody terrorist attacks…because the religion of peace or something.

WND exclusively reported that the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund confirmed it has written to Michelle Reid, superintendent of the Northshore School District in Bothell, Washington, to insist that the policy be revoked.

The policy directs teachers to create “safe spaces” for Muslims, plan with Muslim students to let them “quietly slip away” from class for prayer, “privately offer information” about nutrition during their Ramadan fast, give “a lesson” on Ramadan and privately ask Muslim students what accommodations they want.

FCDF warned that if the district does not revoke the policy and begin compliance with the First Amendment, “then parents and students will have a legal cause of action against you and the school district.”

While students are allowed to practice their religion, the team said, and “nothing in the Constitution prohibits public schools from accommodating students’ religious exercise,” public schools are not allowed to have policies or practices that “convey a message that a particular religion, or a particular religious belief, is ‘favored.’

“Administrators and teachers must never be placed in the position of monitoring a child’s compliance with a particular religious requirement, such as prayer, dietary restrictions, or wearing a head covering,” the letter said.

The First Amendment requires, in those circumstances, neutrality on religion, the letter said.

FCDF demanded the school district “restore the rights of non-Muslim students of faith to be treated equally under the law” and called the Ramadan policy a “blatant insult to students of other faiths.”

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Schools that Allow Teachers to Carry Guns are Extremely Safe: Data on the Rate of Shootings and Accidents in Schools that allow Teachers to Carry

Bottom Line Up Front?
Schools that Allow Teachers to Carry Guns haven’t seen school shootings during school hours.

Of course, you’ll never hear this on the lame stream media as it’s not supportive of the gun-grabber’s agenda. But copy the PDF and cram it down the throats of your school boards who can’t seem to get with the program  that defending the children in schools is a pro-active undertaking.

Classroom teachers can have guns. Painful debate marks final passage by Florida House.


After about seven hours of angry, sometimes deeply painful debate about race and gun violence that spanned two days, the Florida House passed a bill Wednesday that would allow classroom teachers to be armed, expanding a program lawmakers created last year after the Parkland shooting.

The debate reached emotional heights that had Democrats shouting or tearing up as black lawmakers delved into details about their personal experiences with racism and their deep-seated fears about minority children being targeted by teachers who have guns.

The bill now heads to the desk of Gov. Ron DeSantis, who expressed early support for it. For teachers and other staff to be armed, school districts must opt-in to the so-called “Guardian program,” which allows teachers and other staff to volunteer to carry a gun on campus after undergoing screening and training by a local sheriff’s office.



Even charter schools can be cesspits of progressive indoctrination. If you’re not going to homeschool, please do your due diligence about who you’re going to leave you children with for a significant part of their formative years.

Over the last two months, riots at public schools across the country have underscored why parents choose safer charter schools for their children.

In April, 10 Stamford, Connecticut high school students were charged with numerous crimes, including first-degree riot and assault on a police officer, after a riot that involved hundreds of students throwing eggs, water and soda cans.

“This is not the learning environment we expect and demand for our children in this city,” stated the Stamford police.

In March, a riot at a Vancouver, Washington middle school resulted in nine arrests on a variety of charges, including felonies.

According to police, after they arrived, racial and gendered curse words were hurled at officers, while 50 to 70 students surrounded them and, in some cases, attempted to assault officers.

Parents at the school have complained about the poor safety situation to administrators, but to no avail.

Speaking to a local television station, one Vancouver parent said, “The racial slurs and the sexual intimidation [occur] on a daily basis in the classroom and goes unchecked.”

“If these eighth-grade students will face off with an armed sheriff, exactly what does my 14-year-old have a chance in class while she’s being threatened,” she lamented.

Given the rising safety problems, it is no surprise that parents are exiting dangerous regular public schools and opting for charter schools, which are publicly funded and independent of school districts and which have greater flexibility to implement policies that meet individual student needs.

Commenting on urban charter schools, Harvard professor Paul Peterson has written, “Compared to district schools, the charters are generally perceived to be smaller, safer, friendlier, and more often than not, a better place to learn.”


