The Democrats’ Alien Voting Strategy

In a book from the 1950s entitled And Not a Shot is Fired: How Parliament Can Play a Revolutionary Part in the Transition to Socialism, Jan Kozak, a Czech Communist, explains how Czechoslovakia was transformed from a free country into a communist dictatorship in 1948 without armed revolution taking place.  They voted the communists in and, once they had a taste of power, they held on to it for 40 years.  That would not be possible in the United States, right?  After all, President Trump has said America will never be a socialist country.  Let’s take a look at something happening now that may make you wonder.

The 1948 Czechoslovakia model uses the voting booth to obtain power.  To do that they need voters.  Here’s one way to get truckloads of new voters.  Immigrants who become citizens vote overwhelmingly Democratic.  Table 4 from this Center for Immigration Reform link shows voter changes as immigrant population increases in 25 U.S. cities.  It gives a pretty good reason why Democrats want more immigrants.  They result in Democratic election wins.

Step one of the plan is to recruit voters.  Pueblo Sin Fronteras (People Without Borders for you English speakers out there) is a nonprofit group based in Chicago.  Glenn Beck gives a good summary of the group, its primary organizers, and some of its activities in this video if you’d like to know more about them.

PSF advertises in Honduras and Guatemala for people who would be interested in coming to the United States to live.  That would be a hard sell, wouldn’t it?  They then help organize and finance the “caravans” that march 1000 miles across Mexico and end up at our southern border.  And you thought it was all a spontaneous.

Once the “caravan” gets to the border and some of the participants begin to get across and into the U.S. immigration system, the question becomes what to do with them?  You would think someone who comes into the country illegally could be sent back but some judges are foot soldiers in the Left’s multi-pronged attack and block attempts to deport illegals.

The federal government is so big it’s hard to keep track of what kind of people populate it.  The 1948 Czech plan utilizes pressure from above with high-level politicians and the media as well as from below with unions, activist groups, and sympathizers in the government.  Some of today’s leftist sympathizers were political appointees of Obama’s who have managed to get lifetime civil-service jobs and others are actual card-carrying Democratic Socialist of America members who work on behalf of Left wing objectives as revealed in recent Project Veritas undercover videos.

With these kind of people occupying various positions in government it stands to reason that a plan would be hatched to use these “new potential voters” to help swing Florida, the nation’s third-largest state firmly into the Democratic left column.  If they can do this there is no way Republicans can win the presidency in the foreseeable future.  Someone in the Border Patrol decided to start shipping 500 illegal aliens a month from the southwestern border to Florida.  These aliens would subsequently be processed and released into the general population.  The plan got out and news from the weekend seems to indicate President Trump, who was unaware of the plan, will not allow it to go forward.

For the sake of our discussion, let’s say the plan goes forward.  These are new recruits who likely won’t be able to get citizenship by 2020 but will be the next generation of “new Americans.”  The bureaucracy is working feverishly right now to get new citizens processed and voting with Florida citizenship classes seeing increased attendance in the run up to 2020.  If they can’t win in 2020 they’ll have another four years to continue the importation of voters.

Keep in mind that citizenship is really no barrier to voting.  Some of these people could actually vote in 2020.  Judicial Watch estimates at least 900,000 aliens illegally voted in the midterm elections.  How can that be?  I suspect there are a number of ways but if you care to listen to the portion of the May 10. 2018 Mark Levin Show starting at the 31:26 minute mark you can hear a caller who claims to work for the U.S. Immigration and Citizenship Service.  He says multiple applicants he has interviewed admit they have voted without being citizens.

It looks like we have problem.  The first step in solving a problem is to identify what the problem is and why it exists.  Once you know that you can begin to formulate solutions.


Trump Plans To Invoke Insurrection Act To Boot Illegal Immigrants.

Begin the countdown to proggie judges going ballistic!

President Donald Trump is planning on using the Insurrection Act to remove illegal immigrants from the United States, The Daily Caller has learned.

According to multiple senior administration officials, the president intends to invoke the “tremendous powers” of the act to remove illegal immigrants from the country.

“We’re doing the Insurrection Act,” one official said.

