Since The Media Won’t Report it, Here are Dozens of Anti-American Statements by ‘The Squad.’

The left-wing media is desperate to shore up the sordid reputations of Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib and in the doing, the media are ignoring the dozens of anti-American statements these cretins have made.

Since the media refuses to report what these un-American “Congresswomen,” who are going by the sobriquet “the squad,” have said, here is a very useful Twitter storm by Elizabeth Harrington to help chronicle just some of the socialist, un-American, and pro-terrorist things these three have said.

Remember this: These scumbags are entirely representative of today’s Democrat Party.

Again, this is only a small slice of the dozens of things these women have uttered while in Congress and out. They hate America, they hate capitalism, they hate our system.

And the media is pumping these anti-Americans up as the ideal example of a member of Congress.

Donald Trump: Democrats Too ‘Petrified’ To Confront ‘Anti-USA, Pro-Terrorist’ Squad

President Donald Trump on Tuesday said the far-left Democrat “Squad” has uttered some of the most “vile, hateful, and disgusting things” ever said by a lawmaker on Capitol Hill and party leadership is unwilling to take them one due to fear of the “radical left.”

“The Democrat Congresswomen have been spewing some of the most vile, hateful, and disgusting things ever said by a politician in the House or Senate, & yet they get a free pass and a big embrace from the Democrat Party,” the president wrote on Twitter.

“Horrible anti-Israel, anti-USA, pro-terrorist & public shouting of the F.word, among many other terrible things, and the petrified Dems run for the hills,” he added.

President Trump concluded his pair of tweets by accusing Democrat leadership of being too afraid to reign in the progressive wing of the party. “Why isn’t the House voting to rebuke the filthy and hate laced things they have said? Because they are the Radical Left, and the Democrats are afraid to take them on. Sad!” he wrote.

In Face Of Massive Border Crisis, Democrats Tell Americans Citizenship Means Nothing
A left-wing mob tore down an American flag and replaced it with a Mexican flag. A gunman attacked an ICE facility. Democrats said nothing.

A series of remarkable things happened over the weekend—all of them overshadowed by unfortunate tweets from President Trump and the hysterical overreactions they provoked. But these overshadowed events tell us much more about the state of the country than the controversy over Trump’s tweets, and what they reveal isn’t good.

On Friday night, a mob of protestors tore down an American flag outside a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Aurora, Colo., and replaced it with a Mexican flag. Local police stood by and did nothing.

The next day, a gunman reportedly associated with Antifa attacked an ICE detention centerin Tacoma, Wash., throwing Molotov cocktails and attempting to set fire to a propane tank. He was reportedly killed by police in a gunfight.

The attack in Tacoma coincided with left-wing protests at ICE facilities all over the country, prompted by nationwide ICE raids targeting Central American families whom immigration judges have ordered to be deported after reviewing their claims.

If you’re a Democrat seeking your party’s nomination for 2020, what’s your response to these events? So far, nothing. No Democrat has said anything about the mob in Colorado or the gunman in Washington, but plenty have issued statements on the ICE raids and Vice President Mike Pence’s border visit.

What’s most remarkable in all this is that not one Democratic 2020 contender has felt the need to breathe a word about the importance of American citizenship and sovereignty. Not one has issued a word of caution or tried to steer the seething left-wing of their party away from street violence. Not one has acknowledged the importance of enforcing our immigration laws.

This is strange. According to a new Gallup poll, nearly a quarter of Americans now say immigration is the most important problem facing the country—the largest share since Gallup began asking the question in 1993. We hold mixed, somewhat incoherent views on the matter. One in three Americans think immigration levels should be decreased, a larger share than think it should be increased, and yet the vast majority (76 percent) think immigration is good for the country………
The upshot here is that Americans are paying attention to immigration and the border in ways Democrats and the media don’t seem to think they are. What Democratic candidates think they’re conveying—compassion, decency, outrage at injustice—isn’t what many Americans are seeing. They’re seeing a major political party cave to its most extreme elements and align itself with the idea that American sovereignty and citizenship aren’t important, that patriotism is problematic, and that the American people should have no say in who is allowed to enter the country and stay.

Trump Troll Level: Grand Master
Trump’s “racist” tweets cement the Democrats’ congressional leadership to its least-viable radical fringe.

I’ll admit something I shouldn’t have to, as regular readers of this space already know it, but I’m sometimes a little slow to catch on to the ways of America’s 45th president.

…along came Donald Trump, who chewed the cover off the political rulebook and proceeded to rip out its pages with which to wipe his rear end. It turned out that Trump’s methods, Kurtzian though they might be, ended up being more effective than anything on the political market.

Surely, there are still those who, like Capt. Benjamin L. Willard, see no evidence of method at all. I can sympathize, to a point.

For example, I didn’t initially buy into this business about how Trump’s often-unorthodox tweets and actions are part of a political 3D chess game he’s playing while the rest of the country is playing checkers.

But I do now.

I could go through a lengthy punchlist of examples of Trump statements and moves that prove the 3D chess theory, but that would dramatically overtake the space this column has to offer. Instead, let’s just talk about this weekend’s flare-up over the president’s Twitter outburst aimed at The Squad — the four idiot freshman Democrat congresswomen, led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, who have spent their time as elected officials offering one inappropriate and stupid anti-American outburst after another.