“Advanced Placement is a program in the United States and Canada created by the College Board which offers college-level curricula and examinations to high school students. American colleges and universities may grant placement and course credit to students who obtain high scores on the examinations.”
So, in effect, a more advanced version of ‘College Prep’. Your education tax dollars at work.

I have written repeatedly about the hard-left bias in the teaching of AP American History. I finally got tired of writing such posts and abandoned the beat.

But now, I learn that, beginning in 2020, many Advanced Placement students will be using an American History textbook that suggests President Trump is mentally ill and that depicts him and many of his supporters as racists. The book asserts that “[Trump’s] not very-hidden racism connected with a significant number of primary voters.”

What connected with a significant number of primary voters was Trump’s strong opposition to illegal immigration and his concern over terrorists entering the U.S. The textbook effectively characterizes these concerns as “not very-hidden racism” and those who share them as racists. This is controversial, to say the least. I consider it slanderous.

The textbook goes further. It says that Hillary Clinton supporters “worried about the mental stability of the president-elect.” Some did, or claimed to. But many Trump supporters worried about whether Clinton compromised our national security by criminally using a private email servers. Some McCain supporters worried about what they considered (with good reason) Barack Obama’s socialism and his undeniably communist mentor.

Does the textbook air these concerns? I doubt it.

The textbook clearly is using “Clinton supporters” as a device to plant the idea that President Trump is mentally unstable, a proposition for which there is no basis other than raw hatred of the man.

The book’s publisher defends its handiwork, saying that it underwent “rigorous peer review to ensure academic integrity.” No doubt.

The “peers” clearly share the blatant partisanship and mindless anti-Trumpism of the textbook’s author. If they didn’t hate Trump, they wouldn’t be peers. They would be academic outcasts.

The book’s hateful insinuations and assertions about Trump and those who voted for him are unacceptable in a text used to teach high school students American History. Any school in which the book is used should be the target of vigorous protests. The political blowback should be fierce.

Revealed: Two decades before college admissions scandal, the Clintons tried to game system for Chelsea’s boyfriend.

Bill and Hillary Clinton tried to bully a prestigious scholarship program into selecting Chelsea Clinton’s then-boyfriend and then sought “payback” when they were resisted, according to a former top foreign policy adviser to Barack Obama.

The episode took place nearly 19 years ago but has fresh resonance after revelations last month of multimillion-dollar bribes paid by parents to get their children into elite colleges, including Stanford University, which Chelsea Clinton and her then-boyfriend Jeremy Kane attended. Among those recently implicated was Michelle Obama’s former tennis coach.

High School Suspends 2 Students for Posting Gun Range Photos on Snapchat, ACLU Files Suit
“Sharing our completely legal weekend activities on Snapchat should not result three days of in-school suspensions,” Cody Conroy told Reason.

The ACLU is in on this for the students?
Of course, they’re pushing the 1st amendment part of this, but we take what we can.

Two male students at Lacey Township High School in New Jersey posted photos of guns on Snapchat. One of the boys captioned his photo with “hot stuff” and “if there’s ever a zombie apocalypse, you know where to go.”

The photos were not taken at school. They were not taken during school hours. They did not reference a school. They auto-deleted after 24 hours, which was well before the school became aware of them. And yet, administrators at Lacey Township High School suspended the boys for three days, and also gave them weekend detention.

This was a clear violation of the students’ First Amendment rights, and the American Civil Liberties Union has now filed suit.

“Young people have the right to express themselves, and, with rare exceptions, they shouldn’t face punishment by school administrators for it,” said C.J. Griiffin, a partner at the law firm Pashman Stein Walder Hayden, who is representing the students along with the ACLU.

The two students had visited a gun range owned by an older brother on Saturday, March 10, 2018. They practiced shooting with “legally purchased and properly permitted” guns, according to the lawsuit. They also took a few photos and posted them on Snapchat. None of the snaps were threatening, and none of them referenced a school.

Nevertheless, a parent of another student heard about the photos and contacted school authorities. On Monday, the boys were forced to meet with an assistant principal and an anti-bullying specialist, who quickly decided to punish them for clearly constitutionally-protected speech.

“Sharing our completely legal weekend activities on Snapchat should not result in three days of in-school suspensions,” Cody Conroy, one of the two students, told Reason in an interview. (The other student was a minor at the time and is not named in the lawsuit.)