Under the Insurrection Act of 1807, the president has the authority to use the National Guard and military in order to combat “unlawful obstruction or rebellion” within U.S. borders. The act was last invoked in 1992 by George H.W. Bush to quell the Los Angeles riots, and was also used by Eisenhower in 1957 to enforce school desegregation in the south.

An official expressed concerns that Trump’s use of the act’s powers would face legal challenges, pointing to the lawsuits against the president’s travel ban from majority-Muslim countries. However, as the official noted, the travel ban ultimately prevailed in the Supreme Court.

In addition to the Insurrection Act, the president is also considering declaring the country full and insisting that the U.S. can no longer handle the massive influx of illegal immigrants. 2019 is currently on pace to reach the highest levels of illegal immigration in a decade.

“If you take a ship and it holds 1,000 people maximum — one more person and the ship is going to collapse,” the official explained. “The country is full.”

“Our hospitals are full, our detention centers are full,” they added.

ICE facilities were forced to release 100,000 illegal immigrants in the first three months of 2019 because of overcrowding in detention centers.

Separately, the president unveiled a new immigration plan Thursday that focuses on border security and merit-based legal immigration. The plan, which was co-authored by top aides Jared Kushner and Stephen Miller, would increase the proportion of visas granted to highly-skilled immigrants and also establish a self-sustaining border security fund.

Bill Allowing Illegal Aliens to Work in Congress Approved by House Committee

Illegal aliens are now eligible for driver’s licenses in some states, and in March the House voted in favor of extending the vote to people who disregarded the law and entered the United States illegally. Now there’s another bill trying to give Illegal Aliens the same rights as legal Americans has advanced through the House Appropriations Committee by a party-line vote. The bill would lift a ban on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients from being able to apply for positions on the staffs of elected officials. 

U.S. law doesn’t “pick on’ dreamers or illegal immigrants per se.  It expressly bars most non-U.S. citizens from working for the feds.

Annual appropriations enactments prohibit the use of funds for the compensation of any federal government employee or officer in the continental United States unless that person is (1) a U.S. citizen, (2) an LPR [legal permanent resident] who is applying for naturalization, (3) a person admitted as a refugee or granted asylum who has filed a declaration of intent to become an LPR and eventually a U.S. citizen, or (4) a non-citizen, U.S. national who owes allegiance to the United States (e.g., a person born in American Samoa)………..

In April Kamala Harris introduced a similar bill in the Senate:

 “The giant sign outside my office says ‘DREAMers Welcome Here’ because we know and value the contributions that these young people have made to their communities,” Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., one of the bill’s sponsors, said in a news release. “But right now, those same young people are banned from giving back to their country by working for Congress. That has to change. Government works best when it reflects the people it represents. Our nation’s DREAMers are some of our best and brightest, and it’s time they had the opportunity to get a job or paid internship on Capitol Hill.”

MN Lawmakers Expected to Pass Bill Allowing People Living in Country Illegally to Get Drivers Licenses

A driver’s license is one of the primary form of ID used when registering to vote, as well as apply for all kinds of federal and state programs (that should only be for citizens & possibly legal resident aliens who are verified to be in the process of applying for citizenship) and the demoncraps know it.

Minnesota has the highest number of refugees per capita nationwide, according to the U.S. Census and refugee-support agencies. With 2 percent of the nation’s population, Minnesota has 13 percent of its refugees.

“Minnesota has been a magnet,” said Bob Oehrig, director of Arrive Ministries in Richfield, an agency that handles refugees. He said Minnesota has what refugees want — jobs, good social welfare programs, and plenty of people from their home country.

According to the American Immigration Council, Minnesota also has a sizable immigrant community, much of which emigrated from Mexico and India. Foreign-born residents account for over 8 percent of the state’s population, while 7 percent of residents are native-born Americans who have at least one immigrant parent.

With such a large number of foreigners living in the state of Minnesota, it’s no wonder lawmakers are pandering to their needs, as they work to ensure they get all of the same benefits (or more in some cases) as an American citizen.

According to the Star Tribune — The Minnesota House is poised to pass a measure Friday that would give all immigrants the ability to get driver’s licenses, even if they are in the country illegally.

“Immigrants, whether they are documented or undocumented, are Minnesotans. They are part of the fabric of our communities … It is time that we helped take away this shadow of not having a driver’s license,” House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler, D-Golden Valley, said at a news conference ahead of the vote.