Trump didn’t initially name any of the four. He didn’t talk about Omar or Ocasio-Cortez, and he didn’t talk about Ayana Pressley or Rashida Tlaib.

Instead he referred to “Progressive” Democratic congresswomen, and then noted that they “originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all), now loudly and viciously telling the people of the United States, the greatest and most powerful Nation on earth, how our government is to be run. Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how it is done. These places need your help badly, you can’t leave fast enough. I’m sure that Nancy Pelosi would be very happy to quickly work out free travel arrangements!”

This was decried by all the Usual Suspects as an abjectly racist statement, a response that Trump certainly anticipated and couldn’t care less about. ….

Absolutely everything Trump said in his tweets applies perfectly and without stipulation to Ilhan Omar.

The fact that he didn’t use her name meant that our political betters immediately assumed he was also talking about Pressley, Tlaib and Ocasio-Cortez.

Which bothered Trump not one bit.

And here is why. All last week House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was engaged in an aggressive campaign to shut The Squad up before they tore the Democrat caucus apart with their never-ending idiotic and vitriolic remarks. And why would Pelosi want to do that?

Paul Mirengoff at Power Line pointed out why. AOC and Omar, particularly, are becoming two of the best-known members of Pelosi’s caucus, and they are both becoming absolutely radioactive. To wit …

A May poll reportedly found that Ocasio-Cortez is profoundly unpopular in congressional districts throughout America. More than 74 percent of those surveyed recognized her name. Only 22 percent had a favorable view of her.

Ilhan Omar fared even worse. She was recognized by 53 percent, with only 9 percent holding a favorable view. Socialism was viewed favorably by 18 percent and unfavorably by 69 percent.

Chris White of the Daily Caller says Democratic leaders are concerned that with all the publicity Ocasio-Cortez and Omar generate, the party might lose the House. Ocasio-Cortez “is getting all the news and defining everyone else’s races,” one operative fretted.

Mirengoff wasn’t convinced that AOC and Omar would have that kind of effect on House races in swing districts. The guess here is that Trump and his brain trust shared that view. But on Sunday, an internal Democrat poll of swing districts leaked that shows Mirengoff, and perhaps Trump, might be wrong …

The poll showed that socialist Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) are extremely unpopular and that they may cost the Democratic Party the presidency and the House in 2020.

“Ocasio-Cortez was recognized by 74% of voters in the poll; 22% had a favorable view,” Axios reported. “Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota — another member of The Squad — was recognized by 53% of the voters; 9% (not a typo) had a favorable view. …

“Socialism was viewed favorably by 18% of the voters and unfavorably by 69%,” Axios added, whereas “capitalism was 56% favorable; 32% unfavorable.”

The firm that conducted the poll gave the results to Axios on the condition that it not be named because it works “with all parts of the party.”

A top Democrat involved in the 2020 congressional races told Axios, “If all voters hear about is AOC, it could put the [House] majority at risk. [S]he’s getting all the news and defining everyone else’s races. Socialism is toxic to these voters.”

So what do you do if you want to ensure Omar and AOC poison those so-called moderate Democrats who won those swing House districts last year?

You force Pelosi into bed with them.

Which is precisely what Trump has done.

Des Moines City Council backs off proposed restrictions on high-capacity magazines, bump-stocks

Clueless local politicians, who having gone from ‘all in’ to ‘all out’ that fast, had to have been schooled that their state has a preemption statute,  and they were walking into a legal mine field. Any half-way decent  lawyer could have sued and won, leaving the city’s taxpayers on the hook . These idjits should be voted out and replaced before they succeed in coming up with some new idiocy.

The Des Moines City Council decided not to adopt any restrictions on firearm accessories Monday night after hearing stiff opposition from area gun owners and several council members.

After the council said it would consider gun-accessory restrictions, opposition mounted, including from a state lawmaker who said he would sponsor legislation next year to negate the local action.

On Monday, gun owners, about 10 of them, came to the City Council chambers to protest. But by then, five members of the seven-member council had sponsored a resolution to “delay” action on the gun-attachment restrictions.

The proposed ordinance would have banned the possession of high-capacity magazines and “trigger activators” that enable guns to fire at a higher rate.

Some council members wanted to do more than simply delay adoption of any limits.

“This is something the city of Des Moines should not even be tackling,” Ward 4 Councilman Joe Gatto said. “… This is a problem up at the Capitol and in our federal government, and until they change, we can’t (do anything). No matter what we would pass tonight, it would be changed in six months.”

The unanimous council decision Monday came six weeks after the council voted unanimously to look into the restrictions on large magazines and bump-stocks.

The council delayed two proposed ordinances, which were nearly identical, that would ban the possession of magazines equipped to hold more than 10 bullets. Owners of such magazines would have 90 days to destroy or dispose of them or take them out of the city.

Top Democrat Blasts Party: Why are We Supporting Criminal Illegal Aliens?

Because they’re more interested in defying President Trump than anything else, no matter the subject?