The Supreme Court has held that public schools may not arbitrarily infringe on student’s free speech rights unless the speech in question is substantively disruptive to classroom proceedings. That clearly was not the case here.

Conroy, who is now a freshman at Rutgers University, hopes the lawsuit will deter his former school district from trampling students’ rights in the future.

“My school seemed to not know what it was doing,” he said.

Teenagers should not lose their First Amendment rights when they set foot in school, and they certainly shouldn’t be punished for exercising those rights off campus. Kudos to the ACLU—which has been a little skittish about defending speech that relates to guns in the wake of Charlottesville—for taking this case.

Student files bias complaint against dorm roommate for watching Ben Shapiro video.

‘Snowflakes melting o’er an open fire….”

Modern institutions of ‘higher learning’ seem to do nothing much more than manufacture a lot of whiny spoiled brats who will never amount to anything.

Michigan State incident prompted administrator to allow for a room change

One evening last September, a Michigan State University student awoke from his nap to see his roommate sitting at his computer. There was a video playing, and the student realized his roommate was watching a video of conservative commentator Ben Shapiro.

The newly awoken student then took to his own computer to file a complaint with the administration’s bias reporting system against his roommate for watching the Shapiro video.

“Ben Shapiro is known for his inflammatory speech that criticizes and attacks the African American community,” the student wrote in his report against his roommate. “I thought hate had no place on MSU’s campus yet MSU has roomed me with someone who supports hate speach [sic].”

Shapiro is a popular conservative pundit whose appearances on college campuses are frequently accompanied with protests by liberal students.

In response to the complaint, the university tasked an investigator to look into the matter, who was told to work for a “room change if the claimant would like one.”

This report was just one of 35 filed with Michigan State’s “Public Incident” website in the fall semester of 2018 obtained by The College Fix through a public records act request. The documents provided by Michigan State have all personal identifying information redacted.

Through the bias reporting system, the administration allows anonymous students and faculty to report incidents, no matter how private, to the university for investigation and adjudication.

The 114 pages of documents provided to The College Fix shows a campus where minor sleights, overheard conversations and editorial cartoons become fodder for students and faculty to report one another.

Jordan Peterson: Young People’s Ignorance of Socialism Risks “Absolute Catastrophe”

Canadian academic Jordan Peterson warns that socialism is so appealing to young people because they are “unbelievably ignorant” about the history of the 20th century.

During an event hosted by The Heritage Foundation this week, the clinical psychologist and best-selling author said that millennials are embracing far-left ideology because they weren’t taught about its disastrous outcomes at school.

“People are unbelievably ignorant of history,” said Peterson. “What young people know about 20th-century history is nonexistent, especially about the history of the radical left. How would you know? They are never taught about it so why would they be concerned about it?”

Over Parent Objections, Public School Teaches 6-Year-Olds About ‘Transgender Ravens’ And Gender Fluidity
Despite parent attempts to opt children as young as five out of presentations telling them traditional gender roles are evil and people can be whatever sex they feel like, a Colorado school district showed the material anyway.


Should a six-year-old be taught to use transgendered pronouns and believe in so-called gender fluidity? The leaders of Superior Elementary School in Boulder Valley School District, Colorado, think so.

Last November, the school showed children from kindergarten to fifth grade videos from “Queer Kid Stuff” and a stage play about transgenderism to promote “acceptance and inclusivity” especially related to the transgender community. Some parents are outraged and are seeking possible legal remedies.

Superior is a small Colorado town with a population of 13,000. It’s about 20 miles east of the “Republic of Boulder,” which is known for being the home of University of Colorado and the most liberal city in Colorado.

On November 16, 2018, the day before Thanksgiving break, parents received an email from Jennifer Bedford, the school’s principal. Buried deep in all the other normal school updates was a “Save the Date” announcement. It stated that Phoenix, Colorado’s “Trans Community Choir,” would perform a play titled “Raven’s True Self” for children between first and fifth grade.

