ATF Announces Campaign to Crack Down on Straw Purchases in Baltimore
Industry to pay for billboards and radio ads


The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), a gun industry trade group, and local law enforcement announced an initiative targeting illegal straw purchases in Baltimore on Thursday.

Larry Keane, National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) vice president and general counsel, said the industry trade group would pay for ads emphasizing the fact that it is illegal to purchase a gun on behalf of anyone who cannot legally own firearms. The campaign, called “Don’t Lie for the Other Guy,” has been ongoing for nearly 20 years and is designed to raise awareness of the steep penalties on buying guns for criminals—up to 10 years in jail and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. The group is now working with both the ATF and local law enforcement to share that message with millions in the Baltimore area and beyond.

“During the Don’t Lie campaign there will be almost 20 million media impressions in the Baltimore market delivered by billboards, digital and social media impressions, and a 30-second radio spot,” Keane said during a press conference. “Public service announcements are funded entirely by the National Shooting Sports Foundation on behalf of the shooting sports industry.”

Robert K. Hur, U.S. attorney for the District of Maryland, said stopping straw purchases is a key way that law enforcement can prevent gun violence…..

Keane said the campaign is an example of how the gun industry can work with law enforcement to stop the criminal use of firearms.

Jerry Nadler Is A Sexist Pig Who Should Be Censured By Congress
During a congressional interview, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) referred to Hope Hicks as ‘Ms. Lewandowski’ three separate times before she corrected him.

On June 19, Hope Hicks, the former White House director of strategic communications then director of White House communications, was interviewed by the House Judiciary Committee. The interview was not public and was behind closed doors. Yesterday, a transcript of the interview was released.

It was revealed that during the interview Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) referred to Hicks as “Ms. Lewandowski” three separate times before she corrected him. If I hadn’t seen the transcript for myself, I simply would not have believed it.

Her name is Hope Hicks. It practically rolls off the tongue. It’s not forgettable. And certainly not a name that one would confuse.

The level of disrespect by a congressman to an individual testifying before Congress is absolutely stunning. The blatant sexism Nadler displayed simply cannot be ignored.

To back up for a minute, Lewandowski is of course a reference to Corey Lewandowski, a former campaign manager for Donald Trump. In the now widely discredited book by noted hack Michael Wolff, Wolff claimed that Hicks and Lewandowski had an affair while Lewandowski was married.

Wolff made many outrageous claims in his book, including salacious and disgusting claims about U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley. Wolff is a con artist, who like many others, saw a way to make a dollar off the Trump presidency. While the book was CNN fodder for a period of time, any reputable outlet saw it for what it was: tabloid trash.

Hicks is a very attractive young woman. She was a model early in her life. She is also a smart, well-educated woman, who previously worked at the Trump Organization. Indeed, she was Trump’s longest-serving aide at the time of her resignation. It’s been widely reported that not only was she was excellent at her job, she was someone Trump actually listened to. If you’ve been paying attention at all, you know that’s not an easy feat.

She earned her reputation as a loyal, hardworking White House staffer. She does not, under any circumstances, deserve some pants-up-to-his-chin congressman addressing her by the name of a man she may have dated. Dated. Not married.

Let’s be absolutely clear: Nadler knew exactly what he was doing. What he did was not only sexist, but purposeful and truly ugly. Whether or not Hicks and Lewandowski had an affair or even dated is completely beside the point. They were not a public couple posing for pictures for People Magazine. For Nadler to refer to her as Lewandowski is the lowest of the low, and entirely inappropriate.

Whether he did it to rattle her during her testimony, or to take a shot at Trump, is also irrelevant. I don’t care what his motive was. When you’re so obsessed with taking down a political opponent that you don’t care who is collateral damage, it’s really time to reassess what you’re doing with your life.

That incompetent shooter in Dallas?
Just another one already on the FBI’s radar.

FBI was warned about Dallas federal courthouse gunman in July 2016:

A relative of the man who opened fire outside downtown Dallas’ federal building this week warned the FBI in 2016 that he shouldn’t be allowed to buy a gun because he was depressed and suicidal, his mother said Thursday.