Influential New Jersey Democrat George Norcross has blasted his party’s stance on the country’s illegal immigration crisis, asking why his fellow Dems are supporting criminal illegal aliens.

George Norcross spoke out expressing concern over the Democratic Party’s broad support for an open border and illegal immigration. Norcross, who is considered the state of New Jersey’s leading unelected Democrat, questioned last year why Democrats are taking extreme positions in support of illegal aliens.

He said those positions include supporting those who commit crimes against Americans, and an open border.

“I have at times told people in Washington, whether it was Majority Leader Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi: ‘Why is the Democratic Party supporting criminals that are here illegally,’” Norcross said during the interview that was resurfaced recently by The Intercept.


Trump Tweets Ignite Firestorm — On the Right.

Trump’s tweets have always been tailored to generate a gut response. The trick — and I admit it took me months longer than it should have to take this to heart — is to allow yourself a brief cooling down period, consider his target audience and their gut response.

Instead of luxuriating in an outraged #Resist or a chest-thumping #MAGA insta-reaction, ask yourself what was the purpose of Trump’s tweet, and did he achieve it. Do that, and you’ll find that while Trump takes a lot of flak for his tweets, it’s almost always because he’s directly over his target.

On being told to go back where you come from.

Those 10-20 per cent are, for the most part, the ‘useful idiots’ being used by those with their own political power agendas; usually inimical to the western philosophy of individual liberty. However, they can still do as Mr Chrenkoff suggests.

Donald Trump and his typing fingers are in trouble again (as they are pretty much every day) for telling “the Squad” of Democrat Congresswomen to “go back where they come from”. This was deemed to be deeply racist (the hashtag #RacistInChief is currently trending) as well as inaccurate, as three of the four in question were born in the United States……

I will leave the political strategies and tactics to people who are much wiser and more experienced than me, but let me make this observation as a migrant (from Poland to Australia, on the insignificant oft-chance you have not heard me telling you this about twenty times before) who happens to be very happy in his new home and very grateful to the nation that adopted me.

In just about every Western society I am aware of there is a sizable minority of probably between 10 and 20 per cent of the population who appear to be deeply and profoundly unhappy about the shape and the direction of their own country.

This sentiment ranges from a sheer hatred and loathing of the society, which is deemed irredeemably unjust, oppressive, racist, and any number of other characteristics usually ending in -ist or -phobic, and it only deserves to survive if radically transformed, all the way to a milder disappointment and despondency that the society (and the general population) constantly fail to live up to one’s standards of what is good and desirable.

To all these people I always want to say:

You know that you are not imprisoned and kept by force where you are, don’t you? If you really so passionately dislike just about everything about your country, you have to ask yourself a question – why suffer? why keep putting yourself through this endless unhealthy rage and frustration?

There are many different types of societies around the world, some of which are without doubt a lot closer to your vision of what an ideal community should be like. Wouldn’t you be happier living somewhere else? It just doesn’t make sense to me that you would want to live in a place you don’t like when you have options to live in places you would.

In moments of my own great frustration I call it the FOSE principle, which simply stands for “F*** Off Somewhere Else”.

The principle is colour blind and doesn’t discriminate between people who are “native” and those who might have only recently arrived from somewhere else.

The Arrogance And The Ignorance

Separately, arrogance and ignorance are some of humanity’s worst traits. Together, when coupled with power, they achieve “weapon-grade stupid” status. This is the marinade of the “gang of four,” the “progressive” Congresswomen – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar –  who I’d accuse of having exponentially more social media followers than accomplishments, but it’s impossible to multiply by zero. This week we witnessed why those two traits together are such a problem for Democrats, and it was hilarious.

Individually, the Gang of Four have strung together an uninterrupted string of gaffes, stupid statements, and racist comments that would humiliate your average teenager. But what they possess individually is nothing compared what happens when they come together, they manage the mathematical impossibility of a collective IQ drop.

When they were spending their time attacking Republicans, Democrats weren’t bothered. What’s an embarrassing anti-Semitic comment or quoting a Nazi sympathizer (of having your chief of staff wearing a shirt glorifying a Nazi collaborator, as AOC’s did) when their vitriol is directed toward Republicans? Sycophantic journalists, who use their preferred nickname “The Squad,” either ignored or defended these “misunderstandings.” It’s all fun and games when your enemies are taking all the fire.

But Frankenstein’s monster always returns to the castle and destroys it.

As if to prove karma is real, the Gang is now firing down the Democratic Party’s trench. After years of Democratic establishment sitting in the castle, laughing as their social justice warriors burned the town below, they’re now in the castle setting fire to everything.

Nancy Pelosi tried to keep things calm, but you can’t control the liberal mob, even when you created it. Years of indoctrinating people to believe they’re victims, that racism is everywhere and systemic, has consequences………

People don’t realize it, but the House of Representatives is anything but representative. There are 435 Members, but only a handful matter to any degree, and none matter more than the Speaker. The number of TV hits, glowing profiles, and Twitter followers someone has does not change that simple fact, no matter what people see in a movie or TV show.

The Gang of Four seems to think they run the show, or at least should. They are the worst stereotypes of millennials.