According to the memo, “This story is about a transgender raven in a community of animals … The story’s message is about the importance of being seen for who you are on the inside, rather than how you are perceived on the outside.” On the day this email came out, the same choir performed the same show for the first to fifth graders at Nederland Elementary School, another school of the Boulder Valley School District

The Demise of the Logic of Moral Reasoning

Professor Abrams decided to undertake a small research project in which he would seek to determine the make-up of college administrators and other college staff employees who were engaged in direct student affairs, activities, and programming beyond the classroom teaching environment. Indeed, Dr. Abrams noted in his op-ed article that many colleges have transitioned away from classroom instruction as the sole method of interacting with students. In the place of classroom instruction, schools are hiring personnel for student residential life, student centers, offices of student life, success, inclusion, and engagement. In other words, schools have increasingly determined to shape the minds of students through non-observed, non-evaluated, student and peer led activities taking place in the very places students call home. This has enabled peer pressure and the development of a herd mentality to take the place of actual learning that is determined against rigorous examination and testing.

The result of Professor Abrams’ survey of approximately 900 college administrators across America that have direct interaction with students as the primary activity of their role was not surprising. On average, liberal college staff members outnumber their conservative counterparts by a 12 to 1 ratio. The statistics were much more lopsided when viewed regionally. For example, New England was the most liberal in the nation, with liberal administrators holding a 25 to 1 advantage over their conservative peers.

There was nothing unusual or controversial about anything that Dr. Abrams wrote. He concluded his op-ed with these words:

This warped ideological distribution among college administrators should give our students and their families pause. To students who are in their first semester at school, I urge you not to accept unthinkingly what your campus administrators are telling you. Their ideological imbalance, coupled with their agenda-setting power, threatens the free and open exchange of ideas, which is precisely what we need to protect in higher education in these politically polarized times.

Founding Fathers Under Attack: Students Demand Thomas Jefferson Statue Removal

Students at Hofstra University protested a statue of Thomas Jefferson on Friday at the second annual event, titled “Jefferson Has Gotta Go!”

The statue has been the center of controversy on the campus and has been defaced with “DECOLONIZE” and “Black Lives Matter” signs and stickers. According to a media advisory sent by the Jefferson Has Gotta Go (JGG) campaign, the protest was held outside Hofstra Breslin Hall at the statue. Organizers included “students of Hofstra University, staff from Planned Parenthood of Nassau County, and supporters of Hempstead community.”

Educating America to Death

There are few methods of literally wiping out a nation more effective, than indoctrinating the people to the point of being useful idiots. Unfortunately, many idiots grow up and are elected to political office. Or even worse, dingbat educators and professors con young Americans into undermining their own nation. One of the hallmarks of this exceptional nation is the heavy emphasis on the importance of “We the People” Our first president stated, “The power under the Constitution will always be in the people. It is entrusted for certain defined purposes, and for a certain limited period, to representatives of their own choosing; and whenever it is executed contrary to their interest, or not agreeable to their wishes, their servants can, and undoubtedly will be recalled.”

Washington’s words are astounding when you consider their historical significance. Before establishing the United States, no nation other than possibly antient Israel recognized the importance of the people being involved in the governing of the society…

We all know that what is taught to one generation dictates the direction the nation takes in the next. The dangerous influence of leftist radicals today is a direct result of leftists being foolishly allowed to infiltrate the government school system. Have you noticed how leftist controllers of indoctrination do not allow critical thinking, American history or civics classes? The leftists indoctrinate students with social studies, Islamic culture courses, social studies, socialism and a gradual downgrading of literacy in the primary grades. In order to ultimately destroy a nation from within, there must first be a systematic decrease in the quality of literacy and morality. As illiteracy and the racism of low expectation was indoctrinated into the American black community, there arose an illiterate community of high criminality, Ebonics and low achievement.

National Guard Changes Logo Due to Failure of American Education System.

         Paul Revere wept

On March 25th, the National Guard Bureau officially announced new branding for recruiting. The traditional “Minuteman” logo will no longer appear on recruiting materials. It was reported that the image did not “resonate” with 16-18-year-old high school students because of lack of knowledge of the historic symbol. Concerns were also expressed that iconic figure from American history wasn’t “inclusive.” Furthermore, due to “no tolerance” policies concerning the display of images of firearms in schools, the traditional Minuteman logo could not be displayed due to inclusion of an 18th century flintlock rifle. Now the National Guard will be represented by a lackluster shield shaped black logo with white and gold lettering. The new recruiting videos will focus primarily on the National Guard’s domestic mission of natural disaster relief.