Group Calls on Trump to Fire Jared Kushner Before Amnesty Immigration Plan Rolls

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC activists are calling the White House once again and encouraging more Americans to demand that President Trump removed his security clearance failing, lifelong Democrat, pro-Amnesty, son-in-law Jared Kushner from the administration before Kushner rolls out his immigration reform plan which will contain guest worker Amnesty plans for millions of illegals.

Breitbart News reported on April 23 that Kushner’s told an audience at the #Time100 summit his plan for Trump’s immigration reform maintains “our country’s humanitarian values”, reunifies illegal immigrant families, and sports a new guest worker program Amnesty.

ALIPAC successfully fought and stopped guest worker (aka Temporary worker) Amnesty ploys in 2006 and 2007 under the Bush administration.

Last week it was reported that an “armed militia group” had detained a group of illegal migrants crossing the United States southern border. The story said the militia group held the illegal migrants and turned them over to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents.
Many supporters of illegal migration screamed foul that this group engaged in this behavior. First of all, no one should be surprised that this occurred.
I do not necessarily support this type of citizen involvement in detaining bands of migrants illegally crossing into the sovereign territory of the United States—not yet anyway. However, I am getting to that point.
The ACLU demanded the governor investigate this group, in part, because they were armed. So what? As long as they are lawfully armed, who cares? I don’t.
I think they would be stupid to be out in the middle of nowhere and unarmed. In a letter to the governor and the New Mexico attorney general, the ACLU, of course, not wanting to waste the opportunity to politicize this, blamed President Trump for encouraging this citizen group.
The ACLU, not surprisingly, labeled them as racists and referred to them as white nationalists and fascists with no credible connection.
This is straight off of the pro-illegal immigration talking points memo. The ACLU described these illegal aliens as having been kidnapped. They cited the citizen group as breaking the law but said nothing of the law violation of the illegal aliens.
My response to this inflammatory rhetoric is… shut up.

The Southern Border Invasion is Endangering Americans

Ranchers and farmers are finding prayer rugs along the United States-Mexico border — evidence corroborating President Donald Trump’s assertion that migrants from Islamic terrorist hotbed nations in the Middle East are breaking into the country.

Texas rancher Dr. Mike Vickers found an Urdu-to-English (official language of Pakistan) dictionary dropped under the cattle fencing on his 1,000-acre ranch north of the U.S.-Mexico border.

While local ranchers have to contend with torn-up fences, broken water lines, contaminated wells and robbery on a daily basis from illegal immigrants streaming through, a Texas Border Patrol agent said there is “no doubt” that among the hordes of Central Americans are also crossers from Pakistan and Afghanistan, raising significant national security concerns.

Other than Mexicans (OTMs) cross our southern border every day and never turn themselves in to Border Patrol like the family units or children.

Dr. Vickers’ wife, Linda, said the southern border ranchers have been dealing with illegals for years and no one seemed to care until our government started shipping illegal aliens all over the country. Once that happened, it wasn’t just the ranchers’ problem; it became the nation’s problem.

The southern border is 1,933 miles long, and it crosses through arid deserts, rugged mountains, and winding rivers, many areas of which are unprotected by border security, and easily crossed border obstructions.

Hezbollah and Latin America

Relations between Hezbollah and Latin American drug cartels have been well known for two decades. In recent years, border security officials in southwest states have seen an alarming rise in Hezbollah insignia tattoos among imprisoned drug cartel operatives suggesting a very strong relationship amongst rank and file these days, let alone at the command level.

Over the years pro-Iranian websites have proliferated across Latin America. Latin American politicians, notably Venezuela’s Maduro, have been in bed with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC)/Hezbollah operatives for years.

The terror threat from the south is not so much from illegal Latin American immigrants per se, but from Shiite Lebanese Hezbollah working with Iranian IRGC. Of course, Hezbollah can recruit South Central Americans as operatives as well. There is little doubt that Hezbollah’s connections enable them to enter the U.S. as they desire, through our porous border with Mexico.

Our efforts to combat Islamic terrorism needs to consider the open southern border, the IRGC and Hezbollah threat to national security.