Brian Clyde’s half-brother called the FBI about his concerns, their mother Nubia Brede Solis said. Clyde was in the Army at the time.

On Monday, Clyde opened fire with an AR-15-style rifle at the Earle Cabell Federal Building. He was fatally shot by federal law enforcement. No one else was seriously injured. His family believes that Clyde wanted to be killed.

The EU releases guidelines to encourage ethical AI development.

Real AI has the capability to write its own code.
Q: So what could keep it from overwriting such ‘ethical’ programming?
A: Nothing.

Prepare to bow to your cybernetic overlords!

Human agency and oversight: AI systems should enable equitable societies by supporting human agency and fundamental rights, and not decrease, limit or misguide human autonomy.

Robustness and safety: Trustworthy AI requires algorithms to be secure, reliable and robust enough to deal with errors or inconsistencies during all life cycle phases of AI systems.

Privacy and data governance: Citizens should have full control over their own data, while data concerning them will not be used to harm or discriminate against them.

Transparency: The traceability of AI systems should be ensured.

Diversity, non-discrimination and fairness: AI systems should consider the whole range of human abilities, skills and requirements, and ensure accessibility.

Societal and environmental well-being: AI systems should be used to enhance positive social change and enhance sustainability and ecological responsibility.

Accountability: Mechanisms should be put in place to ensure responsibility and accountability for AI systems and their outcomes.

LAPD To Scrap Controversial Program To ID Likely Criminals

Minority Report was science fiction.

LOS ANGELES, CA — A controversial Los Angeles Police Department program that uses data to identify persons who are most likely to commit violent crimes and was criticized in an audit and by privacy groups will be ended by Chief Michel Moore, according to a memo set to be presented to the Board of Police Commissioners Tuesday.

The five-page memo was made publicly available on Friday ahead of the meeting and came in response to a critical audit by Inspector General Mark Smith.

The audit found the department’s data analysis programs lacked oversight and officers used inconsistent criteria to deem people as “chronic offenders.” The overall effectiveness of a component to pinpoint the location of certain property crimes could not be determined, the audit found.

A year ago today a man who should’ve been locked up long before, decided to shoot up his school. Yes, the shooting at Parkland High was today, if you haven’t already turned on the TV or read your morning newspaper and seen it plastered all over.

Just remember, none of what happened there was your fault.
Nikolas Cruz pulled the trigger.

Teacher after teacher failed to call a code red and lock down their room after seeing Cruz with a rifle even before he fired a single shot.

The CowardCop Scot Peterson hid behind a tree.

The CowardCaptain Captain Jan Jordan failed to take control of the scene and blamed the department’s radio system for it.

The other responding CowardCops took the “may attempt to respond” part of the department’s active shooter policy seriously and decided to park 1,000 feet from the school and wait until the danger had passed.

The deputy watching the school surveillance video knew it was on a time delay but didn’t bother to tell anybody that information.

The CowardsOfBroward Sheriff Department prevented other trained first responders from entering the scene or airlifting the critically wounded because they had no idea where Nikolas Cruz was, after their snails pace response allowed Cruz to get away and go for a Coke.

The idiot Sheriff Scott Israel said that he had “amazing leadership” and took no responsibility for this law enforcement debacle, despite it being the second one of its kind on his watch ( the shooting at the Ft Lauderdale Airport)

And still, the media is going to try and blame you for 17 kids that were killed a year ago today.
Your support or membership in the NRA didn’t kill 17 kids.
Your AR-15 didn’t kill 17 kids.
Your belief in the gun rights of law abiding citizens didn’t kill 17 kids.

A -well known to School and Law Enforcement authorities- disturbed, young man with a recorded history of violent behavior killed those 17 kids; aided and abetted by the incompetence of the CowardsOfBroward County Sheriff’s Department and the self-serving, bureaucratic Broward County School Board.

You did nothing wrong.

Sheriffs storm Capitol Hill to demand border wall, ICE funding.

Angered with efforts by House and Senate Democrats to cut funding for President Trump’s border wall and ICE facilities that hold criminal illegal immigrants, dozens of U.S. sheriffs are storming Capitol Hill Monday to more money to enforce immigration.