9 Years Into Common Core, Test Scores Are Down, Indoctrination Up.

It’s been about nine years since the Obama administration lured states into adopting Common Core sight unseen, with promises it would improve student achievement. Like President Obama’s other big promises — “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” — this one’s been proven a scam.

“If you set and enforce rigorous and challenging standards and assessments; if you put outstanding teachers at the front of the classroom; if you turn around failing schools — your state can win a Race to the Top grant that will not only help students outcompete workers around the world, but let them fulfill their God-given potential,” President Obama said in July 2009.

He went on to state his faith that Common Core — at that point unwritten — would “not only make America’s entire education system the envy of the world, but we will launch a Race to the Top that will prepare every child, everywhere in America, for the challenges of the 21st century.” Race to the Top was a $4 billion money pot inside the 2009 stimulus that helped bribe states into Common Core.

So here we are, nine years later. Common Core has been officially rolled out into U.S. public and even many private schools for at least three to five years now. Are American children increasingly prepared for the “the challenges of the 21st century”? We’re actually seeing the opposite. They’re increasingly less prepared. And there’s mounting evidence that Common Core deserves some of the blame.

President Trump Signs Executive Order on Campus Free Speech

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Thursday requiring colleges and universities to uphold the First Amendment on campus if they want to receive federal research funding.

President Trump signed an executive order on Thursday to protect free speech on college campuses. The order calls for holding universities accountable “both for student outcomes and for student life on campus,” by withholding federal research funding if a university or college does not agree to respect the First Amendment.

An acquaintance sent this note: “My sister tells of teaching math to college freshmen. The question was: If X plus 5 = 10, what is the value of X? It took her an entire week to get the kids to finally say ‘5.’ So the following Monday, just on a hunch, she gave them another problem: If Y plus 5 = 10, what is the value of Y? And no one could answer!”
Remember, these students have been admitted to a community college. Presumably, they studied Algebra around the ninth grade. The teacher is an experienced veteran who knows mathematics.
How can anyone explain this anecdote?
You would surely conclude that public schools did a terrible job. But the situation seems more ominous than even this summary suggests. These students have been made dumber at 19 than they probably were at 12. They can’t understand a simple idea, even when it’s explained to them for days. It’s almost as if someone had performed a long, slow lobotomy on these young brains.

How do the public schools achieve this diminishment?

Suppose you were serious about achieving exactly that goal. There are techniques you would automatically use. Books could be written on each technique, and probably have. But I’ll be brief. It’s the totality of the effect that we need to contemplate, not the details.

  1. You ensure a general disorderliness, with lots of interruptions and chatter from loudspeakers. Discipline is slack. Ideally, unmanageable students are kept in the classroom. If children feel insecure and frightened, that’s helpful.
  2. You curtail or eliminate recess and physical activity. You want the children confined and lethargic, or bored and restless.
  3. You divide students into small groups. They are graded as a group, praised as a group, and addressed as a growth. They learn not to trust their own thinking.
  4. You keep children constantly engaged in trivial “activities” and “projects.” They sing a song or talk about their favorite day of the week. What matters is that the activities have little academic content.
  5. You ensure that the classroom does not contain maps, especially of the US or the world. Geography is rarely taught.
  6. You make sure that teachers think of themselves as facilitators. They do not communicate information to the students. Teachers emphasize that facts need not be memorized. History and science are hardly taught.
  7. Literacy is constantly referenced; and the classroom is filled with books. However, the methods used to teach reading are designed not to be effective.  (The central sophistry is to teach English, a phonetic language, as if it’s a hieroglyphic language.)
  8. Math is referenced every day. However, the methods used to teach arithmetic are designed to be ineffective. New topics are introduced helter-skelter. Often these topics are exotic and complicated. Weird techniques are taught. Even in the sixth grade, most children can’t multiply and divide, and don’t understand decimals and fractions. They are dependent on calculators. As college students, they don’t know what 7×8 is.
  9. You insist that grammar and spelling are obsolete; cursive is a waste of time; kids shouldn’t learn a second language. Anything rigorous and logical is dismissed as “inappropriate for our children.” It’s important to create an atmosphere where deadlines don’t matter, tests are soft, grades are inflated, everyone is promoted, and students learn that little is expected of them.
  10. The goal is that most students feel at once overwhelmed and empty. They know they are ignorant and barely literate. Whatever education is, they didn’t get any. Many have been told they are dyslexic or have ADHD. Many have received tutoring, counseling, or sedation. Many pretend to be sick so they can stay home.
  11. All educational failure is blamed on factors the school can’t control. Children are said to be not ready, not smart, or neurotic in some way. Parents are said to be not involved, not helpful, or hostile to the educational process. The schools constantly praise their own wisdom and performance.