PIJIJIAPAN, Mexico — Mexican police and immigration agents detained hundreds of Central American migrants Monday in the largest single raid on a migrant caravan since the groups started moving through the country last year. Police targeted isolated groups at the tail end of a caravan of about 3,000 migrants who were making their way through the southern state of Chiapas with hopes of reaching the U.S. border……..

Mexico welcomed the first caravans last year, but the reception has gotten colder since tens of thousands of migrants overwhelmed U.S. border crossings, causing delays at the border and anger among Mexican residents.

Last Friday, local media reported a series of detentions of migrants in nearby Mapastepec, where thousands were awaiting normalization of their migratory status.

President Trump on Monday directed his administration to find ways to limit the number of foreigners who overstay short-term visas amid a broad push to curb immigration. In a presidential memorandum, Trump ordered the State Department to work with governments of countries with total overstay rates of more than 10 percent in order to reduce the number.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in consultation with the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security (DHS), is required to submit a report within three months that recommends policies that would slash the number of people who stay in the U.S. after their visas expire. DHS is expected to hand in its own recommendations a month after that.


How much are illegal aliens costing Americans? Even the housing cost alone is incredible.

Last month, I revealed that the Trump administration had moved to block illegal alien DACAers from getting taxpayer subsidized mortgages.

Under Obama, FHA rules had been bent so far backward that people who were not only non-citizens, not only non-permanent residents, but weren’t even legally here, were having taxpayers guarantee their mortgages.

The December letter by Senator Menendez, who had recently been on trial for corruption charges, Senator Booker, on whose watch the $100 million poured into Newark public schools dissipated, and Senator Cortez-Mastro, who had been accused of taking dirty money, claimed to be, “appalled that the Trump Administration would exploit a federal government program to deny Dreamers an opportunity of owning their own home.” But it was the Democrats who had exploited a federal government program meant for poor Americans to benefit not only foreigners, but illegal aliens with no right to be here.

Now HUD is moving to block illegal aliens from taking public housing meant for Americans.

The Trump administration is proposing a new rule to try to block some 32,000 illegal immigrant-led families from claiming public housing assistance, saying it’s unfair to hundreds of thousands of Americans who are stuck on waiting lists.

The plan would scrap Clinton-era regulations that allowed illegal immigrants to sign up for assistance without having to disclose their status.

Under the new Trump rules, not only would the leaseholder using public housing have to be an eligible U.S. person, but the government would verify all applicants through the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) database, a federal system that’s used to weed illegal immigrants out of other welfare programs.

“We’ve got our own people to house and need to take care of our citizens,” an administration official told The Washington Times. “Because of past loopholes in HUD guidance, illegal aliens were able to live in free public housing desperately needed by so many of our own citizens. As illegal aliens attempt to swarm our borders, we’re sending the message that you can’t live off of American welfare on the taxpayers’ dime.”

Lefty activists keep complaining about a homeless crisis, yet they’re filling public housing with illegal alien invaders. That’s how much they care about American homeless people.


Attorney General William Barr said in a new ruling issued Tuesday that asylum-seekers who are able to demonstrate a “credible fear” and are then sent to full deportation proceedings are not eligible to be released on bond.

The ruling, which will go into effect in 90 days, states that a previous decision allowing for asylum-seekers to be released on bond while their case is being heard by an immigration judge was incorrect. Only the Department of Homeland Security has the authority to release the asylum-seekers, he wrote.

“I conclude that such aliens remain ineligible for bond, whether they are arriving at the border or are apprehended in the United States,” Barr wrote.

Barr is overturning a 2005 ruling that determined that asylum-seekers are eligible for bond if they are able to exhibit they have credible fear of persecution or danger if they leave the U.S.

But the attorney general argues that, under the Immigration and Nationality Act, the administration is permitted to detain all undocumented immigrants who were initially placed in expedited removal proceedings but then passed the credible fear test and were transferred to a full hearing before an immigration judge.

He also pointed to a 2018 Supreme Court ruling that found that the law did not place limits on how long an immigrant can be detained.

Some asylum-seekers are exempted from this rule, including families and unaccompanied migrant children.