“We are at wits end on this,” said Bristol County, Mass. Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson. “This really is a catastrophe,” he said of the anti-Trump proposal backed by Democrats including Speaker Nancy Pelosi and progressive Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Hodgson is one of 60 key sheriffs meeting with the House Freedom Caucus on the steps of the U.S. Capitol today before hitting individual House and Senate offices to lobby for wall and ICE funding. He spoke to Secrets from the bus transporting him and sheriffs from Arizona, Texas, Massachusetts and Ohio to the Hill.

Over the weekend, Secrets reportedthat two national sheriffs groups, the National Sheriffs’ Associationand the Major County Sheriffs of America, delivered letters to House and Senate immigration negotiators to warn against Democratic efforts to put a cap on the number of criminal illegal immigrants that can be held by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The groups said that about 8,300 criminal aliens would have to be immediately released if the cap went into effect. They also said that about 90 percent of all illegal immigrants held by ICE in the nation’s “interior,” versus border facilities, have criminal records.

The issue is one that has stalled negotiations, threatening a second government shutdown later this week.

Republican proposal would outlaw state database on gun transfers
Initiative 1639 passed last year widened scope of background checks

WNPA Olympia News Bureau

The public this week weighed in on a proposed law that would prohibit the state from accumulating pistol transfer applications containing personal information.

House Bill 1024 would prohibit the state Department of Licensing from storing records related to pistol sales and ownership transfers in its online database.

Under the bill, Firearms dealers would no longer send applications to the state licensing department and law enforcement agencies would no longer have access to that agency’s database.

Bill sponsor Rep. Jim Walsh, R-Aberdeen, said the proposed law addresses both privacy rights and Second Amendment protections. He said he thinks both issues are of equal importance.

“The problem that we’ve got is that state agencies never delete anything and they aggregate it over years — personal information that most people don’t want them to have.” Walsh said.

“It makes them targets for hackers and agencies.”

Last year, the Department of Licensing faced criticism after The Seattle Times reported agency officials provided personal information to immigration officials.


In border fight, Democrats want ‘technological wall’ that won’t keep anybody out.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California says a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border would be “immoral.” Instead, she favors something she calls a “technological wall.” Another top House Democrat, Rep. Jim Clyburn of South Carolina, calls it a “smart wall.”

Instead of building an actual physical barrier of steel, concrete, or some other material, Pelosi, Clyburn, and other Democrats advocate employing an array of high-tech devices — drones, infrared sensors, surveillance cameras, and more — to keep track of activity at the border without physical impediments to discourage illegal crossings.

“We cannot protect the border with concrete,” Clyburn said recently. “We can protect the border using the technology that is available to us to wall off intrusions.”

The problem is, a smart wall would not actually wall off intrusions. Indeed, the main feature of a smart wall — in past debates, it was often referred to as a virtual fence — is that it will not stop anyone from crossing the border into the United States. It can detect illegal crossers and alert authorities to their presence. But it does nothing to keep them from entering the country.

That is especially important given the nature of the migrants crossing the border illegally today. In the past, many were single adult men who could be caught and quickly returned to Mexico. But now, according to the Department of Homeland Security, about two-thirds of the crossers are families and unaccompanied children who, by U.S. law, cannot be quickly returned. Once in the United States, their asylum claims — the vast majority are ultimately judged without merit — take a long time to process. During that time, many simply disappear into the country.

The point, for those illegal immigrants, is not to enter the United States without being detected. It is to enter, be caught, and begin the asylum process that will allow them to stay, one way or the other.

“The virtual fence does not actually block the entry of anyone like a real wall or fence does,” said Jessica Vaughan, policy director at the Center for Immigration Studies, which favors tighter controls on immigration. “The virtual fence only works if there are enough Border Patrol agents around to arrest the illegal crossers who are detected.”

“Most importantly, this technology would not help in the case of caravan migrants pushing through the obsolete and aging barriers we have in many places,” Vaughan added. “And it does not help at all if the people who cross are detected only to be released after they state a fear of return, or because they brought a minor with them, or if they are unaccompanied minors led across by smugglers.”

Given the nature of the illegal flow across the border, a virtual wall would be even less effective than it might have been in the past.