Friday night it blew up. The official Twitter account of the House Democratic Caucus accused AOC’s chief of staff of racism against another Democrat. A member of AOC’s team responded by slamming other Democrats of the crime of not being “woke” enough. A high-ranking New York Democrat implied that “primaries go two ways,” a veiled threat not only against AOC but the whole Gang.

It’s been hilarious to watch.

AOC: ‘Patriarchy Has No Gender.’

Crap-for-brains and arrogant as well. Dangerous combination

On Tuesday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) declared, “Patriarchy has no gender.” This statement, absurd on its face, makes some sense in the right context. However, Ocasio-Cortez was accusing President Donald Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway of sexism over her use of the term “catfight.”

Conway had mocked the dispute between Ocasio-Cortez and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). Ocasio-Cortez and three other freshman Democratic lawmakers disagreed with Pelosi over a border spending bill, and the spat between Ocasio-Cortez and Pelosi continues to heat up.

Conway mocked this spat was a “major meow moment” and a “huge catfight.”

Democratic Party Presidential Candidates Seek To Destroy Nation’s Bill Of Rights


New York – -( The Democratic Party is in a bind. This is the inference to be drawn after the first two recently aired Democratic Party Debates. And no less a source of Radical Left, Marxist hate-filled proselytizing and propaganda-filled garbage than The New York Times newspaper recognizes this indisputable fact; and, recognizing it, laments it, but for a very specific reason–one that may not be apparent to the casual reader.

In two recent stories—one, an Op-Ed, appearing in the Saturday, June 29, 2019 edition of the newspaper, and the other, a news story appearing on the front page of the Sunday, June 30, 2019 edition of the newspaper—two NY Times reporters in a news story, and one NY Times columnist in an Op-Ed, express concern, even consternation over the style, tone and mood of the two recent Democratic Party debates.

Several of the candidate hopefuls were falling all over themselves in their call for radical change for the Nation—calling for no less than a Marxist Revolution. Their exuberance was on clear display for all to see.

The fact of the matter is that for millions of Americans who tuned in to hear the recent Democratic Party “Debates” and who listened to the Radical Dead Souls, calling for nothing less than a Marxist Revolution, were less than enthralled with the message delivered. In fact, the majority of Americans were positively alarmed at the tone, mood, and bravado of these individuals who would have the audacity to serve as U.S. President, seemingly on behalf of a Nation and its citizenry whom they really couldn’t care less about, as they seek to destroy the one and to reduce the other to servitude, penury, and misery, serving their lives out in a Socialist Collectivist nightmare of reality.

They certainly didn’t restrain themselves in projecting the most outrageous social and political policy positions and in providing the American public with their prospects for our Country. In that, these Democratic Party U.S. Presidential candidate hopefuls, were clear and categorical about the agenda they are hell-bent on setting for the Nation: a transitional path forward to ultimate subsumption of our Country, our Nation, into a transnational, trans-global political, financial, economic, social, cultural, and legal system of governance. That would indeed mark the end of our rights and liberties; the end of the supremacy of our laws; an end to our history; an end to the very idea of a United States existing as a distinct Nation State as it is subordinated to and subsumed into a new transnational Political, Social, Economic, Legal, and Cultural construct.

Trump Compares Ocasio-Cortez To Nazi Sympathizer, AOC Takes It As A Compliment

President Donald Trump compared socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) to former Argentine first lady Eva Perón — often called “Evita” — in a new book that is set to go on sale in mid-July. Ocasio-Cortez took the comparison as a compliment, despite the fact that Evita was a Nazi sympathizer who helped her husband, Argentine President Juan Perón, destroy Argentina’s economy by implementing socialism and eroded civil liberties in the nation.

The book, “American Carnage,” states that Trump saw Ocasio-Cortez on a cable news show and said: “I called her Eva Perón. I said, ‘That’s Eva Perón. That’s Evita.”

Trump reportedly told his team to contact then-Rep. Joe Crowley (D-NY) — who Ocasio-Cortez upset in the Democratic primary — to tell him that “he better get off his fat ass and start campaigning.”

According to the Telegraph, both Eva Perón and her husband were Nazi sympathizers:

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Latin America’ aims to highlight a series of little known controversies about leading leftist figures in the history of the continent…

…Mr Peron helped many Nazis fleeing Europe after the Second World War to find a safe haven in Argentina, including Adolf Eichmann and Josef Mengele.

According to the new book: “It is still suspected that among her [Eva Peron’s] possessions, there were pieces of Nazi treasure, that came from rich Jewish families killed in concentration camps.”

It’s worth noting that Ocasio-Cortez’s comments come after she has engaged in weeks of Holocaust trivialization by falsely comparing immigrant detention facilities to concentration camps. Liberal Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz said that Ocasio-Cortez’s repeated false comparison makes her a “Holocaust denier,” which is a form of anti-Semitism.

From of all liberal/proggie rags- The Washington Post.!
They may be finally realizing that they are dealing with a man that lets others think him a buffoon, but isn’t.

Trump didn’t cause the left to hate the U.S.
He has maneuvered them into revealing it.