Trump Plan To Transport Illegal Border Crossers to Sanctuary Cities Makes Liberals Live By Their Own Rules
When your own “Rules for Radicals” comes back to bite you

Of course, Alinsky had no understanding of Christianity, or the Church. Few atheists do and those often become Christians. The basic 10 commandments – and all the rest – were to show that no one could live up to them on their own. The Messiah, Christ from the Greek, was necessary.

When I first heard that President Trump is considering releasing illegal aliens into sanctuary cities, I laughed. Out loud.  There may have been giggling, too, as I pondered the implications and read the outraged outraging of the left.

My first thought was “perfect! This is Alinsky in action: make them live by their own rules.”  My second thought was “this has a touch of Cloward-Piven, too, overwhelm the systems of the sanctuary cities, and voters there may decide they don’t like living in a sanctuary city after all.”

Saul Alinsky, go-to guru of the radical left, laid out his Rules for Radicals back in 1971.  The right has since become savvy to these tactics, and, as we see in Trump’s sanctuary city proposal, more than willing to deploy them when situations merit.

In this case, Trump is expertly using Rule #4.

“The fourth rule is: Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.”

The absolute chaos the very idea has created on the left is hilarious and underscores the effective power of Alinsky, even against those who know the rules inside and out.  They are by turns expressing outrage (is this even legalHe can’t do that!) and sputtering defiance (We’ll take all the illegals you can send our way. So there!).

Trump doubled down on his proposal late Friday, Fox News reports.

President Trump responded to reports Friday that his administration proposed releasing immigrant detainees in sanctuary cities by not only confirming the plan but saying it remains under “strong” consideration.

Further, the president tweeted that relocating illegal immigrants to these districts should make the “Radical Left” happy.

. . . .  Trump repeated the remarks later at the White House: “We can give them an unlimited supply…let’s see if they have open arms.”

The president doubled down as Democrats fumed over the relocation idea.

“The extent of this Administration’s cynicism and cruelty cannot be overstated,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s spokeswoman Ashley Etienne said in a statement Friday. “Using human beings—including little children—as pawns in their warped game to perpetuate fear and demonize immigrants is despicable, and in some cases, criminal.”

From no border crisis to Trump needs to fix the border crisis

President Donald John Trump has the gift of prescience. In the 1970s, when others saw a dirty, XXX-rated, crime-ridden, “Taxi Driver” Manhattan, The Donald saw the return of luxury apartments and hotels returning.

In January, President Trump declared a crisis along the border.

Nancy and Chuck called it a “manufactured crisis.”

Chuckles said, “Most presidents have used Oval Office addresses for noble purposes. This president just used the backdrop of the Oval Office to manufacture a crisis, stoke fear, and divert attention from the turmoil in his administration.”

(Noble purposes. Bill saying he did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.)

Three months later — cleared by the Mueller Report — the president struggles with a border problem that Nancy and Chuck and Barry and Bush and Bill and the other Bush ignored.

And Reuters reported, “U.S. House of Representatives Democrats are accusing Republican President Donald Trump of aggravating a crisis situation at the southern U.S. border, saying he has not used funds available to help deal with a surge of migrants and exacerbated the problem with his attempts to crack down.

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that bipartisan immigration reform, which has eluded Congress and the White House for years, is still the solution. It is in fact ‘inevitable,’ Pelosi said on the sidelines of a Democratic party meeting in Leesburg, Virginia.”

President Trump already gave at the office, the Oval Office to be exact, in September 2017 when he told Nancy and Chuck that he would sign amnesty for about a million young illegals. They never got back to him.

Fox News reported, “From ‘no crisis’ to ‘breaking point’: Mainstream media outlets change their tune on border crisis amid illegal immigration surge.”


The media.

Idiots who repeat Democrat talking points and think they are powerful.

President Trump foresaw the collapse of their credibility.

SOME PEOPLE DID SOMETHING:’ Ilhan Omar’s Unbelievable Description of 9/11 Attacks.

I suppose we could describe Omar’s commentary on 9/11 as despicable, unfeeling, crass, or just plain stupid. But this is one case where I will break my longstanding rule and describe her comments as un-American. Because they are…”

She was imported from Somalia when she was 12. Lots more Somalis were brought in too. Minneapolis isn’t known as “Little Mogadishu” for nothing. These people and a lot of others, will not assimilate and need to be repatriated.