The totality of these techniques, kept in play month after month, virtually guarantees that no education takes place. If some students are stubborn and insist on acquiring information on their own, they are labeled “gifted” and removed from the general population.

The whole process is carefully anti-educational and anti-intellectual. Whatever a real school would do, you do the opposite. A remarkable thing happens. The children grow physically; they age before your eyes. But what they know at 10 or even 15 is not distinguishable from what they knew at 7. What they know as high school graduates can be measured in smidges. They arrive in community college able to drink, drive, vote, serve in the military, or marry, but unable to grasp that if Z+5 equals 10, Z must be 5.

Much more than we would like to think, the K-12 experience is a lobotomy performed in slow motion.

McKinsey & Company, a famous consulting firm, put it this way in 2009: “The longer American children are in school, the worse they perform.”

Celina City Schools suspend student for fallen soldier art project 

A kid gets suspended for using A NERF GUN in a display, after having it approved.


News Center 7’s Molly Koweek spoke with Janice Holdheidi, a former Staff Sergeant with the U.S. Army, who stated that she was not allowed to give a statement at the Celina School board meeting. Holdheidi said she wanted to share her feelings on a student getting suspended and talk about how she felt the young man was doing the right thing. She then stated she was stopped from sharing her response and told that the school board would not be taking comments on the issue.

Koweek also talked to the school board president and obtained the following statement:

First, I would like to say thank you, to all our veterans who have served, are serving, suffered and even died for our Country. Without their commitment and sacrifices we would not have this great Country with all of its freedoms and opportunities.

Last night at the School Board meeting a U.S. Veteran asked to speak about a topic regarding a student. Prior to coming to the stage to speak, she was informed that, “the Board would not allow the discussion of any student, students family or discipline of any student.” This is to protect the right to privacy of student of the Celina City Schools.

The speaker was recognized and indicated that she was “here tonight to speak up for a young man who was disciplined…” At that time, I again informed her “The board is not allowed to publicly discuss this matter, please leave the stage.” The speaker was never asked to leave the meeting.

The Celina City School Board has requested a “FERPA Release Form” be signed through the family’s attorney to allow us to make a truthful and accurate statement about the situation. Until the school has received that release, the Board and its agents will not be making any statement that violates the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act or a student’s general right to privacy.

Thank You,

Carl Huber

Celina City Schools

Board President

We will continue to update you with any new details as soon as we receive them.


Celina City Schools has suspended a student for making a “Fallen Soldiers Monument” art project, according to the student’s attorney.

Tyler Carlin, 13, a Celina Junior High student, was suspended for three days for what he believed was a teacher-approved art project that represented a “Fallen Soldier Battlefield Cross,” said attorney Travis Faber in a news release.

The monument was part of an ongoing project Carlin was doing for his history class that involved raising awareness for the sacrifices our past and present veterans give to our country, said Faber. The Battlefield Cross traditionally shows a fallen soldier’s rifle, boots and helmet.

Days before his suspension, Carlin received permission for this project and discussed specific aspects of it with his teacher, Faber said.

He recreated this monument by using a plastic helmet, a toy NERF “Dart Blaster” and a pair of children’s boots, which were secured to the Nerf dart toy with zip ties.

When Carlin turned in his project on March 5, he was told to go to the office. The district said the NERF dart toy was a firearm prohibited by the school, and Carlin was given in-school suspension for three days.

Celina City Schools said the art teacher has not been disciplined and declined further comment.