Legal Experts:
NYT’s ‘Bombshell’ Report Casts Skepticism on FBI, Not Trump

Several top legal experts say the New York Times‘ report that the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) launched a criminal and counterintelligence investigation into President Trump after he fired former FBI Director James Comey casts more skepticism on the FBI than on the president.

It was first reported in the Washington Post on June 14, 2017, that Special Counsel Robert Mueller was investigating Trump for obstruction, and that the investigation was launched days after he fired Comey. It was the first time an investigation into Trump himself was revealed. Previously, Comey had told Trump he was not personally under investigation.

But the Times report on Friday revealed more details about the investigation into Trump. It said in addition to a criminal investigation into whether he had obstructed justice by firing Comey, Trump was also being looked at in a counterintelligence investigation on whether he was acting on behalf of Russia by firing Comey.

Legal experts and political strategists on both sides of the aisle said the Times‘ report showed the FBI was motivated by revenge for Comey’s firing rather than by any evidence Trump was acting on behalf of Russia.

Mark Penn, a Democrat and former strategist for Bill and Hillary Clinton, wrote in an op-ed on Sunday that the FBI and the Justice Department’s actions “appear to be wholly without justification — and were based instead on politically inspired emotion and hysteria.”

“I didn’t support Donald Trump, and there are lots of things he does I don’t support,” he wrote. “But the idea that he was the Manchurian candidate working for the Russians when he ran on an America First platform is patently ridiculous.”

Andrew McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor and senior fellow at the National Review Institute, argued that the only thing the report showed was that the FBI was out to get Trump all along. He wrote on Sunday that the Times‘ report was “clearly intended to be a blockbuster report.”

“But in truth, the only thing the story shows is that the FBI, after over a year of investigation, simply went overt about something that had been true from the first. The investigation commenced during the 2016 campaign by the Obama administration – the Justice Department and the FBI – was always about Donald Trump,” he wrote.

Florida governor suspends Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel

Couldn’t have happened to a better example of a corrupt, hypocrite Sheriff.

At the news conference propaganda fest held later by Israel, with sycophant demoncrap toadies in abundance, one thing was noted.
Not One Parent Of The Murdered Students Was There In ‘Support’.


Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, who faced criticism over his department’s response to the deadly Parkland, Florida, school shooting last year, was officially suspended by new Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday.

“Sheriff Israel has repeatedly failed and has demonstrated a pattern of poor leadership,” DeSantis said in a statement.

“He failed to protect Floridians and visitors during the tragic Fort Lauderdale International Airport shooting in 2017. He failed in his duties to keep our families and children safe during the devastating shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Feb.14, 2018,” the statement read. “These incidents demonstrate Sheriff Israel’s repeated incompetence and neglect of duty. The families of the victims deserve accountability. It is my job as governor to ensure that the safety of our local communities, especially the safety of our children, is paramount. Government officials must be held accountable for their actions, and/or inactions.

“For these reasons, I am suspending Sheriff Israel from office effective immediately.”

Broward County sheriff tells deputies to confront active shooters, a year too late

The first thing Governor DeSantis should do after he takes the oath of office as Florida’s new governor is remove this idiot as Sheriff. And the new one should not have had one thing to do with law enforcement in Broward County.

In a mind-boggling move, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel has outlined new protocol for his staff, which includes directives to engage shooters — apparently a new concept to the employees. Israel was in this same position the day a gunman killed 17 students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., on Feb. 14.

In a letter to the state commission investigating the shooting, Israel said all deputies had eight hours of active-shooter training and school deputies received a week of training on how to deal with potential incidents. “Be assured, the reforms adopted to date are not the end of this process,” Israel wrote. “Rather, they are a midway point as we continue working towards addressing all of the findings related to our agency and implementing all of the Commission’s recommendations.”

A curious note added to the written policy: Deputies must try to confront active shooters. Previously, wording said deputies “may” intervene in a situation like the shooting in Parkland.

The contents of this report are outlandish in a number of ways. First, it’s been nearly a year since the shooting occurred. Numerous investigations via the Sun Sentinel, the local paper, have shown the tragedy was largely the fault of the failure of the sheriff’s department to act quickly, professionally, and frankly, to act at all. (Just weeks ago a video was released of one deputy reaching the scene. It takes him an entire minute just to get his vest on as the popping sound of the shooter’s gun can be heard loud and clear from his body cam.)