If I hadn’t seen the video of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s speech at a Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) event. I wouldn’t have believed an American said this.

“CAIR was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something, and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties,” Omar said.

Is It Finally The Time? Trump Inches Closer To Openly Defying A Judicial Order.

On Monday, Judge Richard Seeborg of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California ruled against President Donald Trump’s “wait-in-Mexico” policy for prospective asylum-seekers arriving at our beleaguered southern border………

It seems like the president has perhaps finally had enough. On Monday, CNN reported that Trump seems to be telegraphing to — if not outright instructing — executive branch subordinates to willfully defy a rogue judicial diktat that contravenes the nation’s protection of its security and sovereignty………

It is not clear how serious Trump is, but to the extent he is, this could be the closest he has come thus far to defying the erroneous constitutional status quo of judicial supremacy.

In an op-ed in January, I argued that Trump should find an incorrectly decided, deeply destructive, sovereignty-infringing lower court judicial order to openly defy (perhaps except for the named litigant to the lawsuit):

Trump should start with defying a district court judge. Notwithstanding [Cooper v. Aaron‘s] erroneousness and the fact that not even the Supreme Court can bind a president as to its own constitutional interpretations, there is no serious argument that a single district court judge can actually bring the entirety of the political branches of the federal government to a complete halt.

The next time an Obama-nominated resistance-type district court judge reaches an absurd legal conclusion and attempts to issue a (completely lawless) nationwide injunction against a prized Trump administration priority, the president should effectively tell that judge to go take a hike. Trump can make like Lincoln and enforce the judge’s order as it pertains to the named litigant(s) to the actual underlying lawsuit, but he should go no further.

He should resolutely refuse to treat the diktat as a broader and binding legal ruling. And he should have his Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel write a formal memorandum explaining exactly why nationwide injunctions are lawless, why Cooperand judicial supremacism are wildly at odds with a rudimentary understanding of constitutional structure, and why Lincoln was correct to treat Dred Scott as non-binding for everyone except Mr. Scott himself.

California judge blocks Trump’s policy forcing asylum-seekers to stay in Mexico

A federal district court judge in the 9th Circuit on Monday issued a preliminary injunction blocking the Trump administration’s new policy of returning asylum seekers to Mexico as they wait for an immigration court to hear their cases, but the order won’t immediately go into effect.

The so-called “Remain in Mexico” policy was one of the primary innovations of former Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, whom President Trump announced on Sunday “will be leaving her position” after 16 months in the job.

Judge Richard Seeborg in San Francisco granted a request by civil liberties groups to halt the practice while their lawsuit moves forward. He put the decision on hold until Friday to give U.S. officials the chance to appeal to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals — which, thanks to Trump’s aggressive judicial appointments, is now more friendly to conservatives than it has been in more than three decades.

The launch of the policy in January in San Diego at the nation’s busiest border crossing marked an unprecedented change to the U.S. asylum system, government officials and asylum experts said. Families seeking asylum typically had been released in the U.S. with notices to appear in court — and, conservatives have charged, they often can’t be relied upon to show up.

Vatican Cardinal Says a Church of Migration and Ecology is ‘Of Interest to No One’

The highest-ranking African cardinal said this week that the Church risks becoming just another NGO if it focuses on “horizontal” issues like immigration and ecology rather than preaching Jesus Christ.

Some Catholic leaders urge the Church “not to speak about God, but to throw itself body and soul into social problems: migration, ecology, dialogue, the culture of encounter, the struggle against poverty, for justice and peace,” said Guinean Cardinal Robert Sarah in an interview this week with La Nef.