Trump made his critics look small during his ‘Salute to America’

The “Resistance” warned us that if we elected an authoritarian such as Donald Trump, eventually there would be tanks in the streets of our nation’s capital. Well, on Thursday, their predictions finally came true.

I’m kidding, of course, but some on the left are not. Harvard Law professor Laurence H. Tribe tweeted a photo of tanks arriving in Washington for Trump’s “Salute to America” and declared “The resemblance to days before Tiananmen Square is chilling.” At Tiananmen Square in Beijing in 1989, the Chinese regime broke up pro-democracy protests with tanks and troops in a military action that resulted in a still-uncertain number of deaths that is believed to range between several hundred and several thousand. Totally comparable situation.

Of all the stupid freak-outs we have experienced since Trump was elected, the hyperventilation over his Fourth of July address and celebration on the Mall may be the stupidest.

His critics called his decision to insert himself into the Independence Day celebrations virtually unprecedented. Sorry, but Trump is not the first U.S. president to give a major speech on the Fourth of July. Harry S. Truman once delivered an Independence Day address in front of the Washington monument. Presidents Woodrow Wilson, John F. Kennedy, Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush all gave Fourth of July addresses from Independence Hall in Philadelphia. And, in 1986, Ronald Reagan delivered a Fourth of July address from the deck of an aircraft carrier, the USS John F. Kennedy, strategically placed in front of the Statue of Liberty.

Trump’s address took this tradition to new heights on Thursday. Democrats complained before the speech that Trump was politicizing the Fourth of July. He did nothing of the sort. In a speech reminiscent of his outstanding remarks last month at Normandy, Trump delivered a soaring presidential address — a celebration of the greatness of our country. “As we gather this evening, in the joy of freedom, we remember that we all share a truly extraordinary heritage,” Trump said. “Together, we are part of one of the greatest stories ever told — the story of America.”………

Millions of ordinary Americans who tuned in to watch must have been wondering what the fuss was all about. Democrats promised they would witness a partisan address. But instead, they saw the president deliver a deeply unifying speech that celebrated America’s accomplishments, and the courage of our men and women in uniform. With each passing minute, the president looked larger while his critics looked increasingly petty and small.

D Is for Damaged, Dangerous and Delusional

He forgot, demoncrap

If you watched either or both of the two Democratic Party presidential candidate debates, and if you are a liberal, a conservative or a centrist, you had to have been depressed. The intellectual shallowness, the demagoguery and the alienation from reality were probably unprecedented in American political history. Only a leftist, a socialist or a communist could have gone to bed a happy person on either night.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.: “(The economy is not doing great) for the African Americans and Latinx whose families are torn apart, whose lives are destroyed and whose communities are ruined.”

Two things stand out: First is Warren’s morally reprehensible and false description of the economy. She never explains how the American economy is tearing families apart, destroying lives or ruining communities. Aside from being baseless, it is another left-wing libel against America.

My only response to this statement is to ask, Do most Democrats find that a compelling argument? Do they not realize what a non sequitur it is — and therefore how demagogic?

Billionaires, like non-billionaires, pay off their debts because they do not incur debts they cannot repay, not because they are billionaires. Senator Klobuchar apparently believes that non-billionaires need not pay off their debts. Every Democrat who addressed this issue said American society should repay student debts — which amount to $1.6 trillion. The party of “fairness” thinks it’s fair that every student who repaid his or college debts — and every young American who never went to college — must pay off that debt.

Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke, D-Texas, Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., and former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro spoke in Spanish. Perhaps they — like all on the left — are unaware of the importance of all Americans speaking English in uniting the most ethnically disparate nation in human history. You cannot say “diversity is our strength” if you do not work to unite all the diverse cultures into Americans. And you cannot unite Americans without one language……..

O’Rourke: “This economy has got to work for everyone. And right now, we know that it isn’t.”

This is just not true. Given some of the lowest unemployment rates in modern American history, this economy seems to be working quite well — certainly for all those willing to work.

Booker: “This is actually an economy that’s hurting small businesses and not allowing them to compete.”

The question I always want answered when someone on the left tells an outright lie is, Does he or she believe it? Someone should ask this of Cory Booker. As the National Federation of Independent Businesses announced last month: “Optimism among small business owners has surged back to historically high levels, thanks to strong hiring, investment, and sales,” said NFIB President and CEO Juanita D. Duggan. “The small business half of the economy is leading the way, taking advantage of lower taxes and fewer regulations, and reinvesting in their businesses, their employees, and the economy as a whole.”

De Blasio: “There’s plenty of money in this country. It’s just in the wrong hands. Democrats have to fix that.”

The notion that America’s money is “in the wrong hands, (and) Democrats have to fix that” should frighten every American who believes in private property and who opposes dictatorships and theft.

Castro: “I don’t believe only in reproductive freedom; I believe in reproductive justice.”

Here’s an important rule: Whenever anyone adds an adjective to the word “justice,” know that the person is not speaking about justice but about something else entirely. “Social” justice is another such example.

Castro boldly proclaimed his view that unauthorized border crossing should be decriminalized and announced, “In my first 100 days with immigration reform (I) would put undocumented (i.e., illegal) immigrants, as long as they haven’t committed a serious crime, on a pathway to citizenship.”