Due to this failure, and his inability to accept blame, Scott Israel should not still be employed in that leadership position as he is clearly incapable of navigating the responsibilities it presents. In an interview with the Washington Times, Israel said he was willing to make necessary changes but didn’t take responsibility or acknowledge that he failed to protect the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. He said, “I’m certainly responsible for everything that goes on at the agency, good or bad. But as I’ve said before, the only person responsible for the deaths of those individuals and shooting 17 other people is the killer.”

Of course, he is technically right, but that’s also a complete avoidance of reality and obfuscation of his actual job, which is to protect the county and the kids in that school. Not only did his deputies fail to do that, but the one stationed at the school, Scot Peterson, never even set foot inside the building the entire time the shooter was actively murdering students. Instead, out of fear and cowardice, he busied himself with blocking off traffic and setting up parameters even as he could hear gunfire. He is facing lawsuits from Parkland parents because of his negligence.

Second, it’s unclear why a sheriff’s office would have had to clarify that the very people they train to protect and defend the public can and should confront any threat, anywhere, but especially at a school. (And again, how in the world did it take a year to come to this obvious conclusion?). This should not only have already been outlined, but if deputies actually are using this lack of wording, or vague wording, as an excuse for why they didn’t do anything that day, they are in the wrong field.

Something went very wrong that day, and it’s taken nearly a year to figure out that the Broward County Sheriff’s Department, as well as high school officials, were woefully unprepared and quite negligent in their duties. Not only that, but the Sun Sentinel reported the school had engaged in quite a cover-up to prevent the slain students’ parents from realizing how much they really could have done to prevent the shooting.

It’s a tragedy, and even though much of Israel’s letter was an understatement, I hope it provides the kick in the rear end those employees seem to need.

Canada Gun Ban: Three Lessons for the U.S.

Hasty, emotion-driven gun legislation too often backfires.

Following senseless shootings in Toronto and Fredericton this past summer, talk of a national ban on handguns and “assault weapons” has reached a fever pitch in Canada. Under orders from Prime Minister Trudeau, Canadian border-security minister Bill Blair has chaired a series of closed-door consultations to determine the feasibility of such a law……..

Lesson 1: A failure to recognize past failures dictates calls for more restrictive legislation.

Lesson 2: Politicians prefer grand gestures over measured policies.

Canadian lawmakers have failed to address the primary driver of gun violence: gangs. Demands for gun control routinely displace calls for measured policies that target this problem.

Lesson 3: Long term and secondary consequences are rarely considered.

Teachers need guns; schools need security, Parkland shooting panel concludes

Armed teachers, stronger security and better law enforcement are needed to head off another school shooting like the one in Parkland, according to a panel reviewing the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

The state commission investigating the shooting that killed 17 people on Feb. 14 released a draft report Wednesday listing a series of failures by Broward County agencies and recommendations for avoiding a similar tragedy in the future.

The 407-page report, which is not final, found that deputies didn’t rush into the school to stop the carnage, and school staff committed numerous security breaches, including leaving doors unlocked and not calling a “Code Red” alarm quickly enough.

The panel also voted to include a controversial proposal allowing classroom teachers to carry guns in schools if they go through a selection process that would include background checks and training. Such a change would require the state Legislature’s approval.

Right now, school systems are allowed under a guardian program to arm certain school employees, such as security guards, administrators or librarians.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, a member of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission, said that program needs to be expanded to allow teachers to carry guns.

“In the ideal world, we shouldn’t need anyone on campus with a gun, but that’s not the world we live in today,” he said. “One’s not enough. Two’s not enough. We need multiple people in order to protect the children.”

By the way, lest the proggies think we’ve forgot:

 Tear gas used once a month at border under Obama.