Cost of Illegal Immigration Per Illegal Alien

Consider this summary of a study from the Center of Immigration Studies,

“The findings of this analysis show that the average cost of a deportation is much smaller than the net fiscal drain created by the average illegal immigrant. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) reported the average deportation cost as $10,854 in FY 2016. In FY 2012, ICE removed 71 percent more aliens with a similar budget, creating an average inflation-adjusted cost of $5,915. This compares to an average lifetime net fiscal drain (taxes paid minus services used) of $65,292 for each illegal immigrant, excluding their descendants. This net figure is based on fiscal estimates of immigrants by education level from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NAS). The total fiscal drain for the entire illegal population is estimated at $746.3 billion. Of course, simply because deportation is much less costly than allowing illegal immigrants to stay does not settle the policy questions surrounding illegal immigration as there are many factors to consider. Steven A. Camarota is the director of research at the Center for Immigration Studies, 8/3/17 (Reported in

Your two U.S. senators and Congressman/woman bring this nightmare to you every year, year after year, decade after decade. Since the latest figure of illegal immigration now stands at 22-25 million illegal aliens per the October 2018 Yale University Report, you, the American taxpayer might feel a huge vacuum sucking your wallet right out of your pants or your purse.

And, yet, such famous Congressional Critters like Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer, who dominated Congress for the past 40 years, continue to tell you, “There is no crisis at the border.” Except, the U.S. Border Patrol reported a record of 78,000 illegal alien violated our borders in February. With 22 to 25 million illegals in our country, perhaps Pelosi and Schumer remain out of touch with reality.

Poll: 67% Of Likely Voters Say Illegal Immigration Is A Serious Problem, Most Believe Democrats Don’t Want To Stop It

A new Rasmussen poll conducted this week indicates that 67% of likely United States voters believe that illegal immigration is a “serious problem” in the country today, but the plurality of those who took the survey do not believe that the Democratic Party in Congress “wants to slow or stop illegal immigration.”

The percentage of likely voters who said illegal immigration is a “serious issue” has not changed since a similar poll conducted in January asked the same question. Furthermore, it could be argued that Americans are becoming less concerned with illegal immigration during President Trump’s time in office as a similar 2015 poll found that 80% of likely voters said that it was a serious issue.

But the poll of 1,000 likely voters, conducted April 2-3 via telephone and online surveys, also found that 47% “say [illegal immigration] a Very Serious one.” On the opposite side, 32% say illegal immigration is not a serious problem.

If poll answers are broken down across political party lines, “72% of Republicans see illegal immigration as a Very Serious problem, while “only 28% of Democrats agree.”

When asked “Do most Democrats in Congress want to slow or stop illegal immigration?” Just 31% of likely voters said that Democrats in Congress want to “slow or stop illegal immigration.” Comparatively, 70% of those polled said they believe Republicans want to stop the flow of illegal aliens. 45% of those polled believe the Democratic party does not want to stop illegal immigration at all.

Appeals Court Says Parents Can’t Sue San Francisco Over Immigrant Who Killed Daughter

A federal appeals court in California ruled that the parents of Kate Steinle, a woman fatally shot by an unauthorized immigrant in July 2015, cannot sue the city of San Francisco for failing to notify immigration officials of his release from a local jail weeks before the killing.

A three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, in a unanimous decision, ruled that San Francisco’s then-sheriff, Ross Mirkarimi, violated no federal, state or local laws when he released Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, also known as José Inez Garcia Zarate, on a minor marijuana charge without notifying Immigration and Custom Enforcement.

The biggest reason Trump is right to stop sending aid to Guatemala, El Salvadore, and Honduras

If you’re ready for an extremely enlightening and shocking reason President Trump is absolutely correct to stop sending aid to Guatemala, El Salvadore, and Honduras until they can figure out a way to stop the migrant exodus that’s leaving those countries, cutting through Mexico, and making it across our porous borders, you’re not going to find it here. In fact, you don’t need to find it anywhere. The answer is that obvious.

The aid isn’t working. If it were, there wouldn’t be tens of thousands of people leaving there every month trying to get to the United States.

If it ain’t working, stop doing it.

The whole purpose of the aid is to make these nations prosperous and secure enough to keep people from paying money to walk thousands of miles with women and girls getting sexually assaulted all along the way. It’s to stop the cottage industry of human smuggling from flourishing and empowering the cartels. It’s to help these nations get a handle on crime, poverty, and corruption.

But it’s not working. Not at all. If anything, things are getting worse. Apparently, all we’re doing is empowering these nations to force their people to leave even faster, based on the numbers coming out of CBP. If that’s the case, we’re better off if we stop sending them aid. They’ll be better off too, apparently, since the numbers are only getting worse. It would see that the aid we’re sending is only harming them further. Why would we do something that does more harm than good?