Though not one Democrat candidate used the term, every single one believes in open borders.

NBC reporter Lester Holt: “So, a show of hands: Who as president would sign on to the 2015 nuclear deal as it was originally negotiated?”

Every Democrat was for returning to the original Iran nuclear agreement. For those Americans who believe Iran is the greatest threat to peace in the world, and the greatest sponsor of international terrorism, this alone should determine their vote.

I have chosen only a few examples — and only from the first debate — to illustrate how low the Democratic Party has sunk morally and intellectually. Americans who love America — or just love reason or truth or real people, as opposed to abstract ideas — cannot justify voting Democrat in 2020.


John R. Lott, Jr. and Andrew Pollack: Dems and gun control — they want it whether it works or not

The two Democratic presidential debates last week in Miami were marked by calls to remember Florida’s Parkland High School shooting, which occurred only 50 miles away from where the debate took place. The Democrats agreed on two solutions to stop these attacks: impose background checks on private transfers of guns, and ban “military-style” “weapons of war.”

Even when the questions weren’t about gun control, candidates still found ways to bring up the topic.

Many Democrats have a hard time believing that their opponents want to save lives. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., claimed during the debate, “It’s the greed of the NRA and the gun manufacturers that make any progress impossible.” Congressman Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., argued, “The NRA is taking orders from the gun manufacturers, that’s the problem.”

But it isn’t a question of who is getting paid off by gun makers. Some people think that banning guns makes people safer, just as others sincerely believe that such bans will disarm and endanger law-abiding citizens.

Many terrorist types want to kill as many people as possible, and are drawn to gun-free zones where regular citizens are prohibited from being able to protect themselves.

One of the authors here, Andrew Pollack, experienced first-hand the disastrous consequences of gun-free zones. His daughter died in the Parkland massacre.

While all the candidates endorsed full health care coverage for illegal immigrants, none talked about providing funds to help cover mental illness for Americans. Gun control was their only solution.

NRA to hold town hall meetings in Virginia Beach and on Eastern Shore

The National Rifle Association will hold a town hall meeting in Virginia Beach and Accomack County about a month after Virginia Beach experienced 2019’s deadliest mass shooting.

The Virginian-Pilot reports that the town hall is scheduled for Monday. Another is scheduled for Tuesday in Belle Haven on the state’s Eastern Shore.

The lobbying arm of the NRA will focus on proposals that are likely to come up at the July 9 special legislative session that Gov. Ralph Northam convened in the tragedy’s wake.

The Democrat said he wants the Republican-led General Assembly to consider several gun control measures. Republicans have given little indication that they plan to follow Northam’s agenda.

Legislators in Virginia’s General Assembly are up for re-election this fall.

Delegate Rob Bloxom, R-Accoack told the Virginian-Pilot that in addition to discussing the special session, Tuesday’s NRA town hall in Belle Haven would likely cover the broader issue of gun rights ahead of this fall’s election, when all 140 state lawmakers are up for re-election. The GOP narrowly controls both the House and the Senate.

“I’d almost call it a, ‘Get organized and get out the vote for Second Amendment proponents’ (meeting),” he told the VIrginian-Pilot by phone Wednesday .

Bill allowing concealed-carry without a permit advances in Ohio House

COLUMBUS, Ohio — After a one-week detour, a bill that would allow Ohioans to carry a concealed gun without a permit has advanced in the Ohio House.

A House committee on Wednesday voted mostly along party lines to refer for passage House Bill 178, which would allow anyone 21 and older to carry any concealed deadly weapon as long as they’re not legally barred from owning a gun.

The bill is now expected to head to a different committee for further review, something that’s unlikely to happen before the legislature breaks for its summer recess.

Ohio’s existing concealed-carry system, under which one can only conceal handguns, and only after going through a permitting process that involves mandatory training and a background check, has been in place since 2004, signed into law by then-Gov. Bob Taft following a years-long lobbying campaign by the National Rifle Association. That bill was backed by House Speaker Larry Householder, who also leads the House today.

Before referring HB178 on Wednesday, members of the House Federalism Committee removed language that was added to the bill last week.

Two Republican committee members — Reps. Kyle Koehler of Springfield and Ryan Smith of Gallia County— had voted with Democrats to amend the bill to save a current provision requiring that gun shops provide buyers with a pamphlet summarizing state gun laws.

The Trump Doctrine.

“Perhaps the problem with the Trump Doctrine — that it leaves the future of other countries in their own peoples’ hands — is also one of its strengths.”

When the U.S. launched cyberstrikes at Iran’s missile control systems in response to an Iranian shoot down of a U.S. drone near the Gulf of Oman, it surprised pundits. Donald Trump was widely expected by the press to bomb something in return.

The political left was unprepared for the possibility that Trump would not run true to their stereotype. The Gulf of Oman was already being compared to the Gulf of Tonkin. “From the U.S.S. Maine in Havana Harbor in 1898 to the U.S.S. Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964, maritime incidents, shrouded in the fog of uncertainty, have lured the United States into wars on foreign shoals.” Members of Congress had already geared up in anticipation to block the war that was sure to come. “As the prospect of a confrontation with Iran continues to rise, an increasing number of members of Congress have a new objective: ensuring President Trump does not launch a war without their approval.”