“The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act prohibits the Celina City School District Board of Education from disclosing protected personally identifiable information regarding Celina City School District students. Accordingly, the Board may not provide information regarding specific student discipline matters. Student conduct is governed by the rules and provisions of the Student Code of Conduct, and the Board requires all students to comply with these school rules,” said Dr. Kenneth Schmiesing, the Superintendent of the Celina City School District.

Local Residents File Lawsuit Against Mass. School System for Anti-Semitic Curriculum

Taxpayers in Newton, Mass. have filed a lawsuit accusing the Newton School Committee, Superintendent of Schools David Fleishman, Newton high school principals, and multiple high school history teachers of indoctrinating students with curriculum laced with anti-Semitism and bigotry against Israel.

Over the course of the last several months, Americans for Peace and Tolerance, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization focused on “promoting peaceful coexistence in an ethnically diverse America,” has been investigating anti-Semitic rhetoric in the curriculum of Newton schools and is now using the information as foundation for the taxpayer’s lawsuit.

“We have identified precisely what is being taught and who is responsible. Now, our investigation has become the basis for a taxpayer suit based on the education and civil rights laws of Massachusetts,” APT wrote in an email. “We accomplished this through perseverance in the face of intimidation from the teachers’ union, successful appeals against the schools’ obstruction of the investigation with the MA Secretary of State, and, most importantly, with your generous support.”

The 469-page legal complaint, filed last week, “details the lengthy history of Newton residents’ efforts to have NPS address and correct the factually flawed teaching,” according to the group.

Some of the evidence described in the complaint goes to support their complaint that students were being taught Jews and Christians deliberately forged their holy texts to contradict the Muslim Qur’an. Another textbook instructed that Zionism has “little connection” to Jewish history in “Palestine.” Students were also taught Jews took advantage of the Holocaust to gain sympathy for Zionism at the expense of “Arab plight,” and Israelis were compared to Nazis amid claims they’ve treated Palestinians like Nazis historically treated Jews.

“In looking for the sources of the anti-Semitic and anti-Israel bigotry in the Newton curriculum, we discovered a few bad apple teachers who view their teaching positions as giving them license to promote their personal political agendas,” APT Executive Director Ilya Feoktistov said. “We are also looking closely at a common pattern with these politicized teachers — most, if not all, have taken professional development courses developed with foreign funding by the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia.”

“Newton history teachers and school administrators must think either that anti-discrimination laws do not apply to them, or that these laws do not protect their Jewish and Israeli students,” APT President Charles Jacobs said.

“There is no academic freedom to brainwash students with fake history and pro-Arab or anti-Semitic propaganda that is, these days, alarmingly too common on the left in America,” Jacobs continued.

Karen Hurvitz, who is representing the taxpayers in the lawsuit, said her clients are not seeking money damages, despite the pain they feel as a result of students being taught materials that slander Israel and Jews.

“This is the type of teaching that leads to anti-Semitism — and it has,” Hurvitz said. “The taxpayers here are merely asking NPS to perform their duties and obey the law, which requires that their curriculum encourage respect for all people. Education should be based on fact, not on stereotypes and propaganda.”

Parents sue Portland Public Schools claiming gun control rallies ‘indoctrinated’ students

PORTLAND, Ore. – Four pro-2nd Amendment parents are suing Portland Public Schools (PPS) over gun control rallies.

Their lawyer, Multnomah County GOP chair James Buchal, says the district violated parents’ and students’ First Amendment rights by promoting gun control following last year’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

“It’s wrong for the schools to essentially hijack public resources to push one side of a controversial issue and to misuse children as puppets in their exercise,” said Buchal.

He also said PPS used district resources to coordinate with outside activists, helped plan political activity, including walkouts, and claims the schools “indoctrinated” students in the classroom.

“It’s a giant scheme of manipulation and it’s not what people want their education dollars spent on,” said Buchal.

“We think this lawsuit is baseless,” said Harry Esteve, the spokesperson for Portland Public Schools. “There’s just no base for what he’s claiming. And the disappointing part about that is that we still have to spend a lot of time and district resources on it.”

Esteve said the district handed over thousands of documents and emails at the request of Buchal.

“If you read those, it will show that we were very intentional and very thoughtful making sure students were safe, making sure their rights were protected,” said Esteve.