It’s important to understand this because the left is going to call it inhumane or whatever else they can come up with to denounce the President’s intentions to cut off aid. They’re wont to call anything the President does by names that will rally their base because their base is ignorant to the truth and will tune out anything that doesn’t match the narrative they’ve been sold.

So no, I’m not here to shock you with my intellect. I’m just going to call it how it is. The aid isn’t working. The border crisis is getting worse. The left is going to pounce. The week hasn’t even technically started yet.

There’s a major crisis at the border that’s becoming a major crisis in the interior. It’s time to stop doing the things we’ve been doing for years that are clearly not working and start doing what common sense tells us WILL work.

Deadly Serious

The selfie-video made by New Zealand shooter Brent Tarrant shows the world once again how shockingly banal an act of mass homicide can be. He went through the various chambers of two mosques in suburban Christchurch exterminating unarmed, helpless worshippers as if they were mere points to be racked up in a video game. They had no personalities or histories. They were just targets. And when they moaned or moved, he shot them again to make sure they were out of the game. The shooter was arrested and lives on in police custody.

He went about his task with exactly the sort of paramilitary efficiency that is portrayed so admiringly in the Mission Impossible or Fast and Furious movies, all business, no emotion. The manifesto he left on the Internet shows his clear and detailed motive for what he didn’t hesitate to label as “a terrorist attack.” He was especially interested in provoking a fresh debate over the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution in the USA, in the hopes of provoking a civil war that would break-up the nation into warring regions divided by race. He calls himself “an eco-nationalist” because he considers overpopulation the leading threat to the planet and non-Europeans to be the most fecund and therefore responsible for the problem. He will go on trial and he says he intends to plead innocent. You’d better take him seriously.

At least half the political class in the USA doesn’t take the immigration issue seriously, except as a gambit for what they think is political advantage. The Left is doing everything possible to confound the issue and muddle it with litigation at every level, from local law enforcement to congress, starting with the longstanding effort to garble the definitions of legal versus illegal immigration. The “conservative” Right doesn’t dare call them on it, out of fear of losing Hispanic votes. So, it is left to the awkward, inflammatory figure of Mr. Trump to demand clarification about what official policy will be, including the enforcement of existing laws, and he has been reviled for it all along the way. He’s not a consensus-builder, to put it mildly.

Last week, coincidental with the New Zealand mosque massacre, Mr. Trump said the following:

     “You know, the left plays a tougher game. It’s very funny. I actually think that the people on the right are tougher, but they don’t play it tougher. O.K.? I can tell you I have the support of the police, the support of the military, the support of the Bikers for Trump. I have the tough people, but they don’t play it tough — until they go to a certain point, and then it would be very bad, very bad.”

As usual, his syntax is disastrous as well as his habit of placing himself at the center of every issue. But, also as usual with Mr. Trump, and because of his filter-less tongue, he lays out matters that should be extremely troubling to all Americans: that the land is full of men with tremendous potential for violence — and most particularly men with military and paramilitary training in killing and warfare, who have, so far, barely expressed in action their discontent with the tactics of their adversaries on the Left. This Pandora’s box of calamity includes the Left’s recent campaign to denigrate men as toxic and without value, especially white men wearing their scarlet letter “P” for privilege.

The Left had better sober up and join an intelligible good faith debate about US immigration policy and the enforcement of existing laws or this will lead to exactly what Brent Tarrant laid out and what Mr. Trump maladroitly hinted at. Instead, of course, we will more likely commence another bootless campaign over guns. Here are some plain facts about that. There are already enough firearms of every sort loose in this land to commence hot civil warfare and they will not be surrendered by their owners. The horses are out of the barn on that one, even if sales of military-style weapons are outlawed. Any effort to confiscate them from people already possessing them will only provoke more overt antagonism between the two poles of American politics — and would probably lead to exactly the sort of violence that sober observers discern on the horizon.

Our battered American common culture and its expression in political consensus ought to start with the foundation of the social contract: the agreement to not slaughter each other. That is, at least, the one principle that ought to stand on its own as self-evident, without any need for equivocation via “diversity” arguments. The Left is playing with fire on this with its dishonest, bad faith approach to debating the immigration question, and the gun debate will only provide a distraction from it.