The same tear-gas agent that the Trump administration is taking heat for deploying against a border mob this weekend is actually used fairly frequently — including more than once a month during the later years of President Barack Obama’s administration, according to Homeland Security data.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has used 2-chlorobenzylidene malononitrile, or CS, since 2010, and deployed it 26 times in fiscal 2012 and 27 times in 2013. The use dropped after that, but was still deployed three times in 2016, Mr. Obama’s final full year in office…..

Border authorities also use another agent, pepper spray, frequently — including a decade-high record of 151 instances in 2013, also under Mr. Obama. Pepper spray, officially known as Pava Capsaicin, was used 43 times in fiscal year 2018, according to the CBP numbers.

The data poses a challenge to the current anger over the Border Patrol’s use of tear gas Sunday to prevent a mob from busting through sections of old border fence in California.

Critics, including Latin American leaders, immigrant-rights advocates and congressional Democrats, have said use of tear gas is “un-American.”


The Problem With the FBI’s ‘Active Shooter’ Data

Heaven forfend if the sheeples aren’t as needful of TPTB for their safety, security and protection. Whatever would TPTB do if they were weighed in the balance and found wanting?

Many people are focusing on the political biases in the FBI’s treatment of the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton campaigns, but the political corruption of the agency goes deeper.  One can also see it in the FBI’s raw crime data, particularly when it comes to the public shootings that have so galvanized Americans.  The first report under the Obama administration came out in 2014, just weeks before the midterm elections, making it timed for maximum political influence.

The FBI’s first report claimed that only once from 2000-2013 did a concealed handgun permit holder stop one of 160 reported “active shooter” attacks.  These active shooter attacks include any time a gun is fired in a public place, even if no one is injured or killed.  They exclude gang fights or attacks that arise out of other crimes such as robberies.

The report got massive news coverage on the front pages of such newspapers as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, as well as all of the TV news networks.  Gun control activists have frequently cited the report in court cases and in political debates to claim that civilians rarely use guns to stop public shootings.

Unfortunately, the problems with the reports have continued during the Trump administration.  The latest FBI report, released in May, misses still more cases.  The FBI claims that from 2014 to 2017 there were 90 active shooter cases and only seven where permit holders stopped these attacks.

In all, the FBI claims that concealed handgun permit holders have stopped 3.2 percent of active shooter incidents.

But the bureau misses at least 23 cases where permit holders saved the day. That means they stopped 11.5 percent of active shooter incidents from 2000 to 2017.  We at the Crime Prevention Research Center are more confident that we have all of the cases from 2014 to 2017, when 16.5 percent of attacks were stopped.

Back in 2015, when I pointed out errors in the original report, the FBI simply responded, “We acknowledge in the FBI report that our data are imperfect.”  But no correction was ever made.

I got a somewhat more useful response when I contacted the FBI again in May about its most recent report.  This time, the FBI acknowledged that it had missed a case, but insisted that the other six cases I mentioned didn’t meet its definition of an active shooter incident.

Take the first case the bureau cited.  In May 3, 2017, a permit holder stopped an attack at a restaurant in Arlington, Texas. The headline on the Dallas Morning News story read: “‘Hero’ stopped mass murder by a crazed bar patron who was armed to the teeth, police say.”  The police spokesman said the concealed handgun permit holder “prevented further loss of life” by taking out the killer, who was “shooting at the front door . . . [as] people were trying to escape.”

The FBI responded: “Does not meet the FBI definition.  The shooter had previously complained about the manager to his cousin.  Subject knew the manager prior and only shot the manager, no one else.”

But the FBI lists plenty of similar cases where an attacker was acting on a grudge.

Explosive devices mailed to Obama, Hillary Clinton, others prompt security scare

Packages containing suspected explosive devices were intercepted en route to some of the most prominent political figures in the country – including former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton – putting law enforcement on high alert Wednesday and prompting evacuations and sweeps of several facilities.

CNN’s New York office was among those evacuated due to the discovery of an apparent explosive device. Law enforcement officers said the incidents appear related, and the devices appear to be pipe bombs. A law enforcement official directly involved in the investigation tells Fox News that the devices have similar packaging, labelling and postage — leading investigators to believe that one person or group is responsible.