The problem is that in contrast to the straightforward brutalities of old-school war this approach may result in a stalemate. Indeed the real weakness of the new Trump Strategy is not that it lacks an Exit but that it lacks an Entry. As Tanya Goudsouzian pointed out in Le Monde it has proved extremely difficult to effect regime change using “war by other means” alone. “Over the years, the preferred US weapon has been economic and financial sanctions. When used against North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, and others, they succeeded only in punishing economies and people.”

So far hybrid warfare has proved capable of devastating their countries but not toppling its leaders. Despite ration lines in Cuba, a Venezuelan economy so bad even Russian arms dealers are wary of selling to them, a North Korea heading for another starvation winter the brutal regimes in these countries rule in perfect safety, willing if necessary to stay in power to the death of their last wretched citizen. Reuters paints the haunting picture of towns in a socialist Venezuela reduced to a “primitive isolation” that may well be eventual fate of Iran.


The Madcap Caution of Donald Trump

If he doesn’t stop with the gun control double talk/dealing, he may still win re-election, but it won’t be pretty.

The worry last week was that the Trump administration was ginning up fake intelligence about Iran blowing up oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz to justify a war against Iran. Then, this week, President Donald Trump said the Iranian attacks weren’t a big deal.

The episode is another indication of the underlying modesty — not a very Trumpian word — of the administration.

For a while, the Obama doctrine was, “Don’t do stupid stuff.” The Trump team has built out the doctrine to “Privately consider and sometimes openly threaten stupid stuff, but at the end of the day, don’t do it (usually).”

For now, he can plausibly make a reelection pitch that, despite what you might have gathered, he’s been a steward of a country enjoying markedly good times.

Histrionics, Hysteria and Joe Biden. Will the Democratic Party banish its democratic instincts?

Answer = What (small d) democratic instincts is he referring to? They’re a bunch of tyrants in one form or another. But as long as the demoncraps keep this internecine warfare going, the longer they’ll be ineffectual except for shooting themselves in the feet.
Maybe they’ll work their way up to their heads.


The same people who think it’s a good idea to maintain an open line to foreign enemies apparently now believe it’s appalling for Biden to have observed collegial norms with fellow Democrats. The author Ta-Nehisi Coates went so far as to call it “a secondary endorsement, as crazy as it sounds, of Jim Crow,” on the theory that Biden’s civility meant making his peace with a racist system.

In fact, Biden made no such peace; all the landmark civil-rights legislation was passed well before he arrived in the Senate in 1973. He simply dealt with the Congress as he found it and looked for opportunities to be constructive and consequential rather than destructive and obnoxious. That is now his brand as a presidential candidate, and it’s what his critics find so objectionable: How dare he try to work with his opponents instead of seeking to shun or annihilate them?

These same critics have also ripped Biden for saying a kind word about Mike Pence and Michigan Republican Fred Upton (the latter for advancing legislation for treatment of pediatric cancer). The goal isn’t simply to discredit Biden as generationally out-of-touch or too politically clubby or insufficiently transformational or otherwise gaffe-prone. It’s to rid the party of compromisers of any sort — that is, to purge the Democratic Party of its democratic instincts.

All of this is evidence of what psychologist Pamela Paresky calls the “apocalyptic” approach to politics that increasingly typifies today’s progressivism. “It is an apocalyptic view, not a liberal one, that rejects redemption and forgiveness in favor of condemnation and excommunication,” she writes in Psychology Today. “It is an apocalyptic perspective, not a liberal one, that sees the world as needing to be destroyed and replaced rather than improved and perfected.”

Jerry Nadler Is A Sexist Pig Who Should Be Censured By Congress
During a congressional interview, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) referred to Hope Hicks as ‘Ms. Lewandowski’ three separate times before she corrected him.

On June 19, Hope Hicks, the former White House director of strategic communications then director of White House communications, was interviewed by the House Judiciary Committee. The interview was not public and was behind closed doors. Yesterday, a transcript of the interview was released.

It was revealed that during the interview Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) referred to Hicks as “Ms. Lewandowski” three separate times before she corrected him. If I hadn’t seen the transcript for myself, I simply would not have believed it.

Her name is Hope Hicks. It practically rolls off the tongue. It’s not forgettable. And certainly not a name that one would confuse.

The level of disrespect by a congressman to an individual testifying before Congress is absolutely stunning. The blatant sexism Nadler displayed simply cannot be ignored.

To back up for a minute, Lewandowski is of course a reference to Corey Lewandowski, a former campaign manager for Donald Trump. In the now widely discredited book by noted hack Michael Wolff, Wolff claimed that Hicks and Lewandowski had an affair while Lewandowski was married.

Wolff made many outrageous claims in his book, including salacious and disgusting claims about U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley. Wolff is a con artist, who like many others, saw a way to make a dollar off the Trump presidency. While the book was CNN fodder for a period of time, any reputable outlet saw it for what it was: tabloid trash.