There’s another student-led walkout planned for Friday, but is instead focused on climate change.

PPS doesn’t know how many students are planning to participate, but said that if students skip class it will be considered an unexcused absence.


An Analysis of the Recent Climate Change Hysteria

Most people were taken in by the false story of human-caused global warming. We can include all the students participating in the classroom walkout to demand governments stop climate change, organized by 16-year-old Greta Thunberg. Her goal is to keep global temperatures below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. Apparently, she has no idea that the temperature was near or above that level for most of the last 10,000-years in a period known as the Holocene Optimum.

They are taken in by the false claim that a minute amount of human-produced CO2 is effectively controlling the entire atmospheric system since 1950 and causing environmental collapse through global warming. They don’t know that there is an upper limit to the amount that CO2 can increase temperature. They don’t know that the average level of CO2 over the last 250 million years is 1200 ppm. They don’t know that every projection of temperature by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) since 1990 was wrong. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, how did so few, fool so many, to such an extent, for so long?

Similar situations occur throughout history of people fooling the world, although this is undoubtedly the largest in terms of its acceptance, impact, and cost. It is tempting to point the finger at the IPCC, but the speed with which the story took hold, spread, and deceived so many people requires better explanation. It likely won’t stop it occurring in the future because it speaks to the nature of human beings and our inordinate and pandemic fear that the sky might fall. However, we might stop the current insanity………….


To get an idea of just how “off the rails” these people are, have a look at this CNN thread on the topic:

 Five of the Most Hysterical Environmentalist Claims.

Peddlers of the Green New Deal know that the only way for their radical agenda to become reality is if Americans buy into the wildest claims of climate extremists.

It’s clear that some of the most enthusiastic supporters of this radical agenda are young people.

This was on full display in the now viral video of a meeting between Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and a group of children from the Sunrise Movement.

Perhaps children and young Americans are more likely to buy into the extreme environmentalist doomsaying due to the fact that they weren’t around for the laughably wrong predictions of the past that never came true.

Panics over looming environmental and climate apocalypse have been with us for a long time. Thomas Malthus famously predicted in his 1798 book “An Essay on the Principle of Population” that population growth would overtake food supply and mass starvation would result unless population controls were implemented.

Of course, his predictions were utterly wrong, since free enterprise greatly increased the food supply as the population increased.

The modern environmentalist movement has picked up a Malthusian ethos of its own and, when combined with the politics of climate change, has produced numerous egregiously wrong predictions about global trends.

Here are five of the biggest misses:

1. Population Bomb to Cause Global Famine by 2000

The first Earth Day, in 1970, was filled with hyperbole and exaggerations about mankind’s future. Much of the craziness was unearthed in a remarkable expose in 2000 by Reason contributor Ronald Bailey.

2. Air Pollution Will Be So Bad That City Dwellers Will Have to Wear Gas Masks

Another grand prediction at Earth Day 1970 (it was full of doozies) was that the air pollution problem common to many American cities would continue to get exponentially worse without widespread government control of the American way of life.

3.  Entire Nations Could Be Wiped Out by 1999

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, D-N.Y., a self-avowed socialist, recently claimed that the world would end in 12 years if we don’t radically transform our economy to combat climate change.

The decade long window of pronounced doom seems to be a favorite among climate alarmists.

4.  Ice Caps Will Melt Away

Predictions about the polar ice caps melting have been common. Dramatic pictures of polar bears floating on tiny icebergs have been some of the iconic images of the climate change movement.

Former Vice President Al Gore said at a conference in 2009 that a scientist predicted a “75 percent chance that the entire polar ice cap during some of the summer months could be completely ice free within five to seven years.”

In 2014, the ice caps were still there. In fact, it’s 2019 and the ice caps are still there.

5.  The Coming Ice Age

In 1958, Betty Friedan, one of the leading thinkers of radical, modern feminism, wrote an article in Harper’s magazine describing the “coming ice age.”

It seems the mixing of climate science and radical left-wing politics is nothing new.

Friedan based her article on the work of two scientists, geophysicist Maurice Ewing, director of Columbia University’s Lamont Geological Observatory, and geologist-meteorologist William Donn.