Notice anything ‘unusual’ abut the one sent to CNN?
It’s a clumsily put together piece of junk, packaged stupidly as well.
It brings up the words ‘False Flag’.
Let me explain:
No postmark. This was hand delivered to CNN’s mail room by one of several perpetrators  or someone working there is part of the plot and brought it in with them.

A typical clock alarm will not output enough power to reliably detonate a standard electric based blasting cap, so you would need something to boost the signal. That appears to be totally absent here. So either the perpetrator was completely happy with unreliable detonation or detonation was never an actual part of the plan. Either that or the perpetrator was so neat they built their amplifier circuit to fit inside the case of the kitchen timer clock, but I find that hard to believe given the crude construction elsewhere.

And of course there is the less obvious bit where if you can build your own amplifier circuit you can build a much simpler and more reliable timer circuit too, so there is no need to use an off the shelf clock. You wouldn’t need to mount anything outside the pipe at all, just power the timer circuit and screw the end cap on.
Besides, who puts a timer on a letter bomb? I mean, unless it’s going to be hand-delivered and the bomber knows the target’s schedule in some detail.

Elizabeth Warren’s tone-deaf talk on CNN could alienate Iowa voters

I don’t know about Iowans, but it sure torqued me off.

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s cringeworthy policy response to the murder of a 20-year-old Iowa college student — allegedly by an illegal immigrant — is being seen as a tone-deaf stumble in a key presidential caucus state.

“I’m so sorry for the family and I know this is hard, not only for the family but for the people in her community, the people throughout Iowa,” Warren said about Tibbetts, whose disappearance gripped the Hawkeye State for the last month. “But,” Warren continued, “one of the things we have to remember is we need an immigration system that is effective, that focuses on where real problems are.”

Warren then made an impassioned plea to reunite families of illegal immigrants detained at the United States border — a subject change that left fuming GOP critics baffled.

“Last month, I went down to the border and I saw where children had been taken away from their mothers,” Warren said. “I met with those mothers who had been lied to, who didn’t know where their children were, who hadn’t had a chance to talk to their children and there was no plan for how they would be reunified with their children. I think we need immigration laws that focus on people who pose a real threat and I don’t think that mamas and babies are the place that we should be spending our resources. Separating a mama from her baby does not make this country safer.”

“An innocent girl was murdered by an illegal immigrant, and Elizabeth Warren treats it like an inconvenience to her talking points,” wrote Republican National Party chairwoman Ronna McDaniels on Twitter.

Distrust of Police Growing in Canada

Police in Canada are clearly following their leftist political masters. Their primary objective is no longer to keep the peace but to battle Islamophobia.

Now the increased skepticism about the men and women in blue is coming from the right; those who traditionally support the police and law and order. A recent example of this occurred during and after the mass shooting on Toronto’s Danforth Avenue…

The police were quick to downplay the fact this was a terrorist act. While acknowledging they were checking his computer and online postings, the fact it might have been terrorism was ignored. Toronto police were overjoyed a day later when ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. They beamingly announced there was no evidence ISIS ordered the killings. Of course that was not the issue; the issue was whether Hussain was inspired by ISIS which would make his actions a terrorist attack. We don’t know and in all likilhood will never know.

Obviously it takes some time to establish the motive of someone now dead. But contrast this with the way the police in London. England dealt with the individual who drove a vehicle into barriers in front of the UK Parliament shortly after 7:30 a.m. on Aug. 14. Two pedestrians were injured although their injuries were non-serious. Although police were not able to say it was a definite terrorist attack, the Met quickly announced the incident was being investigated by the counter-terrorism unit. There was no attempt to sweep a possible terrorist attack under the rug.

FBI Confirms Jihadi Training Camps in America

Newly-released FBI documents obtained by Clarion Project confirm Clarion’s reports that Jamaat ul-Fuqra is training members in isolated communes across America and Canada.

The group’s “Islamberg” headquarters in upstate New York is its most well-known “Islamic village.”

Fuqra, which now goes by the name of the Muslims of the Americas (MOA) among other titles, is a cultish Islamist group with a history of crime and terrorism. The group is led by Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani in Pakistan.

Gilani’s name appeared in headlines in 2002 when Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was abducted and beheaded on his way to interview Gilani, though the radical cleric was never accused of an involvement in those crimes.