Hicks is a very attractive young woman. She was a model early in her life. She is also a smart, well-educated woman, who previously worked at the Trump Organization. Indeed, she was Trump’s longest-serving aide at the time of her resignation. It’s been widely reported that not only was she was excellent at her job, she was someone Trump actually listened to. If you’ve been paying attention at all, you know that’s not an easy feat.

She earned her reputation as a loyal, hardworking White House staffer. She does not, under any circumstances, deserve some pants-up-to-his-chin congressman addressing her by the name of a man she may have dated. Dated. Not married.

Let’s be absolutely clear: Nadler knew exactly what he was doing. What he did was not only sexist, but purposeful and truly ugly. Whether or not Hicks and Lewandowski had an affair or even dated is completely beside the point. They were not a public couple posing for pictures for People Magazine. For Nadler to refer to her as Lewandowski is the lowest of the low, and entirely inappropriate.

Whether he did it to rattle her during her testimony, or to take a shot at Trump, is also irrelevant. I don’t care what his motive was. When you’re so obsessed with taking down a political opponent that you don’t care who is collateral damage, it’s really time to reassess what you’re doing with your life.

Missouri Rep. Clay co-sponsors resolution to impeach Trump

Since it was introduced in January by two other demoncrap-for brains Reps, Clay is the only one to sign on.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Missouri Rep. William Clay Jr. has joined two other Democratic congressmen in sponsoring a resolution to impeach President Donald Trump.

Clay announced Friday that he was signing on to a resolution with a single article of impeachment accusing Trump of attempting to obstruct the FBI investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Clay said impeachment is the only remedy available under the U.S. Constitution to hold Trump accountable.

The resolution was introduced in January by Rep. Brad Sherman of California with Rep. Al Green of Texas as a co-sponsor.

Clay represents a St. Louis-area district and is among dozens of House Democrats advocating opening an impeachment investigation.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is attempting to restrain the push for impeachment. Some Democrats fear an impeachment effort will help Trump politically.

AOC, Tlaib, and Omar May Be a Triumvirate of Idiocy, But Every Conservative’s Best Friends

Vladimir Lenin once proclaimed, “Show me who your friends are, and I will tell you what you are.” Perhaps in this day of Russian hoax hysteria, quoting a devout socialist dictator may seem a bit, unnecessarily dramatic. But even as a blind squirrel will find the occasional nut, old Vlad had an insightful and, as it turns, prescient point. After all, if you work in a sewer, you will smell like sewage. If you ride in cars with drug dealers, you may, fairly or not, be called a drug runner.

This realization is, in this current political climate, proving as valuable now as it did in post-Tsarist Russia. Democrats, much to the delight of Republicans everywhere, are becoming almost exclusively known as the party of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar.

In a recent “60 Minutes” interview with Lesley Stahl, House Speaker and Democrat stalwart Nancy Pelosi tried to dismiss, or at least downplay, the influence of her party’s new firebrands. But has that sentiment been bought, believed, or even echoed by anyone in the DNC? Or by the public?

Broadly speaking, this country is divided into thirds. Conservative, liberal, and independent. Naturally, conservatives will, by and large, oppose anyone from the extreme left. Liberals will oppose anyone from the right. The fight for American political control rests with 34% of Americans that reside in the center, unaffiliated with either party or extreme. That is the battle each party must strive to win if they have any hopes of controlling the House, the Senate, or, the greatest prize, the White House.

AOC, Tlaib, and Omar are the greatest weapons a party can deploy to win those centrist Americans so needed to be successful. Fortunately for conservatives everywhere and President Trump’s re-election, and to the detriment of Nancy Pelosi’s House majority, they are not weapons used wisely by Democrats.

Every time one of these mental samurais speaks, one can feel the seismic shift in the 40 House seats Trump won in 2016 but elected a Democrat to Congress in ’18. Every time the aforementioned whiz kids of the leftist class rear their heads, Trump’s 304 Electoral Votes looks like a Patriot’s half-time score before Tom Brady enters the game.

Biden Suggests ‘Physical Revolution’ Against Republicans

Anyone still wondering why they want political opposition disarmed? We’ve always heard the line that it had the look they planned something that we would take ‘exception’ to if they tried it. Biden again displays his utter honest stupidity.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden appeared to suggest using violence against Republicans on Monday in response to a question about how he as president would deal with opposition to his agenda in the Senate from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Biden, currently the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination, made the remarks at the Moral Action Congress of the Poor People’s Campaign in Washington, D.C.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid asked Biden: “How would you get past either a majority Republican Senate in which Mitch McConnell was determined to kill all of these ideas or even a Mitch McConnell in the minority who repeated the consistent filibustering when you were vice president and anything that came from the Obama-Biden administration Mitch McConnell considered dead on arrival?”

“Joy, I know you’re one of the ones who thinks it’s naive to think we have to work together,” Biden responded. “The fact of the matter is if we can’t get a consensus, nothing happens except the abuse of power by the executive.”

“There are certain things where it just takes a brass knuckle fight,” Biden continued, later adding: “Let’s start a real physical revolution if you’re talking about it.”